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GB News Advertisers to Boycott (18/6/21):


#GBNewsWins represents the @Conservatives party. 98.5% of their MPs voted NOT to feed our hungry children with OUR money

GB News Advertisers to Boycott (18/6):


Why should we tolerate the intolerant people who think racism is a political position? Racism is 100% Hate #GBNewsFails

GB News Advertisers to Boycott (18th):


They're #ToryCorruption Elite-Owned Unionism, funded by people who funded Vote Leave, @BorisJohnson and @michaelgove.

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I have added over 200 new #FBPE accounts to my list.

#FBPEGlobal #StrongerTogether @AuroraBlogspot #Donations Image
Thanks to my Donors/Sponsors:


Check my tweet for how to donate
'+' denotes follow back accounts.

To get your '+' mark or change your hashtag fill out the form
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Do you know why Priti Patel got fired in 2017?

She was trying, in secret meetings to give UK Aid money, meant for starving children.. to the #Israeli Army 🤦‍♂️

Your money.

#Ceasefire #Israel #PritiAwful #PritiPatel Original Headline in 2017
"She had failed to inform the prime minister of departmental discussions over plans to send aid money to the Israeli army.. Patel had not informed the prime minister about the 'aid to Israel'"


Israel receives US $3.8Bn YEARLY. It spends on weapons…
At first when she was caught she said “I went out there, I paid for it” she said “And there is nothing else to this"

Patel later "acknowledged she met Israeli PM Netanyahu during a 'family holiday'"

#Truth: 12 MEETINGS with officials > UK Aid

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In the future I will limit my #FollowFriday tweets to those accounts that identify as #FollowBack. If you haven't already fill the form

#FF #FollowBackFriday #FBFriday #FBFriday #FBPE #FBPEParty #FBPA #FBPAParty #FBPPR #FBNHS #FBR #FBRParty #FBIW #FBSI
Please Like and Retweet.
I will start this next week.
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1/26 A thread on the Westminster Russia Forum and its infiltration of the Tories #FollowBack Friday #Brexit is ultimately a Russian project #FBPE
2/26 The Britain of July 2012 now seems as remote as the moon. #FBPE
3/26 I had watched the Olympic Flame carried through Barnsley and sensed a mood of national optimism, bubbly as freshly opened Champagne. But, what was also clear was that Britain had no vision for its future. Winston Churchill popped out of Big Ben during the Olympic Games #FBPE
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Cryptocurrency content is an ever-popular target for spammy Twitter botnets. Here's a look at a group of accounts that all quote tweet the same cryptocurrency tweets. #WednesdayWisdom

cc: @ZellaQuixote
This cryptocurrency network consists of 34 accounts, all created on March 3rd, 2019. Despite cramming their profiles with abundant #followback hashtags, they haven't had much success in gaining followers.
These 34 accounts all operate on very similar schedules (which isn't surprising as they all amplify the same tweets), and allegedly tweet via the Twitter website ("Twitter Web App"), although we have our doubts that the tweets are actually organic.
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Truly no words on how furious I am at my union @UFT. Educators are forced back into schools buildings 9/8, a few days after UFT said it was unsafe to go back, then after striking a backroom deal w/ @NYCMayor. @UFTUnity shame on you. People will die on your watch. #wewontdieforDOE
Still haven't gotten our school building inspection report even tho @UFT Prez Mulgrew promised we'd have it today. People are saying it might not come til Saturday. We're supposed to go in-person Tuesday. @UFTUnity what you agreed to is not okay. #OnlyWhenItsSafe #wewontdieforDOE
We STILL don't have a clear idea how a @NYCSchools plan that hasn't been figured out in the past 2 months (or 2 weeks for that matter) will be figured out in another two weeks. We have no money. We don't have the staff to do their convoluted plans. It's NOT SAFE. #wewontdieforDOE
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The scope of the Russian Disinformation campaign is bigger than you think (THREAD).

It is insanely CLEVER and diabolical.

In 2016 the Russia influenced the election in 3 ways:
1) Attempted to hack the online voting systems
2) Cyber-attack on DNC
3) Systematic social media disinformation campaign targeted at US citizens to exert political influence and exacerbate social divisions in US culture.

For number 1 they may have succeeded and in 2/3 they certainly succeeded. For the purpose of this thread i will be detailing with the 3rd point.

