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When markets are brutal, you need to be armed to the teeth with the right tools for the job.

@TheEYELabs bring you the most powerful suite of tools all in one place.

Let's take a look at how $EYE can help you to step up your shitcoin game! 👇 🧵:… Image
In this thread I'll be covering:

- What is $EYE
- Trading Bot
- Hidden Gems
- Safe Burns
- Smart Money
- Audit Bot
- Social Bot Finder
- Real Yield
But First, what is $EYE?

It's a suite of tools designed to help anybody become a master at finding coins, checking safety, and sniping/buying.

Sounds simple right? That's because it is. They've designed it to have all the tools you could possibly need, in a simple Telegram Bot
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1) Borrowing and lending protocols have always been popular due to the incentives they bring to the market.

@MendiFinance is one of the first lending/borrowing protocols launching on @LineaBuild that's growing in popularity lately.

What is Mendi all about? 🧵 👇 Image
2) Mendi Finance is an EVM compatible lending/borrowing protocol that launched on #Linea.

Mendi aims to be the number 1 lending platform by providing the highest incentives possible through their unique bribe-reward tokenomics.

100% of all profits will go to $MENDI stakers.
3) Mendi Finance provides peer-to-peer lending solutions that are fully decentralized, transparent and non-custodial.

Users will be able to lend any supported assets on their platform, and use their capital to borrow supported assets.
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I spent dozens of hours looking for alpha on-chain last month 🔎

In this thread I'll share my top findings:

- fastest-growing protocols
- current trends & narratives
- latest smart money movements

Let's dive in🧵👇 Image
Fastest-growing Protocols📈

1️⃣ @LybraFinanceLSD

$LBR has been killing it lately.

Lybra is the project behind eUSD, an interest-bearing stablecoin backed by LSDs. (stETH)

Its TVL increased from $16M to $160M in 3 weeks🤯

Anyone can borrow $eUSD against $stETH with 0 fees. Image
A fee is deducted from the stETH income that Lybra gets, and it's sent to $LBR stakers.

The reason for Lybra's explosive growth is its flywheel effect:

$ETH borrowers get $LBR incentives for minting $eUSD-> more revenue for $LBR holders -> higher $LBR price-> more $eUSD minted
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$OSMO is about to become deflationary.

A burn mechanism is soon to be deployed on @osmosiszone 🔥

Unleashing the Real Yield to benefit $OSMO. 🧵 Image
1/ The launch of @SkipProtocol ProtoRev has allowed @osmosiszone to have the ability to capitalize on revenue previously being lost to arbitrage bots.

As such, pathways to the most popular routes has been utilized to harness real yield being generated on $OSMO, $ATOM and $USDC. Image
2/ Since the majority of trading occurring on @osmosiszone involves the $OSMO token.

it has resulted in a significant portion of the revenue being generated coming from $OSMO.

This is #Realyield generated by the protocol, so what to do with it? Image
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Beaucoup de choses ont changé récemment sur @ede_finance. Je souhaitais faire un thread pour tout résumer.

Voici donc le guide ultime pour @ede_finance et l'opportunité d'investissement qu'il représente
#arbitrum #perp Image

1️⃣ Vue d'ensemble
2️⃣ ELP
3️⃣ EUSD
4️⃣ EDE
5️⃣ EDET
6️⃣ Avis perso
1️⃣ Vue d'ensemble

@ede_finance est un dex perp qui permet de réaliser du trading avec levier.

Le projet est un fork modifié de GMX qui était d'abord exclusivement sur BNB puis qui est passé en début d'année sur Arbitrum. On va donc surtout se concentrer sur cette chaîne.
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話說,沉寂已久的🐓券 $blusd 最近突然漲起來了
原來是終於能作抵押借貸,而且是99% LTV
(基於bLUSD有保證兌換lusd的floor price)

@gravitaprotocol 幾次提高抵押借款限額都快速爆滿

同時, Liquity有關方面正在 @Timeless_Fi#Bunni 上部署基於 Uni-v3的 bLUSD/LUSD 激勵池... 👀👀
因為 bLUSD 現在基本能在 @gravitaprotocol 完全抵押套現

