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Lets look back at this Babbling PDoh blatantly lies about "RUSSIA"
"HACKING" His emails. Not hard to see when [skippy] is rattled..

"Purportedly" from my Account
Funny how @DNC wouldnt give up the servers to anyone but [Crowdstrike] and exactly why doesnt John mention RUSSIAN HACK instead of INSIDE LEAK? 🤔

[THEY] Never Thought She would Lose.

Qld interviews become Instant-Provable-LIES which can be used against them

More sinister👇
Moar studdering and lying from Skippy.
17 intel agencies myth proven False
Russia Hack proven FALSE

Wikileaks 100% accurate 👇
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02/14/2020 NSA Whistleblower Binney Says There Was No Russian Hack, as Stone Prosecution Claims
"intrinsic metadata shows that the data in questions was put on a thumb drive and physically taken from the DNC."…
Q linked to this one calling Bill Binney a "PATRIOT of the highest caliber"
The significance of his expert testimony of a thumb drive rather than Russians itself is big - Especially reconciled with Seth Rich

08/11/2016 WikiLeaks offering $US20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Seth Rich's killer…
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1. New #QAnon: July 4th will be next Friday in the UK!
Today Queen Elizabeth signed off on #BREXIT UK set to leave EU next wk.
Harry Independence Day to our British brothers!

Congrats, UK Patriots!
Independence is beautiful!
Globalism dead?
#Q #Brexit
2. #Crowdstrike is KEY. [D]'s paid them since May 2016. $98K paid on July 11, 2016 the day after #SethRichMurder.

Mueller took Crowdstrike's word that the unexamined DNC servers were hacked
by "Russia".… #QAnon
3. WSJ: "The DOJ now believes it lacked probable cause to cont wiretapping [the President] in last 2 of 4 surveillance applications it sought against Mr. Page.

#QAnon: Correction: “insufficient predication" for ALL SURVeillance [hops] to spy on POTUS.
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01/05/2019 (START)
3:15 Watch 1 (day obscured thus hour/minute = comm)

3:42 Watch 2 (day 2 = 2nd watch)

03/15/2019 (END)
Q confirms markers concludes at 3:42 with Activation of William Barr authorizing National Emergency.
#Qanon #GreatAwakening #BillBarr

Q sets up 2 new Markers - Note "Ready sir" Q acknowledges in reply to "game"

Marker 1: Day 19-4:49
Marker 2: Day 27-3:06

I believe this is happening now - i.e. 09/19/2019-09/27/2019 - We know it was still to come in July (last full month of Q) cause...
07/18/2019 Q reposts Marker 1 with a "Worth Remembering" Q does same potentially connecting it with other subjects including EO blocking property of Human Traffickers, Perverse Facebook Quiz about pedophilia (testing public acceptance), voting fraud, and HRC crimes, #Qanon
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Why were people close to Shawn Lucas threatened?

We have recordings that we will be releasing very soon. These will change the game in the Seth Rich investigation.

@Therealbp65 Will be dropping them in the next 48 hours.

Stay Tuned.

#SethRich #ShawnLucas #AmericaFirstMedia
Shawn Lucas was the process server that served the DNC fraud Lawsuit for Attorney @JaredBeck

Why would he have been threatened, we have it straight from those closest to him.

The threats in these investigations are real, and very soon the American People will hear about them.
We have always wondered and investigated the tie in between Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas... Deaths close together, one a murder, one a mystery.. both involving people that were directly involved with the DNC..

If you have information, contact us at
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Subplot: they probably couldnt find a decent process server because they have a history of killing them out of spite and to justify motions to dismiss under process claims.

@JaredBeck @Wikileaks ought to just cut and paste that filing nearly word for word and ship it right back at em.

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Since Singapore is all the rage...let's look back to August 2, 2016...🤔
August 2, 2016, the Obama administration hosted the P.M. of Singapore for a State Dinner.

There is no greater cover for the highest levels of a corrupt cabal to covort than a state dinner.
Keep in mind this was three days after "cross-fire hurricane" was put in place and Strzok was on his way to London.
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How many of you will Retweet this?

No Video ✔️

No Witnesses ✔️

Nothing Taken ✔️

No Ballistics Report ✔️

GM of Bar Lied ✔️

Suing our Team for Investigating ✔️

CrowdStrike Hush Money ✔️

Seymour Hersh Audio ✔️

Broken up with GF✔️

No Leads per Police ✔️
Please support our efforts, they are suing us and want to silence our investigations. We cannot do what we do without the support of all of you.

#AmericaFirstMedia #SethRich…
We cannot fight the legal battles, and everything else we’re fighting without the help of so many Patriots. Thanks to those of you who’ve joined the Fight for the Truth and Justice.

The Storm is Coming! #AmericaFirstMedia #SethRich…
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Let's talk about Seth Rich, shall we... I guess its' time to inform New followers.. We've had lots of requests..

Consider this an Official Seth Rich Thread..


Seth Rich was the DNC Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democrats..

He was NOT a "Staffer" as the Mainstream Media has reported repeatedly.

According to original reports, Seth Rich was at Lou's City Bar on Saturday Night July 9th, 2016.

We'll now walk you through that timeline.

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1) Seth Rich was the Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democrats. Not a "Staffer" as the Mainstream Media will try to tell you. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
2) Seth Rich started off his career working for the polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner where he would meet Andrew Therriault. He would be groomed by Therriault, who would later recruit Seth to the DNC, and help him land the job there. #SethRich #AmericaFirstMedia
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A little Seth Rich Thread for your Sunday Afternoon, just some thoughts and facts in this Investigation... Let's look into Brad Bauman, Rod Wheeler, Detective Joey DellaCamera, and what we know is being said. #AmericaFirstMedia #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
In April of 2017, Detective Joey DellaCamera met in Private Investigator Rod Wheelers Maryland Office. DellaCamera made some very interesting statements that contradict what was said in an Audio Interview by DNC Crisis Fixer Brad Bauman. Who now speaks for the Rich Family.
“My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” “I do believe that the answers to who murdered Seth Rich sits on his computer on a shelf at the DC police or FBI headquarters.” -Rod Wheeler
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This ENDS the Russia Narrative, I DECREE it in Jesus' Name! #CrowdStrike #QAnon

please see thread! retweet, share
#CrowdStrike #Qanon

please see thread!
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1) #SaveTheKids Now that I have a following, I am a single, threaded 27-point story of the #Treason against the US committed by #Hillary, #Obama, and the #Cabal, starting w/ #UraniumOne and #IranNukes deals.…
2) Trump was recruited by #Patriots/#Military as the only outsider (not part of establishment) who could really #DrainTheSwamp, which is much worse than the aforementioned #Treason. He is protected by the #Marines in particular.…
3) #SethRichMurder The #Cabal, which includes corrupt Dems/GOP, never expected #HRC to lose. They owned #FakeNews #LSM (lying socialist media), rigged #DNC primary for #Hillary, and unsuccessfully rigged actual election w/electronic voting…
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Official Friday the 13th Seth Rich Thread... I'll be adding to this all day, Going to Pin It America! All in one place as requested.
1) Seth Rich was murdered around 4:19 AM in the 5th District of Washington D.C. according to Metro DC Police. He was shot twice in the back!
2) According to the Mainstream Media, Seth Rich was just a "DNC Staffer" You'll find out in this thread, that's not the case. #SethRich
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