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Sources - Major Revolt brewing in BJP in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and UP!

Yogiji has ordered removal of Modi photographs from all Govt offices. Yogiji jockeying to replace Modi before 2024 polls.

3 way fight erupts in MP. Scindia removes BJP from Social Media Profiles. Image
Sources - @RSSorg has long been seeking to replace the #GujaratMafia. Growing feeling that the open corruption and loot by Gujarat Mafia is tarnishing #HinduRashtra and Sangh's reputation.

Growing feeling within RSS that Yogiji should take over and prepare for 2024 elections.
There is precedence.

#KeshubhaiPatel was elected CM of Gujarat. Modi was RSS pracharak.

Following Adani sponsored revolt where 40+ MLAs were flown to Khajuraho in a #JetAirways plane, Keshubhai was replaced by Modi.

Elections announced, #GujaratRiots happened and....well!
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The violence in Howrah,West Bengal brings to my mind what happened during Durga Puja in Comilla, Bangladesh on 13 October 2021. Someone surreptitiously placed a Quran at the foot of Ma Durga’s image and then yelled ‘Islam in danger’! In the horrible anti-Hindu carnage that
followed, six people were killed. There was widespread anti-Hindu violence all over that country. For details google of 18 Oct 2021.

I can already hear the shrill bleats, “Why should we bother about a foreign country”?
But I will. Because Comilla
is in the district of undivided India where my ancestors had lived for centuries. Both my parents were born there.

Punjab had been spared this,because the exchange of population between Muslims and Hindu-Sikhs was complete by January 1948. Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee
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Shop name: #RamKachoriwala
Place: Marghat wale baba #HanumanMandir
#Food ordered - #Mutton and roti

#Delivery boy refused to deliver nonveg | Kudos to delivery boy who refused to deliver inside the temple

@Swiggy #AntiHindu #Hindumisia
#HanumanMandir | Delivery agent for @Swiggy
was supposed to deliver an order of mutton korma and naan to a customer whose location was near the temple premises. However, he refused to deliver the non-vegetarian food item due to the customer’s locatio

#AntiHindu #Hindumisia
On March 1, a customer had placed an order for mutton korma and naan from a restaurant in Karol Bagh. The customer’s delivery address was near Ram Kachori shop near Jamuna bazar Hanuman Mandir in Kashmere Gate.

@Swiggy #AntiHindu #Hindumisia
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"We are pursuing the case of Khalistan in a very peaceful manner, when people can demand a Hindu nation why can't we raise a demand for Khalistan" (#AmritpalSingh) via @EconomicTimes
Massive protests broke out against the arrest of pro-Khalistan leader #AmritpalSingh close aide Lovepreet Toofan. Supporters of the 'Waris Punjab De' chief held swords and guns and broke through police barricades erected outside Ajnala Police Station in #Amritsar. Image
Six police officers were injured amid the protests and were admitted to the Ajnala hospital.
#AmritpalSingh said "The FIR was registered only with a political motive. If they don't cancel the case in one hour, the administration will be responsible for whatever happens next.
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#SupremeCourt to hear a petition that highlights that the Muslim Community (minority community) is being targeted with an aim of creating a #HinduRashtra before #2024elections, on November 1, 2022.

Harpreet Sehgal Mansukhani appeared in person
Advocate in the petition refers to genocide that must be taking place while she appears before the Court (starts crying).
Marked 72 hate speeches as an “arrow that never returns”. Refers to #Kashmirfiles #RSSanthem, and further refers to it as a grave conspiracy.
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Deplorable that #NamoAt72 endures hashtags like #NationalUnemploymentDay & #राष्ट्रीय_बेरोजगार_दिवस.

Record job loss, inflation & cronyism are no excuses not to say #HappyBdayModiji.

Since I'm jobless, here's a thread of videos to entertain Narendrabhai & other jobless folk...
Modi the Mathematician figured out where the 2ab in (a+b)² comes from. You see, no one had taught him that (a+b) * (a+b) inherently produces it.

