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The significance of the fact that I was stepping out of my home to join the #BharatJodoYatra on #GandhiJayanti was not lost on me. I have been worried for some time now, on how, as citizens we have let down the Mahatma whom we best know now only as the face on currency notes. 1/
Was my participation in the #BharatJodoYatra a simple matter of walking with others on a city street? No. The Yatra was not passing through Bengaluru, so I needed to take a train instead, to Mysuru. My daughter decided to accompany me, with her son. We reached that afternoon. 2/
The first sight that met our eyes was the @INCIndia office just outside Mysuru station. By the time we reached our hotel, we had seen autos with loudspeakers inviting people from Mysuru to a public meeting that evening, and the #BharatJodoYatra the next day. 3/
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On the eve of #GandhiJayanti , I am settling into my own assessment of his contribution and importance.

This thread is a reflection of my own assessment based on what I have read about Gandhi - through his own writings and others.

Will begin with Positives & then Negatives.

1. His understanding of the Indian past. Among the few who had no inferiority about the Tradition.
- Actively defended the Kula-Jati-Varna aspect of the Society
- Held the Indian Kings in great esteem.
- Understand the functional mechanics of the society, spoke its language

2. His understanding of Modernity and its evil dimension.

Hind Swaraj is the most scathing criticism of Modernity ever. May not contain complex abstract nouns, models, theories, hypothesis.

But represents fundamental issues of Modernity in a way all can understand.

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"My Hinduism teaches me to respect all religions. In this lies the secret of Ram Rajya. " - Mahatma Gandhi. #GandhiJayanti 1
For Mahatma Gandhi, Ram was an embodiment of human virtues. Gandhi believed that Maryada Purushottam Ram was a selfless king who always thought in the best interests of his people. #GandhiJayanti 2
Mahatma Gandhi had a vision of Ram Rajya for a true democracy and post-independence India. A social order that is based on the principles of honesty, commitment and highest standards of integrity. Where justice and equality prevail for all sections of the society
#GandhiJayanti 3
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***Thread on Mahatma Gandhi's Blunders***:

1. To get Akhand Bharat (India) separated into India and Pakistan.

2. To get Shaheed Bhagat Singh hanged.

3. Mishandling Khilafat Movement.

4. Removing Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose from Congress.
4. Mishandling non-cooperation movement: for the first time ever the people of india had become involved in such numbers for a national cause. Just because of a stray incident in a little town, he withdrew the movement from the entire country.

Just imagine how those millions who had given sacrifices for "Swaraj" would have felt. And to rub salt into their wounds, Gandhi said that "Indians were not yet ready for independence." would you believe him? if even if he believed it to be a horrible deed,

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photos: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
President of India #DroupadiMurmu paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres urged people to shun violence by following #MahatmaGandhi 's principles of #Ahimsa (non-violence) on the occasion of his 153rd birth anniversary.
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This thread is on a little-known attempt by a British police officer to assassinate #MahatmaGandhi at #Pune in 1942 & some previous bids on #Gandhiji's life.

#MKGandhi #GandhiJayanti #MahatmaGandhiAmarRahe #Gandhi #GandhiJayanti #gandhijayanthi #GandhiJayanti2022
On 30 January 1948, three bullets fired by #NathuramGodse claimed the life of #MahatmaGandhi as he was walking to his prayer meeting at the Birla House in #NewDelhi. However, even before that fateful day, there were multiple attempts to assassinate Gandhi.
In 1897, Gandhi was assaulted by a mob of Europeans in Natal. He was attacked by a group of Pathans in South Africa (February 1908). In 1914, some Muslims were upset that clauses in a bill that formalized the Gandhi-General Smuts agreement had denied polygamy, which amounted to
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Thread: Hindutva & Nazism: A Revised Perspective

