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How to make 10-100x flipping crypto consistently❗️

Here’s a guide for all the beginners out there. Learn in 5minutes what I have compounded and trial-tested for 6 months!

For all the $$ I lost a like & RT would mean a lot!

$10-$50 is all you have ? Don’t you worry! It’s enough for a start. But you need to be extra careful🥴

• You become a DeGen player by flipping tokens with low mcap
• You lose your $$ when you don’t take profits

Here are my risky plays, strategies & wins❗️💎
The things you need to know to begin this 100x journey

• Stop paying for signals, create YOUR own

• Research 20 tokens daily, filter 10 at the end of the day

• Don’t be scared to lose $, cultivate your APE

• 10 tokens bought, 8 rugged, 2 10x’ed❗️Profits bagged💰
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0/ If you #DeFi and have used "impermanent loss" in a sentence, chances are you have no idea what you're talking about.

No pointing tentacles, but 88% of frentacles say,

"I would provide $OCTO x $ETH liquidity except IL equals rektopus."

They're wrong and here's why.

1/ Year to date, the $OCTO x $ETH pool is actually presenting an "Impermanent Gain" of +7.98%

Meaning that liquidity providers are 7.98% better off than those who simply HODLed equal parts of both tokens.

I'm sure you're thinking,

"But muh impermanent loss, you shill!"

2/ You see, people assume things all the time, so let's start with the basics...


Impermanent Loss = would have been better off just HODLing $OCTO x ETH rather than LPing

Impermanent Gain = would have been better off LPing OCTO x $ETH rather than just HODLing

"But why?"
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Global Militarisation Index 2020 #GMI \ Worldwide trends in militarisation and what they may mean for trends in health security. Image
#GMI 2020 focuses on the link between militarisation and health security. “It cannot be excluded that the high level of resources invested in the military in countries with a particularly high level of militarisation is at the expense of health provision”, the authors explain. Image
#Israel, #Armenia, #Oman, #Bahrain, #Singapore, #SaudiArabia, #Brunei, #Russia, #Kuwait and #Jordan are the Top 10 in militarisation. All countries in the Middle East are highly militarised by global comparison—six countries are from this region. Image
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Bir salgına, aşısı olarak yakalanmanının farkını Şili örneği ile anlatmaya çalışacağım.
Şili'de dün yeni 6290 #COVID19 olgusu ile toplam 231 bin hasta oldu. Nüfusu 19 milyon Şili'nin.
Şili 2012 yılında hiç beklenmedik bir dönemde meningokok enfeksiyonu salgını yaşadı.
İnvaziv meningokok hastalığı, çocuk ve erişkinlerde %10 yaşam kaybı ile seyreden, %20-25 oranında da ciddi sekeller ile seyreden bir enfeksiyon. Hastalık bulgularının çıkması ile bazen tedaviye rağmen, hasta 24 saat içinde yaşamını kaybedebiliyor.
Bulaşma ihtimali aile içi bireylerde ve toplu yaşam alanlarında çok yüksek (yatılı okul, koğuş). Çok sık bir enfeksiyon değil, her yıl tüm dünyada 1.2 milyon olgu, 135.000 kayıp olduğu düşünülüyor. Meningokok enfeksiyonun da çok küçük hasta kümeleri salgın kabul ediliyor.
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