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Bu deşifreyi artık yapmak gerekiyor!

Pandemi ortamı, New Age akımlarının taraftar toplaması için büyük bir fırsat oldu.

Peki kimdir bu sevgiden, barıştan dem vuran, ışık işçisi, #Ufo"cu, #spirtualist, #Karma'cı

Aşağıdaki mesajdan yola çıkıp açıklamaya çalışalım.
Mesajını alintiladigim Haktan Akdoğan, adına inat küresel şeytanı New Age tarikatlarinin Türkiye yöneticisidir.

New Age akımları; sözde göksel varlıkların (İblis) kutsal(!) mesajlarını seçilmiş kişiler (kanallar) ile yayarak kitleleri hipnotize etmek için yıllardır çalışıyor.
New Age akımlarının Türkiye lideri Ufo'cu Haktan Akdoğan, meseleyi kendileri ile Kabal gücü arasındaki mücadele olarak ortaya koyuyor.

Oysa Küreselci Kabalistler Iblis'in sağ kolu ise, bu New Age tarikatkari da sol koludur.

Her iki oluşum da aslında aynı amaca hizmet eder.
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#PuranicStories #MatsyaPurana #Karma

Last evening, there was a small discussion about #karma & how it transcends janmas. Here's a very interesting story on #Brahmadatta from #MatsyaPurana that highlights this aspect.

Thread below 👇👇👇

Long ago, there was a rishi called Koushika, who had 7 sons viz., Svasripa, Krodhana, Himsra, Pishuna, Kavi, Vagadushta & Pitrivarti.

All these sons became disciples of rishi Garga.

Over time, Koushika died. This was followed by a terrible drought on earth

Rishi Garga gave his cattle to these 7 brothers to graze and to take care of them.

Once the brothers had taken the cattle to the forest and were extremely hungry. The decided to kill one of the cows & eat it.

However, the youngest one objected saying, its a sin

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36 years post the Kurukshetra war when the Yadava clan ended up killing each other & even Balrama an incarnation of Adi Sesha left the mortal world Lord Krishna laid down under a tree and went into Yoga Samadhi.
At that time a hunter named Jara entered the forest. That hunter misunderstood the moving foot of Krishna as a deer and shot a lethal arrow that pierced into Krishna’s feet. As soon as the hunter reached The Lord he realised his mistake and pleaded the lord for forgiveness.
Lord Krishna consoles him and tells him how his death was inevitable.
Krishna says that in his previous birth as Rama in the Tretayuga, Rama killed Vaali (Sugreeva's brother) from behind a tree.
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#KARMA Gandhari had to endure the deaths of her children being helpless. Why ? As per Lord Krishna, long back, while cooking rice, she had poured hot water of the boiled rice on the ground outside her kitchen.This hot water killed all the hundred eggs laid by an insect. #KARMA
This earned her the wrath of mother insect who is supposed to have cursed her that she too would have to endure the deaths of her sons. #KARMA
According another local rendition of Mahabharata from the East, she was cursed by the mother turtle whose eggs, Gandhari had once crushed one by one while sitting on a rock (under which the eggs were laid ) #KARMA
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🔆THREAD: Excerpts & thoughts from the book "#Sikhs under Brahmanical Siege" by Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh
⚜️The book starts with the Sikh prayer, the Ardas, so that Sikhs get the blessings of the Gurus to fight the anti-Sikh forces!🙏🚀
#Sikhism #Sikhi #Brahminism #Hinduism
🔆The time's come again to get rid of antiquated Brahmanical rituals being spread by various factions & "Sikh-looking Sants" by enemies to muddle with Sikh philosophy and Sikh Rehat.
⚜️Sikhs need to get back to Gurmat and Shabad Guru. The Truth though ultimately reveals itself!
🔆Guru Nanak had a revelation in 1499 after coming back from River Bein and founded an independent and sovereign faith rejecting Brahmanical thought & rituals.
⚜️Mr D Petrie's report shows how Hindu influence was getting stronger after Sikhs lost their empire & mahants took over.
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Max Clifford's history is a cautionary tale for people in the #PR and #Reputation fields, who start playing fast and loose with ethics, dont you think? We can all learn from it.
@zilevandamme Image
Malfeasance always starts small, then becomes comfortable and the norm. Then impunity enters the equation, followed by grandiosity and the delusion of being 'above the rules' and untouchable. Then comes the unraveling and reckoning. But without a conscience, it's easy. Like Max.
Old Hindu proverb. 'The person who gives a glass of water to the man taking a cow to slaughter, is a participant in the slaughter.' The Universe notes what all of us do.
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1⃣Remember #DishaRavi's arrest?
It happened during #Saturn & #Uranus square + mercury retrograde on #Feb 17th.
SAME astrological event will recur on #June 14th & Dec 24th.
Bt with a TWIST. Will explain in thread.