Purpose of this thread is to analyze the recent statement by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which he claimed that the political wing of RSS known as BJP is following the ideology of Adolf Hitler/Nazism. Intro: 1/3 Image
Thread will revisit the historical context of the statement in both theory & practice of RSS. It is a basically an old-school research based on existing historical evidence which proves that current regime of India is following the ideology of fascism till date. Intro: 2/3 Image
All the well published evidences are furnished with references in the end of this thread. The later part will cover visual evidence including footages & interviews. So, I will only be sharing published work here nothing from my own. Intro: 3/3 Image
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Albert Einstein on Gandhi:
'Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.'
Lord Mountbatten:
'Mahatma Gandhi will go down in history on a par with Buddha and Jesus Christ.'
Abul Kalam Azad:
'Ganhiji carried on his frail shoulders a great deal of burden of humanity and now it was for them to stand together and share it. If millions of Indians could divide that burden and carry it successfully, it would be nothing short of a miracle.'
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तुर्कीच्या ओटोमनच्या खलिफाला बहाल करण्यासाठी अली बंधू आणि इतर काही लोकांनी खिलाफत चळवळ सुरू केली होती.गांधींनी खिलाफत चळवळीला पाठिंबा दिला होता.गांधी अशा धर्मांध चळवळीला का समर्थन देतील?(1/14)
इतिहासाची पुस्तके गांधींनी खिलाफत चळवळीला समर्थन का दिले हे सिद्ध करण्याचा प्रयत्न करतात. गांधींनी केलेली ही सर्वात वाईट चूक होती कारण यामुळे मुस्लिमांसाठी नवीन राष्ट्राची पायाभरणी झाली. (2/14)
खिलाफत चळवळीला भारतीय नेत्यांनी दिलेला पाठिंबा हा एक धक्का होता जो कदाचित भारत कधीच सावरणार नाही. गांधींना वाटले की भारतीय मुस्लिम राष्ट्रीय चळवळीत सामील होतील जर हिंदूंनी इस्लामिक खिलाफतच्या त्यांच्या मागणीचे समर्थन केले. (3/14)
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This is 2nd october we all know its birthday of Gandhi who is known in India as a man of principle,
According to historians his three principles were there.
1- Dont see bad
2- Dont do bad
3- Dont hear bad.
Firat read this thread and then decide about him was he overrated or under
History of Gandhi in India starts from the year 1915 but I will start from the year 1900 Boer war and he was in SA as assistant superintendent of the Indian volunteer stretcher-bearer corps.

about Boer war he wrote in his auto biography :- 👇

When the war was declared, my personal sympathies were all with the Boers, but my loyalty to the British rule drove me to participation with the British in that war. I felt that, if I demanded rights as a British citizen, it was also my duty,
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The comments to this article show the frightening lack of financial literacy+ awareness in India. DHFL FD Investors are still clueless about resolution!! How does one tackle this? @MoneylifeIndia has reported this relentlessly & these are our readers!…
@MoneylifeIndia Some FD holders were mindlessly abusing us because they received 23%, we finally blocked them. Many equity investors are clueless their shares have long been extinguished! Some are still in the process of waking up from deep slumber! @MoneylifeIndia
What we need is for people to get together to have challenged this:… but UNLESS #DHFL investors or ALL investors WAKE UP, how does one fight anything? @MoneylifeF
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Gandhi is definitely not above criticism and blame.

Yet, says @arvindneela, in the grand canvas of history, he explored means to assert an assimilative Hindu identity when the Hindu nation was being attacked by proselytising forces.

That many Hindutva leaders and ideologues have religiously followed the thoughts and actions of Gandhi is self-evident.

What makes it appear like a fantastical claim are the distortions done to Gandhi’s ideals.

