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First of a number of tweets demonstrating that the #DeepStateCabal is against the cure for the #WuhanChinaVirus & are actually trying to cause massive deaths & to benefit financially from the suppression of Hydroxychloroquine! #FireFauci #FauciTheFraud…
Latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of #coronavirus shows countries with early use of the drug had 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned its use. Everyone lied! Fauci, Birx, CDC, #FakeNewsMedia tech giants are wrong!…
Will twitter force me to remove the truth again? Tech giants, FB & Twitter suppressing to truth about Hydroxychloroquine; making them complicit in the deaths of Americans with corona virus who die after being denied this life saving treatment. Law suits!…
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.@GovAbbott we wrote a letter to you requesting to see my mom who is in assisted living with advanced dementia. I just received a call yesterday from her facility and she needs to be moved to Memory Care. While politicians lives have little to no change, the severe restrictions
2) put on Americans have become cruel, the psychological damage being done is unforgivable. Politicians are destroying Americans businesses, homes, and lives over a illness with a 99% survival rate. Politicians are restricting medicine helpful in preventing and curing China virus
3) 6 months since I've been able to enter my mom's facility. I haven't been able to eat with her, check her room, check her or hug her. I understand her age group is high risk, I also understand the love and affection dementia patients receive from loved ones is therapy.
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.@foxnewstalk @foxnews it is really sad to see you report this without exposing big pharma’s role in why these deaths are occurring and the part they are playing in it. It is sad that you do not expose what is about to be launched upon the American
- the improperly tested and quick roll out of the covid vaccine. It is sad that you do not expose how much per vial Redfield and Fauci personally receive to line the pockets.
It is sad that you don’t expose that government scientists are allowed to collect up to $150,000 per year per patent on their discoveries which are given to pharmaceuticals to produce.

It is sad that you do not expose the fact that vaccines have a special clause -
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To Whom It May Concern,
Some advise on our nation's next "public health expert" hire" once you #FireFauci:
❌Don't hire a scientist who funded research at Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions to work on gain-of-function virus research on Bat Coronaviruses. If Upwards of $3.7MM were donated, have him/her publicly explain what this research is used for but don't proceed.
❌Don't hire someone who gives inconsistent observations on healthy people wearing Masks as a measure to prevent the spread of this virus. Be more leery if they later flip their stance without any scientific data and lie about it.. This could lead to much confusion and divide.
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1) Mega Mask Meme Thread

Please drop more memes in the comments,
And I will retweet them and add to the thread!
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This is murder. Genocide! @NYGovCuomo! #ArrestCuomo
Death By Killing Old People, Not By COVID—The Basic Deception…
Don’t even think of saying, “Well, you see, those old people put on ventilators were already very sick and close to dying.” NO medical treatment that kills 97.2 percent of patients in a well-defined group is continued, unless there are orders mandating it. Unless there are...
...are orders mandating it. Unless there is added insurance money to be made from it. Unless the doctors are willing to keep using the treatment, despite the results.

New York—the “epicenter of the pandemic”—is an epicenter of killing old people...
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1/ Dr A Fauci will do anything to help his globalist POS friends, the Gates Foundation, make billions and kill more...…

Hydroxychloroquine can be used as a prophylactic and as a treatment, it costs next to nothing as it is a generic medication..#FireFauci
2/ The globalists want to push a new patented drug, Remdesivir, as it costs up to $1000 per dose, yet preliminary results show it is almost useless against Novel Coronavirus, much less effective than Hydroxychloroquine.

HCQ is safe, effective, cheap and widely available...

"Hydroxychloroquine can be prescribed to adults and children of all ages. It can also be safely taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers."
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Of course you’d jump on this Mittens. You, Ducey and the AS Mafia are guilty as sin. Why do all AZ Gov sit on board of #TGEN? Odd how they get state funding too and are making test kits and developing a vaccine too. Conflict of interest? And then there’s #CPS issues too..cont.
Like Why does Phoenix Children’s Hosp have a lot of medical kidnapping cases also with kids being treated for rare diseases at #TGEN? Parents complying with Drs orders suddenly accused of abuse. Kids taken by AZ DCS madenwards of state and TGEN gets paid my AZ DCS $$$?
And now you’re pushing for vaccines when we have a known cheap solution for #COVID19 ? #HCQWorks #FireFauci #InvestigateRomney #FollowTheMoney
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Fauci and Birx should have been let go over a month ago. Their shifting policies and reliance on the thoroughly debunked Ferguson model followed by the unsound Murray model was more than enough reason to ask for resignation letters. They did nothing...…
to halt the deadly and unforgivable outbreaks at nursing homes instead focusing on untested “social distancing” policies that have crashed the economy and set up new public health crises with far greater consequences. #FireFauci…
Their little experiment on 330 million unwitting lab rats is failing with disastrous side effects…
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This is not new. It has actually been a long time coming. I've been writing about how antivaxxers have coopted far right rhetoric and have been becoming more extreme. Unfortunately #COVID19 has accelerated the process. 1/
For instance, in the 2016 election @delbigtree visited Michigan and ranted on about standing and, if necessary, dying for freedom, as his group went around buttonholing state legislators. 2/…
Before that, Bigtree was on video saying "Now's the time for guns." 3/…
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#EXPOSED. Same Playbook. Different (manufactured) Epidemic?

"So when #Zika first came .. there was no designated Zika $$," says #Fauci

What did he do until more funding arrived?

Listen 👇

#firefauci #vaccinedeepstatedown

Go to 2nd tweet to see what #FauciTheFraud says NEXT
#fauci borrowed money from himself? Is he the #NIH?

