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Hi, I’m Shaily Rahman. I’m a geochemist and oceanographer. I work in coastal systems. On this project, my focus is studying the reactive silicon cycle.
#DiversityinSTEM #WomenInSTEM #POCinSTEM
#gueSTAAR Shaily Rahman
#Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It exerts strong controls over the global carbon cycle and many trace element cycles. But we have very few tracers that show how reactive silicon moves around the surface of our planet.
Diatoms, a type of phytoplankton, need dissolved silica to reproduce and to build their shells out of amorphous glass. They're responsible for 15 to 18 % of global oxygen production.
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In August, I reported for @RollingStone on #Hurricane #Ida's destructive path through Louisiana's Cancer Alley and the home of Sharon Lavigne of @risestjames. On Sunday, I saw first hand the damage that persists. Sharon's GoFundMe supports her rebuilding.
Sharon is a @goldmanprize winner. She founded and leads Rise St. James in St. James Parish, Louisiana. I first met Sharon when writing this feature article for @RollingStone in 2019.…
In August, I wrote for @RollingStone on Sharon's work in the wake of #HurricaneIda and the damage to her home. On Sunday, I was shocked to see that 6 months later, Sharon is living in a trailer on her front lawn with her home largely uninhabitable.…
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'Hurricane Ida ... took its toll on American agriculture, in ways both obvious and subtle'

Severe winds & flooding damaging crops, seawater infiltration, damage to ports...

#ClimateCrisis #agriculture #HurricaneIda…
'Everything is Gone’ New Jersey’s Largest Dairy Devastated by Hurricane Ida

-National Weather Service confirmed 5 tornadoes touched down in New Jersey & eastern Pennsylvania during the fierce thunderstorms triggered by the leftovers of Hurricane Ida…
☝️in case you were wondering about the connection between hurricanes & tornadoes (I was) - see:…
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LIVE UPDATES: Officials in Montgomery and Chester Counties have advised those downstream of the Pickering Creek Dam to evacuate. The Schuylkill is expected to crest at a record of 17.2 feet in the wake of Ida's remnants sweeping across the Philly area.
Road closures and flooding in the region forced several school districts to cancel classes today.…
This all comes in the aftermath of multiple tornadoes and torrential rain spawned by Ida's remnants late yesterday. Forecasters are warning the area could see its worst flooding in a decade today and tomorrow.…
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#TailgateTogether will be joining the relief efforts for #HurricaneIda. But first, for credibility & transparency, below is a comprehensive thread (of threads) of our verified work, including recognition from WAPO, NOLA newspapers, the Saints organization.
People need help. People need money. People need supplies.

Several people have reached out needing help, many displaced with little money. We're going to help. Please read our thread of work first.

Cashapp: $AKeller1981


Venmo: akellerjr81
If you can chip in, please consider. We have a mom with 2 babies that evacuated again, after being in turmoil just last year from Hurricane Laura.
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🌎 The @IPCC_CH report stated earlier this month: Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying

From mammoth hurricanes to severe flash floods, see where went under water on Earth August 2021 🧵⬇️

#ExtremeWeather #ClimateAction
#HurricaneIda 📹 @NOAA / @SPACEdotcom
🇲🇽 Aug 7 Mexico - Coahuila and Durango

At least 42 homes were damaged or destroyed and 200 people directly affected

[See where went underwater on Earth Aug 2021🧵⬇️]
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction

via @Flood_List…
🇹🇷 Aug 11 - Turkey

[See where went underwater on Earth Aug 2021🧵⬇️]
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction

via @guardian…
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[Thread] Le cyclone #Ida a laissé de puissantes marques de destructions de l'écosystème de delta du Mississipi. Des zones humides entières ont disparu du paysage ou sont encore sous les eaux laissant craindre un lourd bilan sur la faune/flore.
#HurricaneIda #HurricaneIdadamage ImageImage
Ces zones humides, bien que fragiles, ont une capacité de résilience (i.e. retour à l'état initial). Il faudra plusieurs années pour que l'écosystème (ici complètement rasé) retrouve un état d'équilibre.

Les espèces survivantes seront mise à rude épreuve ces prochaines mois. ImageImage
Cet écosystème, déjà fragilisé par l'Homme, pourrait se voir complètement modifié si la fréquence/intensité de ces évènements extrêmes s'accélère.

Les conséquences seront même supracontinentales : c'est un important point d'étape pour la migration des oiseaux ! ImageImage
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Preliminary reports suggest #HurricaneIda is the fifth-strongest storm ever to make landfall in the continental U.S.…
“For me, the most compelling aspect of Ida was its rapid intensification up to landfall,” said Scott Braun, a scientist who specializes in hurricanes at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.
More than 1 million customers in Louisiana had reportedly lost power by midday on August 30. Another 100,000 customers lost electricity in Mississippi and 12,000 in Alabama.
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"#HurricaneIda Is a Manmade Disaster -

The same fossil fuel industry whose emissions helped intensify the storm also modified the Louisiana coastline to make it more vulnerable to flooding."…
"Ida was the perfect storm of the climate change era—not just in terms of meteorology but also in terms of geography, history, and victimology."
"This storm brings the climate crisis full circle, unleashing the wrath of a world warmed by fossil fuels on the very state that is the site of some of the fossil fuel industry’s greatest crimes."
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Internet: Who is this man? Make him famous.

This is the crazy white guy who attacked and physically assaulted MSNBC correspondent Shaq Brewster live on the air in Gulfport, MS during hurricane coverage a short while ago.