#Replug #GandhiJayanti…
Did Savarkar think Gandhi a sissy or is it another case of distortion by 'eminent historians'?…
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देशाला स्वातंत्र्य देण्यासाठी संपूर्ण आयुष्य खर्च केलेल्या व्यक्तीला मारणारा आज देशातल्या एका विशिष्ट वर्गासाठी नायक,देशभक्त ठरलाय.आजच्या थ्रेडमध्ये
२)#गांधीजी व हत्या
३) वल्लभभाई पटेल व त्यांचा RSS विरोध
४)फाशीवेळीस गोडसेची परिस्थिती
#रिम #MahatmaGandhi Image
नथुराम विनायकराव गोडसे चा जन्म 19मे,1910 ला झाला.त्यांच्या जन्मावेळीस भारतात क्रांतिकारी चळवळी चालु झाल्या होत्या.थोड्या कालावधीने गांधीजीं चे भारतात आगमन झाले आणि त्यांनी 1920 ला 'असहकार आंदोलन' पुकारले.नथुरामचे वडील विनायक वामनराव गोडसे हे पोस्टल ऑफिसमध्ये कामाला होते.
त्यांच्या आईचे नाव लक्ष्मी.नथुराम चे 'नथुराम' नाव पडण्यामागे एक गोष्ट आहे.त्यांचे खरे नाव 'रामचंद्र' होते.पण नथुराम जन्माला यायच्यापुर्वी ३ मुले जन्माला आली आणि अल्पावधीतच मरण पावली.घरच्यांना वाटले की आपल्याला कोणतातरी शाप असावा त्यामुळे मुले दगावत आहेत..म्हणुन त्यांनी 'रामचंद्र' Image
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"I believe Gandhi does not know what actually happens to
the man's nature when he takes to Satyagraha or non-violence. He thinks that men get purified by it. But when men suffer, or subject themselves to voluntary suffering,

1/n Image
what happens is that their vital being gets strengthened. These movements affect the vital being only and not any other part. Now, when you cannot oppose the force that oppresses, you say that you will suffer.

That suffering is vital and it gives strength. When the man who has thus suffered gets power he becomes a worse oppressor...

What one can do is to transform the spirit of violence. But in this practice of Satyagraha, it is not transformed.

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राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गांधी जी की जयंती को आज संपूर्ण देश दुनिया में श्रद्धापूर्वक मनाया जा रहा है, उनको नमन करते हुए मैं उसके उत्तराखंड-प्रवास की अनुभूतियों को आपसे साझा कर रहा हूं।

#MahatmaGandhi ImageImageImage
हिमालय के इसी वैभव और आलोक ने गांधी जी को वर्ष 1929 में अभिभूत और स्पंदित किया था।उत्तराखंड के सौंदर्य- स्थल कौसानी में एक दिन के प्रवास के लिए आए श्रद्धेय बापूजी 24 जून से 7 जुलाई तक यहीं रुक गए। बापू ने यहीं 'अनासक्ति योग' पुस्तक का लेखन भी किया।

उत्तराखंड में महात्मा गांधी पर्यटन परिपथ...

उत्तराखंड में महात्मा गांधी जी द्वारा की गई यात्राएं स्वाधीनता आंदोलन, स्वराज लोक कल्याण के लिए थी किंतु गांधीजी हिमालय और गंगा के बीच खुद को पाकर शांति व सौंदर्य के मध्य जनकल्याण की भावना के साथ ही तन मन की प्रफुल्लता से अभिभूत हुए। Image
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Allahabad High Court takes suo motu cognisance in the Hathras Gang Rape case.

Asks Principal Secy, DGP and DM Hathras to be present on October 12

#HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #Hathras Image
Allahabad HC directs that family members of the deceased victim i.e. the father, the mother, brothers and sisters shall also be present before this Court so that Court ascertains the facts and their version

#HathrasHorror #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #Hathras #UPPolice

concerned about the incidents leading up to Victims cremation, as alleged, have shocked our conscience, therefore, we are taking suo moto cognizance of the same.

#UPPolice #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #HathrasHorror Image
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#GandhiJayanti च्या दिवशी सुट चालू होती म्हणून अधाश्या सारखे पुस्तक विकत घेतले,७ दिवसांत पुस्तक वाचल्यास परत करता येईल म्हणून पहिल्यांदा हेच पुस्तक वाचायला घेतले.

