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A World of Opportunities Awaits on #KUJIRA -> Dive into #USK Minting:

In this comprehensive thread, we'll explore the potential of $USK minting and how it ties in with the ecosystem. Discover how you can benefit from USK arbitrage opportunities and make your assets work for you!
** A Bright Future for Kujira **

Continuous development and innovation, the #Kujira ecosystem is poised for growth and success. By participating in USK minting, GHOST lending, and ORCA liquidation events, you can be a part of this exciting journey and shape the future of #DEFI
πŸš€ Unleash the Power of USK Minting

Mint USK with your collateral and enjoy opportunities offered by @TeamKujira's ecosystem. With attractive interest rates, over-collateralization, and multiple ways to put USK to work, there's no better time to join the Kujira community! Image
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🌊 Dive into the depths of BLUE, the heart of the #Kujira ecosystem! A realm where serenity meets DeFi power. Explore staking, governance, swapping, bridging, and the mystical USK stablecoin. Uncover the lore of BLUE! πŸ‹ #DeFi #BLUE #GrownupDeFi Image
1/19 🌐 BLUE Dashboard: Embark on a journey through real-time data on $KUJI token price, fully diluted value, liquid supply, 90-day revenue, block details, total & staked KUJI supply, vesting schedule, and total USK supply. #Kujira #BLUE Image
🌟🌟 Note the vesting. 🌟🌟

We have 0% inflation, and kujiran's do not get diluted. Fees are earned via all platforms like #BOW, #FIN, #BLUE, #ORCA, #GHOST and $KUJI stakers are awarded staking rewards 100% earned from fees/airdrops.
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Kujira Strategy - ORCA/GHOST/FIN

Introducing a powerful #Kujira strategy to maximize your profits using #ORCA and #GHOST! In this thread, we'll guide you through placing collateral, borrowing assets, buying liquidated assets at a discount, and managing risks. Let's get started!
[1/16] πŸš€ Learn how to maximize your profits using #ORCA strategies with #GHOST! In this thread, we'll show you how to place collateral, borrow assets, buy liquidated assets at a discount, and manage risks. Let's dive in! 🌊
[2/16] πŸ’° First, we'll place 1000 $KUJI (worth 65c USD each, $650 total) as collateral on #GHOST. Then, we'll borrow 20% ($130) of our collateral value in $USK (our debt). The current interest rate on our loan is 6.5% annually.
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🌊 Introducing ORCA: The Guardian of the Kujira Ecosystem! 🌊

Get ready for a deep dive into the powerful features of ORCA that protect and maintain the stability of the Kujira ecosystem! 🐳πŸ’ͺ Image
🧡 Unroll the thread below to explore ORCA's capabilities! πŸ‘‡

#Kujira #ORCA #DeFi #Crypto #USK #GHOST
1/ πŸ” Key Features of ORCA πŸ”

ORCA offers a range of features designed to protect and maintain the stability of the Kujira ecosystem:

1. ORCA Mint Markets 🌐
2. GHOST ORCA Markets πŸ‘»
3. GHOST ORCA Queues 🚧
4. Margin Trading (Coming Soon) πŸ“ˆ

Let's explore each in detail!
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πŸ“± Introducing SONAR: The Mobile Wallet by @TeamKujira πŸ“±

SONAR is a phenomenal product for the Kujira ecosystem, designed to provide a seamless and secure mobile wallet experience. πŸŒŠπŸ“²

🧡 Unroll the thread below to explore SONAR's features! πŸ‘‡

#SONAR #CryptoWallet #DeFi
2/ πŸŽ‰ Fun Features of SONAR πŸŽ‰

1. Native support for biometric access using Apple's security features πŸπŸ”’
2. Option to always require biometrics or a PIN πŸ”
3. Customize profile icon with your own image or NFT avatar πŸ–ΌοΈπŸ˜Ž
4. View featured tokens & balances in the wallet πŸͺ™ Image
3/ πŸŽ‰ Fun Features of SONAR (cont.) πŸŽ‰

1. Native swapping with any pairs on FIN πŸ”„πŸ’±
2. Access Kujira apps under the Launch tab πŸš€πŸ“±
3. Stake $KUJI to your favorite validators & monitor your stake 🌐πŸ”₯
4. Connect SONAR wallet to websites using the SONAR icon πŸŒπŸ”— Image
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The moment is here!

