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My friend @AdyBarkan has "good" health insurance, but it's not nearly enough. Every month, he has thousands of dollars in medical bills that his insurer won't cover. His wife Rachael spends hours every week arguing with their insurer. That's time she can't spend with Ady.
@AdyBarkan The basic profit model of an insurance company is to bring in as much money as they can in premiums and pay out as little as possible in health care coverage. We like our doctors and our nurses—but I've never met anyone who actually likes their insurance company.
That's why I'm fighting for #MedicareForAll. So that people like @AdyBarkan get the care they need. So that Rachael doesn't have to spend hours on hold, filling out forms, and fighting to get Ady's care covered. And Ady can enjoy the time he has left with his family.
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Forgive me, I am no expert on #MedicareForAll, but it hurts me to see Biden, Klobuchar, ABC, etc. DISINFORM the American people to this extent! Until I was 26 years old I lived in countries with UHC and it looks like this makes me kind of an expert. 1/?
First thing that many Americans don't know is that UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE, that is a system in which society treats healthcare as a right and therefore EVERYONE in the country is covered, exists in every other developed CAPITALIST country in the world. 2/?
Yet many Americans associate UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE with socialism. Why is that? US once was a PIONEER of worker's rights. FDR's New Deal was COPIED by other developed capitalist countries, mostly as a way as a reaction to Russian Revolution, to PREVENT the rise of communism. 3/?
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Along with #BoycottABC, I think we should combat the right wing hate fuelled propaganda socialism scare campaign ad they aired.

Clearly, with ads like this, America is in desperate need of education on #DemocraticSocialism.
Instead of promoting the horrible ad I hate, I’m going to promote what I love... democratic socialism.

Every time an ad like that airs, it is our job to use social media for free advertising to dispel the propaganda machine.

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Flipping the Senate from conservative control in 2020 is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

That’s why we are proud today to endorse and support State Senator Erica Smith!!

Follow her now @EricaforUSSen20!


100% goes directly to her campaign!

Let’s GO!
Flipping the Senate from conservative control in 2020 is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

That’s why we are proud today to endorse and support Kimberly Graham in Iowa!

Follow her now @KimberlyforIowa!


100% goes directly to her campaign!

Let’s GO!
Flipping the Senate from conservative control in 2020 is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

That’s why we are proud today to endorse and support Joshua Mahony in Arkansas!

Follow him now @joshuamahony!


100% goes directly to his campaign!

Let’s GO!
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Bernie makes it clear that he's not here to call out Elizabeth Warren's hypocrisy. That's fine. I'll do it for him.

Here's a thread about the times @ewarren has had to backpedal:
When she was a Republican for her entire 47-year-old life until she wasn't: (To be fair, people can change, but 🙄 to her for claiming she didn't care about politics. I don't buy that.)…
When she claimed to be of Native American descent on legal documents for YEARS, then she released this shameful farce of a response after donald called her a derogatory racial term (Pocahontas):…
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I spent some time looking into Warren Tyagi’s consulting firm (Business Talent Group), and I learned some interesting things 1/
Business Talent Group oversees thousands of consultants who get contracted by, notably, the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Private Equity industries (among others). Based on their website, health services co’s seem to make up the bulk of their clientele 2/
So these companies pay Business Talent Group consultants to figure out creative ways to boost their profits. For example, BTG has some very, let’s say interesting ideas about prescription drug prices 3/
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Many students are beginning their college careers this semester. As attacks on Title IX continues, it’s important to show how colleges’ failure to prevent rape often places lifelong burdens on survivors.

Pleased studies like this exist. Here’s some details that stood out.

1/ Article: Long-term impacts of college sexual assaults on women survivors' educational and career attainments
“For those women assaulted while in college, the human capital benefits of a college degree are often negated by detrimental effects of the assault including mental and physical health conditions and missed educational opportunities.”
The average lifetime cost of rape is ~ $122,461 per victim aka $3.1 trillion for all victims in the US.

Our government pays ~$1 trillion of that cost.

So our colleges are getting govt. funds, letting students get raped, and the govt. pays for the schools’ failures.
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holy shit that’s six months!
crying on my couch right now
diet pills are VERY dangerous and often VERY addictive, especially for folx with eating disorders! many diet pills can damage your organs and have other awful side effects that are detrimental to long term health and well being.
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No recording of any kind allowed at @StevenHorsford's Congressional townhall. We were told that if we do so we will be removed.

Questions written on notecards & collected in advance. This measure is a way to control the room by selecting the questions ahead of time.
@StevenHorsford's opening presentation consists of achievements by @HouseDemocrats. Emphasis on closing the gender pay gap, protecting ACA, and a public option. He states his supports MedicareX rather than #MedicareForAll etc
@StevenHorsford's opening presentation at his Congressional Town Hall reads more like self adulation and grandstanding. Peak narcissism.
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Hi @egg509!

