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#RussiaIsANaziState and #NaziHungary is collaborating with them to commit war crimes.

Remember when they executed Hannah Szenes?
Moscow Rebbe told already Jews in Russia to run…
I’m telling Jews in Hungary to run…
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Never forget that Russians raped and disemboweled women of Central African Republic
Because #RussiaIsANaziState that is racist and sees Africans as sub human. Don’t confuse their propaganda of African friendship with their murders in Darfur, Mali, Ethiopia…
Don’t forget they traffic in African slavery…
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Sometimes I post a load of what might look/sound like gibberish to most; perhaps it really is.🤷

Other times, I have a choice selection of wisdom to impart.🤪❓

No, I can't tell them apart either, that is better done by other, more sober minds not yet extant.
For tonight, I have chosen to concoct a short telling, relating to a story about a vicious mongrel motherfucker with absolutely zero regrets about chosing to be a completely, rampantly aggressive dick shoving itself right into any available orifice, or creating them by-need.
If you hadn't guessed so by now.. It's me I'm talking about.. I'm the motherfucker, the mongrel, but only because I hold back with more strength than I care to admit to having in the first place. I don't like to admit it, as I'd prefer to not to be that, but I loathe deceiving.
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#RussiaIsANaziState les recruteurs militaires russes ont visités des mosquées et des bureaux d’immigration pour recruter des travailleurs migrants d’Asie Centrale en #Russie…
Dans les bureaux de l’immigration, le personnel qui parle tadjik et ouzbek tente régulièrement de recruter des migrants. Ces migrants sont probablement envoyés sur les lignes de front ukrainiennes où le taux de victimes est extrêmement élevé.
Le recrutement de migrants fait partie des tentatives du ministère russe de La Défense pour atteindre son objectif de 400 000 volontaires pour se battre en Ukraine.
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While #RussiaIsANaziState spent all night bombing us on eve of their 9 May myth, I use that time to deploy truth of this myth because this is all Russia has. Nothing else. Lies. #VictoryDay 🧵
1. Russia exists as nation of stolen cultures, people, achievements. This country is held together by myth of greatness that Russia alone defeated Nazi Germany. As you see even now, they lie about who they are and who everyone else is.
2. Without Russia there would have been no Nazis to defeat and no WWII to end. Russia funded German socialists also known as Nazis and provided resources in exchange for Nazi weapons:
“such as oil, grain, iron and phosphates.”…
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It’s modern day, so they use buses. But this is cattle cars. They are mass deporting people against their will in large groups to camps in Crimea and Siberia.

This is genocide. They did this in #Mariupol. Where are those souls? They then moved in Russian families
By giving them free property. You know what it’s free? It’s ours. It’s stolen. They did this in #Crimea and #Donbas. When horror of these camps and deportations are finally told, you will have to answer same question as in 1945:
How did you let this happen. This time you can’t say you were unaware, you knew. You knew whole time, but you let it happen.

When we tried to stop them in Donbas, #RussiaIsANaziState make propaganda that we are killing our own people. Then they move in convicts and claim
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Let’s give credit to this German #nazifatnik and others like him. You see, had they spent their time demanding Russia stop aggression early in war before Russia commit such crimes, there might have been moment for negotiations. Image
But he and all West Russian collaborators helped terrorize us and Russia commit such unspeakable crimes, no negotiations are ever possible. We don’t care if we die. We would rather die than ever surrender to #RussiaIsANaziState. That means if Russia use nukes, it will be
Because people like @KimDotcom help them get to such point. So let’s celebrate irony of how scared this German #nazifatnik is of consequences of his own actions. At least when we all die, we died for freedom, unafraid. He is beached in New Zealand hiding from authorities
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#NAFO twitter-algorithm informational 2.0: A deeper, geekier dive. Simplified for brain-damaged cartoon dogs.
Main points are still:
1) Replies do not boost a #Fella's tweet directly.
2) Likes, replies, and retweets are *all* essential for broad reach.
3) #RussiaIsANaziState
⬇️ Image
⬇️ 1st, let's make it clear:
The famous boost values are NOT applied to a tweet and don't stack. "Experts" who claim this are mistaking value boundaries for stacking limits and don't understand the algorithm itself.
The boosts are applied to *predictions* of *your* interaction
⬇️️I've made this very simplified overview of the algorithm. let's dive in.

Candidate generation is the 1st, crucial step. Currently it's a 50/50 division of tweets from your in-network (people you follow) and out-network (anything people you follow touches).
⬇️ Image
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Augenzeugenbericht über das, was in #Odesa am 01./2.05.2014 wirklich geschah.

