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If you're a cheat, don't go marry a fellow cheat, if not, your marriage may be shitty.

E get wetin I see wey I talk... #issaThread
So, at the Art Gallery I visited today, this man was having family moment with his wife and 2 kids as guests looking through the beautiful artworks like everyone.

Oga Ade receiving a call took some steps from his family towards the corner where I sat working on a proposal,...
... at first I presumed he's tryna get better network reception as he was saying "hello sir, the network is bad.. Can you hear me?" while taking the steps away from where his family were.

Not until I heard him whispered "Cynthia, I'm with my family for goodness sake.." ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Dear Under 30 Twitter.

Here are some HABITS that you must develop, to ensure your later years are healthy.
Please RT

1. Stop Smoking.
This gets harder to stop as you grow older, and really does damage to the Lungs and the Airways. This is quite important.
2 . SAFE SEX!!!!!!
Yes, No one is having sex with condoms anymore, when they really should. STI's are rampant and are a major cause of Infertility for Men and Women alike.Untreated STIs can block the tubes

You want to have Children dont you?
3. Drink water

This is the primary "anti aging" secret.

Ensure you drink enough water. in addition to keeping you healthy now, you would DEFINITELY look better when you old age

How much water have you drank today?
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Dear Under 30 Twitter.

Here are some HABITS that you must develop, to ensure your later years are healthy.

1. Stop Smoking.
This gets harder to stop, as you grow older, and really does damage to the Lungs and Body. This is quite important.
2 . SAFE SEX!!!!!!
Yes, No one is having sex with condoms anymore, when they really should. STI's are rampant and are a Major cause of Infertility for Men and Women alike. You want to have Children dont you?

Untreated STIs can block the tubes.
3. Drink water

This is the primary "anti aging" secret.

Ensure you drink enough water. in addition to keeping you healthy now, you would DEFINITELY look better when you old age

Join #NoSodaMay
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Everyday tips that could Save your Life, Literally.


1 - Never walk down Stairs or Run with your Hands in your Pocket. If you slip and fall, you can use your hands to break your fall. You really don't want a Head injury, especially in Nigeria
2 - Learn CPR.

200,000 people die yearly because no one around them could start CPR immediately.
To get certified, you need to take a course. but you should have the knowledge and help save lives.
Information about this is everywhere. There really isn't an excuse not to know
3 - Never Pull out a Object from a Stab Wound. It is most likely stopping the person from bleeding out. Leave it in.

You think they are loosing blood now, wait until it comes out.
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I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about entrepreneurship and 10 ways the UPND government will create a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. #issathread
I've been blessed to have had a career in the private sector where I spent many years of my life, steeped in economic management. I had the opportunity to build networks and participate in transactions that saw the development of new enterprises that grew to employ thousands.
I got to see, first hand, what it took to bring about an ideal set of circumstances that enables the growth of industry, investment and value creation.
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Only a few knows this story, I call it the Legend of the Night busโ€ฆ Well, I feel light tonight, so letโ€™s jump in. It was the year 2013, I Was still serving in Enugu, UNN. During our 3 weeks Orientation, I met this Benue babe, Fine fresh catfish like that. #Issathread Image
We started talking and started dating, was it even dating sef? We were always in each otherโ€™s company so everyone started calling us boyfriend and girlfriend ๐Ÿ˜€. Sheโ€™s the clingy type so she succeded in chasing all my female friends and I couldnโ€™t even make new female friends Image
When it came to posting, they posted her to IMT and took me to UNN. We kept in touch tho, talked all night, send cute messages and all but never visited. One night she said she was going to spend the moslem break with me. The thing sweet me die. Image
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A few years ago, a friend told me that if all the wealth in this world were redistributed equally right now, it would take only a few years for the top one percenters to go back to the top of the food chain! I disagreed and asked him to explain what he meant...#issathread
He said that people who have created genuine wealth โ€“ not the ones who inherited wealth from their parents or stole from government coffers โ€“ know a thing or two about wealth creation that the rest of us do not know...
He said these one percenters make incredible sacrifices, take crazy risks, and have mad talents that the average man could only dream of. This got me thinking deeply, and then I remembered this story:
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It is your last day in your old apartment. This house has been both good and bad, filled with all sorts of memories and you do have a couple of testimony from staying here. But, times have changed.
You just got a bigger, more beautiful and most importantly, a better apartment. Whether you want to or not, you just have to move. You have outgrown your former house.
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The day I drove Baeโ€™s Baby Mama to give birth to their Son not knowing #IssaThread
A Friend and I are walking to the garage to get some snacks.. then passes this hot guy in an Audi S3 me and the driver and I lock eyes the car was speeding so it went pass
Few seconds later sizwa brrrr ama Pipe Hao nigga drove back mhmm I am feeling so hot like Hello Girl
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I tell pipo not to fall in Love anyhow.. They'll ask me that shebi me I have gehfren and I'm happy. They think it's everytime You put hand inside bag that you'll pick Love.

