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#BoJo branded '#provenliar' as Met Police issue fines over Downing Street parties -2 hrs ago
- #ScotlandYard statement confirming twenty fixed penalty notices will be issued for breaches of Covid-19 rules following lockdown-busting parties in #SesameStreet
#SesameStreet's Awards, The Worst Actor Winner.
The #UK health secretary, #Hancock #CrocodileTears | Dec 09, 2020
- “It’s been such a tough year for so many people and there’s William #Shakespeare putting it simply for everybody...
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1) Many have been forced into fatal hospital protocols that were forced in an unreasonable and coercive way. This prompted me to find connections. It seems that most CEOs of major hospital and health networks worked in lockstep with their corrupt governments,
2) in order to gain favor with Klaus and #WEF. Case in point, CEO of @HMHNewJersey , Robert C Garrett. So many were forced into dangerous protocols against family wishes, and were isolated from family since day 1. One doc even told a pt that refused, that if he were his brother,
3) he would punch him in the face for refusing Rem! After digging, it seems that this was a top down strategy and the ties between Murphy and Robert were very tight. It seems once these heads of institutions prove their loyalty, they are rewarded.
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#BoJo resigned.
- Siinä meni #Mediapooli'n hehkuttama #NATO -#turvatakuu'tus-vakuutus.
- Jäljellä on vain [H]'n kohdalla #FalseFlag -arkistossa kellastuva paperi, #Harakanpelätti `ala #AngloSaxons.
The Wrath oh the #SesameStreet 10.
- Kirk : 'I changed the conditions of the test; got a commendation for original thinking. I don't like to lose'
- Saavik : 'Then you never faced that situation... faced death.'
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1. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

During this #COVID I am going to create a rolling thread about key issues and articles of interest, just so as you can see the evolution toward a return to normality in 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2025; according to predictions by #Aviation!
2. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

Interesting article about #staycations and their price!!

The attitude of some UK h/makers, is I'm afraid, a common feature found in holidays abroad. I've heard many a tale about the Master vs Serf behaviour of some Brits!…
3. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

It's not done with us yet:

"...hard to anticipate what the timeline will be for the expected shift of COVID-19 to endemicity..."…
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#LongCovid bei Kindern
Eine Zusammenfassung von Studien und Meldungen:
Klinische Merkmale, Aktivitätsniveaus und psychische Gesundheitsprobleme bei #Kindern mit LongCovid
Die bislang umfangreichste Studie über #LongCovid von 510 betroffenen #Kindern: Clinical Characteristics, Activity Levels and Mental Health Problems in #Children with Long COVID: A Survey of 510 Children
#LongCovid in England: Bericht über #Kinder die nach milden COVID-Verläufen unter #Atemnot, #Gelenkschmerzen und #Schwindel leiden. Das chronische Erschöpfungssyndrom ist bei einigen so stark, dass sie auf einen #Rollstuhl angewiesen sind #twlz #kmk…
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Vittorio #Colao #Bilderberg2018....niente spazio al capitalismo di sorveglianza #GSMA #Fase2 #Covid19 #ID2020 #IA2030… Image
Sono 2 foto diverse ovviamente...era per collegare Vodafone Colao UK 2018 con app covid19..non è una cantonata..BendingSpoons ex McKinsey come Colao...collegate i puntini...
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The dramatic (and welcome) shift in UK Gov policy has been accompanied by an admission that previous modelling they relied on was flawed. As a computational modeller, I have an academic interest in where the modelling went wrong .. 1/n
The latest modelling (and how it deviates from previous models) is described in the #Imperialcollege report here:… .. 2/n
The critical section explaining the sudden shift in policy is on page 16, where we’re informed that the UK has now realised that a “mitigation” strategy will exceed our health care capacity at least 8 times over, but that (quote follows): ..3/n
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In watching the UK govt response to #COVID19 I have passed through several phases: an initial #Contain my anger phase led on to the #Delay kicking the furniture phase, and then to the #Research phase, wherein I ask repeatedly:
WTF are they doing?
With that in mind, please excuse me while I review the reasons why the Government will not yet #ClosetheSchoolsuk.
Reason #1: “Trust us, we’ve got the science”. Never mind that other countries have come to the opposite conclusion. We in the UK have better science.
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