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This will likely have incalculable
repercussions in lives lost. #globalhealth #snrtg #openscience #scicomm #medtwitter #VaccinesSaveLives Image
Expect a likely resurgence of vaccine-preventble pediatric infectious, communicable diseases - according to this study...measles, rubella, mumps, pertussis, polio, rotavirus...
Likely causes of this backslide in childhood vaccination:
▪️ global vaccine-"fatigue"
▪️ hyper-focused attention on one disease (🦠
SarsCov2), while virtually ignoring all others.
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They way, we, #ActuallyAutistic people are treated is a lot worse than most NTs know.

So I want to explain with this thread, while #autistic is trending, the discrimination we go through

Share this thread with as many people as you know including NTs.
Starting with the fact that most NTs want to change our instinct behaviors because they don’t like the behaviors we find happiness in.
Stimming for example is something we all do, but #autistic people do it more noticeably. Stimming makes us feel happy and we do it to self regulate the body so our brains aren’t getting overwhelmed.

NTs try to stop us from stimming which causes the brain to get overwhelmed.
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I’ve been asked several times if I plan to get my 3yr old and 16mo old vaccinated against COVID.

Guess what? *Every* pediatrician I know with kids under 5 is eager to vaccinate their kids against COVID.

Why is that?

We've talked with thousands of families about COVID.

We've done our research (like, literally).

We’ve seen the immediate effects of coronavirus infection, including kids who have been hospitalized or worse.

We’ve seen the long-term effects of coronavirus infection -
long COVID with debilitating fatigue, significantly increased risk of autoimmune illnesses like Type 1 diabetes, and more.

So, no, it's not always "mild" for kids.…
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As we mark 1 mill. Covid deaths this weekend, we launched a new dashboard that delivers a hard truth: about every second person who died from Covid-19 since vaccines became available could have been saved by – yes, vaccines. A 🧵about data, people & trust…
First, the data. Here is what we did: Let’s say you live in Tennessee. At some point in April 2021, people were no longer competing to get Covid shots in your state – supply outstripped demand.

But what if people had kept coming? /2
What if Tennessee had continued to vaccinate at that peak pace, until everyone 18 years and older had a shot? And then, starting in October 2021, people had started to get boosted if their last shot had been more than 6 months ago? Looking at this WHAT IF? scenario is sobering /3
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Una enfermedad ya erradicada, una fotógrafa y un suicidio…está es la historia de la última persona que falleció de viruela en todo el planeta 🧵

La viruela se cobró la vida de personas desde tiempos muy remotos, el primer caso demostrado es de Ramsés V.
Provocada por un virus, sus síntomas aparecen a los 10-14 días tras contraer la infección, al principio los síntomas son parecidos a los de una gripe pero van empeorando, apareciendo lesiones que se convierten en ampollas que dejan cicatrices. No solo desfigura, también es mortal
La viruela no diferenció pobres de ricos y acabó con la vida de algún rey europeo, como Luis XV.
El último caso contagiado de viruela de forma natural fue en Somalia, en octubre de 1977, Maow Maalin tuvo ese enfermizo “privilegio”.
Solo en el S.XX, se cobró 300 mill de vidas.
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I was honored to speak in front of @HouseScience committee yesterday abt the importance of trusted messengers in a crisis— & what we need to do for the next phase of #Covid_19.

Here is my opening statement … 🧵 1x

#Vaccines #VaccinesSaveLives #PrimaryCare
As we inevitably face more C19 waves & variants, I worry abt the ongoing devastation from the virus *and* abt the collateral damage from the mitigations themselves. Mostly I worry abt ppls’ confusion & resulting anxiety abt not knowing who to trust in a global health crisis.2x
I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned firsthand caring for patients almost every day during COVID—real people on the receiving end of often confusing public health guidance & the unfortunate politicization of science. 3x
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> New positive cases per day
> Regional breakdown
> New COVID-19 Hospital admissions: 07 March 2020 - 17 March 2022
> NHLS Provincial testing figures

