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New thread: Mike Pence - Traitor, Traitor, that order.

Traitor(s) everywhere.
Treason at the highest levels.
Foreign agents within our government.
Highest levels.
Infiltration [rogue] at the HIGHEST LEVELS of our gov, media, corps, etc.
#FindTheQ ImageImageImageImage
1/ 2016 - Trump flirts with unpopular Pence.

"There are plenty of Republicans in his home state who would be glad to see him abandon his re-election campaign to serve as Donald Trump’s running mate."… Image
2/ Following meetings with DJT in early July 2016 (prior to the RNC), news reports were circulating that Pence was frontrunner as DJT's VP running mate. No sooner than those reports came out, it was then reported that Pence had sealed his Congressional Records.
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🚨BREAKING: on the same February day that Trump falsely claimed the #coronavirus was “very much under control,” aides told the Hoover Institution the #outbreak could prove worse than publicly revealed, giving wealthy donors an early warning to SELL OFF.🤬…
Kudlow revealed the #coronavirus was “contained in the US to date, but now we just don’t know,” per a document from a hedge fund consultant who attended the briefings: “What struck me,” was that nearly every official raised the virus “as a point of concern, totally unprovoked.”🧐
"Interviews w/8 people who either received copies of the memo or were briefed on aspects of it...provide a glimpse of how elite traders had access to info from the administration that helped them gain financial advantage during a chaotic 3 days when global markets were teetering.
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#TrumpKnew how bad it was. Which means #PenceKnew how bad it was. And Jared certainly knew. They all have blood on their hands.…
This is undeniable. Woodward brought the receipts, which are not actual receipts, but audio recordings:…
If you're outraged, please donate to Joe & Kamala. If Trump wins re-election, it's not hyperbole to say that our very lives are at stake.…
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Donald Trump's night so far:

- Lev Parnas goes on #Maddow and destroys Trump, Pence, Rudy, Barr, everyone
- Trump must be crapping himself right now
- Lev confirms #PenceKnew
- "President Pelosi" is trending
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only 10:15pm
Lev Parnas just buried Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Bill Barr and more…
Lev Parnas just pretty much forced John Bolton’s testimony to happen…
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"President Trump knew exactly what was going on. He was aware of all of my movements. I wouldn't do anything without the consent of Rudy Giuliani & the president." - Lev Parnas, associate of Rudy Giuliani.
ICYMI @SenatorCollins, can we agree for the sake of our democracy we need witnesses and documents at the trial? You can have truth, or you can have Trump, but you can't have both.
.@SenatorGardner, wanted to be sure you saw this clip. Imagine you'd want to hear more from witnesses and documents during the trial. Truth or Trump?
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Chairman Nadler opens today’s #ImpeachmentHearing and immediately he is interrupted by a guy shouting who is escorted out. Now Nadler says in his statement that even if the president doesn’t honor his oath of office “I honor mine.” “Charismatic demagogues” is also mentioned.
“President Trump put himself before country.” Nadler is coming out strong, hitting this point several times, noting the whistleblower’s complaint has been substantiated over and over by multiple officials. Nadler looks like he is trying to sway independent voters.
About that protestor planted in the gallery who was removed. He was accusing Nadler of treason. “We voted for Donald Trump and they’re trying to remove him because they don’t like him!”he yelled.
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#Sondland so far
-I am not of the highest principles
-I don't have a great memory
-No fair I wasn't given cheat sheets
So #Sondland has just said:

We were working <against our better judgment> to overcome "the problems".

And who caused those "problems" now?

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Is there a stronger visual of patriotism? Lt. Col. Vindman arrives for his testimony at #ImpeachmentHearing. Adam Schiff just thanked him for “shedding blood for your country.” Duty. Honor.
Who is this fine fellow who has Nune’s back? Who can listen to Nunes? Talking about the Russian hoax, ffs.
Nunes opens by wanting to talk to the American people then proceeds to bash the media. And blowing out the whistleblower. He is spewing White House talking points. Nunes is so annoying. I want to mute him. But I can’t. It’s my duty to listen to his bs. We are all Adam Schiff.
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🔥@RudyGiuliani’s henchman Lev Parnas says *in May* he gave #Ukraine an ultimatum: publicly announce a probe of Biden, or else @VP Pence wouldn’t attend Zelensky’s swearing-in and aid would be frozen.

Rudy: “I never told him to say that.”🙄

🚨Lev Parnas’ #extortion meeting in #Ukraine in May occurred AFTER Rudy (with Parnas’s help) had planned a trip there to urge Zelensky to pursue investigations to help @realDonaldTrump.🤬

#RICO #corruption #TrumpBribed @HouseDemocrats @RepAdamSchiff…
After reports of Rudy’s #extortion trip to #Ukraine surfaced in May, Rudy suddenly cancelled his trip, claiming he was “set up” by Ukrainians, and blamed Democrats for trying to “spin” his trip.

“They say I was meddling in the election.”🙄

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🚨BREAKING: Gordon Sondland intends to testify that the text he wrote denying a quid pro quo with #Ukraine was relayed to him directly by @realDonaldTrump in a call: “It’s only true that the president said it, not that it was the truth.”🔥

After acting ambassador to #Ukraine Bill Taylor texted Sondland/ “I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,” Sondland called @realDonaldTrump, who told Sondland he didn’t “want a quid pro quo…didn’t want anything from #Ukraine.”🔥
Sondland appears to be throwing TRUMP under the bus, basically saying that he took Trump at his word that there wasn’t a quid pro quo with #Ukraine.🧐

#Ukrainegate #Corruption #ImpeachTrump

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So…Let’s recap: One week into the official #ImpeachmentInquiry
The following NEW information has come to light:

🔹Trump/Zelensky redacted transcript released; proves Trump’s extortion
🔹Trump personally pressured Australian PM to help discredit USIC/Mueller probe findings


🔹Trump regime hid the transcript of the call with Australian PM on codeword, secret NSA server
🔹Trump implicates Pence for his phone calls w/Ukraine #PenceKnew
🔹Trump rants on twitter about arresting Adam Schiff for Treason
🔹Trump threatens a Civil War if he’s impeached
🔹Trump mocks 16 y/o climate activist Greta Thunberg on twitter while at the #ClimateChange Summit
🔹Trump wanted to build moats w/reptiles & wanted US CBP/Military to shoot immigrants at the border
🔹Trump personally called UK PM Boris Johnson to help him discredit Mueller probe
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A friend asked me how I knew this in 2016, during the campaign, before the election, how did I know to raise red flags about #TrumpRussia #TrumpLies #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #PenceKnew #Manafort 1/
She went on: you’re busy, you’re just a normal civilian person, you run a small business, you’re focused on working, your family, how did you figure out and know what was wrong with Trump, Russia, the GOP, why the election was different? 2/
First, let’s acknowledge lots of people knew, too. I don’t just mean the intelligence community, or the co-conspirators and accomplices to treason and illegal activities, I mean lots of other regular people like me. There are some common qualities and habits we share 3/
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