2⃣ #Mars (planet of W@R)-#Pluto opposition on JUNE 5th.
This is a v.imp transition of yr. It'll happen on
~June 14th
~Dec 24th
~Feb 17th (already took place)
Common factor btwn Feb 17th & June 14th transition is that it's happening during Mercury retro-- when it's easy to spread #FAKE NEWS. Remember T00LKIT?
Only diff is--Saturn, planet of #Karma, will be retrograde too on June 14th.
#Uranus is a planet of REBELLION, #Technology, and everything that's weird.
SATURN is associated with OLD values, system, people and also is a strict teacher.
So in FEBRUARY-- OLD clashed with NEW!
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Radio Host signs off with "eff" the police

Hours later, apparently drunk, she hits and kills Anastasios Tsakos, a police officer (who was working on a fatality accident). Apparently she left the scene, was pursued, caught & arrested.
"Why did my first accident have to be a cop?" Beauvais said in the back of the squad car, in remarks prosecutors say were captured on officer-worn body camera footage."

She later blew a 0.15 blood alcohol level.
"Jessica Beauvais" = 7-x-2, 2-destiny

"Anastasios Tsakos" = 7-x-5 -- "accident looking for a place to happen". 5-destiny -- the accidents/rip-off destiny.


#LawAndOrder #MakeTheDeathPenaltyGreatAgain
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1⃣Moon is entering waxing phase which is d right time to fulfill ur WISHES related to GROWTH.I hd explained it in my youtube vid. 👇
2⃣May is an imp MONTH,hv bn stressing this.
Mercury retrograde will b btwn May 29th-Jun 22. AVOID SHUBH ACTIVITIES in this period.🙏
3⃣As v entered MAY I hd posted abt PLANET of DEATH--pluto, going retrograde. Pluto is a higher octave of planet of #War, MARS. Pluto usually does things behind scenes, bt when it goes retrograde EXPLOSIONS happen. eg #Israel
(I hd explained it my earlier tweets,check ss 👇)
4⃣Big BOYS of solar sys, Saturn & Jupiter r going retrograde too.
Saturn retro- May 23rd
Jupiter retro- Jun 20
When saturn goes retro #KARMA is slow. Few days after Saturn & Jupiter went retro last yr SUSHANT "died". #SSR
🚨This phase will impact GOVERNMENTS across d world.
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Remember this tweet whenever you have an urge to take free.. Pay for it and don't take 'Rinna'. We are Hindus, will have to pay in next birth for sure
Ensure that you pay for one more family other than yours.
Sukhasya moolam Dharmah
Dharmasya moolam Arthah (The basis of all “dharma” is “artha” or wealth)
Arthasya moolam Rajyam
Rajyasya moolam Indriya Jayah

By the way those are words of Acharya Kautilya.

Never take free even if you are dying.. never
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@BolsonaroSP @jairbolsonaro @secomvc Avançando para o #abismo, claro:


#BOLSOCARO: Bruno Torturra no Twitter: "Liquidação do Brasil inteiro. Todo dia é dia de preço alto!"

