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In the city of Vilniansk, Zaporizhzhia region, a maternity hospital came under fire.

A baby died...🥺😢😢 ImageImage
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1. I just came across this Dudayev description of #Rashism: "variety of hatred ideology which is based on Great Russian chauvinism, spiritlessness and immorality. It differs from other forms of fascism, racism, and nationalism by a more extreme cruelty, both to man and to nature”
2. “It is based on the destruction of everything and everyone, the tactics of scorched earth. Ruscism is a schizophrenic variety of the world domination complex. This is a distinct version of slave psychology…”
3. “it grows like a parasite on the fabricated history, occupied territories and oppressed peoples."

Indeed very accurate of #RussiaIsANaziState, tak?…
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Russian propagandists are making #Nazis trend trying to implicate us in their crimes. So let’s help them with this: #RussiaIsANaziState. #nafofella #NAFO

It’s very thoughtful of #RussiaIsANaziState to help their friends in America:…
Remember when #RussiaIsANaziState sent their best to Ukraine?…
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Suddenly all these GOP'ers are calling for an audit of US aid to Ukraine. It's like they got marching orders. Now I don't think those orders came from Russia. Unlike the wiggidity wackity libs I remember that Trump was actually really severe on Putin. Toughest pre-Feb 24th
sanctions, blocking Nordstream 2, hitting Assad twice despite Putin threatening grave consequences and then of course turning a Wagner assault on US troops into a bloody burnt smear on the Syrian desert. So this is something new. maybe its just politics, at least I hope it is,
but we can't rule out dark money. So without further ado, I will audit the effectiveness of US aid to Ukraine. 1. The pre-war Russian Army doesn't exist anymore. A more than 100% casualty rate of the initial invasion force, the loss of thousands of tanks and vehicles, expending
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Russians prove every single day why it’s not Putin. It’s them. It had been them for hundreds of years of interrupted crimes against humanity. What they not count on is by demanding we either die or become slaves, they have created third and only option for us:
Russia must collapse. They chose this and choose it everyday. They prove even now with each tweet and each lie that they feel entitled to kill people and steal resources. They will never stop because they have never stopped. People who can even now defend such crimes
As Russia has committed here in last 9 months prove nothing is wrong in their minds with such inhumane, savage, brutality. How can anyone expect them to stop?

We don’t care how long it takes or what means we use because Russia and Russians have made it publicly clear
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A thread on how targeted Russian propaganda is influencing the West! 🧵

‼️About the continuous fire of disinformation‼️ 👇🏻

As the Russian regime faces more and more setbacks and losses in Ukraine, the more intensively it is focused on showering Western society with disinformation and propaganda! And it doesn't matter to Russia how bizarre it is 👇🏻 Image
The only goal is to divide the Western world!
To dissuade them from support for the invaded country.
Ukraine 🇺🇦 should be isolated, so to speak, so that the Western world no longer cares that Russia 🇷🇺 this war of extermination 👇🏻 Image
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Important🧵 : Forget #Medvedev and ask two question instead. Then you understand why we will never stop and why time is against #Russia. It’s called #Holodomor and you must make it trend.
1. Have you stop to ask why #Russia is willing to destroy itself and world so that this red monster can have this tiny yellow speck? Why Russia has spent years bribing American #Republican party? Why it corrupted election of 2016? Just to get this speck?
2. Because it already is answered for you in history. Russia cannot survive alone. It can only survive as parasite on others. #Putin and his regime have stolen everything. They can’t survive.
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Ein Thread wie gezielt die russische Propaganda Einfluss auf den Westen einnimmt! 🧵

‼️Über das Dauerfeuer der Desinformation‼️ 👇🏻

Da das russische Regime immer mehr Rückschläge und Verluste im der Ukraine einstecken muss,umso intensiver wird sich darauf konzentriert,die westliche Gesellschaft mit Desinformationen und Propaganda zu überschütten!Und da spielt es für Russland keine Rolle wie skurril sie ist 👇🏻 Image
Das einzige Ziel besteht darin, die westliche Welt zu spalten!
Um sie von der Unterstützung für das überfallene Land abzubringen.
Die Ukraine 🇺🇦 soll sozusagen abgekapselt werden, damit die westliche Welt nicht mehr interessiert, das Russland 🇷🇺 diesen Vernichtungskrieg 👇🏻 Image
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At the time of Independence, there were 2,321 nuclear warheads in Ukraine, which is six times more than China now.

Ukraine has renounced nuclear weapons in exchange for guarantees of security and territorial integrity. What did it lead to...
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All for them, for our children.

Their lives. Freedom. Of The Future.

#Ukraine #RussiaIsATerroristState #StopRussianAggression #RussiaIsANaziState
Bogdan from Bakhmut.

Russian fascists killed his father, his pregnant mother. No one could collect their bodies for several days because of the shelling, so the boy ran away to do it himself - the police saved the child, and the police dog Rem helped bring him back from shock.…
We will never forget all the suffering and tears of our children by the Russian fascist.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #russiaisateroriststate #RussiaIsANaziState #StopRussiaNOW
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Russia and her supporters are a clown show! I wake up to a Russian TV host claiming Ukraine has secreted away a thermo-nuclear bomb to blow itself up with and blame Russians. Never mind that boosted fission and fusion bombs all need tritium with its very short (post Cold War)
half life that can be typed to the reactor that produced it. Then as I scroll down my twitter feed I see the whataboutisms flowing like a blown dam. We have all the main players working off the same cue card. #NAFO members said bad things and the @georgian_legion did bad things.
did they rape babies, blow up theaters, kidnap kids, destroy critical heating and electrical infrastructure.... invade a sovereign state? No? Then it's all BS misdirection.
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⚡️ Трофейний російський бронеавтомобіль "ТИГР-м" у складі #ЗСУ.
⚡️ Артилеристи та підрозділи ТрО, знесли російський танк. Донецька область.
Русявий вояка до і після😁
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Archive video shot with the help of a drone by the defenders of Mariupol. Which shows very well how Russian fascists shoot a residential building from a tank at point-blank range.

