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#Breaking Canadians troops are on the base that was targetted by Iranian missiles in Erbil. No reports of Canadian casualties at this time. Article coming shortly from @jamesaa and me #cdnpoli #cdnfp
@Jamesaa Global News can report that dozens of Canadians have been temporarily transported to Kuwait on C-17s. We can also report American and allied troops have been flying out of coutry on the Canadian flights to Kuwait #cdnpoli #cdnfp
@Jamesaa Canadian Special Operations Forces will not be withdrawn from Iraq. They will continue on their mission. #cdnpoli #cdnfp #CAF
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NATO has temporarily suspended training mission in Iraq. Senior military official described it to me as more of a temporary pause out of due diligence to asses the Iraqi reaction. No sense, as of right now, that this is leading up to pulling troops #Cdnfp #Soleimani #cdnpoli #CAF
I am told by a senior source that Operation Impact (which includes the special forces mission) has not paused, only NATO. #cdnpoli #CAF #Soleimani #cdnfp #NATO
So that means a number of Canadian troops are still active in Iraq (Op Impact: train, advise, assist) #cdnpoli #cdnfp #CAF #Soleimani
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A reminder in light of yesterday’s events in Iraq that Canada is in command of the NATO mission in Iraq (HQ in Baghdad). Canadian Major General Jennie Carignan is in charge of NATO Mission Iraq. Up to 850 Canadian troops are approved to be part of Op Impact #CAF #cdnfp
Major General Dany Fortin recently returned from command of NATO Mission Iraq and sat down with @TheWestBlock. I asked him about Iran’s influence. Interview here: #CAF #cdnpoli #cdnfp
@TheWestBlock OK, it's 1415 ET so time to update this thread a bit with what we know and what we don't know. Canada has authorized up to 850 troops for the Iraq mission - but typically we are far under that cap as @mfisheroverseas points out. #CAF #cdnpoli #cdnfp
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President Donald Trump questioning Prime Minister Trudeau on defence spending was quite something to watch. The PM tried to not give a percentage number talking about Lib govt's increased spending, Trump pushed back and asked for an exact number #cdnpoli #Cdnnatsec #CAF
Prime Minister Trudeau answered President Trump's second question by saying Canada spends 1.3% of GDP on defence (accurate according to most recent NATO numbers), but then sounded like he said 1.4%. That is not accurate. Canada is aiming to spend 1.4% by 2026 #cdnpoli #CAF
Trump's tone on defence spending was more positive than in the past saying Canada is "slightly delinquent" in defence spending to get to the 2% NATO target. #cdnpoli #CAF
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Tonight an #Exclusive on @GlobalNational: @globalnews has learned RCAF 01, the Prime Minister's plane and our version of Air Force One, is grounded till Aug 2020 after a runaway plane incident at CFB Trenton left the plane with a crushed nose and damage to its right engine #CAF
@GlobalNational @globalnews The plane was being towed from a ramp to Hanger 10 by a tractor through an area it does not normally use. When the civilian contractor ground crew realized that the tractor wouldn't fit in hanger, they went to hook up another and that's when the plane took off #CAF #RCAF
@GlobalNational @globalnews The ground crew had set chocks in front of the wheels to prevent it from rolling and put the parking break on. Neither stopped the plane, which rolled over the chocks, struck a tractor with the right engine and careened into the far wall of the hanger #CAF #RCAF
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My thoughts: On occasions like the G-7 or Olympics the #CAF provides support to the RCMP but does not carry out close protection for the PM, cabinet or family members. During visits to hostile environments specially trained military members have provided close protection 1/7
to the PM & Cabinet members. In this case, it appears from MSM reports that a serious threat against the PM or the venue was made to the point that members of the #CAF with ballistic blankets were deployed to assist, the PM’s wife was evacuated and Trudeau was forced to wear 2/7
soft body armour to protect against stabbing, handguns & shrapnel from a low grade explosion like a grenade or pipe bomb. But what wasn’t done was a rescreening of the venue by dogs & detection equipment, a rescreening of all venue occupants to check for explosives, knives or 3/7
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Just off the phone w senior military leadership on the military healthcare reimbursement story. They confirm our story last night is accurate. They provided some solid answers on how all of this unfolded. Exclusive on @GlobalNational tonight #cdnpoli #CAF
@GlobalNational Military acknowledges they published new rate schedule without consultation and are in consultation now. Say they realize they did "too much, too fast" and that new rate chart was too low (provincial sources have said below cost of care) #cdnpoli #CAF
@GlobalNational Military was planning to pay the same amount the federal government is billed for refugees #cdnpoli #CAF
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#Breaking #EXCLUSIVE: Ottawa cuts reimbursements for military health care, hospitals on the hook for millions - National |… #cdnpoli #CAF
Min @HarjitSajjan blames hospitals and provinces saying they overcharge troops “As it stands, when a member of the Canadian Armed Forces gets care in a hospital, they are charged more for the same service than a Canadian because they wear a uniform. That is wrong.” #CAF #cdnpoli
Full statement from the Minister’s office to @globalnews on the military cutting how much it pays hospitals for care, same sentiment as from military healthcare sources that military being gouged. Fed govt must pay for troops care (in law) but are charged out of province rates
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Happening Now: HMIC Alh. Lai Mohammed in a media engagement with Culture and Tourism correspondents in Lagos to share information by unveiling his plans for #CultureandTourism for the Next four years.