#Superrado Bolsocaro " / Twitter
@BolsonaroSP @jairbolsonaro @secomvc #HIPOCRISIA QUE CHAMA?
Gestão de #verba #pública no seu pior nível:

👉🏾Homem que gastou R$ 2,4 milhões em #férias volta a dizer que 'o #Brasil🇧🇷 precisa voltar a #trabalhar'

Por Redação @o_antagonista
05.04.21 14:55

@BolsonaroSP @jairbolsonaro @secomvc @o_antagonista Essa família está pior que o álbum de fotos do @LucianoHuck, não dá nem tempo de apagar.

E como é que o #Carluxo teve a #caradepau de falar do @LulaOficial? Só #amigos condenados...

Coronel Jairo, pai do #Jairinho, em apoio a @FlavioBolsonaro…
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...make no mistake abt it, redbirds f/o is making moves now to?

a: avoid getting embarrassed by the nats >> cinc or marlins...
...why the seemingly panic moves now & last week by redbirds f/o?

a: new mayor -> can't get appvl for max stadium capacity til local covid vax'd % is GT 50%, a sub .500 club by eom invalidates fans need to risk attendance -> $$$ drag on dbw's plans..., a club who's owner opted to take the ppp forgiveable hand out frm the fed'l gov't but chose *not* to open biii for local community mass vaccination site this offseason?

a: economic #predator who's staring at the distinct probability all their bad faith actions -> #karma
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Mirabai’s teaching:

When Mirabai went to Vrindavan she wanted to see Jiva Goswami the greatest Sanatan Dharma scholar and Maa Radha Govind devotee of that time.

Mirabai sent Jiva Goswami a request for darshan. Jiva Goswami denied saying he does not meet women.. #Gita #Yoga #Om
To this Mirabai replied, who is this MALE in Vrindavan, I have heard that the soul is a consort of the Supreme Lord.

Jiva Goswami was ashamed and fell at Mirabai’s feet.

Let me tell you another secret, which is hidden within deep texts of Sanatan Dharma. #Gita #Yoga #Karma #Om
All Deva or Demigods secretly have a eternal Gopi Rupa!
If you visit Vrindavan you should surely go to Gopishvar Mahadev - Mahadev as an eternal
#SanatanDharma #BhagvadGita #Gita #Yoga #Yogi #Yogini #Ashtangyog #Yog #ashtangyoga #Karma #Bhakti #Hanuman #ShriRam #RamMandir #Ram
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First, @byrdiebeauty publishes the article #Halal Vitamins Can Help You Simplify Your Supplement Routine…, which deviously promotes Islamic practices to non-Muslims.
Next @byrdiebeauty publishes @panini_party's article How Casteism Manifests in Yoga and Why It's a Problem. Here are some comments:
"@panini_party checked off every #subaltern label" "shallow and erroneous reduction of #karma and #dharma"
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@IgrejaUniversal #paidamentira

"Não se preocupem com o #coronavírus", disse Edir Macedo, agora #vacinado, um ano atrás
02.04.21 10:50…
@IgrejaUniversal Na decisão em que autorizou a prisão de @MCrivella , a desembargadora Rosa Helena Penna Macedo Guita, do @tjrjoficial do Rio disse que a lavagem de dinheiro do esquema continuaria e citou a #Igreja @universaljapao : releia aqui.…
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@alecosta_on @nise_dra @AlessandroLoio2 Acordem p/a vida, infelizes, semeadores da desgraça, do #ódio e do #negacionismo: sua missão é #satânica, espalhando #vingança e #discórdia entre todos...

