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THREAD - All Lives Matter

After a weekend of mob rule, largely as a result of some nasty individuals who hijacked the #BlackLivesMatter demonstration for political or other gain, we seem to have taken a few steps backwards.
It doesn’t matter what sparked the protest. One can never argue the point. #BlackLivesMatter. Of course they matter. And I don’t mean an organisation. I mean people. Individuals who should ALL matter.
I’m saddened by the way in which some, particularly politicians, have sought to use this as a means to further divide and categorise people. There’s no colour chart that I’m aware of that makes the basic needs of one human being any different to another.
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Del presentismo che spesso accompagna lo sguardo alle vicende del passato, e di come la critica ad esso sia doverosa, ma non vada strumentalizzata, ho parlato diffusamente qui, con esempi che oggi potrebbero essere utili. Qui riassumo un paio di cose 👇…
La revisione critica sulla figura di #Churchill è in corso, e sappiamo che era vittima dei pregiudizi del suo tempo, oltre a non essere sempre stato un politico lungimirante nei giudizi.
Ma non gli hanno eretto una statua per condividere questi aspetti del suo pensiero...
...gliel'hanno eretta perché ha combattuto con convinzione e vinto un nemico, il nazismo, che ogni comunità di cittadini fondata su libertà e uguaglianza deve considerare tale ancora oggi. La conoscenza critica al Churchill individuo nel suo contesto non intacca quei valori
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#Dresden #Holocaust Remembrance Day 1: D. Irving’s Testimony
This holocaust was #Churchill’s brainchild.…
In the aftermath of the bombing of Dresden, Germany, 1945 👇👇
This is Day 2 of:
Five Days of Solemn Remembrance and Mourning for 100,000 German Holocaust Victims in the city of Dresden.
Their mass murder was ordered by Churchill and Roosevelt, Feb. 13-14, 1945
#Dresden #Holocaust Remembrance Day 3: The Deniers
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Dear Dissident Right,

If we're going to identify every woman who does something wrong as a #women and make her representative of all women we need to do same for men.

Why do we let men run our country when we know the role they've played in destroying it? #Churchill #Blair
White women are as anti mass migration as white men. Yet this ⬇️

If you think we're always nice and kind. Think again.
White women are not being protected by white men. On the contrary young white girls in the UK have been abandoned by just about everyone

100's of 1,000's of them, maybe half a million.
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@ChriswBox @helper2 @cliffhangernlv @StanM3 That is what they (the ISIS group) think. If #UK can get a strong enough #PM, they should be able to fix the mess. #FARANGE seems the most able. He has been tried under fire. #Churchillian. @PavelDarkovic @PrisonPlanet
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In August 2018 Jim Sheridan a Labour Councillor was reported to the Labour Party for #Antisemitic comments. Sheridan stated that he had lost respect and empathy for the Jewish community.
I am not going to defend his statement. It appears to have been used in frustration at what he perceived to be unwarranted levels of #Antisemitic allegations against the #LabourParty Jim Sheridan has since apologised and been reinstated with a warning.
But what was behind his frustration? Why would someone who stated he had supported the Jewish Community all his adult life, suddenly say he had lost empathy for them? Perhaps we should look at the broader picture?
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Still thinking about the #Churchill controversy, and especially how hot and bothered a certain brand of Brit - white, conservative - gets when Hitler and Churchill no longer occupy watertight moral compartments.

This is obviously a case of the anxiety of those who know ...
... that the system they profess allegiance to is guilty of heinous crimes, but who nevertheless persist in denying what they know, and in shouting insults - “thick ginger turd” - at those who are courageous enough to speak the truth.

But what would an honest reckoning ...
... with the truth of the racislized violence and mass murderer that lies at the heart of western modernity look like?

Well - it could possibly start with the logic of Zygmunt Bauman’s analysis of the Holocaust, which posits that Nazi mass murder of the Jews was not ...
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