把資金套出來買入更多自動生息(yield bearing)的 $bLUSD ,或投資更多🐓券,就可以變成一個LOOP

這需要一個有效的 $bLUSD LP池
項目方正打算轉投 Uniswap v3作更集中的流動性

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@GNDProtocol is a project that gives its investors #RealYield

In 3 weeks from launching on #Arbitrum they have amassed 31M in TVL

And their $GND token is up 6x from launch

But how exactly does it all work? 🧵👇 Image
At the core of the protocol sits $gmUSD an algorithmic yield-bearing stablecoin

gmUSD is fully backed by $gmdUSDC and $gDAI from #Arbitrum heavyweights @GMDprotocol and @GainsNetwork_io

And is expected to produce 15-25% APY

👇 Image
To maintain the peg GND Protocol uses minting and redemption arbitrage through the PSALM (Protocol Smart Arbitrage Leveraging Mechanism)

But the difference here is only GND Protocol can mint and redeem

All profits from arbitrage go to the protocol and benefit investors

👇 Image
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People had been sleeping on Arbitrum $ARB @arbitrum again

But don't make that mistake anon

$ARB's $2.5B TVL means it's still the premier DeFi eco

Hence I give you today TOP 8 UNIQUE Arbitrum DeFi projects and their bullish catalysts 🐂🌕 🧵 Image

$GMX is the blue-chip Arbitrum deriv platform w/ $500M TVL and vol

The pioneer in #RealYield w/ $GLP rev sharing

Upcoming catalyst: GMX v2 testnet in 2 weeks + synthetics trading could open up fresh trading pairs - more volume + renewed narrative Image
2/ $RDNT @RDNTCapital

RDNT is a cross-chain lending market supported by LayerZero

Bullish catalysts: LRZ narrative, more assets + chains esp. ETH support could skyrocket w/ $LDO $CRV

Read my thread to learn more about how RDNT could be the next AAVE

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1/ 🚀 We are excited to launch tomorrow the #Blockedcc missions for Levana Perps on @SeiNetwork Testnet!


A step-by-step guide to beta testing trading & earning real yield rewards! 🤑 Join us on Levana's Discord server for support! 🔗 #SeiTestnet Image
2/ 🌐 What is Levana? It's a GMX style Perps platform on @SeiNetwork Testnet . Trade long or short with 30x leverage on your favorite cryptos like #BTC #ETH and earn yield by providing liquidity! up to 40% APR of #realyield 💰 #CryptoTrading #LeverageTrading
3/ 📢 Mission #1: Connect with Levana's Social Channels to be eligible for rewards! 🎁 ✅ Join Discord & verify account ✅ Follow on Twitter ✅ Join Telegram Find all links on our Linktree! 🌳 #StayConnected
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ICYMI: Updates from last week

• Permissionless Pools: 25bps
• sJOE V2.1 fee share active on Avalanche
• Migration to V2.1 ~80% completed
• Liquidity Book Rewards: Epoch 4
• $JOE is ultrasound Image
📘 Permissionless Pools

The final tier is now open:
• 25 bps (0.25% base fee)

You can now open a 25bps, 50bps or 100bps Liquidity Book Pool using ANY token.

Live on #Avalanche, #Arbitrum and #BNB
🐖 sJOE

#RealYield fee sharing from Trader Joe.

Fees are now being distributed from Liquidity Book V2.1 pools to sJOE stakers. Remittances can be seen on the sJOE page.

#Arbitrum and #BNB 'soon' Image
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1. Perpetual Exchanges have found product market fit and gained massive traction even within the depths of the bear market.

Imagine what they can do in the bull market.

Here are 5 existing/upcoming Perps Exchanges that you must keep under your radar:

🧵(1/18) Image
2. The success of Perpetuals Exchanges comes from their ability to consistently generate meaningful revenue that translates into real yield.

Not sure what Perpetuals are? Here's a thread that can get you up to speed:
3. Without further ado, let's go straight into the list! First up, @GMX_IO.

Chain: @arbitrum, @avax

Live on Mainnet: Yes

Token: $GMX
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Are you an Arbitrum addicted? Looking for #RealYield?!

Are you maybe also a degen, always looking for the best APY on the market?

Do you even like automation?!