O #karma é uma lei inexorável.
O seu e de todos os #eugenistas, #nazifascitas e #segregadores #xenófobos: será implacável!
@alecosta_on @nise_dra @AlessandroLoio2 Até #igreja #cristã usa #conceito das árvores/frutos podres; fizeram #copypaste da #sabedoria de muitas culturas antigas:

"Pois cada árvore é conhecida pelos seus próprios frutos. Não é possível colher-se figos de espinheiros, nem tampouco, uvas de ervas daninhas." - #Lucas 6:44
@alecosta_on @nise_dra @AlessandroLoio2 A plebe #inculta, especialmente a #evangélica, não dispõe de conhecimento nem base científica para exercitar questionamento #lógico p/desafiar estas #falácias #conspiracionistas q esta turba de manipuladores das #fakenews aplica DIARIAMENTE em suas páginas e grupos de #Whatsapp:
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@opropriolavo @BonySky #Éris vive frustrada, solitária, infeliz, angustiada, esquecida, odiada e desprezada. Ñ à toa: sua estúpida interferência no banquete olímpico (p/o qual ñ havia sido convidada), jogando a maçã de ouro "p/a+bela", gerou só desgraças: o rapto de #Helena (por Páris) e a guerra...
@opropriolavo @BonySky (e destruição) de #Tróia.

Hoje, seus #descendentes vivem em agonia eterna, sem paz, nem amor; seu #karma é o de respirarem, sofregamente, o pouco da #pseudovida que lhes resta, tal qual como foi para #Medusa🐍, uma das 3 #Górgonas:
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#Karma : uma lei inexorável.

O dos "egoístas, #fariseus e #elites" [pseudo-superiores à "população comum"] será implacável!


Favor (i.e., mistér se faz) observar e cumprir a lei, senhor @rpsalvador:

#Empresários tomam #vacina às escondidas…
=> @jairbolsonaro comete #atofalho em live: "medidas #contra vacinas foram tomadas"…
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Sebuah Pembelajaran Hidup #Karma ~ Ketidakadilan selalu berbalas Ketidakadilan #CaraTuhanBekerjaUnik #Baiklah #hening
rancana Tuhan sulit dipahami oleh Manusia walaupun Manusia selalu (berusaha) berkeinginan untuk mengubahnya. Gambaran tentang Rencana Tuhan tidak masuk akal Manusia tetapi itulah yang terjadi dan setiap orang harus memiliki Kemampuan menerima dan menjalankan @asboedionoid #hening
Setiap orang harus menjalankan Takdirnya masing2, jika menabur Kebencian maka kalian juga akan menerima Kebencian, jika kalian menabur Ketidakadilan maka kalian juga akan mengalami Ketidakadilan itulah #Karma (walaupun banyak orang tidak percaya #Karma) #hening @asboedionoid
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Indonesia memang harus melewati phase seperti itu, Benci, Musuh, Berkelahi, Kebohongan dan Konspirasi #hening @asboedionoid
dan Masyarakat Indonesia tidak perlu ikut Gaduh, Kegaduhan itu hanya dalam tubuh Demokrat dan saya Percaya bahwa Demokrat dapat menyelesaikannya sendiri. Masyarakat harus Fokus kepada Penyelesaian Kasus Korupsi yang sedang terjadi diIndonesia #hening @asboedionoid
Palingan yang Gaduh hanya 7% dari jumlah Pemilih seIndonesia sesuai perolehan Ambang Batas Parlemen yang diraih Demokrat dalam Pemilu 2019 yang lalu. Masyarakat bukan Pemilih Demokrat tidak perlu ikutan Pusing #Siapa Ketua Umum Partai Demokrat sekarang @asboedionoid #hening
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"हमारी पार्टी #दिशा_रवि के और #ग्रेटा_थनबर्ग का हमेशा साथ देगी:- अधीर रंजन चौधरी (काँग्रेसी नेता)😠
☝ये पार्टी हमेशा #गद्दारों😠 के साथ ही खड़ी रहती है और जब #जनता इन्हें #चुनाव में इनकी #औकात दिखाती है तो कहते हैं मोदी ने #EVM हैक करवाया है...