I feel as though we need to have a discussion about your 3 tweets below 👇🏾

I invite you to have an adult conversation with me. Allow me to address your tweets directly, mmk? /1

#Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern #NoMiddleGround
Let's tackle your tweet about how us Berners have no respect, morals, integrity etc.

We actually do! And a LOT of it!

Bernie's movement is a moral movement which has lots of similarities to MLK's #PoorPeoplesCampaign.

#Benie2020 /2
We believe in human rights that many Democrats themselves don't believe, like giving those incarcerated the right to vote as example. We also believe things like EDU are human rights along with housing.

#Bernie2020 /3
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@jessesingal @nhannahjones It’s difficult for many to understand why resources/insurance/access won’t substantially narrow the gap, but it won’t. While many practitioners/doctors render inequitable care — the problem is so much deeper than that.
@jessesingal @nhannahjones The problem (as mentioned) is institutionalized racism - but it is more than inequitable healthcare delivery. What if the governmental agencies that provide licensure to hospitals/docs/ healthcare clinics direct them not to provide equitable care to black women and children?
@jessesingal @nhannahjones This is exactly what happened to my pediatric medical daycare organization that served infants and toddlers (99% African American). We were informed by the licensing agency that the children did not need medical daycare services even though their physicians prescribed it.
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Another, probably shorter thread on #JusticeDemocrats to shine a little more light on their publicly stated intentions and targeted ouster of currently sitting @HouseDemocrats & @SenateDems in the coming election cycle. This comes straight from their website. #MAGA #WWG1WGA
In a report publicly available on the JusticeDemocrats(dot)org website they state not only their ideal bills and legislation, but specific Dem House and Senate seats that have to be flipped in order for their goals to be realized. They literally consider @thedemocrats who oppose
their plans "Bad Democrats". Forget, for the moment, about all of the rhetoric going around about @potus being divisive & tearing the country apart w/ made up quotes & see this headline right from the JusticeDemocrats website which more than subtly threatens sitting Dems
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Yesterday marked 4 months since our for profit medical system took my precious son Danny from me over $20. I will not, can not allow this horror to continue to other parents. I will march on Washington and fulfill my promise that I made to my boy at his....
funeral services. I promised I will make our lawmakers look me in the eye and see the consequences of their decisions to put corporate profits over American lives. Danny was not an accident he was a calculated expected casualty. What happened with Danny is....
... premeditated legalized manslaughter for profit. This is done with the consent of our lawmakers to fill their coffers with lobbyist campaign donations. This is supposed to be OUR congress not the oligarchs! WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THEM TO SELL OUR CHILDREN'S LIVES!?...
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I'm kicking off my Iowa road trip today! As we head into Iowa, I'm sharing my new plans to invest in rural communities. It's time to put their interests ahead of giant companies and Wall Street.…
Everyone should have the opportunity to build a good life wherever they live. But as giant corporations and Washington keep cutting off opportunities for huge parts of the country, the shot to succeed gets further out of reach for rural families. I've got a plan to fix that.
My plan starts with protecting access to health care in rural communities, which are rapidly losing access to basic services. That's why I support #MedicareForAll—and why I'll increase Medicare reimbursement rates to help rural hospitals stay afloat.
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#MedicareForAll #DemDebate

1/ I have seen how cripplingly high health insurance costs devastate employees, entrepreneurs and families. These middle men hoard profits that could be invested in payer higher wages. They are preventing innovation and stalling job creation.
2/ We need a true #MedicareForAll system -- not something that sounds like it, but really relies on private health insurance companies. A plan that would not remove health insurers, the middle men, from our health care payment system, is not the answer.
3/ My mom raised me by herself in Southern California and we lost our home to foreclosure when I was a teenager. My experience is the experience of tens of millions of other Americans and the experience of the nearly 8 out of 10 Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.
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Full list of nat'l unions who endorsed #MedicareForAll bill:

Amalgamated Transit Union, American Federation of Government Employees, American Federation of Teachers, American Postal Workers Union, Association of Flight Attendants...

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers...
National Education Association, National Nurses United, National Union of Healthcare Workers, New York State Nurses Association, Service Employees International Union, United Auto Workers, United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers, United Mine Workers of America...
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My friend @AdyBarkan is a hero not just to me, but to everyone whose health care he’s fought for. When the #GOPTaxScam was poised to cut Medicare—a program that millions of Americans rely on—Ady fought back hard. His story reminds us: We need #MedicareForAll.
Insurance companies sucked $23 billion out of our health care system last year. They profited on the backs of people like @AdyBarkan. Unfortunately, there are so many other stories like his. #DemDebate…
One third of donations made through @gofundme go towards helping people pay for health care—including plenty of families who have health insurance and still get hit with crushing medical bills. The system is broken. #DemDebate…
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@YvetteJacqR @SamhainNight Do they have to win a Pell Grant first?

