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How many assassination attempts were made on Gandhi's life? Precisely 6. Still we pretend that someone suddenly got angry for a mere Rs 51 crores given to #Pakistan, that too on the basis of a forged home ministry letter.
#GandhiJayanti #GandhiAt150…
In any crime whether criminal or civil; 4 share responsibility – Kartha, Karayita, Preraka, Anumodaka. All should be punished. But in this case a couple of Karthas also were allowed to get free and no information is available on them. Why? #GandhiAt150…
We never changed British Criminal Justice system & till today only Karthas goes to jail not Planner of any frauds or criminal offenses in India. After US got Independence from Britain they immediately changed the law stating that all 4 should be punished.…
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I argue that Gandhi’s appeasement and ahimsa which asked Hindus to get slaughtered at the hand of Muslims was immoral.

His value lies elsewhere.


I cite @authormanoshi’s book Saffron Swords in this. Resistance was based on force not ahimsa.
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Morning everyone 😊🙏
As I have promised few days back
Today I will take and honour to gift something to so called Mahatama Gandhi who for some is Father of Nation on his birthday
I will now expose this man and his reality in this thread
Morning everyone .. 😊🙏
So today is 2nd October and a holiday in India
Bcoz today some person named MK Gandhi was born so called Bapu or Mahatama Gandhi or Father of nation or whatever was born on this day..
Time to know his reality..
Now today I take it as an honour and pleasure to gift this man on his birthday something
My gift is nothing more than a sharing of a part of his life or aspect of his life which has been kept hidden for almost 70 years to keep his so called image in intact.
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எதிரியை வெல்ல நினைக்க வேண்டும்.
எதிரியைக் கொல்ல நினைக்கக் கூடாது.

காந்தியை வெல்ல நினைத்தோர் பலர்.
காந்தியைக் கொல்ல நினைத்தவர் யார்?

கொல்வதைக் கொள்கையாய் கொண்டவன்
குடும்பத்திற்கு ஆவானா?

இந்து என்பது நெறி.
இந்துத்வா என்பது வெறி.

நெறி எப்போதும் வெறியாவதில்லை.
வெறிக்கு எப்போதும் நெறி இருப்பதில்லை.

அவர் அரை நிர்வாணப் பக்கிரி தான்.
முழு நிர்வாண மூடன் அல்ல.

ஹேராம் என்பதே அவரது மூச்சு.
ஜெய் ஸ்ரீராம் என்பது இவர்களின் அரசியல் பேச்சு.

காந்தி என்பது சத்திய சோதனை.
கா(லி)வி என்பது நித்தமும் வேதனை

காந்தியம் என்பதும் வேறொன்றுமல்ல.
வேதியத்தின் வேறொரு சொல் தான்.
இருப்பினும் அவர் நமக்கானவர்.

இந்துவுக்கும் இந்துத்வாவுக்கும் வித்தியாசம் வேறொன்றுமில்லை.
காந்தி இந்து
கோட்சே இந்துத்வா.

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While we celebrate Oct 2 as #GandhiJayanti today is also the Jayanti of #LalBahadurShastri one of the finest PMs of India, who led it with distinction during a period of grave crisis, and whose small height belied his steel frame. #JaiJawanJaiKisan
For decades #LalBahadurShastri was in the background, with few even aware of his contribution. It did not help that in an academia dotted with historians who could not see beyond Gandhi and Nehru, he never got due acknowledgment either.
Yet this was the man who restored hope to a nation, leading it to victory in the 1965 war against Pakistan. That rather unassuming build and soft voice, marked a fiercely strong spirt, that refused to buckle in the face of adversity.
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Many call this man Gandhi as a Mahatma , I beg to differ , this man has stabbed Hindus repeatedly. I will never ever call this person as Mahatma. The one who betrayed his community dosent deserve this title.
Gandhi called Veersarvarkar names. Just read this thread and see who saved India

Gandhi or Veer Sarvarkar ji ?

History has to be re-written congress & commies have whored & raped our history & our children are fed the whored history

Gandhi & Jawaharlal combo have done terrible damage to Hindus. They oversaw the worst massacre of humanity in the history of mankind during partition. Yet we celebrate these two figures ?

#GandhiJayanti #Gandhi150
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