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Recep Tayyip #Erdogan "Domneh" üyesi bir #Mason'dur


iddianin sahibi;
Arastirmaci yazar Dejan Lucic'e ait

Dejan Lucic,
Belgrad-Sirbistan dogumlu

Belgrad Üniversitesi Siyaset Bilimi mezunu

"srpski pokret obnove" isimli siyasi Partinin kurucusu

Yani iddianin sahibi öyle siradan biri degil

#Kabala #Osmanlilar #Sabataist #Sufiler #Turkiye

Turkiye'nin cumhurbaskani #Erdogan'in
bir FREEMASON oldugu,
ve Turkiye'nin en eski,en gizli toplumu Dömneh'in bir üyesi olduguna dair bir video paylasti👇


Güncel olaylarin konusuldugu programda,
Konu #Turkiye'deki Masonlar ve mason tarihinden acilinca
Erdogan ile gizli toplum (Dömneh) arasindaki olasi baglantilar hakkinda bilgiler paylasildi
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Kumpulan webinar dan nongkrong warkop sufi mengaji diri dan seputar tasawuf warung kopi. #ngopiitem #ngajidiri #tasawuf #makrifat #tariqat #hakikat #sastrasufi #sufi
Ngopi Item "Ngaji Angka Ganjil" Ep.01 lewat @YouTube
Ngopi Item Dialog Rasulullah SAW dengan Iblis|"Iblis Guruku" Iblis, Kita... lewat @YouTube
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A short thread on "HU":

The great sage Ahmad Sam'ani wrote an exquisite commentary on the Asma al-Husna (Beautiful Names of God). In it, he brings out something powerful about breath, prayer, and the Names of God. (1/4)
In Rawh al-arwah, Sam'ani mentions the the litany of names mentioned in the Qur'an
(هُوَ اللَّهُ الَّذِي لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ الْمَلِكُ الْقُدُّوسُ السَّلَامُ الْمُؤْمِنُ الْمُهَيْمِنُ الْعَزِيزُ الْجَبَّارُ الْمُتَكَبِّرُ)

Sam'ani mentions that every other name (al-Malik, al-Quddus, al-Salam, al-Mu'min, al-Muhaymin, al-'Aziz, al-Jabbar, al-mutikabbir, etc.) is made through moving the tongue and the lips. But the first name, HU, is simply the breath coming from the chest. [3/5]
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#sufi #sufis

“Wir waren mit Imām Mālik zusammen, während seine Gefährten alle um ihn herum waren. Da sagte ein Mann aus Nusaybīn: "Wo wir leben gibt es Leute, die Sūfīs genannt werden. Sie veranstalten ein großes Fest und dann beginnen sie qasidas zu rezitieren. Dann stehen
sie auf und tanzen." Imām Mālik fragte: "Sind es Kinder?" Der Mann antwortete: "Nein!" Darauf fragte Imām Mālik: "Sind sie verrückt?" Der Mann sagte: "Nein; es sind erwachsene Männer mit Vernunft, so wie andere." Mālik sagte: "Ich habe noch nie von Leuten des Islāms gehört, die
so etwas tun." Er (der Mann) sagte dann: "Wirklich; sie essen und danach stehen sie auf und tanzen unermüdlich und einer von ihnen schlägt seinen Kopf mit seiner Hand, während ein anderer sein Gesicht schlägt." Da begann Imām Mālik zu lachen und ging in seinem Haus. Die Gefährten
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The #Mughal period in India is known for a court sponsored programme of translation from #Sanskrit and attempts to translate Indic metaphysics into the idiom of #Sufism and #Persianate #IslamicPhilosophy #PersoIndica 1/
We already have a number of important studies but first we should mention the highly important Perso-Indica project based in Paris and Bonn
This is a great resource 2/
Then, of course, there is @AudreyTruschke work that is in many ways seminal in the turn to the Sanskrit sources to make sense of the intellectual and cultural history 3/
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Story of #Indonesia that #Twitter does not want you to know:

Until the 16th century, Indonesia was 100% #Hindu-#Buddhist(except the negligible elite of Kedah sultanate).