Systematic social media disinformation campaign

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Haré un hilo de por qué cerré mi otra cuenta de Twitter. Espero ser breve.
Recuerdo que cuando me creé la otra cuenta era como 2010 y no sabía cómo usarla. Entonces, como todos, dejé un tiempo. En 2012, cuando regresé, la interfaz era un tanto distinta. Pero en parte me gustaba porque tenía, por lo menos, una amiga. No me sentía tan solo.
Luego vi que esta amiga ya tenía varios seguidores, en general, cuentas con quienes interactuaba, daba RT y fav. Yo empecé a seguir estas conductas. Me adecué con facilidad, y estaba obseso con Twitter. Recuerdo que incluso quería estar tuiteando todo el día. Retuitaba CADA tuit.
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1. The damage of the #followback game: I explained it over a dozen times. If there is an expression you don't understand, go to my @threadreaderapp account and find it.
The follow back system creates closed networks. This is ineffective and potentially dangerous to activism.
2. Political activism requires open networks with hub accounts and institutional accounts at the top, original content sources directly under them and viral chains underneath.
3. Institutional accounts don't follow back, ever, nor do hub accounts. Nobody has ever achieved notoriety for their original contribution by playing the follow back game. If you like that game it is for emotional reasons.
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How much of the #followback activity on Twitter is driven by bots? As it turns out, quite a lot: 62.9% of tweets sent in the last week containing #followback, #follow4follow, #followforfollow, or #f4f were tweeted via automation tools.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We found 1551 mostly or fully automated accounts using #followback, #follow4follow, #followforfollow, or #f4f. Twittbot(dot)net is the most popular automation tool, and the majority of the accounts tweet in English or Japanese.
These 1551 accounts do not appear to be a single operation, but we can find multiple smaller networks based on the tweets repeated across accounts. Each cluster is a potential botnet (some of the loosely-connected ones are false positives.) We took a closer look at four of them.
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If you're looking for #coronavirus profiteers that will also load up your account with useless followers, this is the botnet for you. #SundaySpam #coronagrift

cc: @ZellaQuixote
This network consists of three mixed English/Japanese accounts (@MoreOker, @MoreThanBetter4, and @MostOkest) with various #Followback hashtags on their profiles. They tweet 24/7 via "Botbird Tweets", with (possibly) organic tweets via Twitter Web App thrown in.
The bulk of this network's tweets occurred during one of two spikes in activity. The first was a barrage of #followback tweets sent around the new year via Twitter Web App, and the second (late Feb-March) is round-the-clock automated tweets hawking face masks and hand sanitizer.
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Are these spambots? Survey says yes! #SaturdaySpam

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We found a network of 20 automated accounts, all spamming Korean hashtags with an embedded phone number via twittbot(dot)net. All but two were created in 2019, with the network first tweeting in August 2019 and slowly scaling up output.
These accounts are incredibly repetitive, with each account having a specific tweet that it tweets over and over, varying only the final portion consisting of random-looking letters and numbers. Tables of @q33soc and @vbvaldo's repeated tweets are provided as examples.
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After the #MetPolice tried & failed to frame me & after ex #MetPoliceUK turned private investigators @Surelock_ tried & failed to frame me & my mum, attempt number 3 was #EE & #UKMail. I had never used @EE but they made me their customer

#SwitchtoO2 #o2 #Vodafone #Three #LBC
#EE said I had ordered mobile phones & sim cards & #UKMail said they had delivered them to me (with me showing my passport) at home. I did neither. I didn't order any mobiles & I didn't receive any mobiles. It was a complete stitch up

#dontbuythesun #c4news #r4today #itvnews
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1 / Digital political activism: I have been slowly populating this chart with relevant twitter accounts. The reason I have been putting work on this is because the effectiveness of political action depends on two things:…
1 / First, the existence and following of authoritative sources (hierarchical structure). Second, fast viralization (anarchic or horizontal structure). At the viral level, the best number of cross-followings ranges from a few hundred to less than 2K.
2 / The immense majority of those creating viral action are NOT opinion-makers. They don't generate original content and they shouldn't: that is the prerogative of authoritative sources (qualified individuals, organizations, etc). Their role is to effectively spread content.
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# Exploring Tweetbonds

Continuing speculations on building an informal economy of sorts using standard Twitter functions only.

See the below for the initial draft, though Ive evolved the idea since then
If someone deletes a Reply to you, there is no record that such a Reply ever existed(*). One could of course make a screenshot (aka screencap) but screenshots can be faked to say whatever you want.

(*) Actually, twitter may retain the Reply, I dunno.
Quote Tweets (QTs) are a different matter. A nested set of QTs, entered in reverse order & punctuated in specific ways, can be made 'secure' in the sense that

1) You can't add to the initial tweet, and
2) You can't add to the final tweet w/o some break in a punctuation protocol.
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Exclusive: Watch the birth of a bot!!

Step 1: Create an account - notice @scootersaunders & @kelliebitter - Kell was born last month, but Scooter was born today, happy birthday!
Step 2:

Find a friend -

It's hard to make friends when you're 1 day old, so you call @RyanAFournier - who will follow you. Then Ryan's friend Kellie comes to play too. Notice it says 4 followers - but only shows 2 because 'you won't see suspected spam..'
Step 3: #followback

The bot to bot interaction is highly understated. Bots have bot friends - bots love to communicate with each other - RT/Fav etc

The next step is to follow the people you just met - so you follow ryan back

Notice Kellz and Scooter both follow each other
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1/Are you doing enough to SECURE your Virtual self?
Here's some more suggestions
Summon your inner OCD

#GeeksResist w/precision
2/I work in IS for a Hospital system
I protect patient/employee data professionally
The best protections still have flaws
Minimize your risk
3/Lets break down this great list…
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