Who is sick of this 💩?

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If Bill Gates advises DARPA on vaccines - that’ll be It. It may very well come down to a choice of being vaccinated or literally fighting for our freedom against an overreaching tyrannical government.
And regarding all the tests:

what is happening to the bio material on them? Are they cataloging and/or saving the DNA?

Bill Gates is pushing for ID 2020, permanent and inescapable ID. With 🧬 DNA, they’ve got you *forever*.
Whatever you’ve said
Whatever you’ve done
Your political preferences
Your social media profiles
Your GPS on your phone

All of it, tied together and traceable - forever
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"Now wait a minute.
So, COVID-19 comes along and now we need a vaccine, and there is going to be a meat shortage, too?
And #BillGatesIsEvil Gates just happens to come to the rescue with a Vaccine and artificial meat?
And prior to any of this, Gates funds
a simulation (Event 201) about this very scenario (a global pandemic created by a new SARS-like coronavirus) a month before it actually happens?
And #FireFauci funded $7.4 million in gain-of-function research to the Wuhan lab for the express purpose of generating a viral mutant
capable of crossing over from bats to humans just so that they would be ready in case it happens someday? After a moratorium was placed, and then subsequently lifted for this type of research? And right when Phase II of this funded program kicks in in 2019, this very virus they
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#Plandemic Impresario: The #Fauci Files

"So how about a #Vaccine? How Good is Good Enough?" #Fauci asked a crowd.

He says he'll "settle" with a 50 ~ 60 % effective vaccine.


Context: Nov '19 discussion on #HIV policy, hosted by #johnhopkins.

Ending The Global HIV Pandemic

#Faucithefraud talking about how THIS vaccine will also be a game-changer.


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Yes, @RudyGiuliani What An excellent Question


* July '14 CDC lab accidents involving highly pathogenic microbes are mishandled by federal laboratories.
* Oct. '14 Moratorium placed on gain-of-function (GOF) research & funding paused (no mention of coronavirus)

@RudyGiuliani the ban has seemingly grey areas built-in (shocker). It doesn't mention coronaviruses.

*'15 #NIH reportedly outsources GOF research to Wuhan Institute of Virology on coronaviruses, using a $3.7 million grant. Documents? What's #Fauci's role?

* Nov.'17 Study published:"Discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS-related #coronaviruses provides new insights."
* Dec. 2019 #NIH lifts GOF research…
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A lot of vampires suffered for this study! 😂
Sunlight is the best disinfectant!
A lot of interesting things going on in that Laboratory! 👀
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#covid19 : Many speculate #GatesFoundation is linked to the research of “gain of function”. This is when scientists add deadly features to a virus. It was outlawed in US back in '15 by a moratorium but research seemingly migrated to #Wuhan.

Did #Fauci funnel millions to 🇨🇳 ?
Gain-of-function experiments on H7N9…
Human Diseases from Gain-of-Function Mutations in Disordered Protein Regions:
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#Fauci Ridicules Connection Between #5G & #COVID19

Watch "America's Doctor' snicker with @PeterHamby, Host @Snapchat's #GoodLuckAmerica (ironic).



Yes studies exist
Despite #Fauci laughing at #cincogeo, there are over 1800 new scientific studies that illustrate #cincogeo can impact DNA & genes, memory, learning, behavior, attention, sleep disruption, cancer & neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

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🇺🇸 Dr. Rashid A. Buttar ~ Please share!

🙏 Great to see more Dr's speaking out!

💉 #Depopulation through #Vaccination…
No mandatory vaccines for US Citizens, No mandatory microchipping, No mass surveillance, under any circumstances.

✍️ Sign the petition:…
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It’s tempting to dismiss the protesters in MI, VA, TX, CA, and MN as irrelevant wakadoddles.

That’s a mistake.

Social science research suggests continued protests could effect the 2020 US presidential election in at least 6 ways.

A thread/
Key to note: the protests aren't random. They bear the hallmarks of a right wing populist campaign: anti-elite #FireFauci, xenophobia #ChineseCoronaVirus, conspiracy (virus originated in Wuhan lab), hostility to international institutions #WHOLiedPeopleDied, coordinated w/Fox etc
Some evidence suggests the protests are what scholars call an “astroturf campaign” where sponsors are masked. There’s coordinated messaging, similar websites and domains registered at the same time. In other words: may be orchestrated by Trump allies.…
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Flashback to #Fauci: #Plandemic Preparedness Pro

This man knows all about peaks, pandemics, & "new viruses" -- 'the most dangerous yet' & the solution is always the same.

#Vaccines #firefauci

This man has been at it for 32 years, working with 6 presidents.

April '17th

"It is ALWAYS better to get vaccinated, then not get vaccinated," says #Fauci. He even says he'll get in trouble for not ranting about this.

This event was sponsored @apcoworldwide that has done PR for #Billgates…
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Mr. President @realDonaldTrump,

Nearly 80,000 signed a petition to #FireFauci - a result of my educational videos reaching a few folks - nowhere near your reach of 80M Followers. “Tony” doesn’t give a damn about boosting the Immune Health of our people. His loyalty NOT to the
American Worker but to Big Pharma @BillGates, @HillaryClinton. Tony’s “career” of #FakeScience & Fear, even if it means destroying our economy, is to serve FAILING Big Pharma so they may resurrect themselves with Big #Vaccine. Had he advised you to follow the protocol I shared on
March 23, millions of jobs AND thousands of lives could have been saved. It’s time to #FireFauci - like the first shot that was FIRED, on this date in 1775 - to send a CLEAR SIGNAL to our modern enemies, that Americans will NEVER succumb to
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