Today, Hindus and Buddhists are not even 1% and #Muslims are 88%. What led to such a drastic change?
Expect for a handful of people on #Bali Island, #Hinduism in Indonesia is extinct.

The #Mosque shown in (1/7) is known as Meenara Kudus mosque. Built-in 1549, it is the oldest lasting mosque of #Indonesia. It is a Dargah of a Sufi wali-Sanga (saint) known as Sunan kudus.
The Dargah tells us a lot about how Sufi #Islam spread in #Indonesia. It is built by demolishing a #HinduTemple. The temple ruins can still be seen.

There is an interesting story. When #temples were destroyed to make way for mosques, #Hindus did not enter the mosques.
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Great Example of Hindu Muslim Brotherhood
"Farida Tann Sukka Pinjar Thia Kaliya Kundey Kaag Aje So Rabb Na Bauhdiyo Dekh Bande ke Bhaag."
💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 Image
Urs/Death Anniversary of the Greatest Punjabi Sufi Saint, developer of Punjabi written method/script Shahmukhi, the Sufi who has the most contribution in the Sikh Holy Scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji,
the legend after whom ex Punjab CM Pratap Singh Kairon founded the great industrial city of Faridabad in South Haryana and after whom Faridkot and many other cities in N India are named. The legend who want North Indian royal tribes like Tiwanas,
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Animasyonun yapim tarihi-2008

Camlica Camii'nin yapim tarihi-2012

Ve Camlica Kulesi- 5G Baz istasyonu
Animasyonu yapanlar,

4 yil sonra Camlica tepesine
Camlica Camii'nin
ve karsisina Camlica Kulesinin yapilacagini
nerden biliyordu?

Eyy #AKP kimsin sen?
Animasyonda gösterilen Camii'nin patlama ani.

Patlama sirasinda cikan dumanlara dikkat
5 OK seklinde
ve arkasinda yikilmayan 1 minare=6 minare

en arkada ise ucu sivri tuhaf bir yapi=5G Kulesi

Sol tarafta istanbul Bogazi
Tam karsisinda yüksek binalar=Levent

Hersey Planli.. ImageImageImageImage
2012'lerde yapilan Camlica Camii'nin birkac özelligi var.

1-Cok pahali ve lüks olmasi-#israf

2-Masonik ögeler barindirmasi

3-Acilisini Erdogan'in yaptigi
Camiiyi yapan HedefYapi firmasinin Konkordato ilan etmesi

5-Küreselcilerin 2008'de yaptigi animasyonda gösterilmesi
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#manuscripts Ms Majlis-e Shura-ye Islamic 1783 is a collection that includes the famous commentary on Fusus al-Hikam of #IbnArabi by Da’ud al-Qaysari (d. 1350) as well as various epistles #Sufism 1/ ImageImageImage
Those rasa’il are mainly by the famous #Nimatullahi #Sufi Muhammad Ja’far Kabudarahangi Majdhub ‘Ali Shah (d. 1823) who was a prominent scholar - I’ve mentioned him in threads on #Sufism in #ShiiIran before 2/
His interests ranged across #philosophy #mysticism, and #literature and he also wrote refutations of #ChristianPolemics 3/
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Raja Rasalu: The King and His Two Queens… Punjabi Folklore Puran Bhagat by Late Jagmohan Kaur

Full :

