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🚨🚨 HELP Syria 🚨🚨
Russian Intelligence Service: #US uses #terrorist groups to undermine situation in #Syria
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has announced that the #US continues to use #terrorist groups in #Syria to undermine positions of the Syrian government.
“The Central Command of the #US forces is planning to form battalions of terrorists to carry out hostile acts against the legitimate #Syrian government”
-Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin-
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This is Prisoners in Al-Sina'a prison, and they were transferred to the prisons of the #PKK militia in #Hasakah, which is
#Jerkin _ Prison
#Alaya _ prison
#Chinese _ quantum_ prison
#Shaddadi prison

Abdul Raouf Hadhrami, Yemen
Muhammad Bahjat Saleh, Yemen
Ahmed Monti, Yemen
The names of those who were transferred to Al-Kam Al-Sini Prison in Shaddadi
Fahad Abdullah Al-Otaibi
Mishaal Awad Al-Enezi
Ismail Muhammad Binyamin
Hassan Jawed Al-Raimi
Habib Murhaf Jabar
Those who were transferred to Alaya prison in #Qamishli

Muhammad Sail Al-Ajeel Al-Raqqa
Abdul Karim Nasser Al-Omar #Manbij
Samer Al-Alou #Manbij
Fayyad Zaher Al-Bushi #Qalamoun
Sattam Issa Al-Hijr #DeirEzzor
Jassim Al-Aifan #Mayadeen
Hamad Al-Sayer #Raqqa
Ammar Mikhlif Al-Hamdo
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Prayers for #Syria and for the victims of the earthquake
Several churches in #Syria and in various countries around the world held prayers at the same time for #Syria and the souls of the victims who fell from the devastating earthquake.
The faithful prayed to God to speed up the healing of the injured survivors, to heal the souls of the families of the martyrs with faith and to give them the determination and strength to rebuild what was destroyed.
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🔴 #USA 🇺🇸 #Syrie 🇸🇾

📍Le pétrole volé de la #Syrie

Un texte de Firas Al-Shoufi, pour la publication 🗞️ The Cadrle
Le rôle de l'armée américaine dans le vol du pétrole syrien va plus loin qu'un simple vol. Ces fonds sont utilisés pour soutenir l'autonomie kurde et assurer la 🔽
division géographique de la Syrie.
En juillet 2021, le porte-parole du ministère chinois des Affaires étrangères, Wang Wenbin, a qualifié de "banditisme" le vol de pétrole par les #USA dans les zones qu'ils occupent dans l'est de la Syrie. Le même terme a déjà été utilisé 🔽
par le président syrien Bashar al-Assad et d'autres responsables dans des déclarations dénonçant la violation de la souveraineté de la #Syrie par #Washington.
Les médias officiels syriens évoquent de temps à autre des convois de camions et de camions-citernes transportant 🔽
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A Russian Ka 52 attack helicopter was absorbed at different points in the day today over the city of #Qamishli in northern #Hasakah province.
The aircraft traversed along the border region and tracked to the Qamishli airport.
#Syria #Russia #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
Things have remained quiet in the city of #Sweida after protesters attacked Syrian government buildings leaving three dead including a police officer.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 ImageImageImageImage
A number of Syrian elements were killed among them an officer, after multiple simultaneous attacks by ISIS on a grouping of Syrian military points on the outskirts of al Sukhna in eastern #Homs province.
#Syria #SyAA #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
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The #AssadRegime tortured Muayad al-Obeid and his son Abdul Aziz to death, in the military prison of #Sednaya.
./1 Image
They were arrested after they returned from #alRukbanCamp east of #Homs to the city of al-Qaryatayn in the Homs countryside, despite a 2020 security settlement sponsored by the Russian Reconciliation Center and the Syrian Red Crescent.
On Monday, the Council of Palmyra and Syrian Badia Tribes published news of the killing of Muayad (45) and Abdul Aziz (26) on Facebook, noting that they were arrested and taken to an unknown destination two months after their return, then transferred to #SednayaPrison.
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[🇮🇷🇸🇾🇺🇸]À propos du raid UAV sur la base américaine en Syrie

⚡Aujourd'hui, vers 6 h 30, la base militaire américaine de Tanf, dans le sud de la Syrie, a été attaquée par des drones kamikazes inconnus.

Un drone a été intercepté, un autre a explosé sur le territoire

⬇️ Image
du groupe pro-américain Jaish Magavir al-Saura. Il n'y a eu ni blessé ni dégât à l'infrastructure, la base fonctionne normalement.

Des militants pro-américains ont même publié sur leurs réseaux sociaux des photos apaisantes d'un soldat américain pilotant un cerf-volant

arc-en-ciel avec un enfant réfugié de Rukban. Mais ensuite, pour une raison quelconque, ils l'ont supprimé.

