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On June 13, 2019 The World Economic Forum entered into partnership w/ the United Nations (essentially taking it over in an official capacity). The WEF is now at the helm of the so-called "sustainable" development goals - via the implementing of said "solutions" (markets, etc).
On May 11, 2020, the World Economic Forum, "acting as partner to the World Health Organization", launched an emergency task force to respond to the novel coronavirus outbreak. #Covid_19 #COVID19 #WHO #WEF

The task force is called the "COVID Action Platform" for business & has more than 200 corporate members, including Alphabet (#Google), Nasdaq Inc, KPMG, & HP. It appears that access to the #WEF-#WHO online "COVID Action Platform" is limited to WEF members/partners.

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#BlackRock ... das Bashing des "Finanzkapitals" mit einem seiner Politiker/Manager geht zweifach daneben. Verwechselt wird die politisch-ökonomische Macht der Anlage in Form von Geld mit dem materiellen Gegenwert und der Mehrwehrbildung, die
auf Mehrarbeit basiert. d.h. auf Ausbeutung nicht _in_, sondern _der_ Lohnarbeit, deren jeweilige politische Macht keine per se ist, sondern im Antagonismus Arbeit : Kapital besteht. Als Verhältnis.
Gerne wirft frau Wut und Systemkritik auf Figuren wie etwa den Politiker/Manager, statt sie auf Verhältnisse anzuwenden. Black Rock regiert _nicht_ die Welt, die Anteile von Kreditgebern (Aktien) an z. B. Vovonia repräsentieren nicht das Verhältnis von Kapital : Arbeit, dem
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Die Stadt des #Brexit: #Brüssel/#Bruessel/#Bruxelles. Heute um 16 Uhr defiliert das Militär. Aber jede Erzählung von der Souveränität ist grundiert von Bedrohung. Nochmal zurück zur klaren Linie fest umrissener Comicfiguren. Das Rätsel um #Tintin au Congo, warum der
Held (dt. Tim) in den 30er Jahren in Afrika von einem Weißen, und nicht von einem Schwarzen bestohlen und bedroht wird, löst sich nicht mit Rassismus. Die Nation, für die Tintin steht, ist immer in Gefahr begriffen. Diese wird gemeistert. Die Welt steht damit offen.
Bereits 1948 war #Volkswagen als GmbH in Belgien präsent über den Konzern D’Ieterenie, dem die bildungsbürgerliche Straßenlegendenmarke #Moleskine gehört. Unterwegssein, mondän sein, hyper- aber empathisch mobil sein, Auto(s) fahren, Weltoffenheit, transwelteuropäisch
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1. "More people say openly that #Erdogan's attitude reminds them of #Hitler."
Several hundred people, including several dozen civilians, have been killed in #Syria since the beginning of the #Turkish attack. About 200,000 people had to leave their homes.
2. Drastic executions of civilians are carried out. #ISIS fighters are escaping from prisons with the help of the #Turkish army. The whole world watches Erdogan's actions in disbelief and fear. Many countries and organizations are taking action against the Turkish operation.
3. #Trump, who probably wants to regain his image by imposing sanctions on three Turkish ministers, also belongs to them.
In addition, #Turkey may face further consequences:
#UEFA is sharply responding to the political provocations of Turkish players in the match against France.
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El colectivo SOS Alde Zaharra convoca una concentración hoy a las 20.30 frente al Mercado de la Ribera de Bilbao, donde desde el domingo se celebra el Charge-up Kongress 2019, evento privado de la empresa Volkswagen.
El mismo domingo, al menos tres autobuses permanecían aparcados ocupando el carril derecho del puente de San Antón, sin ningún cartel que lo señalase. El lunes, la Policía municipal, con varios coches, custodiaba el evento y los buses que entraban ocupando el carril de taxi-bus.
"El lunes a las 00.15 llamé a los municipales, porque desde Atxuri se escuchaba la música del Mercado. La respuesta fue que habían llamado más vecinos por lo mismo pero que estaba todo en orden, que tenían todos los permisos", cuenta un vecino. La imagen es de ayer martes.
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There is a #GlobalSlowdown in the #automobile industry, but let’s blame Modiji

GM has cut 4000 jobs in US & Canada

#Volkswagen cut 37000 jobs internationally

Btw, let’s blame Modiji for pager, floppy discs, VCRs, B/w TVs, Kodak films rolls,Polaroid cameras going out of use
World Car Sales Will Fall More Than 4 Million In 2019 - Forbes

Caused by -

U.S. sanctions policy

huge fall in China’s sales

harsher CO2 regulations

Shift to #ElectricVehicles…
#GlobalAutoInc announces over 37,000 jobs cut in first three months of 2019

Auto majors like #GM, #Ford & #Volkswagen took the lead in terms of jobs cut

Declining auto sales led by global trade war, #Brexit & #EVs

But we will blame @narendramodi…
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So yesterday, Madam @obyezeks was caught again with wrong information as touching #UnemploymentRate in Nigeria, when she deliberately dished out a FALSE data & claimed it's from @nigerianstat
Well, she's in the Presidential race, so expect more LIES from her also.
Almost every politician now talks about #UnemploymentRate and #JobLoss under Buhari administration.
So let's check a little bit how this SUDDENLY became a topic.
When did this #JobLoss & #UnemploymentRate hit NIGERIANS?
Did this suddenly happen after PMB took over in 2015?
You will notice that even Ben Murray Bruce who took Bank loan of N11 Billion (2005) from Union Bank that led to #JobLoss & #UnemploymentRate in Nigeria also has been talking LOUD about the same MENACE he was part of those who caused o....
LISTEN again, Ben Bruce was part them!
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Void all contracts with ICE, @Microsoft!

Don't be @Trump's Volkswagen.

Don't support the fascist @Trump Regime.
All businesses with any supporting contracts or association with #ICE, should void the contracts and stop all work immediately.
It's time to start isolating the @Trump Regime.

No collaboration

No support

Don't become another #Volkswagen!
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