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#ImpeachmentTrial @AdamSchiff lies.

#Sondland says that there was a #QuidProQuo , but then later explaind he has ZERO direct evidence. The quid pro quo is just an assumption.

Here is Sondland explaining
@realDonaldTrump has every right to ask #Ukraine to help investigate crimes and corruption.
@BillClinton signed a
Treaty with Ukraine to assist one another in criminal and corruption investigations.

You can read the whole treaty at this link :…
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1/ My thread on #GOP defense of #Trump: General defense amounts to 2 arguments: 1. #Trump was genuinely concerned about #corruption in #Ukraine; 2) not enough evidence to #impeach. We have no evidence on the first & evidence to the contrary. Legally, there’s enough evidence.
2/ The strongest args #GOP makes - #Trump not caught on tape saying he was abusing his office for his personal gain. Ukraine history of corruption & publicly denied pressure. But you have to suspend reason & ignore a boatload of evidence to conclude he did nothing impeachable.
3/ #GOP on 7/25 call -#Trump didn’t reference reelection, Ukrainians happy it happened. #Volker didn’t see problem, NSC not complaining. Discounts #LtColVindman. Ignores #Pence aide thought it was “unusual” & #LauraCooper said Ukraine asked abt aid status same day after the call
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Is that a 5:5 Mr. President?! 😏

Troll Master score: 8 Bajillion! 🏆 ♾
2. We’ve got our ROCKY reference!! 🥊
Nice job @nwmwmomma 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

See next tweet for references!
3. @JackalsLast decodes from Trump tweets “Rocky” released from prison., back in AUGUST, as well as connect to #Sondland!
Amazing! Wow!
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#BREAKING:Now #CNN reports that #Trump WAS BRIEFED about #Ukraine #Whistleblower complaint in August, took steps TO HIDE IT from Congress, and that 2 DAYS after Congress announced probe, he released the funds.Folks,..

#TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty
So #Trump goes out there, FINDS OUT what he's been accused of in the #Whistleblower complaint---#QuidProQuo---MAKES SURE to mention "no quid pro quo" to #Sondland, and now that becomes his defense. CAN'T MAKE THIS👆👆STUFF UP FOLKS!!
And then the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that's his @GOP, including @HurdOnTheHill and @RepStefanik, turn around and tell us IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL. #GTFOH!!
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🔅Ukraine and Corruption🔅
Inside the Embassy:
Private emails edition.
Under @BarackObama + @JoeBiden + @HillaryClinton
Unless otherwise stated.
#Ukraine #Embassy re cieved an email
Sept 14/14 : regarding #Military Aid and sanctions the US imposed on Russia.
The Ukraine cable discusses the upcomiby then President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who will be addressing Congress on Sept.18/14.

Militar y aid was previously requested from #America to Ukraine in order to defend itself from #Russia
Poroshenko to most likely request military aid again, even though at that time Obama refused.
Ukraine's defense is not an option despite the fact that in 1994, Ukraine voluntarily surrendered its entire nuclear arsenal.
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An armada of spammy pornbots has been hijacking the #/CaveFire hashtag this morning. We found 65, all hypothetically tweeting via the Twitter website. (Twitter seems to be filtering some of the activity so we're not confident this is the entire botnet.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote These bots appear to link a variety of different porn sites, although we wouldn't be surprised if this is an obfuscation technique and all the links actually go to the same place (we're not clicking to find out.)
@ZellaQuixote The fire hashtag isn't the only trend these bots are hijacking; their most frequently used hashtags are a mix of porn hashtags, perennial trends like #TuesdayThoughts, and current events like #Sondland, #ImpeachmentHearings, and the aforementioned #/CaveFire.
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I know this is not news, but jeez hearing it directly from #DavidHolmes at the #ImpeachmentInquiry is just something else....

#Sondland to #Trump: "you can tell the #Kardashians you tried"

#FionaHill another woman, another immigrant, another patriotic public servant committed fully to the PRINCIPLES of our great nation.

#FionaHill talking about the role of #DevinNunes' senior aide #KashPatel in Trump's 'understanding' of Ukraine.

The full tight circle.