Freunde, es gab Gestern schon sehr viel und wird heute noch mehr #RussiaIsANaziState-Propaganda geben, die behaupten, dass das #Odesa-Massaker, das sie 2014 selbst inszeniert haben, um eine falsche…… ImageImage

Jetzt bin ich (Die Autorin Anm. von mir) offline, weil meine geistige Gesundheit es nicht erträgt, wenn Russland unsere Opfer, die sie getötet haben, als Menschen vorführt, die sie rächen und betrauern wollen. Das ist so obszön, dass ich fürchte, ich……
OTD im Jahr 2014 hat wohl die @CIA
"#Pro_Russen", die ganz und gar nicht dem #GRU angehörten, dazu gebracht, Benzinbomben zu zünden, die sie unschuldig in ein Odesaer Regierungsgebäude gebracht und vom Dach geworfen hatten, um friedlich den #Imperialismus zu verhindern. ImageImage
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Nine years ago, #RussiaIsANaziState attacked Jews of #Odesa.

Simon Wiesenthal became our map. On 24 February, full scale #RussiaIsANaziState invasion began that included targeting Jews, killing Holocaust survivors, destroying #Holocaust memorials and using Russian
Protocols of Zion propaganda again for another #Holocaust. Except Odesa Jews were ready. It will take lifetime #RussiaIsANaziState does not have to understand what we did to stop them. #RussiaIsANaziState is collapsing. We ensured it.

You Rashists are never killing Jews again.
Not another pogrom Image
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Friends, there will be much #RussiaIsANaziState propaganda today claiming that #Odesa massacre they staged in 2014 to try to create fake separatist movement here was Odesa Nazis attacking Russian speakers. I give you very short response since I was there that day
1. It’s was Russian Nazis transported to Odesa, led by Russian Anton Raevsky Image
2. They admitted this was staged provocation to create same false flag as in Donbas and Crimea Image
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Look what trends. #Antisemitism

And who is biggest funder of #Antisemitism? Russia. Who is originator of all modern antisemitic propaganda? Russia.
Even now, #RussianPropaganda uses word Nazi against who? Jews. It divorce this word from its victims. That’s why you see actual Nazis call me Nazi, call my Jewish president Nazi. I have told you Russia have only one real mass destructive weapon: mind war, active measures.
And they have used it for 100 years to target Jews. Why you imagine that Dugin, Orban, Tucker Carlson all promote replacement theory? Why you imagine every antisemite support Russia? #RussiaIsANaziState is killing Holocaust survivors while calling them Nazis.
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BREAKING: #Ukraine is under attack from Air and Sea. A reported record number of missiles and strategic bombers heading toward #Ukrainian cities and are expected to arrive in the next 30 minutes. With TU-95s bombers in flight
#Russia #RussiaUkraineWar
LIVE UPDATES: #RussiaUkraineWar

1. Unconfirmed reports of more than 120 missiles
2. Reports that US aircraft is monitoring the situation
3. Air raid sirens started sounding in 6 regions and spreading
4. Russian Missiles have entered Ukraine Airspace
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Fuck. I just got done of three days of rage after Uman. I just finally start to climb into bed thinking I will sleep. Look at this shit.
#RussiaIsANaziState 🤬
Kherson coast under attack by something. 🤷‍♀️
@OscDomesticated 👇🏻😱 Image
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Die Sprache der 🇷🇺 IST GEWALT und NUR GEWALT! Während linksradikale Pazifisten die Russen in Schutz nehmen und für scheinheiligen Frieden demonstrieren, besteht in 🇷🇺 nicht mal ansatzweise der Bedarf an humanen und demokratischen Umgang zwischen Bürgern, geschweige von einem……
Ich lade jeden ein, der mit 🇷🇺 verhandeln möchte. Hier, bitteschön! Traut euch, versucht euer Glück und probiert es auch mit diesem 🇷🇺 Triebtäter, dem es große Freude bereitet Menschen zu drohen und zu töten! Haut mal bei dem Monster euer diplomatisches Handelgeschick raus!
Welch glorreichen und ehrenhaften 🇷🇺 "Soldaten" doch ihrem Dienst alle Ehre machen, indem sie Lebensmittel rauben und Kindern nichts als Verachtung schenken! Was möchte man sich diesen Monstern wünschen?
Ich freu mich auf eure Kommentare
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🕯️Das Blut von mindestens 10 Menschen darunter Kinder klebt wieder mal an Russischen 🇷🇺 Dreckshänden 😡
Sie zielen absichtlich auf Zivilbevölkerung! Sie zielen auf Familien, Frauen, Kinder und Ältere, aber erzählen auf der ganzen Welt, dass sie nur auf Kriegsobjekte schießen. Und……
Hier sieht man Videos aus dem
Moment, an dem Russische Raketen die Wohngebäude getroffen haben!
#Russia #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsATerrorist…
🇷🇺 Telegram Kanal des Russischen Verteidigungsministeriums:
Zivile Lebenräume sind für diese Terroristen ein VOLLTREFFER!!!
#RussiaIsANaziState #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsATERRORIST Image
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In case you want to know about #Sudan and you don’t know what Russia has been doing. Here is brief history.