#StaySafe #PlayYourPart #StopTheSpread
>Sub-district with new cases in 7 days
>Sub-districts with highest number of active cases
>Management of COVID-19 admissions at 17 March 2022
>Age and gender distribution of COVID-19 deaths

#StaySafe #PlayYourPart #StopTheSpread
>Vaccination Status Report
>Individuals vaccinated per age group per and sex
>Number of individuals vaccinated and fully vaccinated against adult population
>Fully vaccinated individuals as a percentage of Adult population

#IChooseVaccination #VaccinesSavesLives
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మార్చి 16న‌ జాతీయ టీకాల దినోత్సవంగా జరుపుకుంటారు. దీన్ని జాతీయ రోగనిరోధక దినోత్సవం అని కూడా పిలుస్తారు
టీకా ప్రాముఖ్యతను మొత్తం దేశానికి తెలియజేయడానికి ఏటా ఈ రోజును నిర్వ‌హిస్తారు #vaccinationday #vaccination4All
#VaccinesSaveLives Image
ఈ తేదీని మొట్టమొదట‌ 1995లో గుర్తించారు. (దేశంలో "పల్స్ పోలియో" కార్యక్రమాన్ని ప్రారంభించిన సంవత్సరం). 16 మార్చి 1995న దేశవ్యాప్తంగా 'జోనస్‌ సాల్క్‌ కనుగొన్న పోలియో టీకాలను భారత చిన్నారులు అందరికీ ఉద్యమంగా 'ఓరల్‌ పల్స్‌ పోలియో డ్రైవ్‌ ప్రారంభమైంది.
భారతదేశ ప్రజారోగ్య చరిత్రలో అత్యంత ప్రధానమైన మైలురాయికి గుర్తుగా ప్రతియేట 16 మార్చిన “జాతీయ వ్యాక్సినేషన్‌ దినం (నేషనల్‌ వ్యాక్సినేషన్‌ లేదా ఇమ్యునైజేషన్‌ డే్రే'ను పాటించుట ఆనవాయితీగా మారింది. జాతీయ టీకా దినం-2022 నినాదంగా 'అందరికీ అందుబాటులో టీకాలు
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@T_Lyte @TheVigilantFox now run the numbers on covid deaths for children…
2 deaths over a million children
vs 148 deaths for vaccine
"#VaccinesSaveLives" uh huh
don't say "bbbhut the death rate was impacted by the vaccine uwu" cause Omicron dodges it anyways
@T_Lyte @TheVigilantFox it gets even more backwards if you consider VAERS, the fact it's 10x underreported, CDC VSAFE has actually gone down (server down, not numbers decreasing down) over reports meaning I'm willing to bet it's more like 1/10 adverse effects then 148/1m
@T_Lyte @TheVigilantFox OH and even better, the literal BMJ study on mRNA (… yes I've pulled this before), the myocarditis/"…" cases being caused by vaccines and god knows how many pop culture figures have KO'd suspiciously after the vax
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Caso anecdótico pero documentado
Ya que ahora van a vacunar niños con la vacuna "Tradicional" de virus inactivado.
Veré si hago un Hilo de efectos adversos reportados por #Coronavac :
"Síndrome nefrótico y lesión renal aguda tras la vacuna CoronaVac anti-SARS-CoV-2".
2. Vacunación de niños con CoronaVac