#Punjab #Punjabi #Folklore
“جگنی - مرحوم عالم لوہار “

آئی جوانی ہرکوئ ویہندا جاندی

کسے نئیں ڈِٹھی سے ورھیاں

دے جیوں کےاوڑک واسا مِٹّی

عشق لوہارا تازہ رہندا داڑھی
ہوجائے چِٹّی



#Punjab #Punjabi #Folklore
اتنا ظلم مناسب ناھی

رب کولھوں کجھ ڈر وے

شاہ رانجھا البیلا جوگی جادوگر وے

تخت ہزارے اوں رانجھن آیا

ہیر تتڑی دے گھر وے

رانجھا جوگی میں جوگیانی دتڑی عشق خبر وے

مرحوم پٹھانے خان

خواجہ غلام فرید

#Saraiki #Sufi #Mytstics #Punjab
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As a follow-up to a thread on the #GunābādīNiʿmatullāhī order and #ShiiSufism some thoughts on Maʿṣūm ʿAlī Shāh (d. 1926) the famous 'historian' of Sufism 1/
His father Raḥmat ʿAlī Shāh (d. 1861) came at the end of a scholarly lineage of #Niʿmatullāhī Shaykhs: Muḥammad Jaʿfar Majdhūb ʿAlī Shāh (d. 1824), Zayn al-ʿĀbidīn Shīrvānī Mast ʿAlī Shāh (d. 1838), and Raḥmat ʿAlī Shāh himself all of whom had good relations at court2/
Majdhūb ʿAlī Shāh was closely linked to the traditional seminarian philosophers in Isfahan and Tehran and wrote a scholarly polemic against Henry Martyn (d. 1812) called Mirʾāt al-ḥaqq…مجذوب-علي-شاه 2a/
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This is the #Sufi ʿAlāʾ al-Dawla Simnānī (d. 1336) in his al-ʿUrwa li-ahl al-khalwa waʾl-jalwa supporting the famous Avicennian maxim ex uno non fit nisi unum 1/ Image
But he goes on criticise both philosopher and theologians for failing to understand that the principle entails both a point of ontology and of epistemology 2/
It entails the absolute nature of God's creative agency - he is sole creator and all issues from the effect of his theophany through 'pure being' (al-wujūd al-muṭlaq) 3/
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Back in 2011 I was standing on a pavement in Qum taking a picture of a small car park - and being rather quick about it - because until a few years before it had been a centre for the #Gunābādī #Sufis - a thread on #Shii #Sufism 1/
The place of #Sufism within a #Shii context since the #Safavid period has increasingly become contested but orders have survived into the present and different levels of accommodation found in post-79 #Iran 2/ ImageImageImage
The late Leonard Lewisohn's two part article in #BSOAS is a useful if at times polemical summary of the #Sufi orders in modern Iran and their history… 3/
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One of the leading figures of French #islamologie in modern times was Louis Massignon (1883-1962) chair at the Collège de France on #Islam and whose name is forever associated with the study of Sufism and an #empathetic study of #Islam 1/ ImageImageImageImage
In fact his turn to faith before WW1 followed a trip to #Iraq in 1907 and encounter with Muslim hospitality and spirituality reawakened his #Catholicism along with the #intercessionary friendship of Joris-Karl Huysmans (1838-1907) and the hermit Charles de Foucauld (1848-1916) 2/ ImageImage
After his own doubt, De Foucauld became a Trappist monk living in Morocco, Syria and then in the Algerian Sahara with the Tuareg when he was martyred in 1916 and is currently in the process of being canonised by Pope Francis… 2a/
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Today’s public service announcement: When you see a poem or saying attributed to #Rumi in which he is reported as saying: “I am not a Muslim”, or “I belong to no religion”, it’s probably fake.
A short thread on fake Rumi poems.
#mevlana #mawlana #masnavi #sufi #sufism #fakeRumi
One of the popular fake poems attributed to Rumi is the one that starts:
“What is to be done, O Muslims? for I do not know myself.
I am neither Christian, nor Jew, nor Magian, nor Muslim.”
چه تدبیر ای مسلمانان که من خود را نمیدانم
نه ترسا و یهودیم نه گبرم نه مسلمانم
The same poem has become so popular through its further re-translations:
[I am] “Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu
Buddhist, Sufi, or Zen.
Not any religion or cultural system.”
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@docstobar examines Iranian experiments with metaphysics that question the way in which institutions engage with #occult #scientific #rational #empiricist an embrace of #new_age spirituality and a rise in #irfan and its #empiricismoftheheart - a thread on #irfan in #Iran 1/ Image
It shows that our assumption of disenchantment in which the separation from the #scientific from the #occult does not preclude the possibility of the #modern scientist-rammal nor the embrace by the modern empiricist of the illiterate-savant-gnostic-sage 2/
