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Here's one for you. The government, the media, and the medical establishment didn't panic and abandon all their principles at the start of the COVID pandemic and everything they did was "by the book" and totally necessary.

Oh, sorry, #AprilFools 🧵
On February 28, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID, Dr. Clifford Lane of NIH & Dr. Robert Redfield of the CDC published "COVID-19- Navigating the Uncharted" saying the consequences of Covid-19 "may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe influenza."…
They further suggest "mitigation techniques" may include isolating ill persons, school closures, and telecommuting where possible. #commonsense
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BREAKING NEWS: President Biden has issued an executive order in the P45 hush money case.
"P45's interaction with the woman known as Stormy does not fit the classification of sexual relations. However, the review finds that he encouraged the woman to engage in a transaction involving psychedelic mushrooms, which adds drug charges to the ongoing case."
-- Joe Biden
I feel sorry for the 2nd grade teachers having to deal with P45 in the classroom.
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🧵 1/14 The Struggles of #AddisAbeba Under the Rule of Abiy Ahmed 🇪🇹
This extended thread delves into the challenges facing #AddisAbeba, Ethiopia's capital city, under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Mayor Abebech Adane, and the urgent need for change.👇
#Ethiopia #AbiyAhmed
🧵 2/14 Who is Abiy Ahmed? 🤔
Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia's Prime Minister since April 2018, was initially seen as a beacon of hope. However, his tenure has been marred by persistent social issues that plague Addis Abeba and the nation.
#AbiyAhmed #EthiopianPolitics
🧵 3/14 Who is Abebech Adane? 🏛️
Abebech Adane, the Mayor of Addis Abeba, has faced criticism for her inability to address the city's pressing social issues effectively. The government needs to prioritize the well-being of its citizens to prevent further deterioration.
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#BREAKING: Scientists have released photographs of what is thought to be a the first recorded unicorn, discovered in a remote part of the Galápagos Islands

The creature - nicknamed ‘the Rainbow Unicorn” due to its colourful tusk - is believed to a cross between a narwhal & a dog
An intn’l team of scientists from the Charles Darwin Foundation said in a statement:

“For thousands of years, each mating season, blessings of Narwhals have come ashore at this remote beach

Being mammals, it appears that they successfully bred with dogs”
“We are working on the assumption that the rainbow tusk is the result of
antediluvian breeding with one of the many rainbow-coloured species that inhabit this unique archipelago,” Dr Abril Salinas de Tonta of the Galapagos National Science Center told journalists
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Twitter added verification to prevent impersonation: being @verified confirms authentic identity, not truthfulness or authority.

@ev @jack & @paraga neglected it, but @elonmusk’s approach to @TwitterBlue enables impersonation, as @geoffreyfowler showed:…
Today, @elonmusk confirmed @SenMikeLee's personal Twitter account was mistakenly suspended today for impersonation.

It's Musk's fault.

Lee, @CNN @thehill & others omit a key detail that explains what happened: @BasedMikeLee was @verified through @TwitterBlue, not @TwitterGov. ImageImage
No #AprilFools: @Twitter to remove @verified status from journalists, after enabling anonymous accounts to spread misinformation & lies using @elonmusk’s ill-designed pay-to-get-seen system “to expand their reach while creating the illusion of credibility”… Image
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90.01/ Week ninety, April 2-8, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 89 below.
90.02/ Was not a fan of "Is it COVID or is it allergies or is it a cold" season the first two times and I can honestly say the third time is definitely not the charm.
90.03/ This is a really great thread, esp. re: translating vernacular thoughts into corporate-speak.

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I prayed to Jesus before I went to sleep last night and magically woke up this morning and my back is %100 cured and all my medical issues went away. I also checked my crypto account and an anonymous person sent me 100 $BTC 🙌

Praise Jesus! ⛪✝️
APRIL FOOLS! 😂 Still hurting like hell and going broke 😉

I got you good didn't I? 😉 #AprilFools
It's okay though, I'm not mad. I sleep easier knowing the universe just has rules & I drew the short straw rather than believing that some omnipotent being that created everything with infinite powers thinks my suffering is funny while helping others win the lotto 😉
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You can run #ABAP applications in your browser 🤯

No #SAP system required ❗

Any questions, @SAP @SAPdevs @SAPcommunity
Yeah, I thought so... You have your doubts 🤔 💭
We know. We surely must have a big server and an SAP Kernel 🖥️
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89.01/ Week eighty-nine, March 26-April 1, 2022, thread begins here.

