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1-Why is #Gayatri known as the Queen of #Mantras in #Sanatana?

The #Gayatri #Mantra is the most revered mantra in the #Vedic lore. (1/27)


2-It is an invocation as well as a prayer addressed to the Supreme #Creator of the #Universe

..and of the three worlds..

..the terrestrial, the celestial, and the one connecting these two. (2/27)


3-The literal meaning of the mantra is as follows -

We meditate on the glory of that #Ishwara

..the Supreme Lord of the universe

..Who has created this universe

..Who is accomplished to be revered

Who is the embodiment of true knowledge and light (3/27)
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Kundalini is Sakti of Siva.
It's manifested in 3 ways.

1st is Supreme Kundalini (para Kundalini) (supreme visarga): It's the 1 which has created the universe & concealed the true nature of Siva.
Concealed Siva is Anuttara Siva.
Revealed Siva is Mahesvara Siva.

para Kundalini can only b experiences with the leaving of body.
It's called heart of Siva.
It's most intense form of Sakti.
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A thread on..
- English language Indian films
- "Hinglish" films
- Crossover films
- International films with Indian theme

..on digital platforms..
#TheHouseholder (1963) by Merchant - Ivory.

Feat. Shashi Kapoor, Leela Naidu, Durga Khote, Achla Sachdev, and Harindranath Chattopadhyay among others.

#ShakespeareWallah (1965) by Merchant - Ivory.

Feat. Shashi Kapoor, Felicity Kendal @madhurjaffrey Geoffrey Kendal, Utpal Dutt, Pinchoo Kapoor and Partap Sharma.

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@EiPayasito Travel like a king
Listen to the inner voice
A higher wisdom is at work for you
Conqering the stumbling blocks come easier
When the conqueror is in tune with the infinite
Every ending is a new beginning
Life Is an endless unfoldment…
@EiPayasito Change your mind, and you change your relation to time

You can find the answer
The solution lies within the problem
The answer is in every question
Dig it?
@EiPayasito An attitude is all you need to rise and walk away
Inspire yourself
Your life is yours
It fits you like your skin
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So much #fear, #uncertainty & #confusion abounds in our #society & #community right now. It's #understandable, a #Human response.For over 40 years my #Motto, #CatchPhrase or #Mantra,if you will, has been & still is a lyric in a song by one of my favourite Rock Bands- Uriah Heep!
I've used the line to define a lot of the philosophy I believe in, from a #signature on a #profile to some #website subscription to a deeply felt, personal interpretation of whatever is happening in the present moment in time!
The song: #CircleOfHands,the line: #Todays are only #Yesterdays, #Tomorrow! It says to me that whatever is happening #Today,by #Tomorrow it will be cast into history & be a #Yesterday!Always gave me hope that whatever ails us now,we'll survive& look back& realize all things pass!
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Utas pendek tentang tata bahasa #Sanskerta sederhana #mantra yg umum dipakai, seperti:

oṁ namaḥ śivāya, gaṇapataye namaḥ, namo bhagavate vāsudevāya, namo buddhāya, dst.
Sanskerta adl bahasa mantra; susunan & bunyinya sengaja dirancang utk memaksimalkan efek mantra (= instrumen pikiran).

Jadi, agar memperoleh efek maksimal, kita perlu memahami makna dan mampu mengucapkannya dgn tepat—ibarat 'password' utk mengakses sstu harus tepat.
Kalau kita perhatikan mantra-mantra pendek di atas punya 3 elemen dasar:

1. oṁ (pranava — benih suara awal semesta);
2. namaḥ (namo adl ubahan fonem dr namaḥ krn hukum sandhi);
3. nama dewata yg dipuja (śiva, vāsudeva, buddha, dst).
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Happy Gayatri Jayanti! 🙏🏼🌺

Ekadashi (hari ke-11) suklapaksa, bulan Jyestha, diperingati sebagai hari turunnya Gayatri ke dunia. #Mantra #Gayatri adl mantra Veda paling utama, dan bahkan disebut Ibu Veda. Ada kisah yang menarik tentang ini.
Ribuan tahun yang lalu, ada seorang raja yang sangat perkasa bernama Vishvamitra. Kerajaannya luas, makmur, & damai.

Suatu hari, sang raja ingin "blusukan" menjelajah negerinya. Diikuti pasukan-pasukan terbaiknya, ia mengunjungi seluruh pelosok negeri.
Karena luasnya, perjalanan mereka memakan waktu lama. Suatu hari mereka sampai ke padepokan Resi Vasistha. Beliau dikenal sebagai 'Brahma-resi', yaitu resi yang telah mencapai kesadaran tertinggi, 'manunggal' dengan Hyang Agung.
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#Meditation happens beyond #mind. It involves watching #mind. When the real YOU, the watcher, becomes stronger the mind becomes the #servant.

No #discipline, #mantra or #scientific instrument can lead to meditation. No technique can go beyond mind.
The basis of all misunderstanding in a scientific circle is: when the being of a person is in a state of meditation, it creates certain waves in the mind. These waves can be wavelength from the outside by #technical means. But those waves will not create #meditation
You may go on practising with #scientific instruments for years; it will not change your #character, it will not change your #morality, it will not change your #individuality. You will remain the same.
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*Clears Throat*

How You Are Performing #Magick Everyday and Don’t Even Realize It.


#Manifestation 101.

For any of you more practical folks reading who may be skeptical due to my use of the word “Magick”.

This will not be a “wooey” thread.

It will better your life.

And it will CERTAINLY give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE if acted upon (looking at you @ipb_media).

Keep reading.
First things first, let me clarify that I’m using the word Magick as defined by Aleister Crowley.

#Magick - The Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with one's will.
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1/ Friends, I think we have a new Mantra.
2/ A few words , repeated aloud or mentally can be very powerful. It can lend strength, resolve and courage.
3/ In literature, one of my favorite mantras came from Frank Herbert’s Dune. It starts:

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. “
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