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If you are bullish on $ATOM and #Cosmos ecosystem
Then the only coin you ever need is $KUJI.

Expect 100 $USD North price for $KUJI - this is not a joke.

Buy it and stake it. Why?

Thread. Image
💰You will get every single #Cosmos coin in your wallet from dozen of protocols that are built and deployed.
@TeamKujira are the most hard working team in #Crypto
💰 You will receive every single new coin being sold on #Pilot incubator developed by @TeamKujira!

By staking $KUJI you dont even need to participate in presales and what not - you will get every single coin!
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A World of Opportunities Awaits on #KUJIRA -> Dive into #USK Minting:

In this comprehensive thread, we'll explore the potential of $USK minting and how it ties in with the ecosystem. Discover how you can benefit from USK arbitrage opportunities and make your assets work for you!
** A Bright Future for Kujira **

Continuous development and innovation, the #Kujira ecosystem is poised for growth and success. By participating in USK minting, GHOST lending, and ORCA liquidation events, you can be a part of this exciting journey and shape the future of #DEFI
🚀 Unleash the Power of USK Minting

Mint USK with your collateral and enjoy opportunities offered by @TeamKujira's ecosystem. With attractive interest rates, over-collateralization, and multiple ways to put USK to work, there's no better time to join the Kujira community! Image
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🤔 Mint or Borrow $USK?

A Comprehensive Comparison 🧐

In this thread, we'll explore the benefits of minting and borrowing $USK, and help you determine which option is best for your needs. Discover the unique advantages of each method and make an informed decision! 🚀 Image
Imagine a world where you can take your $ETH, MINT $USK and then arb to $USDC. Realising the arb profit, Then take the USDC and DCA into $ETH again via @CALC_Finance and your USDC. Good way to keep stacking a bag.

sell 25% of DCA buys at 20%+ with a DCA Sell strategy into $USK
Take the other 75% of $ETH Bought and add it to your Collateral position. This is a good Bear market strategy and allows you to balance your position even with a market downturn.
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🌊 Dive into the depths of BLUE, the heart of the #Kujira ecosystem! A realm where serenity meets DeFi power. Explore staking, governance, swapping, bridging, and the mystical USK stablecoin. Uncover the lore of BLUE! 🐋 #DeFi #BLUE #GrownupDeFi Image
1/19 🌐 BLUE Dashboard: Embark on a journey through real-time data on $KUJI token price, fully diluted value, liquid supply, 90-day revenue, block details, total & staked KUJI supply, vesting schedule, and total USK supply. #Kujira #BLUE Image
🌟🌟 Note the vesting. 🌟🌟

We have 0% inflation, and kujiran's do not get diluted. Fees are earned via all platforms like #BOW, #FIN, #BLUE, #ORCA, #GHOST and $KUJI stakers are awarded staking rewards 100% earned from fees/airdrops.
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Kujira Strategy - ORCA/GHOST/FIN

Introducing a powerful #Kujira strategy to maximize your profits using #ORCA and #GHOST! In this thread, we'll guide you through placing collateral, borrowing assets, buying liquidated assets at a discount, and managing risks. Let's get started!
[1/16] 🚀 Learn how to maximize your profits using #ORCA strategies with #GHOST! In this thread, we'll show you how to place collateral, borrow assets, buy liquidated assets at a discount, and manage risks. Let's dive in! 🌊
[2/16] 💰 First, we'll place 1000 $KUJI (worth 65c USD each, $650 total) as collateral on #GHOST. Then, we'll borrow 20% ($130) of our collateral value in $USK (our debt). The current interest rate on our loan is 6.5% annually.
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🌊 Introducing ORCA: The Guardian of the Kujira Ecosystem! 🌊

Get ready for a deep dive into the powerful features of ORCA that protect and maintain the stability of the Kujira ecosystem! 🐳💪 Image
🧵 Unroll the thread below to explore ORCA's capabilities! 👇

#Kujira #ORCA #DeFi #Crypto #USK #GHOST
1/ 🔐 Key Features of ORCA 🔐

ORCA offers a range of features designed to protect and maintain the stability of the Kujira ecosystem:

1. ORCA Mint Markets 🌐
2. GHOST ORCA Markets 👻
3. GHOST ORCA Queues 🚧
4. Margin Trading (Coming Soon) 📈

Let's explore each in detail!
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👻 Discover the Power of #GHOST: Kujira's Money Market 👻

In this comprehensive thread, we'll explore the exciting world of GHOST, Kujira's innovative money market platform. Learn how GHOST enables lending, borrowing, and earning interest, and understand the key features. Image
1/22 Introducing #GHOST: Kujira's Money Market

Unlock the full potential of your assets with lending, borrowing, and earning interest on the GHOST platform. Dive into the depths of the Kujira seas and experience a world of opportunities! Follow @TeamKujira for more updates.
2/22 Fun #GHOST Lore 📖

In the tranquil depths of the Kujira seas, the GHOST, a powerful and mystical entity, to mobilize assets and put them to work. Serving as guiding force behind Kujira's money market, where lending, borrowing, and earning interest are harmoniously balanced.
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1./ What is @TeamKujira why does it have so much potential?

