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As we approach the release of @DestinyTheGame's #Lightfall expansion I would like to take a moment to speak on an issue that I can see arising. /1
With the release of the expansion, we are expecting to see the yearly seasonal content from #WitchQueen to be sunset in a similar manner to previous years; The issue I see with this ties into the newly introduced weapon crafting system that got released as part of the Witch… /2
…Queen expansion for the game. As of right now, deepsight weapons, which are dismantled to progress towards a weapon's pattern unlock for crafting, can be obtained by engaging in a season's content and activities. /3
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#توكل_كرمان، ومديرة منظمة (DAWN)سارة ليي وايتسون،وعميد كلية الخدمة الخارجية في جامعة جورجتاون،جويل هيلمان في مؤتمر انقاذ شركاء الدمار #إخوان_إيران ومخطط العودة بهم الي واجهة السلطة والدمار من جديد عبر #موتمر_واشنطن

قبل سرد بعض التفاصيل خلونا نبدأ بالتعريف بمنظمة (DAWN)تابعوا🌹⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
منظمة #DAWN أسستها الخارجية الأمريكية"ادارة اوباما "عام ٢٠١١لدعم فوضي الربيع العربي من يقف خلفهاهي ادارة بايدن التي رفعت عصابةالحوثي من قائمة الإرهاب،هذه المنظمة هي التي رفعت طلب لرفع مليشيا الحوثي من قوائم الإرهاب بختصار #DAWN امريكية بأقدام #إخوان_ايران "شركاء الربيع"

دور الشرعية بهذا المؤتمر هل هناك رابط؟

بعد طلب منظمة #DAWN وبن مبارك وقطر وعمان قررت ادارةبايدن تخفيف الضغط علي الحوثي بفرض عقوبات علي قاداته وشبكاته بدلاً من ادراجه في قائمة الإرهاب والهدف منع اجتثاث وابقائه ابتزاز للتحالف وصولا لفرض واقع شركاء النكبة من جديد تحت يافطة السلام؟
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I showed A picture during the day, now at night …

The symbol on the JFK coin, same as the sign.

Did you know every Sunday the MANY out there choose Lucifer over God?
Which is Fine, I DON’T CARE—John & I are
Same same but different, still the same …

Who is VK?
Why is this important ?
“Illuminati Bloodlines”

Remember when that “B” person posted?
Days before that, I posted A Bull that was at the zoo, the caption was “Mess with the Bull” …

Then the owner of the boards made A video with his shirt saying, TAKE NO BULL!

Anti-Hero Skateboards
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It’s no secret that #EVT for AIS has been a complete game changer for the field resulting in dramatic reduction in death & disability

Join us to explore the #history of EVT in collaboration with @SVINJournal, to celebrate the inaugural issue Image
Many thanks to @Mahmoudneuro, #RaulNogueira and @DiogoHaussen whose review entitled:
👉“Tx Advancements in the Endovascular Management of Stroke” celebrates the advances in #ETV

🆓 #openaccess…
1st #Fun fact: Interventional treatment of AIS dates all the way back to 1950s‼️
Sussman & Fitch reported 3 cases of IA infusion of fibrinolytics
Didn’t work 😫. Probably because they were performed in a non-hyperacute fashion
But this laid the foundation for years of refinement Image
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I want to start a new thread story. Not sure how long it will be and I may use different prompts: #vss365 #vssmagic #vssnature etc etc ... I love reading about legends and folk lore, and in my fantasy writing I often create my own myths. So this will be just a fun exercise...
According to #lore &myths of old,griffins nestled on these cliffs long ago. They swooped down on the unsuspecting;carried them off never to be seen again.
Griffins were not elemental creatures,but air & earth did have dominion over them; their only enemy -fire.
#vss365 #vssmagic
"I helped your troupe avoid #shadow and #gore," said the dark wizard simply, implying that he saved us from the mythical griffins. I gaped at him. "And now for what you promised."