Our shopping list of 2023:

βš›οΈ Generational: $ATOM
βš›οΈ Real yield: $KUJI, $SWTH
βš›οΈ Modularity: $TIA, $DYM
βš›οΈ Money printers: $EVMOS, $TORI
βš›οΈ App & consumer chains: $GNOT, $SEI, $ARCH, $NTRN

Before we dive into the shopping list, let's get two things right from the get go.

First, recap what a shopping list is.

Second, review narratives.

Our shopping list strategy is based on the idea that every year there are big spikes up and down in the markets, where you don't have time to research individual assets β€œon the fly”.

If you try, you will most likely miss a buying opportunity.

Instead, have a plan in hand.

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🧡 -- $KUJI --🧡
🧡 @TeamKujira 🧡

🧡Thread about $KUJI and why I think it`s a great fighter!


#Crypto #Cryptoinvestor #100x
@TeamKujira story:

So before we start I would like to say I am impressed with the Devs of $KUJI cuz they have not given up even after dramatic history with $LUNA.

Hat`s off to the DEVS
Quick recap:
$KUJI was based on Terra ecosystem and to be precise $KUJI provided liquidation mechanism Anchor protocol.
So as we all know as $LUNA (now $LUNC) collapsed it took with it every protocol on the network...

But @TeamKujira didn't give up and its better than ever.
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Diamond In The Rough: Kujira
The @TeamKujira $KUJI protocol has grown from a buying the dip machine to a sovereign L1 that is ready to take the world by storm.

I write about how #Kujira has progressed and what the future holds for it.…

Summary πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡
What first started out as just a liquidation engine has now branched out to become its own DeFi-centric L1.

By being sort of an app chain, #Kujira is able to be more efficient with blockspace usage and $KUJI is able to accrue more value.
The tokenomics of $KUJI is great, with 80% of supply already in circulation and a strong incentive for investors to hodl due to non-inflationary #realyield staking.
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Welcome to @FlagshipFYI Cosmos Check-ins! Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date and in-depth news about the Cosmos Ecosystem in a few minutes! Follow the 🧡 and get up to date… #CosmosEcosystem #Cosmos #FlagshipFYI #Blockchain #blockchaintechnology Image
1/ This week, the projects on Cosmos have been busy building, leading up to the new year.
2/ We now have a completed timeline of Interchain Security, following the ending of the second phase of Game of Chains.
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A reminder for beginners who are just starting to get acquainted with @TeamKujira ecosystem.πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

@TeamKujira The price of $KUJI token does not matter, as does the APR, because it is just a derivative of the price. Learn more about how APR is calculated in #KUJIRA:
@TeamKujira Only the following things make sense in #KUJIRA ecosystem:

1. Trading volumes
2. Cash flow
3. Income from ecosystem protocols in nominal terms ($)
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cheqd has published the fourth iteration of their $CHEQ tokenomics.…

Here is our summary on the updates and what it means for current as well as future $CHEQ holders.

A πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

The tokenomics change intends to improve the tokenomic sustainability of the cheqd network.

This is achieved through both an increase in gas ⛽️ price and the introduction of deflationary mechanisms in the form of burns ❀️‍πŸ”₯
Essentially, the tx fee used for identity transactions on the $CHEQ network will be split:

A) a portion will go back to Validators and Delegators as block rewards
B) a portion will be burnt (destroyed) to reduce supply
C) a portion will be designated to the Community Pool.
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$KUJI πŸ‰

A critical perspective on #KUJI.

a thread 🧡

#KUJIRA @TeamKujira Image
$KUJI was initially built upon Terra's anchor protocol.

So it experienced the $LUNA crash in May 2022 firsthand.

At its peak $KUJi had $152 million TVL, a few days later that dropped to a mere $1.1 million TVL.

That whole collapse was scary stuff.
This collapse meant a price change for $KUJI that was as follows.

$KUJI price dropped to $0.008 from $0.88.

And has since recovered to up to $1.80, and today trades for $1.

A beautiful comeback.

But what facilitated this come back?
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Kujira Weekly Update #2
#Kujira #USK πŸ‰ Image
1. Proposal for @Atlo_Protocol on Kujira

β€’Atlo is a Launchpad for Cosmos that will make Kujira its home chain

β€’Launch, vest, stake, swap fees for cosmos projects will happen on Kujira. Thus, more fees to Kuji Stakers

β€’Fundraising for USK

β€’Facilitating new pairs on FIN
2. Proposal to list FURY @FanfuryOfficial on FIN

β€’Just the beginning with the potential to make $USK the official stablecoin on FanFury

β€’For full details on the potential of FanFury & Kujira check out the medium and thread below

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Kujira Weekly Update πŸ‰
#KUJIRA #USK 🧡 Image
2/Public Testnet is live for $USK on ORCA!