Let's have a look at all the products they already developed, what might be coming, and how this all translates to $KUJI's value. 🉐
2./ @TeamKujira is a battle-hardened project. They initially began their journey on @terra_money, so they suffered from the collapse like no other.

When they found out there was no chain like @terra_money, they decided to build their own on @cosmos. The @TeamKujira chain.
3./ On @terra_money, @TeamKujira was just a liquidation protocol.

They brought liquidated assets to the masses and from that moment, everyone was suddenly able to buy discounted $LUNA. It was amazing.
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1./ What the $KUJI is going on?! ㊙️㊙️

Another week has passed, another week full of excitement. @TeamKujira isn't slowing down.

What happened and why should you care? 🧵👇
2./ Although $KUJI has been in a downtrend lately, smart people are accumulating here.

@TeamKujira is positioning itself as the @cosmos #DeFi hub for the people. You can profit from liquidations and market-making, something that’s only available for bots in other ecosystems.
3./ First, I’d like to speak a word to the team.

Despite the fact that what you guys deliver is amazing, I’d strongly recommend you to get out sometimes and get some fresh air. Performing constantly at such a high level is not healthy guys.
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1🧵Good morning lads,
do you remember that man in parliament in Germany? That something big is going to happen and that everyone still knows exactly where he was at this moment. My #PrediQtion is: We go back to the #JulianCalendar. Between #Oct4th & #Oct5th (15)
2🧵The original calendar for October 4, 1582. This is the #SWIFT. Q said 10 #darNKess days. He SWITCHED K AND N and that that switch would happen so fast you won't notice. So everyone was already thinking about CERN and that we were all going to walk through the "time machine".
3🧵But we're going back to the original calendar. The Pope then had STOLEN our TIME. Which has confused mankind for hundreds of years. They also say it's going to be #BIBLICAL and gradually it's coming to the surface that this is really the case. In 1582, 10 days disappeared in
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All Watched Over By Filters Of Loving Grace: GCHQ's Holistic, Sociotechnical , "Thoughts on Child Safety on Commodity Platforms" #ghostProtocol #ghost #NCSC

tl;dr —

* @GCHQ like client-side filters

* …and ghost chat participants

* …and would like everyone else to buy into them defining what E2EE means

* …because they *don't* like simple definitions of E2EE
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City ⭐️ On The Hill
These are the days of OUR LIFE . .

Starting to put it all together ?Whenever someone is set to pass, I show before they pass. Have been for A long time now with MANY. Connection right before cross over.
Anytime I posts A Reaper, that’s usually what it means—someone is ready to Cross over. .
I have no choice but to see it all happen within my mind Over & over & over & over & over again since I was A young boy. .
Piecing it all together & understanding was tuff.
Too the world, it’s all just #Useless information coming from “Nobody” most have no clue what to do with, what it mean or why “Nobody” is showing everyone …

My Kind, Most would rather destroy someone like me just because it makes them feel good or for Money.

If your
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US-#Ukraine troop training update:

+220 trained on M777 #howitzers
+150 training on the Howitzers

15 completed trained on mobile air defense radar systems

60 trained in armored personnel carriers, w/50 still training

...per @PentagonPresSec
Another 20 #Ukraine soldier are completing a week-long training on the #Phoenix #Ghost drones, per @PentagonPresSec

The drones have not yet been delivered to Ukraine...
No US confirmation of #Ukraine claims it targeted/hit the #Russia|n frigate Admiral Makarov

"We've been looking at this all day & we have no information to corroborate those reports" per @PentagonPresSec
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Day 68 - #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine️

+2,125 missile launches since start of the invasion

"We continue to see minimal at best progress by the Russians in the #Donbas" per a senior US defense official
NEW: #Russia|ns not holding gains in #Donbas - "They'll move in, declare victory and then pull out, allowing the #Ukrainians to take it back" per a senior US defense official

Says Russian forces appear risk, casualty averse and "anemic"
NEW: #Russia losing ground around #Kharkiv, per a senior US official

#Ukraine troops have pushed #Russian forces 40km to the east of Kharkiv, making it difficult for Moscow to push down from the north
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I Love The Saviors Of Mankind, Without them there would be no Savior …

If the Saviors of Mankind weren’t stationed all around the savior, protecting the savior, [They] would have destroyed the savior & none of this would be possible …

Things would look A lot different.
It was about to happen, all of it was stopped …

“Infiltration instead of invasion”

Invasion was stopped, Playbook known. Image
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8th edition.


Soulful music by none other than @VijayKedia1 before the AGM kicks off

check this one: @vijaykedia1 at his best
When will PPFAS will launch a new scheme?

Only if, PPFAS is excited about putting their own money & can add value to investors

Right now, there is no plan to cut any more expense ratio.

