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I said I thought it was an overcorrection, which I can speak on as a Black person because we, alone, get to decide how we feel personally about something that could be racist or offensive.

I did NOT say anything about “being woke” being an issue or a problem EVER.
What y’all NOT gon’ do is infer that I believe — or EVER said — that being cognizant of the hate and racism and micro-aggressions in this white-supremacy-fueled nation is a bad thing.

An #OverCorrection means folks CARED about not being hateful

#BeingWOKE is the GOAL.
#BeingWoke & the use of the word #Woke was OUR thing. WE told each other to #StayWoke. It was OUR way of encouraging & reminding each other that better can come if we stay vigilant & focused on moving forward despite the hate.

Those against that movement made it a pejorative.
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This is nonsense. Woke doesn’t refer to one being “awaken to the needs of others,” it was specifically in reference to being “woke” to racial injustices and activism of the black community. Its roots are in radical black activism, dating back to Marcus Garvey in the 1920s. 🧵 Image
Woke broke into mainstream culture during the 2014 Ferguson riots, when it became enmeshed with BLM and the #staywoke social media campaign. It was a call to stay focused on black activism, particularly to stay vigilant on police misconduct.
It then morphed into focusing on the plight of all marginalized communities. Woke was no longer limited to BLM. It was in the 2017 Women’s March. It included BIPOC, LGBTQ+ & eventually the broader goals of progressivism. This is when phrases like “white privilege” took off.
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The fossil fuel industry wants to roll back NY's methane accounting standard, the more accurate 20 Yr. GWP. Why? To cover up the damage they cause & slow down climate action. Here’s what you need to know. A thread. #energytwitter @howarth_cornell
Methane is a potent GHG but dissipates faster than CO2. Instead of using an outdated 100 year global warming potential metric, NY law, the CLCPA, uses the 20 year GWP to capture the climate damage caused by methane.
The difference in using the 20 year GWP versus the 100 year GWP are profound. NY’s Climate Plan calculates that the state’s net total emissions were 338.5 MMT CO2e in 2019 per the 20 year GWP. Compare that to 165.5 MMT CO2e net emissions in 2019 using the 100 yr GWP.
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So hey here, I’m a person w/ an actual degree in African American studies who still works in the field.

This woman is wrong.

‘Woke’ is a decades old slang term for ‘to be awoke’ to situations amongst African Americans dating back to the 1930s but popularized in the 1960s.
She’s also using an age-old strategy of white establishment members to:

1) denigrate —a said topic/person/institution (ex: The anti-woke crusades)
2) deny the existence of and/or the validity of said subject (ex: Woke is an catch-all term for things whites don’t like)
3) destroy — either politically, socially, or economically the subject in question.


4) (re) define — removing the original connotation and replacing with a new connotation
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#StopWokeAct #BlackAmericaHistoryIsAmericaHistory #policiesmatter

Florida House passes ‘Stop WOKE Act’ to limit talks on race, gender, and discrimination in schools, workplaces…
@AllenLEllison - A message for Ron DeSantis. White supremacists are jumping on your anti-woke bandwagon because it serves their agenda. You love it and accept it because it serves yours. They are one in the same. #Staywoke #BlackHistoryMonth
Florida has two senators in the United States -…

FLORIDA Senators -

Stop WOKE” Act (HB 7) -…

FLORIDA House of Representatives -
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This silly "definition" from DeSantis' lawyer deserves all the scorn. Also true: "wokeism" can be defined pretty concretely. But to parse the definition requires acknowledging two separate, in many ways adversarial, definitions of "woke." 1/
As far as I recall -- may be wrong -- the term "woke" emerged from Black Twitter (way pre-Floyd) to describe the cognitive shift from the mainstream narrative around blackness in America to a new narrative of cognitive freedom and reset. 2/
Essentially, to become "woke" meant to wake up out of a consensual trance, out of a narrative matrix that had been handed to you throughout culture and society. 3/
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The word “woke” has been co-opted in recent years and is now used as a pejorative to criticize anti-racism and social justice activism and the teaching of factual U.S. history. But what are the origins of the word? A very brief 🧵 of what “woke” actually means:
In a 1942 edition of the Negro Digest, J. Saunders Redding used the term in an article about labor unions. A black, unionized mine worker told him: “Waking up is a damn sight harder than going to sleep, but we’ll stay woke up longer.”
In 1962, we see the first printed, political use of woke, in a 1962 New York Times article titled “If You’re Woke You Dig It,” about appropriation of black language.…
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I have to ask
Why are you racist
spouting scripture
telling lies?

How can you qualify
yourself, a moral authority,
while endangering
community lives?

People need
housing, healthcare,
Clean water to drink.

While you fight
for rich and
well-connected… #thread
Society is on the brink!

Every human
matters here
not only people
you approve or control

Standby for what?
More lawless behavior?
Can’t peacefully vote
at the polls

Women’s bodies politicized
Schools unsafe
People canceled
Books burned

Awakening again
to violence and death
Empty prayers
No lessons learned.

I have to ask
Where is your love
for people
evident in your work?

On second thought
asking is futile
Light makes no
exception for dirt.