So he spent his entire sojourn in some Himalayan cave to come up with this explanation...
#ClimateEmergency activists have long despaired of human society acting with any urgency on the issue. Modi the Modifier brilliantly figured out that the way to tackle a global problem is to completely redefine it. The climate hasn't changed, it is humans who are getting older...
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Deena Kaur, daughter of Gurcharan Singh was abducted, converted & forcefully married to a muzlim in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa yesterday!😡

Whose responsibility are the Hindu Sikhs who were held in Pakistan as hostage population, post 1947?
Ashok Kumar Bajaj, caretaker of a Dayaram Darbar Sahib dharmshala along with residents, were attacked by muzlims in Rohri, #Sindh .

Pakistan is a live hell for Hindu Sikhs
& the only Land of Hindus in the world, fails to call Herself #HinduRashtra
What do we need to #WakeUp ?
How different is the situation of Hindus at the hands of muzlims in India?
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The first school in England opened in 1811. At that same time Bharat had 7,32,000 Gurukuls.

Until 1850 these Gurukuls was imparting Education to over 7,50,000 villages in 🇮🇳. Which means almost 1 Gurukul for Each Village.

#SanatanaDharma #HinduRashtra
Gurukuls were 'Higher Learning Institutes' comparatively from KG to PhD.

No King used to decide what was taught nor controlled the Gurukuls. Kings used to only contribute to them. Majority Gurukuls were directly funded by Hindu Temples.
18 subjects were taught. Education was imparted free and it was for real life not theoretical like today.

Gurukuls gave complete life skills so you can go on to become to do anything be it is Vedic studies, Medicine, Engineering, defence, food, entrepreneurship etc.
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जाकी रही भावना जैसी..
हर कंकड़ में शंकर हैं, आँख के अन्धों को दिखाई नहीं देते !

मनुष्य जीवन पा के भी जो जानवर की योनि में रहना चाहे उसे क्या कहेंगे?
Don’t worry your wish will be fulfilled, images of #HinduRashtra you shall see everywhere, waking & in sleep! 🤓
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At a community hall in Bengaluru, students, housewives, lawyers all nod and cheer in agreement as speakers explained 'Land Jihad, 'Economic Jihad', Love Jihad', and why India needs to become a #Hindurashtra.…
In Bengaluru, a convention was organised by Hindu Jana Jagruti where speakers discussed how to build a 'Hindu Rashtra'…
A 35-year-old man asks a gathering, "Are there legal grounds under which I can refuse to rent out my house to Muslim?" His question is met with plenty cheer as if he has voiced what exactly the people gathered at the Hindu Rashtra Convention were thinking.…
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#HinduRashtra few key questions? What is political doctrine of Hindu Rashtra? Does it mean nations based on religions and castes or does it mean India to be nation based on idealogy of Brahmanism and rest Panths of Hindus and other religions to be subservient to it?
What will be constitution of Hindu Rashtra? Will Manu Smriti lay foundation of new Constitution? Or does it simply mean dropping few words from Constitution like Secularism and socialism from preamble? Will it change directive principles of Governance as given in Constitution?
If in addition to dropping words like Secularism and Socialism and changing name of India to Hindu Republic of Bharat or Hindu Rashtra, will change directive principles of Governance as given in Constitution? Is so what will be new principles? Will these be based on Manu Smriti?
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माझा नवरा कधीच कोणत्याही मुस्लिम व्यक्ती कडून काहीही विकत घेत नाही. काहीही खात नाही. एक एक वेळ असं झालं आहे कि मुस्लिम हॉटेल होत आणि दुसरं कोणतंच हॉटेल चालू नव्हते तर तो उपाशी राहिला पण नाही खाल्ला. मला नेहमी म्हणतो माझ्या कमाईतला एकही रुपया त्यांना गेला नाही पाहिजे.
ते जोपर्यंत अल्पसंख्यांक आहेत तोपर्यंत भाईचारा वैगेरे सगळं असत. जेव्हा बहुसंख्याक होतील तेव्हा काश्मिर पंडित प्रमाणे हाल हाल करतात. मला तेव्हा वाटायचं जरा जास्तच कट्टर आहे हा. काय गरज आहे एवढं कट्टर वागायची. पण आज पिक्चर पाहिल्यावर लक्षात आले कि तो असा का वागतो.
खूपच सुन्न झाले पिक्चर बघून. असं वाटत होत जोरजोरात ओरडवे, आक्रोश करावा. खूप guilt वाटलं कि आपण काहीच करू शकलो नाही. सर्वधर्मसमभाव च्या नावाखाली आपण किती गोष्टीवर व्यक्त होणं टाळतो.
देवा काय गुन्हा होता त्या लोकांचा? इतक निर्दयी का मरणं दिलस त्यांना?
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|| The Man who 1st coined the word : Hindu Rashtra ||

