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.@Microsoft just released a new #LLM model called Orca, a 13B Language model that has been trained on (Large Foundation Models) like #GPT4! 🔥

#Orca crushes state-of-the-art instruction-tuned models such as #Vicuna-13B, showing an improvement of over 100% on BigBench Hard!

🧵↓ Image
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A World of Opportunities Awaits on #KUJIRA -> Dive into #USK Minting:

In this comprehensive thread, we'll explore the potential of $USK minting and how it ties in with the ecosystem. Discover how you can benefit from USK arbitrage opportunities and make your assets work for you!
** A Bright Future for Kujira **

Continuous development and innovation, the #Kujira ecosystem is poised for growth and success. By participating in USK minting, GHOST lending, and ORCA liquidation events, you can be a part of this exciting journey and shape the future of #DEFI
🚀 Unleash the Power of USK Minting

Mint USK with your collateral and enjoy opportunities offered by @TeamKujira's ecosystem. With attractive interest rates, over-collateralization, and multiple ways to put USK to work, there's no better time to join the Kujira community! Image
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🤔 Mint or Borrow $USK?

A Comprehensive Comparison 🧐

In this thread, we'll explore the benefits of minting and borrowing $USK, and help you determine which option is best for your needs. Discover the unique advantages of each method and make an informed decision! 🚀 Image
Imagine a world where you can take your $ETH, MINT $USK and then arb to $USDC. Realising the arb profit, Then take the USDC and DCA into $ETH again via @CALC_Finance and your USDC. Good way to keep stacking a bag.

sell 25% of DCA buys at 20%+ with a DCA Sell strategy into $USK
Take the other 75% of $ETH Bought and add it to your Collateral position. This is a good Bear market strategy and allows you to balance your position even with a market downturn.
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🌊 Dive into the depths of BLUE, the heart of the #Kujira ecosystem! A realm where serenity meets DeFi power. Explore staking, governance, swapping, bridging, and the mystical USK stablecoin. Uncover the lore of BLUE! 🐋 #DeFi #BLUE #GrownupDeFi Image
1/19 🌐 BLUE Dashboard: Embark on a journey through real-time data on $KUJI token price, fully diluted value, liquid supply, 90-day revenue, block details, total & staked KUJI supply, vesting schedule, and total USK supply. #Kujira #BLUE Image
🌟🌟 Note the vesting. 🌟🌟

We have 0% inflation, and kujiran's do not get diluted. Fees are earned via all platforms like #BOW, #FIN, #BLUE, #ORCA, #GHOST and $KUJI stakers are awarded staking rewards 100% earned from fees/airdrops.
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Kujira Strategy - ORCA/GHOST/FIN

Introducing a powerful #Kujira strategy to maximize your profits using #ORCA and #GHOST! In this thread, we'll guide you through placing collateral, borrowing assets, buying liquidated assets at a discount, and managing risks. Let's get started!
[1/16] 🚀 Learn how to maximize your profits using #ORCA strategies with #GHOST! In this thread, we'll show you how to place collateral, borrow assets, buy liquidated assets at a discount, and manage risks. Let's dive in! 🌊
[2/16] 💰 First, we'll place 1000 $KUJI (worth 65c USD each, $650 total) as collateral on #GHOST. Then, we'll borrow 20% ($130) of our collateral value in $USK (our debt). The current interest rate on our loan is 6.5% annually.
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🌊 Introducing ORCA: The Guardian of the Kujira Ecosystem! 🌊

Get ready for a deep dive into the powerful features of ORCA that protect and maintain the stability of the Kujira ecosystem! 🐳💪 Image
🧵 Unroll the thread below to explore ORCA's capabilities! 👇

#Kujira #ORCA #DeFi #Crypto #USK #GHOST
1/ 🔐 Key Features of ORCA 🔐

ORCA offers a range of features designed to protect and maintain the stability of the Kujira ecosystem:

1. ORCA Mint Markets 🌐
2. GHOST ORCA Markets 👻
3. GHOST ORCA Queues 🚧
4. Margin Trading (Coming Soon) 📈

Let's explore each in detail!
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👻 Discover the Power of #GHOST: Kujira's Money Market 👻

In this comprehensive thread, we'll explore the exciting world of GHOST, Kujira's innovative money market platform. Learn how GHOST enables lending, borrowing, and earning interest, and understand the key features. Image
1/22 Introducing #GHOST: Kujira's Money Market

Unlock the full potential of your assets with lending, borrowing, and earning interest on the GHOST platform. Dive into the depths of the Kujira seas and experience a world of opportunities! Follow @TeamKujira for more updates.
2/22 Fun #GHOST Lore 📖

In the tranquil depths of the Kujira seas, the GHOST, a powerful and mystical entity, to mobilize assets and put them to work. Serving as guiding force behind Kujira's money market, where lending, borrowing, and earning interest are harmoniously balanced.
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1/ #Orca #CLAMM