In 2017 Russians, using their Nazi SS #WagnerGroup bribed then leader Omar al-Bashir to let them control gold mines as Russian territory. Same as they did with mines
In #Donbas. In 2019 Bashir was ousted, which was bad for Russia stealing gold while ensuring poverty for people of Sudan, Russia stayed behind making chaos until 2021 coup they managed thinking it bring to power leader who let them steal gold (and people). But also, this is how
Russian fascism works. Wagner is funded by gold that they kick back to ruling oligarchs and Russian government also gets to make its Red Sea naval base. But 2021 government while happy to let Russians steal gold, we’re not happy to have occupation at Port of Sudan
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So we do little tour because West not understand what our victory mean for so many. #Russia, #Hungary and self appointed Russian puppet of #Belarus are axis powers. Orban is puppet
And is very popular because of his antisemitism and homophobia…
He is package to be desirable to American conservatives.…
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I just learn all about this famous American Nazi only this past month. I know all about this! And you never guess when Americans ban his Nazi sites, Russia host them them instead. Guess who his friend is? You never guess.
First let me show you this actual Hitler loving American Nazi that Americans banned…
And who do all Nazis on planet get funding and support from? Yes you smarty, Russia. After America ban him, Russia gave him home:…
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Extreme lying from non Jewish account attacking Ukrainian Jews. This is now trend. Russians will never be forgiven for this no matter what policy Israeli government holds. Jews hate Russia. And now it’s forever.
It’s so offensive they do this that I will not rest until Russia destroyed. Not one moment will I rest until #RussiaIsANaziState is ash. I will add more examples of how they attack us all day today.
Another non Jewish Russian account calling Jews Nazis example. #RussiaIsNazi made biggest mistake of their failed existence.
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#Holocaust is crime Russians try to blame on Ukraine to justify their Holocausts in past and present. They rewrite their role in original Holocaust and now they do it again. They blame Bandera from 80 years ago to confuse about their crimes now. But #RussiaIsANaziState 🧵
1. Holocaust survivors hiding in bomb shelters because of #RussiaIsANaziState

2. Holocaust survivors forced to be refugees #RussiaIsANaziState

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"Auf Befehl Prigozhins haben wir 24 ukrainische Kinder erschossen"
Ein RuZze erzählt, der wegen Tötungen in Russland im Gefängnis saß und 3 Monate vor der Entlassung in den Dienst von Russlands Tötungsapparat in die Ukraine geschickt wurde, um ukrainische Kinder zu töten.1/🧶 Image
Auf Befehl von Jewgeni Prigozhin erschossen sie 20 Kinder, sprengten eine Grube mit 60 Verwundeten und räumten Wohngebiete. Zwei Wagnerianer, Azamat Uldarov und Oleksiy Savichev, erzählten im Film Putler PMC des Gulag-Net-Projekts die grausamen Details der Folter an Ukrainern 2/
💥"Ich war 30 Jahre im Gefängnis und bin drei Monate vor meiner Freilassung gegangen. Ich wollte mein Image ändern. Sie haben alle genommen, die töten können. Und ich kann töten." 3/
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Ich habe diesen Artikel von RIA News RU übersetzt!
Dieser Artikel ist wirklich nicht leicht zu verdauen und zeigt vollends, dass dieser Völkermord an dem ukrainischen Volk durch Russland gezielt geplant ist‼️

Thread 🧵…
Was Russland in Bezug auf die Ukraine tun sollte

Bereits im April letzten Jahres schrieben wir
über die Unvermeidbarkeit der Entnazifizierung der Ukraine. Wir brauchen keine nazistische, banderanische Ukraine, einen Feind Russlands und ein Instrument des Westens, um Russland
zu zerstören.
Heute hat sich die Frage der Entnazifizierung auf die praktische Ebene verlagert.
Die Entnazifizierung ist notwendig, wenn ein bedeutender Teil des Volkes - höchstwahrscheinlich seine Mehrheit - vom Nazi-Regime beherrscht und in seine Politik hineingezogen wird.
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Warum viele Deutsche Russlandversteher sind und die Russen im Krieg still halten


Der ganze Artikel sieht unten 👇🏻…
Den Deutschen werden wir es zeigen, sei der Tenor in Russland

Die Besiedlung eroberter Gebiete mit Russen, um das Gebiet als russisch zu deklarieren, ist alte russische Kolonialpolitik, die schon im 16.Jahrhundert praktiziert wurde. 👇🏻
Auch wurde mit Hilfe von Sprache und Kultur russifiziert, um eroberte Territorien als Russisch zu beanspruchen. Puschkin wurde im 19. Jahrhundert ins Exil auf die Krim geschickt, und er verankerte die Halbinsel in der russischen Imagination literarisch als russischen Ort. 👇🏻
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