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Shared some #SituationalAwareness notes today morning in Mentorship group -

Situational Awareness (notes 1 July, 2022) -

Long Term View -

1) Long term view is bearish. Do not expect a bull market anytime soon. These are the magnitude of past bear markets on the (1/n)
small cap index (all calculations are done from peak to trough) -

a) 2008-09 - (-78%) in 60 weeks (roughly 15 months)
b) 2010-13 - (-46%) in 146 weeks (roughly 2 year and 3 months)
c) 2015-16 - (-31%) in 43 weeks (roughly 9 months)

d) 2018-19 (excluding Covid Crash) - 47% in 83 weeks (roughly 1 year and 7 months)
e) 2018-20 (including Covid Crash) - 67% in 114 weeks (roughly 2 years and 3 months)
f) Current - 34% in 22 weeks (roughly 5 months)

These stats tells us about the duration and magnitude of (3/n)
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Instead of going after making a penny here & there, its far better to prepare for the next bull run. See how you handled the last run, what were your strengths & weaknesses. What you missed out in the past run and what you mishandled. Build around your strength and minimize (1/n)

These 4 things taught by @PradeepBonde can help you prepare for the next run -

1) #ProceduralMemory
2) #DeepDive
3) #SituationalAwareness
4) #OrganizeLikeCrazy

In subsequent tweets I will tell you how they are going to contribute in improving your trading. (2/n)
I reached to the conclusion I shared in this thread due to the #ProceduralMemory. Focus on how the biggest winners of the past run unfolded. How they acted comparative to what market is doing. How they started their journey of the stage 2 advance. (3/n)

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.@SecBlinken refuses #Polish proposal that the #US should transfer 🇵🇱 #Mig29s to #Ukraine.
In light of the #Fulcrum limbo of the past days I would like to reiterate that it is possible to reinforce Ukrainian #airdefence in another ways. @gmfus
THREAD 1/12…
As I argued a couple of days ago, the transfer of Soviet-era air superiority fighters from #NATO stocks could be an important symbolic move, but they are not the ideal #airdefence assets under the given circumstances. Arguments below 👇
#Ukrainian ground based #airdefence systems have been really successful over the past 13 days. Even if the transfer of fighter planes is a no go, SAM systems with #Russian origin still in service in NATO countries could be potentially delivered to #Ukraine.
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(1) Last night in Orange County, CA, 4 people were murdered with a firearm, apparently at their family business.

From the first report of the shooting I knew better than to ascribe a political motive, & was proven right.

Most shootings are personal.…
(2) Others were politicizing this tragedy. I tend to discuss politics when it's a politically motivated shooting. But the fact that others try to politicize them, means I want to counter that.

The main reason 2A supporters fight for their rights is to enable self defense.
(3) In addition to firearms being one of the most effective ways to save your life and that of others, they also act as a deterrent to would-be tyrants. Like nuclear weapons, their presence has an effect, without ever needing to use them.

Let's talk about self defense.
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#OODA loop.
The analogy of charioteer controlling 5 horses in battle may help.
- The field in front = Area of Responsibility.
- The horses = forces at contact
- Charioteer takes feedback from all 5 horses, aligns their effort and ensures their energies are synergised. (1/n)
- The charioteer here is empowered, and a decentralised decision-maker in the #TBA.
- Over the charioteer is the chariot commander, who coordinates with other chariots, lets call it #OODA at the theater level.
- Over him is another strategic commander.
#OODA an aggregation of #SituationalAwareness at the #TBA, #theater, up to Central HQ, consisting of feedback going up and directions flowing down, to be converted into execution at each stage.
Remember that the whole picture won't be available to all, nor is it desired. (3/n)
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(1) James Shaw, co-leader of NZ's far left Green Party was attacked today by a man now in Police custody. Shaw is reportedly uninjured.

I detest political violence of ANY kind. I hope this incident is not used to portray his peaceful opponents negatively.

#NZpol #jobsnotmobs
(2) Media coverage of this thankfully minor assault reminds me of the assassination of British Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016.

She was killed by a man who was having some kind of mental illness episode and who also opposed her pro-EU anti-Brexit views. It was just before the vote.
(3) When a politician is assaulted or murdered, today's already insane media environment goes completely off the deep end.

It does not matter who the person is or what they believe. Violence is wrong, and it is bad for the country.

And, lying about it is bad for the country.
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A few days back @swardley kindly mentioned that I have been working with Wardley maps for a long time... so I thought I would answer some questions - and if you want to know anything specific - please shout. 😀👍
#WardleyMapping #AMA #thread (1/n)
When did you first discover mapping?
Xmas 2010 - bored - I accidentally applied to write a paper on cybersecurity in the cloud, and like many at that time I was struggling to work out what "cloud" meant - which lead me to Simon's @oscon presentation: (2/n)
This was the first time cloud made sense - and the influence is clear in the final paper (…). After finishing the paper I read and watched everything I could find on mapping. (3/n)
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(1) Short thread about mail bombs.📭📩💥💥

PLEASE be careful if you are in Austin, TX or anywhere in the US.

3 attacks in 2 weeks:
>March 2: 1 killed: 39yo man
>March 12: (Today) 1 killed (17yo boy), 1 woman injured
>March 12: 1 injured: 74yo woman, in critical condition
(2) Police are right to call them package explosions not mail bombs because each bomb was dropped off by someone not connected to the mail service or any courier company.

However, I think #MailBomb is a more recognizable term.
(3) In February, Don Jr's wife Vanessa Trump opened a letter containing white powder 4 other people were targeted by the same alleged offender, who is now in custody awaiting trial.

The baseball shooting & many "near miss" incidents in the last 2 years.
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