#NewFundoffer? nops
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Hi! we are @InafOact and we're happy to join the #CataniaResearchShow. We'll present the latest results of our projects.
Follow the whole show, we'll then pass the baton to @lottabiolab next!
#SharperNight #EuropeanResearchersNight #ERN21 #MSCANight #ERNItaly #SharperNightCatania
#SolarPhysics These images show the latest Hα and continuum image of the Sun acquired at @InafOact with a quality index equal to 1 (1 =good, 3 = bad). They provide a view of the solar chromosphere and photosphere. The observations are carried out between 8:00 and 14:00 CET/CEST.

Unpacking #Juice, the world's first mission to orbit an icy moon. @ESA_JUICE
On board of the payload will be #JANUS, an optical Italian-led camera to study the largest Jupiter moons: #Ganymede, #Callisto and #Europa.
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(1/7) On this #WorldTurtleDay discover the story of Thunderbird, the loggerhead turtle 🐢 that travelled 6000km. Her epic journey illustrates 2 of the major threats that many #marine #species face 🦈🐋 – entanglement in #ghost fishing gear and #bycatch in industrial #fisheries 🆘
(2/7) Thunderbird was found entangled in ghost fishing gear by #SaveTheMedFoundation in July 2020, and taken to the @PalmaAquarium rescue centre in Mallorca 🐢

📷Save The Med
(3/7) We attached a #satellite tag 🛰️ before she was released as part of the “Oceanographic turtles”, a joint programme by @socib_icts, @alnitakmission, @PalmaAquarium and @ExeterMarine, with the support of @NOAA NMFS 📉🐢
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Time for the 4th #Roc based #Ghost story.
And this time it’s personal.
Nowadays, everyone knows what a Medium does.
A Medium is someone who communicates with the dead directly.
But back in the 1800’s direct communication with the dead had been largely unheard of.

That is, until the Fox Sisters - Leah, Kate and Maggie.
The youngest of six children - both Kate and Maggie still lived at home with their alcoholic father and nervous mother in a farmhouse in Hydesville, New York.

Shortly after moving into the house, Kate (11 years) and Maggie (14 years) began to communicate with a spirit.
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By popular demand folks have requested that my 3rd #Roc based #Ghost story be about Corn Hill hauntings.

For those who don’t know about Corn Hill. It is one of Rochester’s first neighborhoods. Home to some of Rochester’s most notable & affluent people.
The first homes in Corn Hill were built in the early 1800’s.
Large, palatial & well appointed these were the homes of Nathaniel Rochester, Jonathan Child (the first Mayor), the Fox Sisters (noted spiritualists) and the Selden family, developers of Western Union & other inventions
In 1990 I moved to Corn Hill.
I lived in The Wilmot which was home to the Selden family.
My apartment faced the rear - you can see my 2 balconies on the 2nd & 3rd floor in the photo on the left.
I loved to walk through the neighborhood & admire the mansions. ImageImage
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Let’s rock and roll with the story of a female ghost. Mary Jane Hunter from “just west of Baileborough” was seen many times after she died. Joe Ross got an awful fright when he saw her “yikes” he thought #ghost
Joe’s description might not have consoled her family; “she was dressed in black, her eyes were glistening in her head” and might even have scared the life out of them “she went towards the door where she used to live” #Ghost
James Mitchell from Tierworker met a ghost one night. Did he get a fright? Let’s hear his own words; “the sweat came down off me, the same if a gallon of water was thrown on me”. So, the answer is “yes”. “I ran home” he added #Ghost
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When the ‘Scutt Gargan’ died, James Kearney from Moybologue bought his little house. “The ‘Scutt’s’ hearth stone would be lovely in my place” thought Kearney, so he dug it up and installed it in his own place “lovely jubley” he thought #Ghost
That night the most horrid roars and yells ever you heard started around the old house and the roars could be heard for miles. It was the same the next night and the next night again and every night for two months #Ghost
The neighbours would be out listening and very few of them would go that way home after dark. In the end they couldn’t stick it any longer “we can’t stick this much longer” they thought #Ghost
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Abrimos un hilo con carteles de cine pintados a mano en Ghana: los encargan a artistas locales porque no les llegan los posters oficiales y les dan "toque especial" que los convierten en verdaderas obras de arte con estilo propio

Empezamos fuerte con #ET (Steven Spielberg 1982 )
#SeñoraDoubtfire ( Chris Columbus 1993 )
Si ya es inquietante lo de la escoba, lo es aún más Robin Williams saliendo del suelo y cogiéndose el pie a sí mismo disfrazado...

#Cujo ( Lewis Teague 1983 )
Pues oye, dan ganas de rascarle la tripa y achuchar al 'perro asesino' que tan malo no parece...

( dedicado a los amiguetes @2000Maniacos )
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Here’s an unusual ghost, one with strange behaviour , even by the fairly low standards set by other ghosts. She is from Tierworker in Meath and her name is Gargan, otherwise Garbhog or in English Garrawog #Ghost
It was a Sunday and Garrawog was going to mass at the old church at Moybologue. Her servant drove the horse and cart. She intended to receive holy communion so she was fasting - but she was starving #Ghost
The road from Tierworker to Moybologue was a narrow one and the briars formed an arch over the road. Garrawog was tempted by the lush blackberries hanging on the briars. “Grab a bunch of them berries” says she to her servant #Ghost
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