Benoy Kumar Sarkar (1887–1949) was an Indian social scientist, professor, and nationalist. He founded several institutes in Calcutta, including the Bengali Institute of Sociology, Bengali Asia Academy, Bengali Dante Society.
In his book "হিন্দুরাষ্ট্রের গড়ন" (Structure of Hindu Rashtra), he discusses the governance skills, trade system, economy, military prowess, cultural excellence and civilizational greatness of the Hindu nation. #HinduRashtra #Hindutva
In 1925 Sarkar started as a lecturer at the Department of Economics of University of Calcutta. He praised Nazism as "form of benevolent dictatorship", and advocated the establishment of a fascist dictatorship in India. His philosophical works were translated in German by Thule S.
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Tamil Nadu, population 72 million, a 300 billion USD State economy, percapita GDP of 3600 USD, 83% literacy rate, a sex ratio of 996 (that's very good), with Tamil, one of the oldest classical languages that has survived. Now with a new administration under @mkstalin
Given a fair wind, and if @swamy39 holds his tongue, Tamil nadu will go far in the next 5 years. The new CM is an atheist, and he headed a Secular Progressive Alliance, I repeat SECULAR...The secular ideal is alive and kicking in a corner of #HinduRashtra, thanks to no God!
#UttarPradesh in the North and #Tamilnadu in the deep south make an interesting contrasting case study. Both States are replete with Temples; #UP's Government is a theocracy in all but name. TN is more socially advanced and egalitarian.
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#Thread on the Odia Maritime Activities since ancient times.

#History #NavalHistory #Odisha #Hindutva
Kalingan Prince Vijaya was the first Sinhalese king of Sri Lanka. He ruled Sri Lanka in the 6th-century BCE.

Kalingans further established a kingdom in the far-off Maldives Islands before 3rd century BCE !

This is concrete testimony of the early sea-faring people of Odisha.
Ptolemy's work of ~150 CE - "Geography" - mentions the Kalinga trade with *Far-East*.

*Kalinga-Roman* maritime trade flourished as well, judging from the findings of Shishupalgarh excavations.

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Just Imagine!

Suddenly you are threatened to kill and told to leave your house, property, motherland and your wife, mother & sisters.

Yes, this happened 31 years ago with our Kashmiri Hindus

They became refugees in their own country!


Thousands of these #KashmiriHindus perished in exile hoping to return to their homeland, but there are no homes to return !

😞 Elderly still leading impoverished lives !

😞 Childhood is spent in puny & squalid camps !


No outcry from ANYONE!
Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere !

In 1990..
Infants & Kids
Young boys & girls
Married Men & Women
Elderly Men & Women
Even Cows & Cattle

All were either killed or forced to leave !
After 31 years now, still living like migrants!
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@HinduJagrutiOrg in its 18 years of vigorous activism spearheaded Hindu cause in various domains-

Foremost among them is - In modern era, it was the first to propound that "India be declared a #HinduRashtra"


1/n Image

@HinduJagrutiOrg was the first to bring forth the concept of "Spiritual Hindutva". It didn't only preach that but every activist of HJS has put it into practice.

No surprise on why could it attain success in various facets in such meager time

2/n ImageImage

@HinduJagrutiOrg correctly pointed out the basic cause as to why doesn't Hindu society unite ? It found that it was basically because Hindus are devoid of "Dharmashiksha", its not saffronization of education, mind you seculars.