#Thread 👇
Good afternoon gentlemen. I am delighted to be here, and to meet with you again. I have called this meeting to enable us rub minds on how to move the Tourism and Culture Sector forward.
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Tonight on @GlobalNational #Exclusive details on how Master Corporal Patrik Mathews ended up on the radar of three different national security agencies and triggered a covert military intelligence investigation to find out if he was working alone
@GlobalNational #Exclusive details on how Master Corporal Patrik Mathews ended up on the radar of the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency), RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces #cdnnatsec #cdnpoli
@GlobalNational Sources tell Global News Patrik Mathews frequently drove across the Canada-US border. We don't know what he was doing in the US or who if anyone he was meeting. #cdnpoli #cdnnatsec
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#BREAKING #Exclusive The second in command of Canada’s military Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, Lt General Paul Wynnyk quit his job. He wrote a scathing letter to CDS General Vance obtained by Global News alleging Vance planned to put Mark Norman back into the job #cdnpoli #CAF
In his letter LGen Wynnyk writes "the purpose of his letter is to advise you of my intent to release from the Canadian Armed Forces within the next 30 days." This VERY fast for a Vice to be leaving. Next up comes his reasons why. Wynnyk is not happy #cdnpoli #CAF #
Wynnyk writes that when he accepted the VCDS position Gen Vance required him two year commitment from him, Wynnyk says he originally planned to retire in 2019 but agreed to serve "away from my family and beyond maximum pensionable time..." #cdnpoli #CAF
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This pic below has gotten a lot of attention. I initially thought it was photo-shopped because Canadian troops do not hold their firearms like that on parade. I have been able to verify however these are in fact Canadian soldiers who marched in the Khalsa Day parade in TO #CAF
This is the picture in question that I thought was possibly fake #CAF
It is not normal to see soldiers carrying their guns "at the ready" instead of shouldered in a parade situation when they have firearms, so this struck me as very odd. This is how troops look on patrol not marching in downtown Toronto #CAF
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J'ai répondu aux questions du grand débat. Je suis abasourdie de ce que j'y ai lu. J'ai rarement vu un questionnaire aussi biaisé et malhonnête. Tu veux des exemples ? C'est parti.
Tu préfères économiser sur l'éducation de tes enfants, la défense contre l'ennemi, ton droit à aller au Bataclan, laisser ta voiture au garage pour aller au boulot, ton aspiration à respirer de l'air à peu près pur, ou le fait que tout le monde puisse avoir un toit sur la tête ?
Alors, pardon de m'excuser mais on ne paie pas déjà des impôts pour la politique de santé publique ? Il n'y a pas des taxes spécifiques sur l'alcool et le tabac ?
Et quel genre de saloperie est-ce de mettre la transition écologique au même plan que ça ?
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In QP today Conservative Veterans Affairs Critic @Phil4Brant bring up @globalnews story on Capt Kimberly Fawcett. McColeman notes Fawcett deployed twice and asks "When will the Libs do the right thing and cover the cost" #cdnpoli #QP #KimFawcett #veterans #CAF
Defence Minister @HarjitSajjan "I want to thank Capt Fawcett for her service to her country" (opposition MPs groan), Sajjan "we are committed to making sure he gets the support he needs" Opposition MPs "SHE!!!" #cdnpoli #CAF #veterans #QP #KimFawcett
Min Sajjan "sorry, my apologies she. But due to the complexity of the decisions that were made some time ago, this uh file is uh complex, however we will make sure that not only she has the right support but we work through the complexity to do right" #cdnpoli #veterans #QP
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