Week eighty-eight below.
89.02/ #NachasAlert: my son has a piece (pgs. 2-3) in his high school's Torah journal. The final draft was 3 pages long so this published version was cut down significantly. (Now I get to teach him the academic trick of publishing 'chapters' as articles).…
89.03/ This is such a good video, it can be played on an endless loop and it brings a big smile to my face whenever I see it. It's fine while silent but the sound makes it a masterpiece
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Today is #AprilFools Day.
Hoaxes & satires may be everywhere.
Check every story that seems too good to be true.
Google before you retweet.
Read About pages.
See if authors exist.
Learn when a website was created, & by whom.

Do this every day online: :)…
If you work in media, please consider skipping any #AprilFools jokes today. Trust is already low:…
People have been disinformed & already believe you make up sources & intentionally mislead.

Instead, catalog what's real – & what isn't – with the public.
Whether you work in media or not the Verification Handbook will be a good resource today and every day in this infodemic:
If trust matters to you or your work, beware of eroding it by accident or intent. (Professional trolls at IRA have different calculus)
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Q:When are mitigations not mitigations?

A:When they are optional in schools.

1/ When schools returned in 09/2020 the focus was on 'Hands' and surfaces.

There was no desire by @GOVUK to implement 'Face'masks.

And no extra 'Space' available,
Nightingale schools dismissed.
2/ "All children must be in school." we were told "There is little evidence of Covid transmission in school.".

* They were right because in the Summer term very few children had returned for face to face teaching and children spent lots of time outside and in tiny bubbles.
3/ Cases started to rise rapidly in children.

A fire break at halfterm dismissed. Schools went back and cases continued to accelerate upwards.

So in early November we partially added 'Face'masks to the equation.

in communal areas,
in Secondary
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Patchwork - a #saida oneshot

"So, this is how it ends, huh?" Sana asked, eyes shut, unable to look at Dahyun.

"We gave it our best, didn't we?"

Sana nodded. ImageImageImage
"...You left a mark. I wear it proudly on my chest, above my heart, to remind me that I feel the best when I'm with you..."

-Droplets by Colbie Caillat ft. Jason Reeves.

Give the song a listen. It may or may not have anything to do with plot. 🙂 Image
Quick note: will be posting this little thing tomorrow. It'll still be #AprilFoolsDay in California and #saida day so technically I'm not late hehe ☺ Anyhoo, I got work in the morning and it's almost 12:30AM. See ya! 😉 I'll keep it short this time.

Place your bets:
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Many are fooled by fool's gold!
Explorer Martin Frobisher, while seeking the Northwest Passage, opened the first mine in #Canada run by Europeans. He shipped 1350 tons of ore to #England in 1577-78. Sadly, it was #foolsgold, not real #gold.
#nspoli #NovaScotia #NS Image
Frobisher's worthless rocks ended up being used as building stone in #Dartford, the English town where the unsuccessful attempts to extract gold from them took place. Hundreds were used in a wall at the Dartford manor of Henry VIII.
#nspoli #NovaScotia #NS Image
Fool's gold (pyrite) gets a bad rap. It helps make iron sulfate which is used in nutrition supplements, ink, lawn conditioner and water treatments. Iron sulfate is also used to treat iron-deficiency anemia.
Not as valuable as gold but still useful!
#NS pyrite is in pic.
#nspoli Image
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Did you know: #Russia has never vetoed a UNSC resolution that aimed at protecting #Syria'n civilians?! #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay
Did you know: Russia and the Syrian regime have never killed Syrian civilians? They have saved the lives of more than 116,000 civilians, as the White Helmets did? #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay
Did you know: Russia and the Syrian regime have supported the White Helmets with around 1 Zillion $ to carry on its humanitarian operations?🙄
#AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay
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आज #AprilFools के दिन कांग्रेस के नेता ख़ासकर उनके राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष श्री राहुल गांधी जी कैसे देश-प्रदेशवासियों को बेवक़ूफ़ समझ कर उलटे-सीधे वादे कर देते हैं, उसके कुछ उदाहरण दे रहा हूं। बाक़ी फिर आप मेरे ट्वीटर के दोस्त संभाल ही लेंगे... #RahulJiKaAprilFool
पूरे मध्यप्रदेश में राहुल जी के हर एक रैली के मैदान की जगह पर मन्दसौर से लेकर इंदौर तक “मेड इन.....” मोबाइल बनाने की फ़ैक्टरी लगायी जा चुकी है: #RahulJiKaAprilFool
पूरे प्रदेश में हर एक खेत के पास एक-एक कोल्ड स्टॉरेज बनाया जा चुका है: #RahulJiKaAprilFool
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