Seriously, though, good point. We should look at how doctors are educated in countries that have excellent economies and health systems.
@YvetteJacqR @SamhainNight Huh. First observation: what do the countries with the best health systems - UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc. - have in common?

Socialism. Mostly Nordic-style, Democratic Socialism, but the bottom line is socialized medicine:…
@YvetteJacqR @SamhainNight I dug into tuition and found more socialism, even for PhD programs:…
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At the risk of pissing off new followers, I'm going to share my stance on why I can't support ANY of the females running for the Democrat nominee in 2020 (even though I am female, and would love to be alive for the first female US President). 1/8
None of the female candidates have the proven history of fighting truth to power. Our country is in dire need of structural government change. We need a President with a proven history of fighting the powers that be. By 'powers that be', I'm including @TheDemocrats insiders 2/8
who have shown their cowardice by not starting an #ImpeachmentInquiry immediately after the Mueller Report was released. By 'powers that be', I'm including the media superstars (e.g. @Maddow) who have shown their lack of will to call a #Fascist when he presents himself 3/8
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The health insurance plan proposed by @KamalaHarris has a 10 year phase in.

If Obamacare had had a 10 year phase in, Donald Trump would have taken office a little over halfway through the transition (& tanked it).

This is not a serious plan.

We need #MedicareForAll
@KamalaHarris Bernie's plan has a four year phase in.

The 1st year, it lowers the Medicare age to 55.
The 2nd year, it lowers it to 45.
Year 3, 35.

It adds dental, vision, & hearing benefits to Medicare year 1, & provides for continuity of care for folks with private insurance.

It rocks.
@KamalaHarris Health care as a human right means no premiums, no deductibles.

Under Bernie's #Medicare4All plan, the maximum anyone will pay in copays for prescription drugs is $200 a year.

A YEAR. Total.
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From this article- "About one-third of current Medicare enrollees are covered through Medicare Advantage."

From same publisher in another piece abt MA- "Insurance companies continue to promote MA plans heavily because of their great profitability."
"Medicare Advantage"

What is the 'advantage' in Medicare Advantage?
How does this 'advantage' come about?
Who holds the 'advantage'?

Insurance companies continue to promote MA plans heavily because of their great profitability (to the ins co, of course).…
"Although these companies take in a tremendous amount of taxpayer money, and have immense power regarding how to distribute these funds, a cloud of secrecy shields from public view their financial operations and profitability."…
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#DemocraticDebate2020 is upon us and we must discuss how #StealTheBern @ewarren touts "plans" in her platform that have been plagiarized from @BernieSanders' legislative #progressive efforts and policies. #Thread
Warren may have purchased the Google Adwords for #CancelStudentDebt , but the first time legislation was put forth by @BernieSanders was in 2017, the #CollegeForAllAct…
#MedicareForAll is now being tossed around like a vial of overpriced insulin, especially by Warren, but Bernie first introduced legislation for this in 2017.…
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I have excellent health insurance.(Tricare- socialistic gov’t run) My husband recently had a surgical procedure and I was billed for nearly $300 from the hospital’s pharmacy, so I called and requested an itemized list of meds since we’ve never had to pay for meds before.
I checked with my insurance company and they claimed to have paid for all the meds related to my husband’s care.

More than 20 days later, I haven’t received the hospital’s list but I went ahead and paid the bill because I didn’t want to pay a late fee. I didn’t flinch over $300.
I understand that an extra few hundred dollars could be catastrophic for some folks.

So here I am, needing to pay money (even when my husband and I are covered by excellent health insurance), not knowing what the hell I paid for.

I was told over the phone that the bill
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#Resistance family: I pretty much dropped off of twitter for a couple weeks, dealing with personal shit and trying to check my rage and restlessness with the status quo. And, of course, everything is worse now, and in a couple more weeks, it will be even more worse. 1/
I'm tired. Of the fact that this Administration continues to defile our country with impunity. Tired of racists (becoming more emboldened by the day). Tired of cops getting away with (literally) murder. Tired of human beings being locked in cages like animals. 2/
I'm tired of the fact that brown Americans are made to feel as though they're not Americans (even those born here). It makes me tired that, as each day brings us closer to school starting, my stomach ties into knots, thinking about what could happen to my children there, 3/
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