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It's finally here!
I'm extremely excited to announce that my book "Iranian-Saudi Rivalry since 1979: In the Words of Kings & Clerics" has been published by @BloomsburyBooks @ibtauris.
Let me tell you a little bit about my book & my decade-long journey in this thread🧵1/25
This book is a revision of my DPhil Dissertation at @UniofOxford @StCrossCollege which covered Iranian & Saudi Mutual (mis)Representations 1979-2009 & subsequent work that covered this rivalry up to 2021 as an Academic Visitor at @StAntsCollege @OxfordMEC . 2/25
This publication builds on the work of great experts, scholars & academics including [in alpha. order]
#ShahramChubin @carnegienpp
#HennerFürtig @GIGA_Institute 3/25
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Dozens of Israeli businessmen travelled to #SaudiArabia w/ Israeli passports. Saudi - #Israel cooperation is not only economic but also covers security and intelligence levels. It is about time to stop hiding this ambiguity and long-term relationship and Saudi support to Israel.
#SaudiArabia allowed #Israel/i airlines to use its airspace for flights to and from the #UAE and #Bahrain. But Israel has not yet received such access for flights to #India, #Thailand and #China, which as a result are significantly longer than they need be.
In late 2020, former PM Benjamin Netanyahu, ex-Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, and then-US secretary of state Mike Pompeo visited the city of Neom to meet with the crown prince Mohamad Bin Salman, in the first known high-level meeting between an Israeli and a Saudi leader.
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On this night, 11 years ago I saw my father put a shirt on top of the one he was wearing. and i realized, an extra layer of clothes was the only protection he had against the torturers coming to get him #Bahrain
On this night, 11 years ago my father called us all in the living room, we knew they were coming, we had all changed and we listened to him speaking calmly. He wanted us to be strong, and patient #Bahrain
"we dont need them to cause more harm than they alrdy will, no matter what they do, do not intervene. Ok? zainab?" he turned to his sons in law "if they take u, if they want you to say lies abt me or disrespect me, do so, protect yourself, don't hesitate at all" #Bahrain
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#Chinese Foreign Ministry gives very interesting details from #China FM Wang call with #Israel FM @yairlapid. Thread: As far as I remember, this is 1st time China praises the #AbrahamAccords, if without naming them. Wang Yi says "China is pleased to see Israel establishing 1/9
and developing normal ties with countries in the region, which is part of the reconciliation in the broader #MiddleEast 中方乐见以方同地区国家建立并发展正常友好关系,这应是中东整体和解的组成部分." So far, China has been was quiet re Israel's closer ties with #UAE, #Bahrain 2/9
despite its professed support for stability. Wang repeats China's stance re Israel ties with #Palestinians, says supports resuming talks on #two #state solution, repeats China's offer to facilitate direct negotiations between Israel and Palestinians. China had already hosted 3/9
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Urgent thread:
We’re very worried about my father who called this morning and said he won’t be allowed to make anymore calls, and was chanting Free #Bahrain, Free #Palestine, and down with israels collaborators - they kept cutting the call and he kept trying to call back.
Yesterday during his call he named people who took part in and/or were responsible for his torture, and we’re worried about the retaliation against him - more so than what they’re already doing as I’ll mention in the following tweets
Due to my father’s chants in Feb about #Palestine, all treatment for the damage done by #torture he endured has stopped, as well as all access to medical appointments - some were urgent as he may be going blind in his right eye due to glaucoma, which is progressive & irreversible
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"I believe IPTC can be a powerful catalyst in the transformation of commitment to action," says Nasir K. Al-Naimi, SVP Upstream of #Saudi @aramco at the International Petroleum Technology Conference #IPTC2022
"We know the world needs us now, perhaps more than ever, to ensure the #energy transition leaves no nation behind," says Nasir Al-Naimi of @aramco at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, held at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre #IPTC2022
.@Aramco is among the lowest #oil producers in terms of #carbon intensity, Aramco's chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan says at the International Petroleum Technology Conference #IPTC2022
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Begin thread 🧵: Update on repression in #Bahrain on the 11th anniversary of the Pearl Uprising, courtesy of @hrw:…
Sheikh Ali Salman was unjustly imprisoned in December 2014 after leading a protest rally in #Bahrain. He is a @DefendingFreedoms prisoner of conscience who should be freed immediately and without conditions. @USEmbassyManama…