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Ah ce Sénat US bientôt révolté dans l'#impeachment contre #Trump, mené par l'indomptable Romney...Halte au sketch: grâce à l'approbation massive de ses nominations judiciaires par le Sénat, 7 cours d'appel fédérales sur 13 ont 1 majorité de juges républicains (4 en 2017)
2) Croyez-moi (ou pas) mais CE fait-là pourrait avoir bien plus d'impact que le témoignage de #Sondland sur l'avenir US: #Trump a fait approuver par le Sénat 48 nouveaux juges en cours d'appel fédérale contre 55 pour #Obama... en 2 mandats.
3) Et donc cette question lancinante: pourquoi voudriez-vous que des républicains du Sénat tuent par 1 destitution après #impeachment leur parti, perdent leurs prébendes et abattent un président #Trump qui, avec eux, reconstruit un pouvoir judiciaire fédéral à leur main?#réalité
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Castor: "Good heavens" tells me he'd been present at a #Sondland "wood-shedding" session or or have knowledge of it. Wonder if @VP is torpedoing @POTUS @realDonaldTrump? Don't anyone tell Trump. 😎
@VP @POTUS @realDonaldTrump The lies to save Pence may evidence that the forces of darkness view Trump as too far gone to save and with Pence now in jeopardy they need to make the move to put the hounds off the scent.
@VP @POTUS @realDonaldTrump And just now Pence's team posts a "He's not Donald Trump" photo from the critical swing state.
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US Policy Is Driven by Imperative to Stop Coalition between Germany and Russia using Ukraine -
Stratfor Chairman 2015

Listen to this 👇👇

Friedman's key points:

The primordial interest of the United States for centuries (WWI, WWII and the Cold War) has been to stop a coalition between Germany and Russia. 

US is the only ally Ukraine (the Kiev regime) has.

#sondlandtestimony #ImpeachmentHearing
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OMG, the look on @DevinNunes’ face just before adjourning for the break after the first 45 minute questioning of #Sondland MUST be made into a meme. It was a pure “WE ARE SO F**KED” expression
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If you take a shaker, fill it with ice, some vodka and olive juice. Then proceeded to put it on #Sondland ‘s lap while he is testifying, you’d get the perfect dirty martini.
#Sondland is shaking so much and is so fidgety @TomArnold is considering suing him for stealing his act
Just look at the bozos trump hired to run international diplomacy. For shame. #Sondland
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#Sondland says it all: We were playing the hand we were dealt. We didn't want to work w Giuliani. But WE FOLLOWED THE PRESIDENT'S ORDERS. At the time we didn't think we were engaging in improper behavior. Giuliani's requests were a quid pro quo for WH visit. #ImpeachmentHearings
@HouseIntel #Sondland: I opposed withholding security aid to Ukraine. I shared my concerns of the potential quid pro quo w/ @SenRonJohnson. NSC BOLTON, Hill, Morrison all knew what we were doing. State Dept POMPEO knew & approved of all our activities, as late as Sept. #ImpeachmentHearings
@HouseIntel @SenRonJohnson #Sondland names many WH & State officials including #Mulvaney, #Pompeo… "A lot senior officials" knew. July 19 email informed everyone. "Everyone was in the loop." He slams White House & the State Dept for refusing to provide notes, call records & documents. #ImpeachmentHearings
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Donald Trump's day so far:

- Gordon Sondland sells out Trump and Mike Pence
- #Sondland also throws "Mr. Giuliani" under bus
- Lock her up: Nikki Haley sent classified information over private email
- It's all hitting the fan
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only 9:50am
Gordon Sondland just totally threw Donald Trump and Mike Pence under the bus…
Gordon Sondland just took a blowtorch to everyone…
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BREAKING: #Sondland changes testimony, admits #QuidProQuo, says he was personally directed to extort Ukraine by @realDonaldTrump
BREAKING: #Sondland will also implicate @VP and @SecPompeo in Ukraine extortion plot. In opening statement he slams Pompeo and the White House for blocking his access to unclassified documents needed to inform his testimony. #SondlandTestimony #ImpeachmentHearings
BREAKING: #Sondland says he and Perry were forced by Trump to work with @RudyGiuliani: “We followed the President’s orders.” He says he would not have done so if he knew how many criminals Guiliani was working with.
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#Sondland so far
-I am not of the highest principles
-I don't have a great memory
-No fair I wasn't given cheat sheets
So #Sondland has just said:

We were working <against our better judgment> to overcome "the problems".

And who caused those "problems" now?

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Today's morning testimony is definitely one to watch! GORDON SONDLAND is up at 9AM EST! Watch link below:

To remind you all:

GORDON SONDLAND is the US ambassador to the European Union. Like Trump, he's a hotel magnate. Before he was appointed to his position was a huge donor to Trump's inaugural committee (to the tune of $1 million!). Prior to that, he donated massively to the GOP.
SONDLAND is considered to be the least credible witness, who was forced to update his private testimony after his recollection of the events around the Ukraine phone call and aid were disputed by *several* people. SONDLAND is the one who touted a quid pro quo! (he disputes this).
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1 petit #thread récapitulatif sur l'enquête en vue d'#impeachment sur #Trump de la Chambre démocrate qui prend un nouveau tournant aujourd'hui avec les 1ères auditions publiques et télévisées de témoins pour essayer de prendre de la hauteur sur 1 flux impressionnant d'infos… 👇
2) Déjà, de quoi s'agit-il? Rappeler que la Chambre à majorité démocrate a ouvert depuis le 24 septembre 1 enquête en vue d'#impeachment, c'est-à-dire de mise en accusation contre le président D.#Trump à propos de ses actions envers l'#Ukraine au printemps et à l'été 2019...
3)…cette enquête parlementaire en vue d'#impeachment de la Chambre démocrate a été ultérieurement codifiée par cette résolution votée par la Chambre le 31 octobre.L'enquête doit déterminer s'il y a motif(s) de mettre en accusation #Trump selon ces règles.…
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OUH LA LA...l'ambassadeur de #Trump auprès de L'UE, son ex-donateur #Sondland vient de MODIFIER son témoignage sur l'#Ukraine au Congrès et reconnaît le donnant-donnant (Quid pro quo). Retournement.
2) C'est 1 #breaking tout ce que vous voulez...#Sondland, coincé par les témoignages des diplomates et militaires de carrière comme Taylor ou Vindman, reconnaît avoir lié pour #Trump aide militaire à l'#Ukraine aux enquêtes sur #Biden...
3) #Verbatim Le compte-rendu du témoignage de #Sondland est ici et allez à la fin (page 376) pour avoir son correctif qui enfonce la 1ère ligne de défense de #Trump du "no Quid pro quo". #àlire…
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💥 #Sondland Confirms Ukraine Quid Pro Quo in NEW Updated #Impeachment Testimony: He told Ukrainian officials that US military aid was unlikely unless they publicly committed to the investigations President Trump wanted.
#Sondland discussed the linkage w/ Yermak—in Warsaw after Pence-Zelensky meeting, where Z discussed aid suspension: “I said that resumption of the US aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anticorruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks”
🔥#Sondland describes the quid pro quo creep to Trump's demands: First, talk to Giuliani. Then it was about corruption. Then corruption wasn't enough. "We need to talk about the 2016 election & the Burisma investigations…It kept getting more insidious."…
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💥First direct witness on Ukraine call >> Top WH Ukraine expert & decorated military officer will tell impeachment investigators he twice reported concerns about Trump’s pressure tactics on Ukraine… #UkraineGate #Impeachment
LtCol Vindman wasn't just worried about Trump's illegal demand. As a natsec expert AND Soviet immigrant, he understood the implications: Dragging Ukraine into partisan investigations would undoubtedly result in losing bipartisan support—bad for OUR natl security, good for Russia.
Trump propagandists smear hero Vindman b/c the truth is clear as day. His testimony is first-hand direct evidence of Trump's abuse of power, directing a campaign to pressure Ukraine to benefit himself—& Russia—at the expense of our national security goals.…
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What #Sondland OMITS from Opening Statement shows how extra-damning this is likely to get


1. Major media (including two NYT blockbusters) in May reported Giuliani pressure on Ukraine for Burisma-BIDEN probe

(Sondland can't credibly claim not knowing)

2. Sondland opening remarks omits:

Content of July 10 meeting: Sondland personally pressed Ukrainians to investigate past cases, understood by US officials at Burisma-Biden (freaked out Bolton and Fiona Hill)

(Advice: believe Fiona Hill's testimony on this)
3. Sondland omits:

July 25: Mulvaney arranged for Sondland to prep Trump behind Bolton's back before call with Zelensky.

Note: prior version of WaPo story "indicated otherwise based on info provided by a person familiar with Sondland’s planned testimony"

Did he plan to lie?
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#Sondland better watch his step.

Hill testified, under oath, that his statements in July 10 meeting were understood to mean pushing Ukraine to investigate Bidens.👇

WaPo reported Sondland plans to say he didn’t realize Biden connection. He may want to revise that before Thurs.
Here’s the WSJ article in @lrozen’s tweet describing Fiona Hill’s testimony (great scoop by @rebeccaballhaus @aviswanatha
And here’s the Post’s story from Saturday describing what Sondland had planned (at least before Hill’s testimony, that is) to tell Congress (scoop by @byaarncdavis and @John_Hudson):…
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🔥#QuidProQuo 🔥Donors to the Trump inaugural committee -that is UNDER INVESTIGATION - got ambassador nominations. Trump knew large donors were more likely to be LOYAL when he asked for dirt on opponents or other favors... #Sondland…
🤔While we are on the subject of Ambassadorships and loyalty and paybacks ... consider this👇
💥Trump also rewards ambassadorships for silence... hey 👋 @AMBZAMPOLLI
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