विषय : गांधीवधानंतर ब्राम्हणांची झालेली कत्तल आणि जाळलेली घरे

सुरुवात पुण्यातून होते..

#मराठी #हिंदसागर
3 ब्राम्हण मित्र जे गांधीवधानंतर पुण्यात जाळपोळ-दंगे चालू झाल्यावर खाण्याची-राहण्याची आबाळ होत असल्याने आपल्या सातारा जवळ असणाऱ्या गावी निघतात.
ते ज्या एस.टी त बसतात त्यातील ड्राइवर ला ते ब्राम्हण असल्याचे समजल्यावर रस्त्याने जाताना गावाच्या जवळ जाळपोळ चालू होते
म्हणून त्यांना रस्त्याने उतरवतात त्यांना त्यामुळे लवकर पोचता येत नाही, रात्र दुसऱ्या गावात काढावी लागते.निरनिराळ्या येणाऱ्या बातम्या त्यांचे मन अजूनही विचलित करतात. राहण्या-खाण्याची अजून तऱ्हा होते, या परिस्थितीत त्यांचा घराच्या दिशेने प्रवास चालू असतो.
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🇮🇳 ¿Cual fue la relación entre #MahatmaGandhi y el fútbol? 🤔

#Gandhi150 Image
#Ghandi vio en el fútbol una herramienta para concientizar al pueblo de la necesidad de combatir de forma pacífica por la igualdad de derechos y por las injusticias del sistema de castas. Image
En Sudáfrica fundó 3 equipos de fútbol (en Durbin, Pretoria y Johannesburgo), en dónde buscó aplicar su pensamiento. A todos les puso el nombre de "Resistentes pasivos".

#Gandhi150 Image
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Joined citizens of Delhi at India Gate where Hon’ble MoS @HardeepSPuri launched various activities under #SwachhataHiSeva being organised to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of #MahatmaGandhi.

I was delighted at the large turnout even in the early hours. 

#GandhiAt150 ImageImageImageImage
It was wonderful to see young children dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi & several others holding posters & placards with messages for #Swachhata

#GandhiAt150 ImageImageImageImage
We also launched a film on Google Toilet Locator. GTL is a useful application particularly for people on the move. It allows them to find the nearest Swachh public toilet. ImageImageImageImage
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Today, on #GandhiJayanti, I will be in Ahmedabad for a special Swachh Bharat Diwas Programme on the banks of the Sabarmati. During the programme, we would recognise the commendable work of several Swachhagrahis who have worked round the clock to fulfil Gandhi Ji’s dream.
From Ahmedabad, a city closely associated with beloved Bapu, we will showcase our efforts towards creating a Swachh Bharat and derive strength to continue working on the tenets shown by Gandhi Ji. We will be lauding those involved in plastic waste cleaning Shramdan. #Gandhi150
In Ahmedabad, I will pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi at the Sabarmati Ashram.

I will also join a cultural Navratri event in the city. The vibrant culture of Gujarat is on full display during Navratri! If you have not experienced this festival in Gujarat, you must do so!
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I argue that Gandhi’s appeasement and ahimsa which asked Hindus to get slaughtered at the hand of Muslims was immoral.

His value lies elsewhere.


I cite @authormanoshi’s book Saffron Swords in this. Resistance was based on force not ahimsa.
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Many call this man Gandhi as a Mahatma , I beg to differ , this man has stabbed Hindus repeatedly. I will never ever call this person as Mahatma. The one who betrayed his community dosent deserve this title.
Gandhi called Veersarvarkar names. Just read this thread and see who saved India

Gandhi or Veer Sarvarkar ji ?

History has to be re-written congress & commies have whored & raped our history & our children are fed the whored history

Gandhi & Jawaharlal combo have done terrible damage to Hindus. They oversaw the worst massacre of humanity in the history of mankind during partition. Yet we celebrate these two figures ?

#GandhiJayanti #Gandhi150
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