Mariupol (first months of the war)
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⚠️ Імовірність запуску ракет із акваторії Чорного моря
/ БпЛА-камікадзе з окупованих територій.

❗️Якщо у вашій області оголошено повітряну тривогу пройдіть в укриття!
⚡️ ОБЕРЕЖНО ЛЕТЯТЬ БПЛА-КАМІКАДЗЕ з окупованих територій у напрямку Миколаївської області.❗

#Новини #Україна #Миколаїв #Миколаївщина 🇺🇦
⚡️ Харківська область в укриття.
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When 🇷🇺 already openly says it is striking at civilian facilities and critical infrastructure.And not like they used to lie"about military facilities"when they bombed peaceful cities.This already shows complete agony.The terrorist country no longer hides that it is a terrorist
Rushists, you will be responsible for everything. You will have no peace anywhere on this planet. If you're thinking of hiding in your hole called Russia, you're wrong. The time will come, each of you terrorist fascists will be fully responsible for everything.
Having suffered a defeat from the Ukrainian army on the battlefield,
the🇷🇺carries out terrorist attacks against the population. It says more than just how pathetic they are.But also the fact that they are simply not capable of waging war.But they can only fight against civilians
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most of the world went to bed as usual on sunday & woke up on monday ready for work.

ukrainians went to bed with images of the third consecutive night of civilian bombarding in zaporizhzhia, and woke up to bombing all over ukraine during rush hour.

i can't decide what's more surreal - calling in sick at work in 2022, because you're sleep deprived & sick with worry about your relatives, whether ruzzian bombs have hit them, the long pauses between responses & whether they could still get hit later

or the fact that other people aren't going through this & 7 months later, after almost daily terror attacks, ukrainians still have to beg for ruzzia to be designated as a terrorist state???

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⚡The collapse of russian front in #Kherson oblast is looming. Micro 🧵

Just a day after #Lyman liberation, dozens of russian TG channels panicly reporting that north-eastern Kherson frontline is collapsing. russians lost multiple settlements in just half of a day, being

knocked out of the settlements at smoking speed.
The #KhersonOffensive currently begins to look very similar to a #Kharkiv one just 2 weeks ago.
AFU motorized brigades move fast, with decent amount of tanks, but mostly APCs/HMMWVs. They attack russian positions, russians
retreat to the settlements behind, try to dig defences there, but...AFU forces are hitting them already again, keeping the momentum.
The broken yellow outline on the map marks the possible area that can be liberated very soon if Ukraine forces will keep this momentum.
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Briefly about putin's speech.
Rally of Hitler's party.

After the war, the fall of fascism and Hitler's death, all these people will claim that they never supported him.

I wonder what Putin's supporters will say when he and his regime fall.
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This is a dog named Krym in the ruins of his house - under the ruins are his dead owners...💔

Tonight, the Russians hit the city of Dnipro with rockets — four people were killed: two children, their mother and grandmother...
"Only yesterday there was a house here, in which a family lived together with a dog. The dog, whose name is Krym, survived and now misses his family endlessly, howling with longing. The volunteers barely managed to take him from there. This is what despair really looks like..."
"The dog was taken away, he is under the supervision of doctors. Contusion, heart failure. He is very scared," the page of "Zookontrol" reported.

The video shows her crying...
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Video of the war crimes of the Russian fascists, filmed on surveillance cameras. How they fired at civilian transport and killed civilians.

A country of terrorists, murderers and rapists.

#RussiaIsANaziState #RussiaisATerroistState
Five identified servicemen of the Russian Federation were informed in absentia of suspicion of shooting civilian cars with civilians in Gostomel, Kiev region in February 2022. Image
Unfortunately, Twitter does not allow you to upload the full video to the tweet. So I had to crop the video from 15 minutes to only 2.5 minutes
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1/1.Why, instead of stopping the Russian terrorists by the whole world. To show that his blackmail and threats will not intimidate the world. And the response to all Russia's actions will be tough. Everyone starts to "panic" and post every article about the nuclear threat.
1/2.Do you really not understand that by doing this you are only convincing Putin that his threats are working. It just motivates him. Unties his hands to continue to engage in nuclear blackmail.
1/3.Why does no one say: Look, we are tired of your threats. We don't want war. But if at least one nuclear missile is used, Russia will receive 100 in return.
Why are you letting everyone intimidate you?
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How to understand that russia, putin or russians are lying?
It's simple, their mouths are open.

They have always lied and will lie to the whole world, each other, to each of you.
"Always at war, it's easier to hide your failures in economic and social policy. The external aggressor is to blame" (putin).
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The #Russian people are quickly turning against #PutinsWar & his corrupt police.. The police &/or military will soon join the people - this could be over within weeks.🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Less than 12 hours ago it was widely reported #Putin had left Moscow for a secret location on “vacation”👀
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