It also suggests that the official seminary’s promotion of a modern viable #Shii_reason clashes with its own #mystical commitments and their popularity 3/
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My former student Minlib Dallh, a #Dominican from #BurkinaFaso wrote an excellent dissertation on his fellow friar Serge de Beaureceuil and his mystical encounter over the ages with #Hanbali #Sufi of Herat Khwaja ‘Abdullah Ansari (d. 1089) 1/ Image
This work was published a few years ago and stands in that excellent #Dominican tradition of theological and mystical engagement in fellowship with Islam and Muslims… 2/ Image
De Beaureceuil (1917-2005) had trained at the Dominican seminary at Saulchoir in Belgium (established in 1904) with major #Catholic thinkers such as Marie-Dominique Chenu (1895-1990) a significant influence on #VaticanII’s theology of religions 3/ ImageImage
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Since we are in the fasting month it might be worth mentioning one of the works dealing with the arcana of the faith and the mystical path such as this work of ‘Ammar al-Bidlisi (d. c. 1207) on fasting #seclusion_literature 1/ ImageImage
‘Ammar had been a disciple of the famous nurturing #Sufi shaykh Abu Najib #Suhrawardi (d. 1168) author of the famous manual of comportment and rule for the order Adab al-muridin and later initiated Najm al-Din Kubra (d. 1221) eponymous founder of the #Kubrawiyya 2/ Image
These two texts edited and translated by Edward Badeen 1999 are very much #seclusion lit - the Ecstasy of the Folk (Bahjat al-ta’ifa) is on various notions on the mystical path including the seclusion (khalwa) with God 3/
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Once in Cairo he married his lawyer’s daughter in 1934 and also joined the #Hamdiyya #Shadhiliyya founded by Shaykh Salama al-Radi (1867-1939) - in this period he also first met #Schuon in 11/ Image
By the end of the 1940s he had broken with #Schuon and no longer referred #Muslim #traditionalist adepts to him instead referring them to #Valsan - he disapproved of the ‘shallow’ #universalism and forgoing of #Muslim ritual of #Schuon instead of his own #traditionalism 12/
Dying in 1951, his funeral included close associates later disciples of #Schuon such as Martin Lings (1909-2005) a professor of literature at #CairoUniversity and Whitall Perry (1920-2005) before being buried in the tomb complex of his father in law 13/ ImageImage
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One of the more unexpected elements of Restating Orientalism of #WaelHallaq was finding him use perhaps the most important 'traditionalist' of the 20th C René Guénon (later ʿAbd al-Wāḥid Yaḥyā, 1886-1951) to critique #Said… 1/ ImageImageImageImage
#Hallaq account is classic decolonizing use of elements of #Orientalism against the overarching apparatus and discourse 2/
I first came across #Guénon as a fresher reading the works of Seyyed Hossein Nasr (b. 1933) - and read his La Grande triade and later Fundamental Symbols (reprinted in a series of his by Philosophia Perennis, a traditionalist publisher based in Cambridge) #Traditionalism 3/ ImageImage
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This intriguingly titled book on the #Shii nature of #IbnArabi is by Muhammad Hasan Vakili (b. 1980) a young mullah based in #Mashhad who defends Sufism and is associated with the school of #HusayniTihrani #ShiiSufism 1/ his own bio on his site makes major claims for him as a heir to the school of #HusayniTihrani which convinced him to go to the #hawza in #Mashhad 2/
Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husayni Tihrani (1926-1995) is one of the more interesting and prolific writers on #ShiiSufism especially his biography of the Karbala based ‘mystic’ Sayyid Hashim Haddad (1900-1984) and on his own teacher ‘Allama Tabatabai (1899-1981) 3/
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The major work of the #Zahabi #Sufi of the #Safavid period Najib Riza Tabrizi known as Zargar (d. Isfahan c. 1698) Nur al-hidaya on mystical ideas and lexicon #ShiiSufism 1/ Image
Najib al-Din was born in #Isfahan in 1048/1638 and became a disciple of Muhammad Ali Mu’azzin Khurasani (d. 1672) arguably the first #Zahabi spiritual master - he had been author of Tuhfa-yi ‘Abbasi dedicated to Abbas II (d. 1666) on the identity of #Sufism and #Shiism 2/
A translation of the Tuhfa was done by Faghfoory around a decade or so ago #ShiiSufism 3/ Image
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