Then get ride to ride a wild horse… Welcome to @Rodeo_Finance!!! Image

Content of the thread:

1⃣ Introduction to @Rodeo_Finance
2⃣ Protocol architecture
3⃣ Roadmap and products
4⃣ Conclusion

1⃣ Introduction to @Rodeo_Finance.

Rodeo Finance is a decentralized Arbitrum yield protocol that offers users the ability to take undercollateralized leveraged positions in yield strategies on both Rodeo and external protocols.
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The @array_capital launchpad launches its first project: @mayfairfund 🚀

Why should you care or at least understand what @mayfairfund proposes? 👀

#RealYield, #Airdrop, Innovation, good tokenomics… Let's explore that 🔥

THREAD 🧵 Image
First of all, @array_capital is a launchpad whose vocation is to launch only protocols that offer a real yield to users.

If you want more details on this Launchpad, I invite you to read @DeFi_Made_Here thread, it's very well explained!

@mayfairfund will be the first project launched by @array_capital on @arbitrum and @zksync!

This project can therefore be an opportunity to interact with @zksync if you haven't done it yet.

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Have you heard of @Davos_Protocol?

A stable asset protocol that can help you achieve sustainable high #Realyield while maintaining asset stability on #Polygon.

Want to know how it works? (Potential #Airdrop)

Let me explain 🧵👇 Comment & RT 4 others.
🟢What is @Davos_Protocol?

$DAVOS is a fully crypto-collateralized stable asset, soft-pegged to the USD.

It maintains its peg through onchain collateral & liquid staking.

You can borrow $DAVOS by depositing collateral and taking out loans which can be used to trade on DEXs.
#Davos Protocol offers a sustainable 7-9% APY to stakers through the generated yield from liquid staking.

This allows for stable and attractive returns while contributing to the growth and stability of the protocol.
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For the past 5 months, the BL team has helped with developing Gravity ⚡

Frontend, backend, #gamification - you name it

What is Gravity & how does work?

Let's check 👇 🧵 Image

@gravity_xyz is a #multichain, MMORPG browser game, using the blockchain stack to reward users according to their contribution

In a nuthsell:

• mint an avatar
• complete quests
• claim / loot items
• level-up the character
• bet on players
• earn more Image

Gravity is bringing some real #NFT use cases to the table.

Every single player has a unique character (minted as an NFT).

Plus, players can level up its NFTs to re-sell it on the secondary market.

Visuals: the collection has an elf vibe 🧝 Image
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The earlier you are on a project, the more opportunities you have to make big multiples💸

But, it can be challenging to find these projects before they become popular

Do not worry anymore, I am here 😉

In this🧵, I've compiled a list of Starknet new/lesser-known projects

1/20 Image
Before we begin, note that my friend @SatsGas and I have recently opened a community Discord focused on Starknet, where we share all our findings and alphas about it

So feel free to join us to stay up-to-date with all the latest news in real-time:

2/20 ImageImageImageImage
1⃣ @MorphineFi

Morphine is a DeFi layer that provides on-chain automation and composability leverage. It allows you to build, scale, and monetize on-chain strategies.

I heard that the project will soon enter its communication phase, so stay tuned and follow them. 😏

3/20 Image
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펜들 파이낸스(Pendle Finance)는 2023년 빠른 성장을 보여주고 있습니다.

지난 3개월간 TVL 약 3배 성장 + 가격 6배 상승이라는 성과를 이루어냈는데요. 이번 쓰레드에선 @pendle_fi와 $vePENDLE 을 다뤄봅니다. Image
프로토콜의 복잡성 때문에 콘텐츠를 두편에 나눠 작성할 계획입니다. 이번 파트 1은 아래 내용을 다룹니다.

- 프로토콜 구조
- PT/YT 토큰
- 생태계

2편에선 펜들을 활용한 트레이딩/파밍 전략에 대해 서술할 예정입니다.
1. 프로토콜 구조

펜들의 기본 아이디어는 일드 베어링 토큰(yield-bearing token)에서, 일드와 원금을 분리해 유동화 시킨다는 컨셉입니다.

- PT : 일드 베어링 토큰 A의 '원금' 토큰
- YT : 일드 베어링 토큰 A의 '일드' 토큰 Image
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This could become one of the most valuable projects on both @arbitrum and @zksync .

