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Since #MCO ramai warga twitter yang share mereka menanam sayur di balkoni, tepi rumah gardening sayur, kebun urban dll. Tahukah kamu sayur-sayuran itu perlukan nutrisi? Tahukah kamu cara murah dan berkesan untuk menghasilkan baja? Pernahkah kamu dengar pasal kompos? #ThreadTani
Teknik penghasilan baja kompos paling efisien adalah 'Bokashi composting'. Ia satu teknik yang mana semua sisa makanan kamu boleh kumpul dalam satu bokashi bin dan campurkan dengan bokashi powder. Boleh beli dekat shopee.
Kena pastikan sisa makanan tu kamu potong ke cebisan kecil-kecil dan dicampur dengan bokashi powder (BP). Di setiap layer sisa makanan ratakan BP sehingga bokashi bin penuh. Contoh dari
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Undoubtedly we have done well to bend the #Covid Epidemic Curve.
Provided no surges/surprises we on track to seriously chart a Safe & Middle of the Road Exit Strategy
-not too rapid; invites another #COVID19 wave
-not too slow, will hurt the battered economy @DrDzul @boosulyn
The first crucial element of a COVID-19 exit strategy is massive testing.
This was reaffirmed by WHO when it stated:
a. That transmission must be controlled
b. Early case-finding, testing, isolating … is essential for stopping transmission.
The EU research group:The availability of large-scale testing…is a precondition for lifting social distancing measures in the future
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"I am sorely disappointed though that the private enterprises who have benefited during this difficult period have not stepped up to make meaningful contributions to the industry they proclaim to support", said Angie.

#MCO #PKP #Covid_19 #StayHome #CeritaKita #KitaJagaKita
Since the beginning of the MCO, the SME owner Angie has seen her business sales evaporated. Despite the government assistance, the future of her business is still uncertain, as there is no significant change to her fixed cost of doing business.

#MCO #PKP #Covid_19 #StayHome
Whether it is Angie or Mak Cik Kiah, SMEs need more than government aids to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At this unprecedented time of #MCO and #Covid_19, private entities should step up for one another, especially for the SMEs.

#PKP #StayHome #KitaJagaKita
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University of Oxford tracks govt responses in handling the crisis-OxCGRT (Oxford COVID19 Government Response Tracker)
OxCGRT generates a stringency index and rank countries.
OxCGRT studies measures such as movement restrictions, contact tracing and testing policy @DrDzul Image
Malaysia high up in the scale with an index of 85.7/100
Improvements required in:
1. ramping up tests
2. formulating a more effective contact tracing (CT)
CT is important when govt begins to consider easing #MCO in order to avoid a second outbreak @DrDzul @boosulyn @codebluenews Image
Most comparator countries have completed three wks of #lockdown
Most are seeing a drop in the exponential growth of total confirmed cases
Before #MCO, Malaysia’s doubling time of the no. total cases was 4 days.
After three weeks MCO it is 2 weeks Image
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The Paradox of Elected Representation in Times of #COVID19

- This is a thread (1/11)
What does the future hold for all Malaysians post #MCO? What if this new “NORM” is extended beyond 12-18 months pending release of #COVID19 vaccine? Will there be more unity and solidarity among MPs to support Supplementary Budgets and New Legislations initiatives? (2/11)
#COVID19 is crippling Global politics, economy & social structures leading to government mandated lockdowns & #MCOs. These decisions, in addition to compulsory quarantine & travel bans can be challenged as unconstitutional, which seems unimportant in the face of #COVID19. (3/11)
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He @hqaWhuut is gonna do the #COVIDRAP

Trapped in his Notts house, he decided to make himself useful!

Don’t play2 he is a #RebelScum

He ain’t gonna take those #MCO busters lying down

He tweaked my pantuns giler2

He teased his sedara #Amanra #Aliff

Eat your hearts out :)
Ini perang, kita belum menang
tak kesah apa agama bangsa semua mangsa, kena serang
#COVID19 musuh bukan calang-calang
kalau tak gerak pantas takkan boleh halang
Jaga jarak, jaga diri, jaga semua, tak susah
duduk rumah, diri rumah, lari semua kat rumah
kan mudah, santai, tapi menyumbang
sampai covid sifar, baris depan kan berjuang
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[LANGSUNG] - Perutusan Khas Pakej PRIHATIN PKS (Tambahan) oleh Perdana Menteri Tan Sri @MuhyiddinYassin pada 6 April 2020 (Isnin)…
@MuhyiddinYassin Bayaran Prihatin dibuat mulai hari ini bagi yang layak - PM @MuhyiddinYassin
@MuhyiddinYassin PKS tunjang ekonomi negara, penting untuk pastikan ia mampan - @MuhyiddinYassin
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Back to basics public health measures IF only @POTUS would listen !
Rule 1: Listen to your scientists! Public Health experts should do daily briefings NOT @realDonaldTrump or @VP Politicians must step aside and let scientists lead the war against #COVID19 @DrDzul @ProfAdeeba ImageImage
Rule 2: Enforce extreme NOT slow and/or incremental #SocialDistancing like Italy!

eg Clear Florida’s beaches.

China lockdown the #COVID19 epicenter #Wuhan and sent 40,000 HealthCare Providers #HCP to assist Image
Rule 3: Like Malaysia lockdown dangerous #HotSpots.

#MCO enforces #StayHome orders.

Provide and ensure food, medicines etc delivery to quarantined, old, poor, infirmed and their families

Go into #freeze mode or risk overwhelmed and overburdened hospitals like Italy, Spain ImageImage
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I want to remind people that with @KKMPutrajaya increasing the amount and frequency of #COVID19 testing, the rise in daily cases is not to be panicked about.

More importantly, it does not mean the #MCO is not working.

One of the functions of the MCO is to flatten the curve and stagger the cases so as to not overwhelm our healthcare resources.

Had the MCO not been in place, we could have easily had 1 week's worth of cases in 1 day. That's 1000+ in a day.

That would be disaster.

So the MCO is working! The curve is slowly but surely being flattened.

MCO has bought time for our @KKMPutrajaya to source for beds, ventilators, masks, PPEs and for our frontliners to rest and recuperate.

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Bantuan Khas Covid-19 Zakat Selangor dah buka.

Permohonan Secara Online (Yeay!).

Khusus Untuk :

• Peniaga/Penjaja Kecil yang hilang income ketika ini.
• Golongan B40 (isirumah <RM4,300) yang terjejas akibat Covid-19

Apply sini :

Mohon Sebarkan!
Bantuan Online ini sebenarnya bukan utk Asnaf sedia ada. Sebab mereka ada bantuan channel lain.

Kita nak bantu :

1. Keluarga yang betul-betul terjejas tak dapat berniaga.

2. Golongan B40 yang diberhentikan kerja, dapat gaji separuh dan dipaksa cuti tanpa gaji ketika #RMO ini.
Cara Mohon :

Pastikan Dokumen ini ada 😊.

• IC korang
• Akaun Bank (dari ATM atau Internet Banking - nak masukkan duit)
• Bukti duduk Selangor (Bil Letrik, Air dll)
• Bukti Kelayakan (Slip gaji/surat berhenti kerja/resit sewa kedai dll)

Upload semua dan Done!
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