Written by @bravelyworded.
#poetrycommunity #poet
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Interesting new article deconstructing the so-called ‘anti-woke’ culture war, in which the appropriation of the #neofascist culture war discourse by the mainstream right in the UK is analysed discursively.

By Bart Cammaerts.…
The anti-woke culture war by the British conservative party as well as right-wing media will serve to analyse how social justice struggles like anti-racism, anti-sexism and pro-LGBTQ rights are being abnormalised and positioned as extreme deviant political positions.
So-called ‘cancel culture’ is strategically deployed to neutralise contestations against a range of bigoted views. Freedom of speech & the right to offend is weaponised to protect racist & discriminatory language, positioning idea’s as valid opinions worthy of democratic debate.
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No @senatortimscott your comments are diabolical, disgusting and disgraceful. You should know better as a Black man than to spew such trash. It’s not surprising. I am a constituent and I will be contacting your office. I’m a student of history and I’m hard pressed to find
Anywhere in American history where “woke supremacy” enslaved Africans in the Americas, committed Native American Genocide, Seceded from the Union to uphold white supremacy and slavery, committed domestic terrorism acts - lynchings, race massacres, church & house bombings, rapes
and I missed the history chapter where woke supremacists stormed the Capitol to overthrow the US government.
You sound like a fool who’s a tool of the White Supremacist power structure and status quo. You reek of opportunism and self loathing.
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It is clear some people are not aware of some core concepts many scholars in fields like #EthnicStudies, #CriticalRaceTheory, #QueerStudies, or #MulticulturalPsychology have been writing about for DECADES. So, here are some graphics I hope are helpful in your learning processes. White supremacy in America isn't radical; it's our societal By ‘white supremacy’ I do not mean to allude only to the
Some key takeaways:
1) White supremacy is a system that our country is founded upon. The US was established on stolen indigenous lands, and the country’s various structures were built from/by/through the labor of people who were enslaved and violently forced to do so. In our society, Whiteness is a default standard; the backgroWhen we adopt racial blind beliefs, they actually don’t he“White supremacy is not only, nor indeed primarily, associ
2) The Model Minority Myth was created (& has been perpetuated) to pit racial/ethnic minority groups against each other. It is also a Myth many Asian Americans internalize to be the truth- not recognizing that it is actually harmful to large subsets of the pan-ethnic community. The model minority myth is a racist construction intended toOne negative aspect of the model minority myth is that it ca
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If you boss is paying for $2000 per month billboard on Borrowdale road to advertise you ONLINE store, (despite google ads, Facebook pixels etc) that company has lost already. #StayWoke $2000 on FB is serious conversion power from real customers. Billboards are a waste of money.
Then if you just press “Boost” on FB and think you are advertising you are also foolish and flushing your money down the drain. If you are not using the business ad manager with pixel information and offline conversation you are flushing money down the toilet. #staywoke
Getting likes on your page is useless. Don’t pay for it. Let FB find you loom alike audiences from real customers. Boosting you post will get you every kid in Budaz and ChiTown liking your post for expensive suits when you need to be talking to their brother’s wife in town kubasa
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How many of you ever read up on The Nephalim?
Y'all know how the Government has UFO footage? If and when Aliens come down, it isn't Aliens but Nephalim.

Aliens don't exist, they are demons.

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders

~ 2 Thessalonians 2:9
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The Rothschild Surrealist Ball of 1972 featured imagery that was meant to look “Satanic”(psyop) but to a more discerning eye, actually is mocking all religion. It features many sick examples of the infamous banking family mocking the rest of humankind #truth #SaturnDeathCult
more, do you see the Saturnian symbolism?
Why are the #Illuminati so obsessed with symbolism? Especially regarding horned gods, black cubes and the planet Saturn? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #NWO #awake #woke
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When r these upstanding citizens going to th #StateCaptureInquiry to testify?
Cyril Ramaphosa
Julius Malema
Mmusi Maimane
Helen Zille
Sipho Pityana
Bishop Malusi Mpumlwane
Thabo Mbeki
Stephan Kosef
Derek Hanekom
Justice Malala
I want them to tell us who hs been LOOTING SOEs fr th last 20yrs.

*Hw come 99% of SOEs tenders hv been "awarded" to same companies fr last 20yrs?

*Hw come ppl who r vocal abt corruption hv been th major beneficiaries of BANKRUPT SOEs?
Meet EFF,DA,UDM, ACDP, NGOs & #CR17 Funders
SA Chamber of Commerce (SaveSA CEOs/WMC).

"White Economic Freedom Front"


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I’m aware of my blackness,

I’m aware that it scares the fuck out of some people,

I’m aware that simply trying to dress comfortable transcends the perception of being a thug,

I’m aware that because of my skin I’m viewed as threatening,
I’m aware that if I’m exchanging words with someone I’ll probably be viewed as the aggressor no matter the context,
I’m aware that my life isn’t considered equal,

I’m aware that not everyone shares this hate,

I’m also aware that a lot of people in power do and your support doesn’t cancel their hate,

I’m aware that people expect less of me,

I’m aware that they expect more too,
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Julius Malema:

"Pravin Gordhan enjoys respect frm everyone regardless of political party"

Banyise Pravin "Prime Minister" "WMC gatekeeper" Gordhan😂😂



EFF MPs giving Prime Minister Pravin Gordhan #StandingOvation👀

Banyise Pravin Gordhan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Johann Rupert:

"My enemy is your enemy Pravin"

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#AmazingGrady, Day 5

I was presented a patient with structural heart disease. Nonischemic HFpEF, to be exact.