Read👇👇👇 ImageImage
अबे गद्दारो तुम खुद #देश_विरोधियो के हाथों हैक हो गए हो😠😠
☝अब सुनो सच्चाई...
👉दिशा रवि *"जोसेफ"*है😠
👉निकिता *"जैकब"* है😠
👉शोभा ओजा *"थामस"* है😠

☝बात आ रही समझ में?😠
और हाँ ये तुम्हारी आका और आपा
👉प्रियंका भी *"वाड्रा"* ही है😠
👉सोनियक भी *"एंटोनियो_माइनो"* ही है...
👉इन चर्च के दलालों से सावधान रहना👈

☝याद रखना पूरे विश्व में जितने भी #नरसंहार हुए हैं...
☝जितने भी 👊#तख्तापलट हुए हैं,जितने भी #मूल_निवासियों को मारा गया है और #सत्ता पर कब्जा किया गया है उन सब के पीछे #चर्च का हाथ है😠😠😠

☝सबसे हाल में यानी 1994 में अफ्रीकी देश #रवांडा
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Rush Limbaugh is dead at relatively young 70. Thus ends the life of one of the most horrible Americans ever. When people look back at his life, they will remember that he was never for America, but for hate, partisanship and division. #karma
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#पद्मभूषण #शरद_पवार की शान में😠😠😠

☝मुंबई में #सन2003 में #देशद्रोही😠#गद्दार😠 #आतंकवादी😠 #दाऊद_इब्राहिम😠के कुकर्मों के चलते 12 आरडीएक्स के विस्फोट हुए सैकड़ो नागरिक और हज़ारों करोड़ की संपत्ति स्वाहा हो गई...

उस वक़्त मुख्यमंत्री,

पूरा पढ़िये👇👇👇
#शरद_पवार😠 ने प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस मीटिंग में #विस्फोटों की संख्या 12 के बजाय 13 बताई थी...
☝13वी जगह का नाम शरद पवार ने '#मस्जिद_बन्दर" बताकर यह #दर्शाने की कोशिश की थी कि विस्फोट किसी "#हिन्दु उग्रवादी दल" ने किये हैं..

👉जबकि 'मस्जिद बन्दर"पर कोई #विस्फोट हुआ ही नहीं था ...👈
☝अगले ही दिन #दाऊद_इब्राहिम के विस्फोट करने वाले चंद गुर्गे पकड़े गए थे और "शरद पवार"की #हिंदुओं के मुँह पर #कालिख पोतने की कोशिश #बेनकाब हो गयी थी
☝लेकिन हम सभी हिन्दू तब भी नहीं समझे

☝"शरद पवार"और"दाऊद इब्राहिम"के संबंधों पर वाकायदा "एन एन वोहरा रिपोर्ट"(1995)पर चैप्टर लिखे
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#काँग्रेस_के_कुकर्म की चहेती इनको कौन❓नहीं जानता
ये हैं पत्तलकार महोदया #आरफाखानम_शेरवानी @khanumarfa

☝आखिर ये इतना वर्तमान सरकार #विरोधी क्यों हैं???
☝ एक पत्रकार इतना खुलकर देश विरोधी क्यों हैं???
#जनवरी2020 में इनका एक वीडियो वायरल हुआ था,जिसमें ये कह रही थीं कि

👇👇👇 Image
"जो धरना प्रदर्शन किया जा रहा है उसमें दिखाने के लिए तिरंगा फहराया जाए,देशभक्ति के नारे लगाए जांए"...
☝लेकिन यह सिर्फ तो #जरिया है लोगों को ठगने के लिए #उद्देश्य हमारा वही है..."गजवा ए हिन्द"😠😠😠

मेरे हर सवाल का जवाब मुझे #अतीत में मिल जाता है...
☝किसी की भी सच्चाई ढूँढनी हो
या जाननी हो तो एक चक्कर बस उस #शख्स_के_अतीत में लगा देना चाहिए और इसलिए ही कहता हूँ कि #इतिहास_ही_हमारी_धरोहर_है
☝जितना भी इतिहास हम जानेंगे तभी तो खुद को और दूसरों को पहचानेंगे

☝तो अब थोड़ा पहले मैडम जी के अतीत में चलते हैं

☝मैडम जी "जामिया मिल्लिया इस्लामिया विश्वविद्यालय"
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