Une attaque similaire avait déjà été menée en octobre 2021. Dans les deux cas, avec une forte probabilité, des drones kamikazes artisanaux ont lancé des

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1. This week’s issue of al-Naba’, which was published last night, took #IS's campaign to legitimise its new leader in a new, quite surprising direction.
2. It was very defensive in tone.

Directly comparing the legacy of #IS's 'caliphs' with that of the Rashidun caliphs, it pushed back on criticism—seemingly from within #IS's own circles—of Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi and played down the strategic significance of his loss.
3. #IS also pushed back on criticism about how long it had taken it to confirm that Abu Ibrahim had been killed and replaced by Abul Hasan.

Per al-Naba’, everyone who needed to had pledged allegiance within less than 48 hours of the #Atmeh raid.
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Thread🧵 - East of #Homs, #Syria;

On the 8th October 2021 reports began to circulate of Air Defense active over Homs Governorate, #Syria. Shortly after the initial reports, sources and social media begin to report that the area of T4 Airbase near Tiyas was reportedly struck.
The next day, initial investigation had begun, and initial low resolution imagery courtesy of @sentinel_hub confirmed that the runway at T4 airbase had been struck. This wasn’t exactly new, as highlighted previously, the runway at T4 has been targeted multiple times…
In the past (included are two examples of previous strikes). The odd thing about this one was it was conducted during Shabbat on a Friday evening, this is rare, and if I remember correctly it’s the fast Friday night strike since 2018, which oddly…

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Initial reports of #Syria|n Air Defense active east of #Homs, near Palmyra
Missiles reported seen travelling over Al-Tanf.
This is not the first time we have seen the IDF conduct multiple strikes in a short number of days. Looks like we have a SEAD mission first, again. Example for earlier this year.
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#August21201, the day Western leaders, mostly @BarackObama, decided to abandon their eminent responsibilities and historical consciousness.
Everything that followed logically stems from this assumed will not to act—yes, a deliberate will.
Intervening would not only have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but would have also stopped the victories of the revisionist powers.
We decided, yes decided, to lose, which means that we decided to let the #crimesagainsthumanity continue until today—they are—, ...
but also to allow the revisionist powers to set the agenda.
There's a continuity in #Syria between the #Ghouta, #Aleppo, #Homs, #Idlib..., but also with the failure of our intelligence and will in #Georgia, #Ukraine, #Belarus, #HongKong & #Afghanistan.
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Zionist terrorist gangs are no different to #ISIS #FSA #NusraFront terrorist gangs in #Syria. Synergy is important to fully understand. Deir Yassin massacre 9/10 April 1948. Pregnant women were raped & murdered, their abdomens torn open, bodies dismembered. Irgun gang led by...
2. Menachem Begin. Purpose was to drive fear into Palestinian hearts & force them fm homes & villages in ethnic cleansing pogrom.

In #Homs Western/Israeli-backed terrorist gangs "moderates" paraded women naked, mocking them. Pregnant women were raped, foetus were torn from
3. their abdomen & armed gangs played football with it. Women were tied between two cars, the cars drove further & further apart until the body was torn in two, while still alive. This is all based on survivor testimony, totally ignored by Corporate media criminals who portray
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#BREAKING: #Israel Air Force conducted an airstrike during which Delilah cruise missiles were launched by F-16I strike fighters at multiple #IRGC & #Syria Arab Army targets in #Damascus & near #Homs. Video shows the Israeli F-16s flying over #Lebanon after missile launch 👇
#Syria Arab Air Defense Force tried to shoot-down the Delilah missiles launched by the F-16I strike fighters of #Israel Air Force over #Lebanon but was again unsuccessful. Here is a surface-to-air missile launched by SyAADF getting self-destruct after failing to hit a Delilah.
Watch that Pantsir S1E or S2 of #Syria Arab Army firing its cannon at the Delilah cruise missiles launched by the F-16Is of #Israel Air Force at #Damascus International Airport minutes ago:
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Although the candidates against #Assad are chosen very carefully by Mukhabarat, the Assad administration allow them to run their campaign only from 16th to 24th of May at a time that Assad since a while using the state and institutions for campaigning.
#Syria #SyriaHighlights Image
A thread on misusing the state and the institutions by #Assad for his campaign to the elections' play.
#Syria #SyriaFakeElections
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Another year is going to finish. 2020 has left us with fewer military events in the Syrian military conflict. Reflecting the enormous influence of the regional powers in the country, where the end of the war is still far away due to political blockade that has led to a stalemate
As we saw during the last days of 2019, #SAA had begun #Op_Redemption3 in order to retake M5 highway. After a small hiatus during the first weeks of January, Russian-Turkish negotiations failed & #SAA restarted the offensive by opening three axis S. #Idlib, S. #Aleppo & its city.
12 days before the restart of military advances #SAA had already liberated Maarrat al-Numan town & big parts of S. #Idlib countryside. However, the advance didn't stop & one week later #SAA liberated another stronghold, Saraqib, reaching M4 highway & joining with S. #Aleppo axis.
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Syrian paper @press_jesr publishes image of what it says is an injured #Syria #SNA fighter from #Homs. The photo was taken in #Azerbaijan. Jesr said he died shortly after this it was taken. The list of KIA Syrians in #NagornoKarabakh has grown to 30+ Image
Again, this time a video of #Syria #SNA fighters, published on 25 September, performing drills in the same new uniform that was assigned to them on arrival. The uniforms match the ones published in previous tweets
Timestamp September 25th, 5 days ago. Image
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UN Commission of Inquiry report on #Syria finds "Syrians continue to be killed on a daily basis & suffer gross human rights violations, war crimes & crimes against humanity at the hands of all parties"
.@UNCoISyria assessment based on 538 interviews, official documents, photos, videos & satellite imagery, per its report
In NE #Syria, @UNCoISyria found ongoing clashes between #Turkey forces, #PKK & Syrian Nat'l Army "further destabilized the region"