PND. Orthopnea. S3 on exam. Reported some intermittent palpitations but EKG NSR, some LVH w/strain.

Admitting diagnosis: Acute decompensated HF

So far, so good.
Work rounds the next day:

Diuresis is going well. Responding to loop diuretics. And shout out to hydralazine for the double whammy of BP control + afterload reduction.

“Oh. But she had palpitations again. And on tele she was in atrial fibrillation.”

Hmm. Ok.
By the time I examined the patient, the heart rate was regular again.

Intern: “She’d been taking her meds and watching her salt intake. Maybe Afib is why she decompensated.”
Me: “We know the patient to have structural heart disease. So it all makes sense.”

And that was it.
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In 1998,

Thabo Mbeki & Trevor Manuel redirected RDP fund away frm basic needs towards "corporate welfare"

Billions wer committed to Alusaf,partly owned by Gencor

Gencor ws owned by Zanele Mbeki's business partner,RUPERT👀

Wheres #ShamilaBatohi?

Pres Mbeki & #TrevorManuel introduced SOCIAL GRANTS.

Gov't pays 16 MLN grant beneficiaries thru GRINDROD BANK

Grindrod deducts R10

R10x 9MLN=u do maths

Who owns Grindrod?

Imagine if Grindrod ws linked to Zuma!


In late 90s,

Former Eskom chairman, President Mbeki close friend & now PIC chairman, #RuelKhoza & his consortium bought 75% of Sun Air

*Th consortium went to liquidation

*th state failed to recover R14MLN owed to it

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-Isms should be uncomfortable. Labeling something as a 'bias' or prejudice does not make it less #racist, #sexist, #homophobic, #ageist, #ableist, etc. Recognizing your own racism, sexism, homophobia - your own -ism, is the first step to fighting it
#diversity #inclusion 1/
Sugar-coating these words to make them more comfortable to work with does us no favors.

Back story:

During the Ignite pre-day I was very open about recognizing my own bias, specifically my own racism. I understand that it exists & I actively work against that conditioning. 2/
It is conditioning. And exists in most of us. I was just willing to admit to it in an open forum. It's sad that instead of asking how we can all get to a place where we are admitting to & working against our own isms, people get hung up on the admission & label me "a racist" 3/
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A thread on SAA.

*Hw #SAA ws collapsed?

*SAA tender Beneficiaries

*Privatization of SAA fr th benefit of WMC & their Black stooges
Thabo Mbeki, Saki Macozoma & Coleman Andrews stripped SAA.

They sold al SAA aircrafts & paid Coleman Andrews R230 MLN as thank you gift fr a job well done.

SAA stripping beneficiaries
WMC, ANC veterans,...

Thabo Mbeki's is at the centre of SAA's problems

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When intern me got her as my senior resident? I was elated. She was smart and decisive. Funny and confident. She went hard for patients and advocated. And she stood up to people in ways that others didn’t.

Intern me wanted to BE her.
And intern me tried to be her, too.

She seemed to like me. Or at least appreciate my hustle.

“You’re my kinda intern,” she’d said through a mouthful of Stromboli at 2am one day. I'd just run up from doing a gram stain--myself. She gave me a greasy fist bump.

I was over the moon.
The month had been long. Our team had been busy. And all of us were tired. But she seemed to gain steam when others ran out of it. Her big stack of cards with patient data was tucked in her waist band at the small of her back—her signature move.

She pulled 1 out and sighed.
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I’ve been asked recently, especially during #WhitenessHistoryMonth, what white people can *do* when confronting white supremacy.

First off, I super appreciate the question. It’s something that gives me pause. (And it should tbh.)
[1] We cannot do the work of anti-racism for points. Or for nods from influential black and brown people.

And Lord knows, I’ve tried. I’ve wanted the affirmation from people of color for this work. (And, sure, sometimes it arrives; but it cannot be our basis for action.)
We have to do the work of anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Period.

We have to do it because whiteness is killing us, too.
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Personally I feel that voting during elections is very important, but the idea of fixating on the Next Governor or President is a no no. We get it wrong when we let slide our reps in House of Reps, Senate and Local government Reps. Cc @DrJoeAbah @segalink
If every Tom, Dick and Harry can enter these positions due to free votes rather than their drive to truly represent us, what you get are Laughing stocks like Melaye, Adeleke, Murray Bruce & Mark. These guys are self centered & will not give you any value. You can prove me wrong
I have lived in an area where Hon. Bayo Osinowo was a member in the Lagos state house of Reps since 1999 but despite all requests for sincere representation, what we have are untarred streets, no gutters, no street lights, but yet he is positioned to go into the Senate #staywoke
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