"Anafilaxia inducida por la vacuna CoronaVac COVID-19: características clínicas y resultados de la revacunación".
3. "Parálisis de Bell después de la vacunación con ARNm (BNT162b2) y vacunas inactivadas (CoronaVac) contra el SARS-CoV-2: una serie de casos y un estudio anidado de casos/controles". El resúmen abajo 4. 👇🏻
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Despairing with @morningireland coverage of vaccination in children this morning until Dr Lucy Jessop came on. Uptake rates not reflective of hesitancy. They reflect the ongoing wave of COVID in this age band & the numbers infected before we upped our mask game. short 🧵
My 9 & 11 year olds will be getting the vaccine as soon as they can after they were infected in December like lots of their classmates & after-school friends. Why? #VaccinesSaveLives and viral infections, even those dubbed ‘mild’ can do serious damage.
Through work I had considerable access to information on COVID vaccines in Children. We discussed this as a family with the children and they’re super keen to get protected. Parents should discuss the vaccine with their Pharmacist or GP. Go to reputable information sources.
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The controversial Canadian Critical Care Alliance Video on COVID vaccines. debunked in 3 languages. A long trilingual 🧵, part 4
#Medtwitter #VaccinesSaveLives #vaccineswork #COVID19France #Vacunate #VacunateParaQueNoFaltes #Santé #OnApplaudit
25. Getting that Pfizer library of vax clinical trial data - its fine to look at it, but remember that Pfizer didn't approve their own vaccine. Its taking time to release the documents because all federally protected patient information and company trade secrets must be deleted.
Obtenir la bibliothèque Pfizer de données d'essais cliniques - c'est bien qu'on veut la regarder, mais rappelez-vous que Pfizer n'a pas approuvé son propre vaccin.
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The controversial Canadian Critical Care Alliance Video on COVID vaccines. debunked in 3 languages. A long trilingual 🧵, part 3
#Medtwitter #VaccinesSaveLives #vaccineswork #COVID19France #Vacunate #VacunateParaQueNoFaltes #Santé #OnApplaudit
17. Myocarditis mortality is 20% at 6.5 years/ Clots form in your heart - This is a misrepresentation of an adult myocarditis study. Clots can happen after vax, but they are far more common w/ SARS-COV2. The people who scare you about myocarditis usually aren't the cardiologists.
La mortalité due à la myocardite est de 20 % à 6,5 ans/ Des caillots se forment dans votre❤️- Il s'agit d'une fausse représentation d'une étude sur la myocardite chez l'adulte. Des caillots peuvent se former après les vaccins, mais ils sont beaucoup plus fréquents avec le virus.
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The controversial Canadian Critical Care Alliance Video on COVID vaccines. debunked in 3 languages. A long trilingual 🧵, part 2
#Medtwitter #VaccinesSaveLives #vaccineswork #COVID19France #Vacunate #VacunateParaQueNoFaltes #Santé #OnApplaudit
10. Control groups didn't control for previous infection - we're getting better at predicting old COVID infection but current tests have their limitations. Given that these limitations were worse at the beginning of the trials, it is highly likely that they were included.
Les essais n'ont pas contrôlé l'infection précédente - nous nous améliorons pour prédire qui a déjà eu la COVID, mais les tests actuels ont leurs problèmes. Étant donné que ces limitations étaient pires au début des essais, il est fortement probable qu'elles aient été incluses.
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The controversial Canadian Critical Care Alliance Video on COVID vaccines. debunked in 3 languages. A long trilingual🧵
#Medtwitter #VaccinesSaveLives #vaccineswork #COVID19France #Vacunate #VacunateParaQueNoFaltes #Santé #OnApplaudit
1. Relative vs absolute risk reduction: Vaccine effectiveness has always been calculated using RRR; there is no secret statistical conspiracy. This explains in more detail:…
Réduction du risque relatif vs absolu : L'efficacité du vaccin a toujours été calculée avec le RRR ; il n'y a pas de complot statistique secret. Ceci explique plus en détail :…
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Wow! Isn't it incredible how #COVID19 vaccines keep people out of the ICU?💪🏻 #VaccinesSaveLives
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Love this paper. Majorly jealous of the Scottish Health Informatics/Research infrastructure that enables this. A 🧵on #MedsInPregnancy TL;DR- get the vaccine, protect yourself, protect your baby. Ignore other messaging- they’re either misinformed or trying to sell you something
To place COVID vaccines in context, we now have more pregnancy outcome data for them than for a lot of other commonly used medicines. This study adds data on over 18,000 pregnancies to a constantly evolving evidence base.
Vaccine coverage in pregnancy is disappointing with less half the level of vaccine uptake in pregnancy compared with the general female population 18-44yrs: 32.3% vs. 77.4%
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New research shows that only 10% #Omicron cases are in ppl who have gotten #COVID19 #Booster.