@shaqbrewster @MSNBC #idahurricane #HurricaneIda
Here's the full video of the crazy white unmasked man in Gulfport, MS (who needed to grab his hat because...?) who attacked Shaq Brewster @shaqbrewster on live TV during the 11 am hour of @craigmelvin reports on @MSNBC.
Slow motion of the attack on news correspondent Shaq Brewster live on MSNBC at 1023 am central time in Gulfport, MS today.
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The before & after pictures of Grand Isle, #Louisiana after #Ida. Looks really grimacing. #LAwx #HurricaneIda #Tropics
And please note, we did not take this. The owner of this is unknown as well. We will update you who this was & give credit to the person responsible.
UPDATE: Credits go to @nytimes for the image above.
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Wouldn't be surprised if Biden just starts drone striking Americans at this point to finish things up
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VIDEO: Hurricane Ida battered the southern US state of Louisiana and plunged New Orleans into darkness Sunday, leaving at least one person dead 16 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city
Map of the southern United States with the forecast trajectory of #HurricaneIda Image
VIDEO: US President Joe Biden warns Hurricane Ida will 'ravage everything it comes in contact with'
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#HurricaneIda - live updates:

📌 New Orleans left without power
📌 Biden declares major disaster
📌 One person dead…
#HurricaneIda, the fifth-strongest to ever hit the mainland United States, has made landfall as an “extremely dangerous” storm heading north across Louisiana, prompting Joe Biden to declare a “major disaster”.…
Homes destroyed and gas station collapses as Ida hammers Louisiana…
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Anyway to post a link to this scanner feed to Twitter ?? @Broadcastify #Ida #HurricaneIda
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🧵 #ida #HurricaneIda with power out safe #generator use is incredibly important! Some rules:

Never use a #generator, grill, camp stove or other gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal-burning devices inside a home, garage, basement, crawlspace or any partially enclosed area.
Keep these devices outdoors, away from doors, windows and vents that could allow #carbonmonoxide (CO) to come indoors.
Opening doors and windows or using fans will not prevent CO buildup in the home. Although CO can't be seen or smelled, it can rapidly lead to full incapacitation and death.
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For people worried about #HurricaneIda and family and friends there, much like having early judgments about the scope of an evacuation after a war is lost, it is hard to assess a storm in real time. It just is. 1/
Systems go out, but generators go on, systems reconnect. Bridges sway. Barges come unmoored. It is bad, but extent of bad can’t be assessed yet. The only thing that matters is human life. Many couldn’t evacuate. 2/
There were 50 levee failures in Katrina, some of them took a lot of time to identify. Do they hold this time? How many? And if they don’t, once winds pass, can more people be evacuated (Katrina deaths were mostly drownings after storm passed). 3/
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Simply terrifying.

#Louisiana #HurricaneIda #Hurricane 🌀 #Ida #GulfCoast

Here is additional video of a camp in Port Fourchon, near #GrandIsle, as #Ida came ashore.

Credit: Jeremy DiBenedetto

#HurricaneIda #Louisiana #zGulfCoast #Hurricane 🌀
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Well this day is going great. My car battery died TODAY.

Nevertheless, now I'm at @LouisianaGov's press conference about Hurricane Ida.
.@LouisianaGov says there are significant storm surge impacts around Port Fourchon and in Plaquemines Parish. #lalege #lagov
.@LouisianaGov repeatedly says that no one should be out on the roads or out of their house during the storm and in the immediate aftermath of the storm. #lalege #lagov
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In reading about post-disaster-reconstruction in Haiti, I did consult this book on New Orleans which also experiences same outsourcing + privatisation dynamics post a disaster event (like a hurricane). Sharing given #HurricaneIda — where same dynamics will come into play
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Here's a group of local Louisiana journalists who stayed in the state for Hurricane Ida to provide coverage on the ground during and after the storm. (I am also here in Baton Rouge for the storm.)

Give us a follow for reliable info. #lawx #lalege #ida #hurricaneida
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🧵Hurricane Ida became a Category 4 storm early Sunday morning, rapidly intensifying to sustained winds of 150 mph #HurricaneIda
Flash flooding in Biloxi Mississippi due to #HurricaneIda
Storm surge in Grand Isle, a Louisiana town on a narrow barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. #HurricaneIda
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Just overheard "eyeball replacement cycle" 🧐
The intensity has thankfully leveled off at 130-knots - top end Category 4.
#HurricaneIda continues a recent trend of Gulf of Mexico storms that do not weaken approaching landfall instead blowing up to max intensity.
The Gulf of Mexico is always warm enough to develop a major hurricane in August, with warm eddies spinning and looping providing extra ocean heat content. But a major recent difference is top-to-bottom extreme warmth of shallower shelf waters along TX and LA coasts.
There's the Gulf of Mexico "loop current" strategically located along the track of Hurricane Ida.

Random chance that Ida crossed it? Or some chicken and the egg here?
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I’m so worried for my friends and relatives of the United Houma Nation and other Chitamacha tribes in Louisiana. News outlets won’t say it but there are a lot of Native communities gonna get hit by #HurricaneIda.
#HurricaneIda will make landfall in the heart of the United Houma Nation. Native communities who have lived in the bayou for generations. Prayers and love to our folks who will carry the brunt of the storm head-on.
This region of the Mississippi River Delta is also one of the epicenters of the petro-chemical industry of the United States adding an even more frightening element to the impacts of this Hurricane. So much potential for tragic devastation.
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