"Security situation also deteriorated" in #DeirEzzor "...where the [#SDF} increased raids & arrests of civilians w/alleged links to" #ISIS
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Simple infograph of the area reportedly affilated to #IRGC at #Damascus Intl. Airport, #Syria showing the three airstrikes this year that have targeted this area. Image
Another observation from T4, East of #Homs, #Syria. The targeting of the Runway Apron is a repeat of the strike in Jan. Image
@sfrantzman one for you and your timeline infographics. [David]
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#Syria|n Air Defense Active
Initial reports of an airstrike at T4 Airbase, East of #Homs, #Syria. T4 was last targeted by the #IDF in January this year.
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#Syrie l’#EI revendique les IED à proximité de la ville de #Soukhna dans la badiya de #Homs qui ont tué un officier russe [Major-général Vyacheslav Gladkih #Russie] et un commandant de la « Défense nationale » syrienne ImageImage
PT Mohammad al-Dzaher est le commandant de la « défense nationale » de Mayadin ancien bastion de l’#EI Image
PT cortège funèbre de Mohamad al-Dzaher de la « défense nationale » pro gouv dans la ville sunnite de #Mayadin
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Assad issued several changes among governors around #Syria
-Replacing Amer al-Ashi the As Suwayda Governor with Qunaitra Governor Humam Debiat
-Appointing Tareq Krishati as #Qunaitra Governor
-Appointing Bassam Barsik(former Tourism Minister deputy) as #Homs new governor
-Replacing #Daraa Governor Khaled al-Hannous with Marwan Sharbak
-Replacing #Hasakah Governor Jayez al-Moussa with Ghassan al-Khalil
Former Daraa Governor Khaled al-Hannous has been a Governor since 2011 when Assad dismissed Faysal Kalthoum after the start of the uprising. New Hasakah Gov Ghassan al-Khalil has close ties with Assad himself &was commander of Branch 255 of the State Security #Syria
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#Philippines 1ères images de l’#EI pendant le #Ramadan sous province d’Asie de l’Est ImageImageImageImage
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Chances are Rami #Makhlouf's life isn't in danger whatever may happen next . He's blood, after all.
The fall of the #Jaber Brothers, whom #Damascus perceived their actions as 'treason' (punishable by death), may be the most recent example.
The Jaber Brothers, once #Syria’s biggest tycoons and most powerful militia leaders, fell precipitously once they crossed red lines.
Tied to the #Assad family through marriage likely saved their lives and their ultimate downfall was limited to public disgrace & financial ruin.
The #Makhlouf saga is reminder that no matter how big a whale you are in #Syria, the megalodon is the apex predator.
Pieced together through insiders, at various intervals, this is the tale of the the fall of the Jaber Brothers, the ‘frog(s) that wished to be as big as the ox’.
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#Syria photo published by loyalist media of huge explosion in İbn al-Haytham Base in south east #Homs city, initial reports says ammunition warehouse which happened several times before in regime bases. Image

#Syria Homs Governor said "an unknown attack against a military base in Homs caused the explosions and fire while civilians who were close were injured due to the shells"
This probably confirms it's an Israeli airstrike
#Syria less than an hour ago an explosion hit Nubul town north #Aleppo, SANA said it was a gas cylinders warehouse which could be true. However, Nubul is a shia-majority town and a stronghold for Hezbollah
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