This may be MISINTERPRETED as:

"Only 10% of people w/ #BoosterDose get #OmicronVariant"


#BoosterShots are 90% effective"

Not that simple! READ ON!…

First, this is NOT a critique of the study (currently a pre-print).

Researchers at @MethodistHosp who did this provided a VERY valuable piece of info and are not making any inappropriate claims. Great work!

It's just that it's easy for public/media to misinterpret results!

Paper reports on a total of 1313 #OmicronVariant cases in the Houston, TX area.

See table below:
~49% of cases in those not vaccinated (0 or 1 does)

Of those #Breakthrough cases,

535 cases w/ 2 #vaccine doses
140 cases w/ 3 doses (i.e., booster) Image
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Today there are 6570 people in OH hospitalized with COVID. Let’s look at some numbers from a Hospitalist’s perspective. 1/7
On a 12 hour shift I can manage roughly 15 patients. That is 48 minutes per person to do all of their care. 2/7
48 min to see them, get an interval history and exam, talk to nurses, evaluate labs/images, call other specialists, update family members, discuss goals of care, write a note, check on them later that day…even eating or using the bathroom takes from someone’s 48 min 3/7
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We are in the third wave of #Covid. Community spread of #Omicron is given. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are hot spots.

What works and what does not.
A thread of 10 points

1. It is clear that Omicron escapes Immunity acquired through #Vaccines and Previous Infection
2. Most cases of Omicron have mild infection, milder compared to Delta. This however doesn't mean that it will be mild in all cases. Some would become severe and need hospitalisation. Don't be stupid by buying into 'mild' theory
3. A lot of people are asymptomatic. So should you get tested for mild or no symptoms? Yes. Because only then you would isolate yourself and protect others. Also, better to detect it early and monitor rather than be caught off guard when saturation drops.
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#NYE2021: So many thoughts go through my mind

2 long years ago today China alerted the world to what seemed to be a new viral respiratory illness. 1 year ago I was mentally preparing for a tough few more months & then surely we would be through #COVID19SK
Today SK sets new records for number of daily reported cases (735) and test positivity rate (26%), recognizing many more than this are infected. We have another tough few months ahead. I am tired & i'm not alone
Yet today I am mostly grateful & proud. Our @saskhealth team of over 45000 staff & physicians have done amazing things under incredibly challenging conditions/Let's start w vaccines: 1.8M doses in SK arms over the past 365 days. Countless lives saved.
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This 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻 This is why #BLM exists & why “implicit bias” is not only real but it kills

Why, when you see it, say something, do something
The system changes not by sharing tweets & hashtags but actions & consequences & removal of toxicity from the system

Follow #BlackTwitter
Above #MedEd #TikTok improvement: #citeblackwomen who lead this work (not only utilized the savior mindset of Black & brown as victims) #Blackexcellence @citeblackwomen center Black women
Send #SoMe traffic to Black creators & activists. #healthcare…
Take #sharethemic initiative. It allowed #Blackexcellence to speak thru #influencer accounts to large followings for a day. I looked at before/after numbers, it did NOT drive any additional traffic to the actual accounts of those voices. Resurfacing this:
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🧵Let's take a look at #covid19 case and death rates in four European countries, an eastern European pair with low vaccination rates and a western pair with high vaccination rates.
1. Slovakia only has 43% with 2+ doses and the death rate climbs with the case rate (dual scales).
2. We see the same consistent pattern with Poland - deaths follow the case trend up. The vaccination rate is 55% here.
3. Portugal has 89% with 2 or more doses. Here we see cases rising but at a much lower level and the death rate has not followed the case trend. It is also much lower.
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@EMA_News and @ECDC_EU recommendations on "mix and match" vaccination courses and boosters.

Read full text here:
Vaccines are continuing to prevent many millions of EU citizens from becoming very ill or dying and figures show that numbers of hospitalisations and deaths remain lowest in those Member States with the highest vaccination rates.

#COVID19 #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork
Due to a raise in #COVID19 infections and hospitalisations, we urge all EU citizens to get fully vaccinated and to adhere to recent recommendations on booster vaccination for #COVID19.

Recommendations on booster doses in our latest Rapid Risk Assessment:
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