Naji Fateel, a blogger and #HumanRights activist, was unjustly detained in #Bahrain in May 2013 and tortured in custody. He is a @DefendingFreedoms prisoner of conscience who should be freed immediately and without conditions.…
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#Breaking Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz just landed in Manama to sign a landmark security agreement with #Bahrain
Notably the visit also comes as Israel is involved in the largest naval drill in the region, which began in #Bahrain and involves 60 countries
Gantz is set to sign a memorandum of understanding with his Bahraini counterpart #Bahrain #Israel
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Quite significant. The IMX exercise is the largest naval exercise in the region, involving 9,000 personnel and 50 ships according to the US 5th Fleet
The exercise officially started today in #Bahrain Image
Additional picture of the opening of the exercise, which saw the visit of #Bahrain's Crown Prince ImageImageImage
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Thread: How #Qatar rigged the #AbrahamAccords to fail
1. In a previous thread, I raised questions about the stalemate & possible deterioration in #Morocco-#Israel-US relations after what seemed to be a promising start.
2. I posited that a group of greedy, corrupt, and incompetent executors from #Israel & the US and their #Moroccan cronies are trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In particular, I pointed to the dubious role of Jared Kushner's group & their counterparts.
3. But there's much more to the story than meets the eye. #AbrahamAccords was a great idea, but when left in the hands of crooks & unscrupulous pawns of foreign regimes, it was designed to fail and ended up being nothing more than a pricey scam attracting chiefly con artists.
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There's a developing big story that will also bring in the relationship between the #UK and #Bahrain; whether the former is willing to extradite to an oppressive torturing regime - tricky for the UK cuz also involves the monarch's son..
Let's start with the background: a thread
Dr. Sharifa Swar is a psychotherapist who a couple of years ago went public to expose the spread of the use of the Lyrica drug in a middle school in #Bahrain. She talked about how there were high officials involved and called for an investigation
This was also tied into sex trafficking. She exposed this based on conversations she was having with young girls, who were threatened by those selling the drug in the schools. She was summoned and she asked that the minister of interior be present so she can show him the evidence
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News of #GeorgeKordahi on Friday:The Lebanese, Arab media reported information about the intention of the Lebanese Minister of Information,George Kordahi,on Friday,to announce his resignation,in the context of resolving the Gulf crisis with Lebanon.1
And the Lebanese Al-Jadeed channel said that Qardahi is heading to announce his resignation from the government tomorrow, Friday, after his meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Wednesday.2
According to the press information, the request for Qardahi's resignation this time came from the French president directly before Macron's meeting with Saudi Crown Prince #MBS.3
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Despite the fact that the #BICI report documented that people were killed under #torture in #Bahrain, the culture of #impunity continues, also because the international community did not hold the regime to account #FreeBahrainiPrisoners
"At approximately 10:30 on 3 April, Mr Hasan Jassim Mohamed Maki was pronounced dead. @MSF and @Amnesty examined the body and confirmed to the family that the deceased had been attacked with sharp objects.”
@MSF @amnesty "A witness who had been detained with the deceased in the same cell overheard him being told by prison personnel that since he had sickle cell anaemia, they would shower him and turn on the air conditioning in his cell and that he would not be allowed any medical treatment."
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The #StrategicProjectsPlan will see $30 billion invested in over 20 new strategic projects, including the construction of 5 new offshore cities in #Bahrain
Key infrastructure projects include the construction of a 109km metro system, the 22.5km Northern Road, and a new King Hamad causeway connection #Bahrain to #KSA
#Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre will be the largest “Conference City” in the #MiddleEast
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#SaudiArabia expels #Lebanon ambassador. #GCC states expected to follow suit. Decision could impact Lebanese labor; comes after 🇱🇧 govt minister supports #Houthi militia in #Yemen. But this step reflects #Gulf frustration at #Iran-backed #Hezbollah militia's chokehold over 🇱🇧. /1
#Saudi decision to throw out #Lebanon ambassador is not a sudden move but also caps years of #Iran/#IRGC using #Lebanon produce/fruit export trucks to smuggle narcotics into the #Gulf. /2

