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Via @TomSteyer #NeedToImpeach Impeaching Trump isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good politics SEE WHY and #Nixon’s downfall offers an important lesson: The process can sway public opinion and force reckoning among partisan defenders
@CREWcrew @lauferlaw @maddow
@TomSteyer @CREWcrew @lauferlaw @maddow GET HIS #TaxReturns is this check reported? @Fahrenthold @CREWcrew THIS IS NOTICE OF the plane from #Qatar carrying the #TrumpOrg check from the consummated #Rosneft OIL Deal for Sanctions relief. PUTIN gave him check in #Helsinki. @grantstern @maddow @cnni @Europol @FBIWFO
@TomSteyer @CREWcrew @lauferlaw @maddow GET HIS #TaxReturns .. are these checks reported? THESE PROVE No #LameduckGOP or #Republican need ever get $$ from anyone other than Drumpf and his #TrumpCrimeFamily again. RIGHT @MoveOn @dailykos @PolitiZoom @lauferlaw @JamesFourM @maddow ( PS PUTIN IS jealous and PISSED )
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1. “[I]mpeachment is best regarded as a process,not an outcome. It’s the constitutional mechanism for investigating [if] an executive-branch officer is fit to serve. It requires his accusers to lay out their evidence in public...”@YAppelbaum
2. “Mueller has now delivered 10 credible allegations of obstructive behavior...The public deserves a chance to examine the evidence...& his supporters & opponents alike deserve the clarity that only convening impeachment hearings can now provide.”…
3. This article from January by @YAppelbaum makes a compelling case & addresses many of the arguments against initiating impeachment.…
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Hi! If you're receiving this message from Andrea or Sarah it's because your argument(s) against #NeedToImpeach have been addressed on @gaslitnation, both in the two episodes @sarahkendzior shares below and in this short thread:
Given what's at stake & our country's undeniable slide into authoritarianism, as documented by leading experts, we ask that you take a moment to check out the thread & episodes provided. Here's a list of impeachable offenses, many since Trump took office:…
Not calling impeachment hearings is a political decision that could backfire against the Democrats:
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(THREAD) Donald Trump promised he'd put #AmericaFirst. The past 2 years have proven that his agenda is #MeFirst. Rather than #DrainTheSwamp, he filled his cabinet with elitist & grifting billionaires who have capitalized on their office at taxpayer expense. #TrumpCorruption
No one has profited more from the Trump Administration than the Trump Family. In violation of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause, Trump retains ownership interests in his family business while he's in office. This is unprecedented. #AmericaFirst
When Jimmy Carter won the Presidency, he sold his family peanut farm in order to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. Every modern President has put their assets in a blind trust - every President except for Trump. #AmericaFirst
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🔥🔥Day 15—Government Shutdown🔥🔥

⁉️Is it worth it?

Per @CNN, just a few inconveniences:

💸More contractors say they won't get back pay
💸Furloughed employees cannot pay rent or take care of children
💸Life-saving HIV research could be put on hold
🔥🔥#TrumpShutdown Inconveniences (cont'd)🔥🔥

💸Will unpaid bills lead to poor credit score, affecting jobs?
💸Will teachers' lesson plans be delayed? The NOAA website is down.
💸With USDA shut down, some home loans cannot be processed…
🔥🔥#TrumpShutdown Inconveniences (cont'd)🔥🔥

💸With IRS shut down, people can't apply for nonprofit status
💸Student loans cannot be processed without tax transcripts from IRS

💥Please add your own stories!!

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🤪INSANITY: We are considering keeping a president in ofc for 2 years & waiting until his term is over to indict?

🙃We will have a criminal as President of the United States of America!

🤣Our country will become more of an international laughing stock!…
⛳️Trump will continue to waste government funds playing golf, running for president 2020 and trashing #Democrats with lies!

🔥Corrupt GOP Senate (who have caused the whole mess) will block all legislation & turn a blind eye to his felonious shenanigans!…
💣Oh, and the felonies Trump "directed" helped him get into office illegally in the first place!

📈Our country will go further into debt!

📉The stock market will continue to fall!

👉Of course there is no precedent for this; the situation is ludicrous!…
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