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1. The Russians surprised again. The first was grills on tank turrets to protect against #Javelins and #NLAW.
Now this "miracle" isn't analogous: the ship's anti-aircraft guns were welded to the hull of the infantry fighting vehicles... I'm laughing to the point of tears...⬇️ Image
2. What, they find the remains in the graveyard of vehicles, and then do this?
#stupidRussia #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsaWarCriminal #PutinWarCriminal #StopRussia #stopputin
3. The ship's anti-aircraft automatic installation 2M-3M with KPVT machine guns is welded to the MTLB.

R2-D2, is that you, admit it?🤣🤣🤣
#StupidRussia #StopRussia
#StopPutin #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsaWarCriminal
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1. It seems that #Russia has found another opportunity to circumvent #EU and #US #sanctions.
Which one? - mass purchase of tankers. Over the past six months, 240 vessels have been sold in the world,⬇️
@SecBlinken @POTUS
@RishiSunak @AndrzejDuda…
2. and all of them have unknown owners. And this is already the largest shadow fleet in the history of shipping.
#Russia is buying 25 to 35 large tankers every month to increase the number of ships it can carry to bypass #sanctions.⬇️
#RussiaIsATerroristState #SanctionsRussia Image
3. The shadow fleet of the country already reaches 600 tankers, which is 10% of the world volume of vessels of this class, - #CNN

Tankers carrying Russian oil are divided into two categories: "gray" and "dark" ships.

The "grey" ships were mainly sold by #European⬇️
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This is what the Genocide of the Ukrainian Nation looks like.
Russia did something similar in Grozny (Chechnya), #Georgia, Idlib, Arikha, Sarmin (#Syria).
#Mariupol, #Severodonetsk, #Volnovakha, #Popasna, #Liman were destroyed... The same is done in #Bakhmut, #Soledar.⬇️
2. Wherever the Russian soldier goes, there is murder, rape, looting and destruction. #Russia is a country of killers.

#StopRussia #StopPutin
#SanctionsRussia Image
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1. State TV channels in Russia cover in detail the grandiose diplomatic success of Russia - Lavrov's visit to Eswatini.

For the first time in history, Lavrov came to the small kingdom of Eswatini (former Swaziland, not to be confused with Switzerland😄), where he is scheduled,⬇️
2. to have talks with the prime minister, head of the Foreign Ministry, and acting defense minister.
True, 99.9% of #Russians have no idea where it is.
And this is a tiny #African state of 1.35 million people, where 70% live in poverty, and 26.1% of adults are infected with #HIV,
3. which, according to the #UN, is the highest level of any country in the world.

Putin's #Russia has no other partners in the world.
#RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsaWarCriminal
#StopRussia #StopPutin
#BoycottRussia #SanctionsRussia
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1.❌⛴Estonia can close the Gulf of Finland to #Russia.

The government of #Estonia is going to introduce a coastal "adjacent zone" in the Gulf of Finland, which will allow to block Russian shipping.

The contiguous zone is a marine zone adjacent to the territorial sea, which⬇️ Image
2. can be established by domestic law and where the coastal state has the right to exercise control, as well as to punish in case of various violations of its legal acts.

The right of a state in the "contiguous zone" extends to customs and tax matters, as well as sanitary and⬇️
3.and immigration regulations. This makes it possible to check compliance with Estonian law within 24 nautical miles from the baseline of the Estonian territorial sea and to look after Russian warships and civilian vessels leaving the ports of the LeningradRegion and Kronstadt.⬇️
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Überblick über die bisherigen Auswirkungen der 🇷🇺🗑️Sanktionen: Von wegen Sanktionen wirken nicht.
1. In 🇷🇺wurde ein historischer Rekord an Währungs- und Rohstoffverlusten aufgestellt👇🧵
#RussiaIsANaziState #PutinWarCriminal #RussiaIsLosing #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussianBankRun
1/1 Die Ausfuhr von Rohstoffen aus der Russischen Föderation im Jahr 2022 überstieg die Einfuhr um mehr als 250 Milliarden Dollar. Neben der nicht kompensierten Ausfuhr von Rohstoffen hat #Russland weiter verloren. 2. 300 Milliarden Dollar in Form von beschlagnahmten oder
2/1 eingefrorenen staatlichen Reserven und Vermögenswerten und hatte die größten wirtschaftlichen Verluste zu verzeichnen. Unter Berücksichtigung der anormalen Rabatte auf russische Exportgüter beliefen sich die Verluste auf mehr als 550 Milliarden Dollar.
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Sanktionen wirken ihr #Vatniks: #Bloomberg bezeichnete den Fall der #russischen Aktien im Jahr 2022 als den schlimmsten der Welt. Durch den Krieg der 🇷🇺in der #Ukraine sind 🇷🇺Aktien 2022 stärker im Preis gefallen als andere Papiere weltweit🗑️👇🧵
#sanctionsrussia #boycottrussia
1/1 in Rubel gerechnet, sind sie in elfeinhalb Monaten um 44 % gefallen - am Ende des Jahres könnte dies der stärkste Einbruch seit 2008 sein. Aufgrund der Sanktionen gegen #Russland, verließen viele Investoren den Markt, trotz der Tatsache, dass Ausländer aus "unfreundlichen"
2/1 Ländern immer noch verboten ist, Wertpapiere, die sie in 🇷🇺besitzen, zu verkaufen. Die Mittel der einheimischen Anleger reichten nicht aus, um den Markt vor dem Absturz zu bewahren. 🗑️🇷🇺
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1/4 current surplus at russian accounts (exports minus imports, to simplify) is now about $96 billion. It is four times as much as last year. If the trend continues, it can grow up to $250 billion - almost the same as the $300 billion of assets currently frozen in Western banks
2/4 russian oil and gas exports are not increasing but prices for energy are growing rapidly. #russia will suffer economically once it uses up all the Western components and goods, and no new ones come in. But it will happen much later.
3/4 #putin is trying to play a long game so that growing prices make the West more susceptible to negotiations and lifting of sanctions. Without a complete oil and gas embargo (implemented soon) he might succeed.

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1/8 Russia is demanding that European buyers pay for their gas in roubles. The driver for that is the freezing of #Russian foreign reserves and the #sanctions on the central bank.
#SanctionsRussia #NaturalGas #EnergyCrisis
2/8 Nominally, buying Russian gas is not banned, but that supposes that Russia will accept currency instruments it can't sell to support the rouble.
3/8 Hence the strange-sounding alternative to straight rouble payments that Russia has proposed: Gazprom's clients would open rouble accounts with Russian banks, but still pay in EUR or USD.
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