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@journal_evo doesn't publish much on primates, but they have now published 2 papers on "primate macroevolution microevolution dentition".


Surprising though that 2022 doesn't cite 2012.

Blatant citation bias is really frustrating.

And so, a thread for #AcademicTwitter Screen capture of a search ...
Here is that first publication from 2012:
"A modular framework characterizes micro- and macroevolution of old world monkey dentitions"…
A quote from the abstract, "Our results of modularity by tooth type suggest that adult variation in the [cercopithecid] dentition is influenced by early developmental processes such as odontogenesis and jaw patterning."
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Hi, I’m Shaily Rahman. I’m a geochemist and oceanographer. I work in coastal systems. On this project, my focus is studying the reactive silicon cycle.
#DiversityinSTEM #WomenInSTEM #POCinSTEM
#gueSTAAR Shaily Rahman
#Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It exerts strong controls over the global carbon cycle and many trace element cycles. But we have very few tracers that show how reactive silicon moves around the surface of our planet.
Diatoms, a type of phytoplankton, need dissolved silica to reproduce and to build their shells out of amorphous glass. They're responsible for 15 to 18 % of global oxygen production.
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If we're going to make real strides toward #diversityinSTEM and a strong #STEMworkforce, we have a lot to unpack - issues of access, representation, cultural relevancy, bigotry, etc. Something I don't think is discussed enough: weed-out culture in academia. #AcademicChatter (1/n)
Among students in pursuing STEM degrees at my university, the idea of a "weed-out class" was universally recognized. Most students could name a particularly difficult lower-division class that acted as a gatekeeper for students who "couldn't handle" the degree program. (2/n)
For the biology degree program I was in, BIO 181 and CHM 116 were the weed out classes. They covered an absurd amount of material very quickly, often from research professors who struggled to contextualize content outside of their existing academic schemas. (3/n)
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This week’s #SundayScientistShoutout is Betty Reid Soskin (born 1921)!

Soskin is a ranger with the @NationalParkService and at the age of 99, she is still serving as a ranger.

The oldest ranger to ever work as a National Park Ranger!

Soskin was born in Detroit to Lousisanna Natives with Creole and Cajun backgrounds.

She spent her early childhood in New Orleans, LA until a hurricane/flood caused them to move to Oakland, CA.

During WWII, Soskin worked as a clerk for Boilermakers Union A-36, a Jim Crow all-black union auxiliary where she assisted Black American workers who had to move frequently.

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I am appalled and will not sit silent as this faculty at @UChicago spews hate aimed to repress EDI initiatives and underrepresented individuals in our department #diversityinSTEM
He has now added two more videos and continues to troll. While everyone should have a voice, this goes against everything @UChicago stands for and the standards we should have as a department
We must be better allies and that starts with calling people like Dr. Abbot . Help me twitter and let @GeoSci_UChicago folks know they have allies and this won’t stand #DiversityandInclusion #diversityinSTEM #ToxicMasculinity
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This week has been painful. The trauma of black people is all over the internet right now so instead of feeling helpless I want to share a thread of what everyone can do to help.

1. Don't ignore racism. To do so is to be complicit.
3. Donate to campaigns like
@MNFreedomFund to support those who have been jailed for protesting.

Protestors against black murders are thrown tear gas and protestors against lockdowns are allowed to carry guns and scream in the face of police hmmm 🧐…
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In Fall 2019 I’m teaching our #careers course for #biology #ecology #evolution #undergrads

Catalog descrip: “opportunities & prep for professional employment.”

Am 🧠⛈course structure (note 2 future #academiclife aspirants: course planning is a lot of [sometimes fun] work)
We’ll go through things they absolutely need (eg job searching, app materials, how to build a robust CV), but there are a lot of other important skills.

Q1: anyone have a syllabus for a similar course they’d be willing to share?


Q2: if you were teaching/taking a similar course & could only pick one of the following skills/knowledge areas, which would you choose?

Target audience: freshmen/sophomores

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Hi tweeps! Remember back in March, I made a mega-thread of amazing #WomenInSTEM that you should follow, especially for #IWD2018? If not, here's the 'moment' I made from it…
Well, today (19 Nov) is #InternationalMensDay #IMD2018, and I wanted to mark the occasion. So here are SIXTY men working in STEM who also happen to be some of my favourite tweeps. This is by no means an exhaustive list - please don't be offended if you're not on it!
PS: I have some actual (paid) work to do today, so I'll update the list when I can, in between all my other commitments. Please be patient 😊
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Less than a day tweeting here and I'm already being asked to comment on gender in science/academia. No surprise to any of my fellow #womeninSTEM...
I have a lot to say about women in science - the barriers we face and what we can do to change things for the better. But I also wish that we could sometimes just be scientists, and didn't have to always be Women In Science.
It's not great to feel the pressure to represent an entire marginalised community (like @xkcdComic shows below). Not just #womeninSTEM, but #queerinSTEM #BLACKandSTEM #LatinxinSTEM and a lot of others who feel pressure to be a 'model minority'.
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