@solana 自FTX事件后热度明显减退,但是Solana的dApp不少在产品设计和用户体验都达到了 「以民为本」的境界。

今天新酱为大家介绍这个历尽风雨的龙头DEX @orca_so 如何在 Solana链上担当Uni V3般的王者地位称霸,全赖「前无古人、后无来者」的极致产品设计。

让我们开始吧🧵 Image
2/ 本文将涵盖:

1️⃣ @orca_so 简介
2️⃣ 集中流动性 (Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker,简称 CLAMM) 机制说明
3️⃣ 代币交互和提供流动性
4️⃣ 教学影片和文章
5️⃣ 总结
3/ 1️⃣ @orca_so 简介

Orca 打着「针对人而非程序而设计的去中心化交易所」为旗号,在 Solana DEX 的总锁仓排名居于首位。

笔者觉得 @orca_so 易于使用、以民为本的产品设计和用户体验实在是公垂竹帛。

在我们开始说明产品体验以前,需要先了解 Orca 做的是什么?集中流动性又是什么呢?
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1./ What is @TeamKujira why does it have so much potential?

Let's have a look at all the products they already developed, what might be coming, and how this all translates to $KUJI's value. 🉐
2./ @TeamKujira is a battle-hardened project. They initially began their journey on @terra_money, so they suffered from the collapse like no other.

When they found out there was no chain like @terra_money, they decided to build their own on @cosmos. The @TeamKujira chain.
3./ On @terra_money, @TeamKujira was just a liquidation protocol.

They brought liquidated assets to the masses and from that moment, everyone was suddenly able to buy discounted $LUNA. It was amazing.
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Oh yes, 2023 is going to be very exciting indeed :)
#ORCA #OraclumCapital

A quick story on why we decided to go and open a hedge fund? 👇
This was a long personal goal of mine. However, I wanted a fund using a quarterly macro strategy, the same way I trade for my personal account.

Turning BASON into a tradeable strategy was actually inspired by many of our readers and followers.
Dozens of you, impressed by our performance, contacted us suggesting we should turn the BASON into some sort of fund.

We took that advice seriously.

During the summer we made a brief pitch and got in touch with many people from the finance industry and investor community...
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1./ What the $KUJI is going on?! ㊙️㊙️

Another week has passed, another week full of excitement. @TeamKujira isn't slowing down.

What happened and why should you care? 🧵👇
2./ Although $KUJI has been in a downtrend lately, smart people are accumulating here.

@TeamKujira is positioning itself as the @cosmos #DeFi hub for the people. You can profit from liquidations and market-making, something that’s only available for bots in other ecosystems.
3./ First, I’d like to speak a word to the team.

Despite the fact that what you guys deliver is amazing, I’d strongly recommend you to get out sometimes and get some fresh air. Performing constantly at such a high level is not healthy guys.
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🧮 I have made some calculations comparing the trading volume of other DEX with what #FIN could achieve, we would get an approximation of the rewards we could generate having $KUJI in stake only by using #FIN.


Currently #FIN has a trading fee for MAKER 0.075% and for TAKER 0.15%.
For these calculations I have assumed that the trades will be 50% MAKER and 50% TAKER obtaining an average fee of 0.1125%.
I leave you a guide to learn how to trade in #FIN.…

For the calculations I have chosen the following DEX that I show below, on a day with a relatively low trading volume, remember that we are in a bear market and there is not so much interest in trading.


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📢📢 The time has come to launch $USK and #ORCA.

We want to say a special thank you to our community. We're honestly blown away by all the support 🙌

Here is a 🧵 that will guide you through the new stablecoin minting & liquidation bidding process 👇

You can now use $ATOM as collateral to MINT $USK here 👈

USK stablecoin mechanics 👈

A video by @YieldLabs explaining how to mint $USK

(simply switch $DEMO with $ATOM here and move to MainNet) 👈

An incredibly important piece of this puzzle is liquidations 🧩

You can now also bid on liquidated $ATOM on #ORCA 👈

By bidding on #ORCA, you get assets at a deepened discount, but you're also protecting the $USK stable. Epic right?

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⚛️Cosmos Weekly News: August 15-21📣

🤩It's been a busy week for @cosmos ecosystem with price volatility & breaking news

👉Let's take a look at the following article of @imperator_co 👇…

Check this thread⬇️

#IBCGang #Cosmonauts
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How to snag cheap $LUNA and $ETH below market value using @TeamKujira's Orca protocol 🐋

Here's an explanation of how it works, and a guide on how to use it 🧶 👇

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Whales #Terra #TerraLuna #Cryptocurrencies
1/ You already know about setting limit buy orders to scoop up crypto when its market price dips. This is not what this guide is about.

This guide is about a new way to scoop up crypto for a (possibly hefty) discount to its current market price.