P.s Retweet & Like
This my fren just came baq from where he was since o. Nexx thing,He said he wants babe..Fine babe. He now has time for babe. I advised him o, he closed his ears. He asked me that annoying question. Nexx thing He started telling me of one fine geh that he see's around his place.
Everytime he strolls out,He will see her and she always has a smile for him..sHe is his speck.
I visited him, he pointed the geh to me.. I gingered him,he went and collected number.
She deenuh even make shakara sef.some girls just like to dey come between some 'brotherhood o.
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Emeka and Nike were having a good mekwe in the room
Oya Emeka have finish, but his preek cannot come out, now all the neighbors know
Is it Magun? Or can it be explained?
Magun, otherwise known as Penis Captivus is an extremely rare phenomenon that makes it impossible to withdraw the penis from the vagina as long it lasts.

The vagina padlocks the penis!
But Doc, it's jaz!
Its because the woman is cheating and her vagina has been cursed!
Then how would you explain the presence of this is animals, especially dogs?
Which herbalist did they go to?

And this same phenomenon has been documented in Oyibo people that have no Magun specialist
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Hello Sister?
Yes ! You should pee after Sex !

Its significantly reduces your chances of getting a UTI, especially for people who have recurrent UTI's.


The Urinary tract is made up of Kidneys, Bladder,....
....Ureter (Kidney to bladder) and Urethra ( Bladder to "outside"). Most Infections affect the Lower part, i.e Bladder and Urethra, but it can sometimes ascend to the Kidneys.

A variety of Microorganisms can cause UTI. And UTI's are quite common.

Women are more prone to UTI's..
..than men, because thier Urethra is shorter.

Symptoms of UTI, include,

Pain, Burning Sensation when Urinating,
Urgency (inability to hold pee),
Frequency ( urinating more often),
Cloudy, Bloody Urine,
Lower abdominal pain,
Pain in the Sides (Flank)
Fever, etc
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"We need to do an Operation"

Those "evil" Words that no pregnant woman wants to hear..

But why is it so bad?
Why is it "not my portion"?
Why do we need to do an Operation?
What are the complications?
What are the other options?

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Ceaserean Delivery ( C-Section, Surgical Birth, Abdominal Delivery) is the delivery of a baby or babies, through an incision (cut) in the abdomen, and the Womb. This is often indicated when a Vaginal birth ( Normal delivery) would put the mother or baby at risk
Its one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures.
There are a LOT of reasons, why your Doctor would recommend a C-Section and not all of them can be covered in this thread (That's how many there are).
But lets look at a few.
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Amaka : I have been having unprotected sex and now i am itching down there , how do I tell my Mom, i need to see a Dr

Inner Amaka : Tell her you have Toilet Infection

Stop Lying on Toilet!


But but ..

It was after i used that dirty toilet i started having symptoms.

Still No ..

You have heard now abi?

We would treat this from 3 angles.

1 What do we actually have when we say toilet infection?

2 Why cant i get infection from the toilet?

3 How can you prevent the things we call toilet infection, that is not toilet infection?

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You can only carry belle once in a month!
You can only carry belle once in a month!
You can only carry belle once in a month!
Some are not carrying belle because they are not having sex at the right time

Ladies, your egg only survives for about 24 hours
Guys, your sperms survives for up to 5 days!

After 24-48 hours after a woman ovulates, she CAN NO LONGER GET PREGNANT during that cycle
Ovulation na when a mature egg don comot from hostel (ovary) , travel go the fallopian tube, go meet him boyfriend(sperm)
If the sperm don dey wait for am, as per first come first serve, fertilization fit occur,

Belle fit come, 5 days before ovulation and on the ovulation day
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Do Girls Mature Earlier than Boys?

Is it Scientific? Or Just a Social Construct?

If they do, why do they?

If they dont ,why do we think they do?

Girls actually Mature earlier than Boys,it is a Scientific and Cultural fact

Here's why,

Girl hit puberty earlier than boys, at this stage you body starts preparing for the possibility of having and raising a child.

There is an increase in the "woman" hormones
With puberty and its corresponding physical change, there also are many emotional and psychological changes that a woman experiences.
It is also during this time that the gray matter develops in a woman's brain.
Social awareness sets in during this whole process.
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Sam: you don go hospital?
Bright: Dem gimme drugs but i dey go buy Typhoid drugs,that doctor young,e never sabi work
Sam: But the doctor nor talk say you get typhoid na
Bright: How you take know say i nor get? You be Doctor?
Why does everyone in Nigeria have Typhoid?
Doctor: So we would give you these antimalarials.
Take them for 3 days anf you would feel better.

Iya Ibeji : Doctor, no Typhoid medicine?

Doctor : No you dont have Typhoid

Iya Ibeji : Doctor? You sure? Na me know my Body o. This one pass ordinary Malaria o
These are just a couple of Everyday scenarios that are commonplace in our Clime.

If you are ill and haven't been treated for Malaria and Typhoid...have you even started.

But should it really be so?

What is Typhoid Fever?
Why is it so common?
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Have you ever wondered why "pepper" is classified as a vegetable?

Here is why ๐Ÿ‘‡. #issathread

#agriculture #farmers #agribusiness
First of all, the matured ovaries of any plant is what develops into a fruit. Pepper, of course, is one of them.
Therefore, botanically, any kind of pepper is fruit.
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