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So I wrote a 100+ tweet 🧵on the great many & ever-growing failings rendering "Conservative" leader Poilievre unelectable as Prime Minister but it got mangled at the end. Given the 3x weekly proto-fascistic bozo eruptions of this man & his enablers, this 2nd 🧵was needed. Mahalo!
[You can access #TheUnelectablePoilievre 🧵Part One here. I suggest you bring whiskey]
Let's jump right back into your regularly scheduled broadcast:
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Since #PeoplesParty likes to claim I'm too "woke" for their alt-right #fraudsquad thought I would share some of the work I did for them. Someone explain what in the world didn't align with a true Leftist party? NB just wanted to hide his sexual harassment investigation w lies.
They claim I was anti #Assange. The bigger issue is LM ONLY posted older White men & Nick, nothing else, resulting in the party only attracting White men & White women 65+. With Nick's blessing I was working on diversifying the content to reach ALL people, not just White males.
To reach more than White males & retired White women, I started to post a combination of content to appeal to a wider audience. So the regular news items, events, I added in STATE events so our state vols had more reach & benefitted from national, & also added fun memes.
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Red or Blue, the Criminalization of Poverty & #Homelessness is the cruel result of hypercapitalism, cronyism & corruption. We need a #newparty that values HUMAN worth, not economic worth.
It is telling that the most "progressive" states suffer the highest rates of homelessness in the nation per capita. This is neoliberal elitism in action.
California - 161,000 homeless
New York - 91,000 homeless
Washington - 23000 homeless
Massachusetts - 18000 homeless
Oregon - 14500 homeless…
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Let's break the response by Nick Brana of the #PeoplesParty down a bit:
- Nick refuses to go on Franc Analysis claiming he 'said all he has to say' about the petitioners then says he'd be glad to go on the vanguard to talk about it... so he's just dodging Franco
- Nick says that the he's waiting on the vanguard to respond to him and the vanguard has since shown evidence that nick hasn't responded to them:
- Nick says everything @MppPetitioners has said has been debunked in their 'statements'. MPP has only called us bad faith actors without any evidence presented, meanwhile the petitioners have an entire website with point by point debunking of MPP:
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Let me further note why I have been whistleblowing, social media protesting, & been about holding the #PeoplesParty accountable. #MPP has considered themselves to be "a major progressive right wing populist party" bc they feel that the nation is "majority center right."
It has been assumed that the #PeoplesParty is about "competing on class lines" BUT even w/ having been Anti-Black, pro-censorship, anti-union (even of their own organizers & vols), & an org that has never been totally proven to be legit by the IRS, it's clear. They pretend well.
Let's take #MedicareForAll as an example of #PeoplesParty tokenism. Have they ever done or said anything about doing policy work towards the issue? Have they ever done more than give platitudes? In the past 4 yrs, what has #MPP done for #M4A besides social media & clout chasing?
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I keep feeling like many on the left would have easily gotten scammed by a Bernie Madoff character & still been a Stan even after he got arrested, not just caught in his grift. Of course, I'm glad to know that I would've told my story, sought justice, & hope no one else got had.
There is liberation in telling the truth & not just suffering from injustice. I remember not wanting to tell my long time Twitter peeps @B43Franco & @ProudSocialist what happened to me in the #PeoplesParty bc I didn't want to be the "crying to my friends" person & be a bother.
It is easier to just keep the truth to yourself but what purpose would it have served for me to be silent on what the #PeoplesParty did to me & my peers? What purpose would it have served the left for me to have "just left MPP/PP & be quiet" after suffering, struggling, & all?
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#MPP #PeoplesParty whatever you want to call them have been on the offensive against people who have been trying to help them for months and is choosing to attempt to discredit these volunteers with zero evidence instead of facing their critics
So is it time to spill that 🍵 🫖 🤔 #PeoplesParty #MPP
In November a petition began circulating around the #MPP volunteer base that was addressing what people saw as problematic with the leadership of @PeoplesParty_US. A meeting was asked for and agreed to by the leadership of MPP and our concerns were brought to their attention
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Throughout the day members of the new #PeoplesParty Advisory Council have been posting videos announcing why they have partnered with us to help build a major new party.

We're including these tweets below so you can see for yourself their passion for a #PeoplesParty.
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BREAKING: We are proud to announce that a remarkable group of people is joining us to build the #PeoplesParty and #ForceTheVote, including @SusanSarandon, @rosemcgowan, @ChaseIronEyes, @CornelWest, Justin Jackson (@J_ManPrime21) and many more.…
Our Advisory Council brings together activists, organizers, and leaders from across the country like @medeabenjamin, Ryan Knight (@ProudSocialist), Chris Smalls (@Shut_downAmazon), @eynelys Garcia, @Maebe_A_Girl, Omar Fernandez, and Dr. Peter Kalmus (@ClimateHuman).
People like @jimmydore, @RonPlacone, @amayawangeshi, @kaitlin_sb, Mike Sylvester (@MaineSocialist), Eleanor Goldfield (@ActivistEleanor), @MikeMcCorkleCO, and Cheng-Sim Lim have come together to build a party free of corporate money. We couldn't be more excited to share the news.
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Starting my new thread for ‘21/‘22!! Thread of progressive candidates including #NotMeUs and some combo #NotMeUs + #YangGang! (🔺@GOP ; 🔹Dem; 🌻Green ▫️other Independent) & I’ll be adding to (sometimes editing) thread #elections  
@ninaturner🔹is running for #OH11 for @RepMarciaFudge🔹seat she will be leaving in a spc #Election! @BernieSanders @CoriBush @RoKhanna @OurRevolution @AndrewYang & so many more have endorsed! #NotMeUs
@Ashawn4Boston🔹is an activist running for Boston City Council District 3 against City Councilor Frank Baker🔹 in 2021! Primary: 9/21, Gen 11/21 #bospoli #NotMeUs #Action4D3
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Why is @OurRevolution national repeatedly kicking members off their call for so much as daring to ask for democracy and debate inside their own organization??

Why is OR national so afraid to discuss forming a #PeoplesParty that it stoops to silencing its own organizers?
2) This is the **second time** in three days that OR national tries to silence their members for daring to ask if we should create the major new party that the majority of Americans say they want in poll after poll.
3) On @OurRevolution national's volunteer call Monday night, chapters spoke up in support of @OurRevolutionLA's call for a major new party and shared links to our press release announcing OR LA's support.
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1. Jeff Weaver is also the guy who convinced Bernie and Jane to start taking billionaire money at Our Revolution in August 2016. I was there. If I and the rest of the staff hadn’t walked out in protest they would have gone ahead with it. That’s why we resigned.
2. The worst part is that Weaver wanted to use the organization’s 501(c)(4) status to take billionaire money without telling grassroots donors about it. All while continuing to sign every email and piece merchandise with: “Paid for by Our Revolution. Not the billionaires.”
3. Asking millions of poor and working class people, who had just poured their heart and soul into the Bernie campaign, to give more, while not telling them that we were taking billionaire money on the side, is one of the worst things I’ve ever been asked to do.
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🔴 Is the DNC really getting rid of superdelegate power by not allowing them to vote in the first round? No. It's just a clever way of trying to get progressives to think they are reforming.…
IF a progressive were to win the Democratic nomination, the DNC can activate the superdelegates by forcing the vote into a 2nd round because they control the rules and bylaws of the convention (just as they did with Henry Wallace).
The progressive is then eliminated in the 2nd round when superdelegates get to vote. Remember the reason superdelegates came into existence was to block progressives from winning.
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