Read on..
2/ @TeamKujira's #Orca Protocol allows users to snipe crypto for cheaper prices when borrowers get liquidated. 🐳

This means you could buy $ETH or $LUNA for 10% less than its trading price.

Maybe even 20% cheaper. Or 30%. 👀

Here's how it works..
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1./ Yesterday @TeamKujira posted about $aUST becoming available to bid on liquidated assets in the near future. I already shared it because I'm very excited about it, but why am I so excited?

A short thread on why this matters so much 🧵👇

2./ Currently you have to deposit $UST in #ORCA to be able to buy discounted liquidated assets. It's interesting, but it does have opportunity costs.

Depositing $UST in @anchor_protocol gives you 19.5% APY. And you're not getting this once the $UST is deposited in #ORCA.
3./ Once your bids in #ORCA won't get filled, you're missing out on the 19.5% APY @anchor_protocol would have given to you and you're not buying discounted, liquidated assets either.
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1./ #Terra is a black hole. The mint of $UST is only at the beginning. Let me explain why I think #Terra will suck up an unimaginable amount of #DeFi value.

Now we see $UST going cross chain I think it's just a matter of time before others will follow. 🧵
2./ @WhiteWhaleTerra doing cross chain arbitrage

#Arbitrage opportunities are everywhere, so why stop here? I don't know about any other #Arbitrage protocol so far, so I don't see any obstacle for @WhiteWhaleTerra taking the the number 1 overall #Arbitrage spot.
3./ @TeamKujira becoming the place to go to buy liquidated assets. #ORCA is a massive success and borrowing assets against collateral is everywhere. So let's expand to everywhere! @TeamKujira has only just begun
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Kujira Orca: How To Get Your $LUNA And $ETH At A Discount

@TeamKujira #kujira #orca #terraluna
1/11 What Is Kujira?

Kujira is formed by a team of finance, blockchain and software development experts, targeting areas of DeFi which are usually only available for those only with access to bots or large amounts of capital.
@cryptoslang1 @c0ffeeholicz @deadrightdove @codehans1
2/11 The project has multiple dAPPS like

- BLUE (staking and governance), and
- Beluga (allows sending of tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction)

However, it is most often associated with Orca, which allows users to participate in liquidations.
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How to snag cheap $LUNA and $ETH below market value using @TeamKujira's Orca protocol 🐋

Here's an explanation of how it works, and a guide on how to use it 🧶 👇

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Whales #Terra #TerraLuna #Cryptocurrencies
1/ You already know about setting limit buy orders to scoop up crypto when its market price dips. This is not what this guide is about.

This guide is about a new way to scoop up crypto for a (possibly hefty) discount to its current market price.

Read on..
2/ @TeamKujira's #Orca Protocol allows users to snipe crypto for cheaper prices when borrowers get liquidated. 🐳

This means you could buy $ETH or $LUNA for 10% less than its trading price.

Maybe even 20% cheaper. Or 30%. 👀

Here's how it works..
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A pleasure to speak to @adamvaughan_uk @newscientist about the launch of @Climeworks new #Orca direct air carbon capture and storage facility - capable of removing 4000 tCO2/yr - in this week's Fix the Planet newsletter. A short 🧵 on my reaction...
We should absolutely welcome the Orca facility. Although still only small in the great scheme of things, it’s a significant step forward in showing to the world that DACCS *can* be scaled up, at least in a technical sense
But they will also have to demonstrate that it can be scaled up economically and socially, too. One of the longstanding criticisms of DACCS is that is that it’s very expensive, though there are hopes that costs could be brought down significantly in the longer term
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Today Trudi and I are visiting Whatcom, Island and Snohomish counties to learn about local innovative projects that help our environment, promote clean energy and protect WA’s native species.
This morning we celebrated the grand opening of the newest solar panel manufacturing line at @SilfabSolar. This Ontario-based company chose WA for its US-based solar factory, and supports 160 #cleanenergy jobs right in downtown Bellingham. Cutting the ribbon on the n...
As the largest #solarpanel manufacturer in North America, @SilfabSolar is proving that WA is the #1 state to do business in – especially if your business is #cleanenergy. Celebrating Silfab Solar’s ...
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We must restore our ecosystem to one that sustains orcas, salmon and the quality of life for all. Today the House made a big move toward saving Southern Resident orcas by passing all three of our #orca bills with bipartisan support. #waleg #SRKW #zerospillswa Southern Resident orca leap...
HB 1578 will protect WA’s natural resources from devastating #oilspills. Preserving the health of our waters, orcas and salmon is crucial to our cultural identity, fishing economy and tourism industry. I thank Rep. Lekanoff for sponsoring this important bill. #waleg #zerospillswa
HB 1579 will implement the recommendations of my #SRKW task force to increase the abundance of Chinook salmon so #orcas have more food. I am grateful to Rep. @joefitzgibbon for your leadership on this bill. #waleg
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