3/n Image
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-- Smara Sukta of Atharva Veda --

A favorite Sukta of mine consisting of just 4 mantras in the Atharva Veda, misinterpreted by egghead indologists as a "love spell" -… +

#Hinduism #Vedas #AtharvaVeda
#SanatanaDharma #HinduRashtra
rathajítāṃ rāthajiteyī́nām apsarásām ayáṃ smaráḥ / dévāḥ prá hiṇuta smarám asaú mā́m ánu śocatu //+

#Hinduism #Vedas #Atharvaveda #SanatanaDharma #Hindus
[This loving meditation (of Brahman) of those moving in sense objects (apsarásām), masters of bodies (rathajítāṃ), those following the Lord who conquers the embodied self (rāthajiteyī́nām)..]+

#Hinduism #Vedic #Vedas #Sanatani #Hindus #SanatanaDharma #SanatanDharm #Atharvaveda
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@narendramodi's Rama-maya geography of Bharat:

Kanyakumari-Kheer Bhawani
Somnath-Kashi Vishwanath
Samet Shikhar-Shravanabelagola
Bodh Gaya-Saranath
Amritsar Sahab-Patna Saheb

@narendramodi chose the names of mostly Dharmic spiritual centers to describe the span of Bharat. It is his way of describing #HinduRashtra .
@narendramodi did not become what he is just like that. He did not just memorize & mention the names of these places. As @RSSorg pracharak & @BJP4India karyakarta, he has in all probability traveled & interacted with people along all these geo vectors covering the entire nation.
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#AmartyaSen's great insight was that dreadful disasters (s/as mass starvation) do not happen in a democracy because news of the early signs of distress are seen, heard and responded by those in power.
That theory is being tested in #Modi's #India. And so far found wanting
A willingly controlled and spontaneously sycophantic media refuses to hold the Great Leader to account; such criticism as may be made by intellectuals and a remnant of the free press is silenced by the howls of mobs on social media. Free debate is replaced by adulatory paeans.
Respectful discussion of policy choices has been pushed aside by a Know-it-all leadership that adopts a We-Can-never-admit-to-any-failings style of governance that places false propaganda over real performance, empty spin over true substance.
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My Resignation

I am resigning from my respected post in BVS/YuvaSena and @ShivSena
I thank @OfficeofUT and Adibhai @AUThackeray for giving me opportunity to work and serve the people of Mumbai, Maharashtra and Hindustan
It all started for me in the year 1992, fearless leadership and charisma of Shri BalaSaheb Thackeray
At the age of 12 I had made up my mind heart and soul to work for BalaSaheb's ShivSena
Officially joined ShivSena in the year 1998
and since then have been working in various posts and capacities following the Hindutva ideology of BalaSaheb
Have seen many ups and downs
Have seen n worked in many elections BMC/VidhanSabha/LokSabha etc with only one dream and one aim
#HinduRashtra and #CongressMuktBharat
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This is what #HinduRashtra means.

Where criminals live in fear and dharma prevails.

“Secular Raj” is the exact opposite.
Expect a little more understanding from you Meeta ji.

Dharma has nothing to do with religion.

And dharma does not mean that criminals won’t exist. Even in treta yuga there are Rakshas.

Dharma raj means dharma prevails.

And regarding “rule of law” I recommend this. Both “religion” and “rule of law” are Christian concepts. Dharma is neither.…

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#Rajasthan textbook explicitly lists “demerits of democracy,” “democracy teaches a person to be selfish, cunning& illusive, “democracies do not produce economic development”,& they are particularly weak “in times of crisis.” #BJP_ভাগাও_দেশ_বাঁচাও #Hindutva…
The new textbooks promote the BJP’s political program and ideology.
History is twisted to promote Hindu supremacy&islamophobia. Maharana pratap won battle of haldighati, India won sino india conflict, Nazis were good etc etc #BJP_ভাগাও_দেশ_বাঁচাও #HinduRashtra
these textbooks are essentially political manifestos.
#Rajasthan’s 7th-grade book directs students to “prepare a chart of the advertisements published by the Govt abt its different schemes&with the help of your teacher discuss the benefits of these schemes.”
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