πŸ”ΉProvide collateral & mint $USK

πŸ”ΉPlace a bid using $USK

πŸ”ΉWhy will $USK on ORCA be huge?
πŸ‘‰πŸ»Kujira partnering with various lending platforms
πŸ‘‰πŸ»Orca bids with $USK will provide buyers for liquidated collateral
πŸ‘‰πŸ»Fees to Kuji Stakers
3/What is $USK and how does it work?

πŸ”Ή$USK is a collateralized debt position(CDP) stablecoin

πŸ”Ή$USK can be minted by locking up $ATOM as collateral, later $KUJI, in exchange for $USK

πŸ”Ή@danku_r created a diagram to simplify the mechanism for you πŸ‘‡πŸ»
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1/ #Kujira is the true successor to all that was good about the #Terra / #Luna / #UST ecosystem.

Forget Terra 2.0, look into Kujira. A thread. 🧡

@TeamKujira rebounded after the Terra collapse with its own chain, exchange, stablecoin & liquidation engine.

All in two months! πŸ‘‡
2/ The team started with a liquidation engine on top of Anchor, but after Terra collapsed, they shifted gears.

They deployed their own chain on Cosmos and started building. FAST.

Now, Kujira is about to make its latest move. πŸ‘‡

3/ I present you their Cosmos native stablecoin: #USK.

This is the missing piece to bring the #Kuji ecosystem together.

The best part? All fees on Kujira network will go to Kuji stakers (see #13).

What about risks/competitors? πŸ‘‡
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The people of #cosmos have spoken and as promised a 🧡 on the Kujira (@TeamKujira $KUJI) vs the Terra (@terra_money $LUNA $LUNC) ecosystems.

What are the similarities between #Kujira and #TERRALUNA?

How do they differ?

And how to avoid getting rekt!!?

Kujira and Terra are often compared.

And for good reasons:

➑️ Kujira has $KUJI, Terra has $LUNA $LUNC
➑️ Kujira has $USK, Terra has $UST $USTC
➑️ Kujira has ORCA, Terra has Anchor
➑️ Kujira is building a wallet, Terra has Terra Station

You get the idea...
If not for the similar ecosystems, Kujira even originates from the Terra blockchain.

With the meltdown of $LUNA and $UST though, Kujira moved on to build their own layer 1 protocol based on #Cosmos.

More on Kujira belowπŸ‘‡

@TeamKujira $KUJI #Kujira

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Something that's been on my list to research for a while is @TeamKujira $KUJI. Below is a summary of my research and analysis of it.

#CosmosEcosystem #Altcoin #Kuji #Kujira #Dex #Terra #Liquidation #Analysis #DYOR
Firstly, a disclaimer. After compiling what I needed to see, I bought a small high-risk-high-return $Kuji bag a few days ago as mostly a long term hold. This isn't a shill, it's me "placing my money where my mouth is". Maybe your assessment of the situation will be different.
1. #Kujira is a project that has migrated to its own chain after the #Terra collapse. It's now a sovereign chain, splitting #DeFi offerings into into #dApps which provide order-book, liquidation and staking/governance capabilities.
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🧐¿Sabías que puedes comprar ETH/LUNA/AVAX/ ATOM mÑs barato que al precio al que cotiza?
Kujira es una empresa dedicada a la creaciΓ³n de herramientas descentralizadas cuyo objetivo es traer actividades financieras utilizadas por las instituciones(ballenas) a inversores como tu y como yo
De este modo los inversores no necesitan tener:

-Grandes cantidades de liquidez.
-Conocimientos en programaciΓ³n de contratos inteligentes.

Y tampoco que combatir contra bots programados por profesionales.
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Kujira Orca: How To Get Your $LUNA And $ETH At A Discount

@TeamKujira #kujira #orca #terraluna
1/11 What Is Kujira?

Kujira is formed by a team of finance, blockchain and software development experts, targeting areas of DeFi which are usually only available for those only with access to bots or large amounts of capital.
@cryptoslang1 @c0ffeeholicz @deadrightdove @codehans1
2/11 The project has multiple dAPPS like

- BLUE (staking and governance), and
- Beluga (allows sending of tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction)

However, it is most often associated with Orca, which allows users to participate in liquidations.
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