"No," I was careful not to get trapped in words, "I said: after you summon her."
#vss365 #vssmagic
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#2NE1 Image
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#Propagandists have for long been known to incite hatred with conspiracy.
Flooding social media with #FakeNews against India now appears to be the new means for these elements to inflame their agenda. #thread
#Kashmir Image
#Pakistani #Agents fearful of the rising amity, peace in #Kashmir and of the limited control over people in the #valley are now misusing #SocialMedia to spread #Misinformation and #FakeNews ImageImage
#Pakistan made desperate attempts to spread the propaganda on #Lawaypora encounter. Several #Pakistani #ISPR handles launched campaign within few moments after the conduct of encounter.

@KashmirPolice have proved through ample evidence that the 03 youth killed were #Terrorists Image
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[#Image] #Cérès : la structure interne différenciée de la #planète naine via @Wikipedia_fr #LaMethSci Image
2020 > #Cérès abriterait de l’eau sous sa surface via @lemondefr #LaMethSci Image
[#Image.s] Photographies de #Cérès par la sonde #Dawn via @NASA #LaMethSci ImageImageImageImage
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(1/3) Li mission interplanetari #Dawn de #NASA ha monstrat que li nan-planete #Ceres possede un ocean sub li superficie. Li evidentie por to es li presentie de salaqua sub li cratere #Occator, li max prominent loc in li planete pro su blancissim aspecte.

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/3) Li salaqua have un profundore de 40 km e un extension de quelc cent km. Li colision quel creat li cratere expussat li materiale ex li planete, quel, trovante se sur li superficie, evaporat e lassat un salatri cruste quel devenit li famosi loc visibil mem tra telescopes. Image
(3/3) #Ceres es un fact un bon loc por homan exploration, nam it es ne tro lontan, li manca de un atmosfere fa it facil a aterrar sur li superficie, e on posse trovar utilisabil aqua por viver ta. Li gravitation es solmen 3% de ti del #Terra, ma malgré to on posse marchar sur it. Image
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Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — and chanted slogans against the media group and set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) What Mr #ImranKhan said on #PressFreedom when #TheNews & #JangGroup were under attack by Mr #NawazSharif (1997-1999)
Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — and chanted slogans against the media group and set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) What Ms Maleeha Lodhi
said on #PressFreedom when #TheNews & #JangGroup were under attack by Mr #NawazSharif (1997-1999)
Protesters on Friday besieged Dawn's Islamabad bureau — chanted slogans against the media group & set copies of the newspaper on fire. (6 Dec 2019 Dawn) When #PervezMusharraf attacked #PressFreedom , PTI Leader Roedad Khan said Musharraf has to go or Pakistan won’t survive
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On #VotingTactically - a Tale of Five Constituencies, where the #RemainAlliance between the Lib Dems, Plaid, and the Greens @unitetoremain is going to make a Tory government and Johnson's hard Brexit *more* likely rather than less likely. #GE19 #GE2019
(1) #Stroud: a Lab-Con marginal held by @DavidEDrew for Labour. The Lib Dems are standing down for @MollyMEP (@TheGreenParty), BUT if you want to stop the Tories and their hard Brexit in Stroud, the only reasonable option is to vote for @UKLabour. Any other vote helps the Tories.
(2) #YorkOuter: held by Tory hard Brexiteer (and dismally ineffective) MP Julian Sturdy. Labour in *clear* second place in both 2015 and 2017. If you want the Tories out in York Outer, vote @AnnaPerrett @UKLabour, a truly excellent local, pro-Remain, and anti-fracking candidate.
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#CPEC is the backbone of #Pakistan's Grand Strategy. Enemies are keen to foment trouble in #Balochistan to sabotage the project.
A hike in terror attacks has been witnessed in the past months in Balochistan especially in areas in proximity to #Gwadar which is part of #Sabotage.
Killings of #Hazara Shias in Balochistan helps the enemy kill two birds with a stone.
1. It causes trouble in Balochistan,
2. It decreses confidence of Shias in the state of #Pakistan and leads to anger and frustration in Gilgit Baltistan, The Critical province in #CPEC.
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