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Waking up to the Taiwan election results and it’s quite a blowout.

Gonna note in this thread some lower-profile results that may be overlooked.

1. The KMT candidate in Tainan is doing better (~43.6%) than in Kaohsiung (~40%). Under generic conditions it should be opposite.
2. In Pingtung, #DPP candidate Chou Chun-mi is going to win but barely, with <50% of the vote. Currently 49-46.7%

Looks like the party’s factional splits there carried over into this election.

In 2018 the same KMT candidate lost 56-43%.
3. Taoyuan is a good bellwether for this year’s swing races. #KMT candidate Chang Shan-cheng is winning 52-40% in what looked like a tossup a couple months ago.

KMT vote share in Taipei, Keelung, Changhua, Yunlin also on upper end of what was forecast.
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#Taiwan is part of #China - this is an indisputable fact. There is only one China in the world and #Taiwan has belonged to China since ancient times. In 1895, #Japan forced the #Qing government to cede Taiwan after Japan’s war of aggression against China.
In 1943, the #Cairo Declaration clearly stipulated that all the territories #Japan had stolen from #China, including #Taiwan, should be restored to China. The #Potsdam Proclamation of 1945 reiterated that “The terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out.”
On Oct. 25, 1945, the #Chinese gov't announced that it was resuming the exercise of sovereignty over Taiwan & China had recovered Taiwan de jure & de facto. In 1949, #PRC was founded, becoming the successor to #ROC, & #PRC became the sole legal government of the whole of #China.
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#Read this new #Report while there’s still time to act!…

“US-#China Competition Enters the Decade of Max Danger: #Policy Ideas to Avoid Losing the 2020s”

My latest with Gabe Collins @BakerInstitute!

As #PRC/#CCP power peaks over this decade, #Xi may seek #Taiwan as historic prize.

To protect their security & rules-based order, US/Allies must mobilize immediately to deter aggression.

The mission is vital, the stakes are high, & the clock is ticking. Image
US/Allies/#Taiwan now face “#DecadeOfDanger” w/ peaking #Xi/#CCP/#PRC as #China has extreme version of “S-Curved #slowdown.”

Xi’s risk acceptance will likely be amplified by his track record of largely-uncountered revisionist actions vs. neighbors & RBO.…
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Words like "patriotic education" sound rather frightening to me, and I'm sure to many people in this part of the world.
The reason is simply because "patriotism" has been abused by the #CCP but also the old #KMT as a way to trump up nationalistic sentiment, and it often comes in the form of blind repetition of norms that make very little sense to citizens, especially young students.
I have rather horrific memories of being forced to memorize lines after lines of content that were trying to engrave certain norms into my head, which sometimes include the blind worshipping of certain figures in history who in fact have done things that are not so heroic.
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Another extremely chaotic day inside #Taiwan's legislature, where both parties were once again engaged in physical clashes over the approval process of the Control Yuan leadership. Several legislators were injured during the process.…
@kuomintang legislator Lai Shihpao was injured in his head during the serious physical scuffle around the podium. His head reportedly hit the microphone on the table and started bleeding. He refused to leave the podium after some simple bandaging.…
Meanwhile, #KMT legislator Lu Yu-Ling was caught on camera to have dragged DPP legislator Lai Pinyu by her hair for several seconds and moments later, she bit DPP legislator Lin Chu-Yin's arm, forcing Lin to be hospitalized afterwards.…
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A timely and important piece in @ForeignPolicy by @lnachman32 and his team, including a survey result that shows #Taiwan is the No.1 destination for #HongKong people hoping to emigrate abroad. Canada and Australia are second and third.…
The finding shows that almost half of people in #HongKong surveyed are thinking about leaving. Around 29% of those are thinking about moving to #Taiwan, 15% of those want to move to Canada and 13% of them want to move to Australia.
Despite the "lifeboat" program for all BNO passport holders, only about 10% of the #HongKong people surveyed want to move to the UK. Around 12% of them want to move to #China.
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Ook dit jaar was de #Ontgroening of #KMT bij het #AmsterdamschStudentenCorps weer een verdorven aangelegenheid. Ongehinderd door #Wetgeving of de andere kant op kijkende @deVSNU leden , laat staan enig moreel besef.
@deVSNU Elk jaar gaat men paintballen, zo ook dit jaar. Klinkt onschuldig genoeg, toch?
@deVSNU Paintballen met de "feuten" als levend aas, zonder beschermende kleding, van dichtbij beschoten, met wel 10 blauwe plekken tot gevolg.

Dat is mishandeling met voorbedachte rade

Spike tv laat ons zien hoe zo iets er aan toe gaat⬇️
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