#Kuwait media tycoon @Ahmadaljaralah says #Lebanon minister's statement is admission of #Iran military interference in #Yemen; calls #Hezbollah chief Nasrallah "Hassan Ammonia" (reference to #Beirut port warehouse explosion) /3

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#SaudiArabien hat seinen Botschafter aus #Libanon zurückgerufen u den libanesischen Botschafter aufgefordert, binnen 48Std. das Land zu verlassen. Hintergrund sind die Attacken des lib. Informationsministers George Qordahi wg des Captagon-Schmuggels nach SA durch Hizbollah-Leute.
Die Drogenkrise lässt erahnen, wie der Markt für Captagon in SA wächst. Produziert wird die Droge, die uU eine ähnlich verheerende Wirkung wie Crystal Meth hat, in v syrischen Regime kontrollierten Labors u soll die eigenen Soldaten u Milizionäre bei ihren Einsätzen aufputschen.
Die zahlreichen Funde v Drogen aus syr. Produktion in Häfen v SA legen nahe, dass sich das syr. Regime verstärkt aus dem Drogengeschäft finanziert u dabei auch die Infrastruktur u Netzwerke des lib. Hizbollah zu nutzen versteht. Stellungnahmen hierzu v syr. Seite gibt es nicht.
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The #MGISummit is about to begin. Follow our live coverage of the event, where high-profile regional leaders gather in #Riyadh to discuss #climate action ahead of #COP26.
#MGISummit: #Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, as well as #Jordan and and #Kuwait's crown princes, arrive at the venue. Pakistani PM @ImranKhanPTI also shows attendance.
#MGISummit: #Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and #UAE's Finance Minister Hamad bin Rashid Al Maktoum have also arrived
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#Pakistan Banking Sector M&A —
A Thread 🧵

Interesting things happening in 🇵🇰’s banking sector related to #GCC-based sponsors.

Samba Bank is leaving 🇵🇰 🔜 after parent entity’s merger with NCB in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, & MergeCo Saudi National Bank’s decision to divest some assets.
Silk Bank is on perpetual sale after its abysmal performance in #Pakistan 🇵🇰 despite benefitting from one of the highest equity injections till-date. It is to be sold 🔜 and IFC / Nomura / Bank Muscat / Gourmet Group along with others will take a massive hit on their investment.
In banking, the best combination is always *a strong sponsor with a strong management team*. If you can get that right, there’s no better business in #Pakistan.

However, if your institution does not benefit from either of the two, then the bank is highly likely to underperform.
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#BREAKING: #USArmy 82nd Airborne Division is still sending troops to #Afghanistan. Not only, the number of #US troops there is reduced rather it is increased 3 times. These two #USAF's C-17As (06-6166 & 08-8190) supported by three KC-135R/T tankers are sending 300 more troops.
Two #USAF KC-135R tankers (61-0298 and 63-8045) and an RC-135W Rivet Joint (62-4138) have headed to #Afghanistan to support the evacuation of Afghan & #US citizens from #Kabul airport. It is first time that a Rivet Joint is getting involved in this operation.
Tanker activity in the Al-Dhafra-#Kabul airbridge. Two Al-Udeid based #USAF KC-135Rs are going #Afghanistan while a KC-10A tanker returns to Al-Dhafra.
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#BREAKING: #IRGC Navy is behind the attack "GOLDEN BRILLIANT" oil tanker near the port of #Fujairah. Golden Brilliant is heavily damaged by a mine planted by the #IRGCNavy near port of #Fujairah. In addition to that, an asphalt carrier ship named Kamdhenu is also damaged.
#BREAKING: A C-295 MPA of Royal #Oman Air Force is now flying over the burning ship to assist in Search and Rescue operation. It is not known how many crew members are injured or killed but the "GOLDEN BRILLIANT" oiler is reportedly is heavily in fire due to #IRGC attack.
#BREAKING: Unconfirmed reports about that the "Golden Brilliant" is still underway & not on-fire but a third ship, an oiler named "ASPHALT PRINCESS" is also damaged by the mines of #IRGC Navy in #Oman Sea!
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LIVE with @DrTedros at the inauguration of the WHO Country Office in #Bahrain…
@DrTedros "Honoured to be able to attend the opening of the WHO Country Office in the Kingdom of 🇧🇭, WHO’s 152nd country office. The Office will deliver strategic, technical, policy & service delivery support to the govt to advance health & well-being nationally, regionally & 🌍"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "The opening of this country [in #Bahrain] office reflects WHO’s commitment to serve all countries, at all income levels, providing support tailored to the needs of the country and its place in the global health architecture"-@DrTedros #HealthForAll #WHOImpact
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.@olavgutting war acht Jahre lang als Mitglied der Südkaukasusgruppe Fachpolitiker für #Armenien, #Georgien und #Aserbaidschan.

Trotzdem konnte er bis gestern nicht einordnen, ob #Aliyev ein #Diktator ist.

Wie kann das sein @olavgutting?
Sollten Sie, gerade als Deutscher Abgeordneter, nicht benennen können was ein Diktator ist?

Haben Sie sich in den all den Jahren wirklich gar keinen Eindruck von ihrem Fachgebiet gemacht?
Die Antwort liegt ja auf der Hand. Laut @TheEIU ist #Aserbaidschan weniger demokratisch als zum Beispiel #Venezuela. Politische Teilhabe ist sogar im #Iran eher möglich als unter #Aliyev.
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