What's even better? It hasn't even IDO'd yet.

A great opportunity is up for grabs here in the next 4 days 👇🧵 Image

Array is a platform that helps projects raise capital in a decentralised and permissionless way on the Arbitrum and zkSync networks.

It combines a Launchpad, DEX and Venture Fund.
How It works:

The decentralised and permissionless environment creates extremely low barriers to entry.

This provides an extremely easy & valuable place to launch a project, promoting more adoption.

In addition, both @arbitrum and @zksync networks are hot right now.
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New Strategy Reveal🚀🚀🚀🚀

Delta Neutral LP strategy on @CamelotDEX is cominggg !

Anon, are you ready?

#Arbitrum #realyield #Deltaneutral #Defi Image
nUSDC Strategy Overview

✅ Delta Neutral via @CamelotDEX & @AaveAave
✅ Minimizing Impermanent Loss through Rebalancing Algorithm
✅ Ensuring Stability with @chainlink
✅ Maximizing Profit through $GRAIL Auto-compounding
✅ Additional Yield Boosting through $xGRAIL Auto-staking
How does it work? It’s simple.

The strategy works with the following flows. Image
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The Shanghai Upgrade will be in 7 days! 🔥

The biggest narrative associated with this update is the LSD narrative! 🫧

Let's see how to take advantage of this narrative to make big returns! 🪙

Level: Intermediate 🔰
Reading time: 4 minutes 📚
If you don't know what the Shanghai Upgrade is and what impacts this upgrade may be, I invite you to read this THREAD before continuing:

Today only 15% of $ETH is staked!

This is explained by the fact that $ETH staked and rewards are locked, so a large part does not stake $ETH.

Only these $ETH will no longer be locked after the Shanghai Upgrade.
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Metaverse for the living!
More than 250k community members, 1500 active scholars, and 50+ Gamefi and metaverse partners, @goodgamesguild 🎮aims to build the largest virtual economy

🕹️Gaming hub focus on blockchain-based games!
#PLAY2EARN dive into $GGG 🧵 Image
Covered in this thread ⬇️

1️⃣ Good Games Guild overview
2️⃣ Good Games Products
3️⃣ Tokenomics
4️⃣ Investors & Partners
1️⃣ Good Games Guild overview

Good Games Guild is a gaming hub aiming to create the largest virtual world economy through sponsoring gamers and investing in P2E games

Supports games on multiple chains such as Ethereum, BNB chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, and Solana Image
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How you can do 35.97% APY without being exposed to any coin volatility? 🔥

I show you how you can do this simply with a long/short strategy.

Level: Intermediate 🔰
Reading time: 3 minutes 📚
#DEFI provides access to many opportunities and new ones appear every day.

In this THREAD I show you how you can make 36% APY without exposing yourself using a long-short strategy.
The strategy is based on the $AVAX token.

You will not be exposed to the price variation of this token, exposure is long but also short.

If the price increases your long position compensates for the losses of the short and if the price falls it is the opposite.
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#REALYIELD remains one of the hot narratives that you should not miss.

The problem: finding one is difficult!

Look no further, let's deep dive into @array_capital.


What we will cover:
1⃣ Array Capital
2⃣ How it works
3⃣ Real Yield focused
4⃣ Its venture arm

Array has 2 strategic products:

• Launchpad, where projects can launch their tokens to raise capital, focuses on Real Yield

• DEX, where users can trade launched tokens (0.25% fees for liquidity providers).

This increases the initial liquidity of those tokens. Image
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Here are the 5 points of #Tokenomics to look at BEFORE investing in a protocol. 🪙

Don't invest if you haven't studied these 5 elements of Tokenomics! 🔥

Level: Beginner 🔰
Reading Time : 3 minutes 📚
THREAD 🧵 Image
Are you curious about how the economics of a #cryptocurrency token work?
That's what we call #tokenomics, and it's super important to understand if you want to make smart investments.

So, let's talk about the key things to look at when you're analyzing a token's economics.
1⃣Token supply:
First up, token supply.
That's just how many tokens are out there or how many can be created. Knowing this helps you figure out the market cap and how the price might move.
More tokens can mean less value, while fewer tokens can drive up the price.
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