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Fiem Industries Limited💡

Should you invest in this EV stock?

Here’s our analysis of Fiem Industries, the drivers, risks, positioning and more!⤵️

#StockMarketindia #StocksToBuy #TATAELXSI
EV is currently the hottest sector for investors to bet on, but with the ever-changing technology & rapid developments by companies, it is quite difficult to predict who is going to win the race.

We have a winner.
A company that is immune to these disruptions & will benefit from EVs.

Do you know it?
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🏷Market Cap: 52,550 Cr

🏷One of the World’s leading provider of design and technology services across industries including Automotive, Broadcast & communications and Healthcare

💥Business Analysis

A Thread 🧵

🏷Part of prestigious TATA Group

🏷Established in 1989, A forward looking IT business

🏷Company earns revenue primarily from providing information technology, engineering design, systems integration & support services, sale of licenses and maintenance of equipment
🌁The company operates in 2 segments

1. Software Development & Services

It is further sub divided into EPD and IDV.

🏷Embedded Product Design (EPD)
🏷Industrial Design & Visualisation (IDV) division

2. System Integration & Support (SIS)
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A small multi time frame system to identify stronger stocks based on RSI/SuperTrend/EMA
a) RSI > 55 < 70 in daily
b) RSI > 60 in weekly/monthly
c) Candle close above SuperTrend(10,3)
d) Candle close above 200EMA in daily and 34EMA in weekly/monthly
I have published these scanners in TradePoint Web of @Definedge. These scanners can also be developed in TradePoint Desktop.
1) Run these scanners on Multi Time Frame Scanners
Save the qualified candidates (score above 2) to a group for doing further analysis.
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Time to switch from FMCG to IT.. My bet is on #INFY

Around year back we discussed that “IT is new FMCG” and market actually recognized this and lot of IT companies trading at 50-60x. I feel one needs to be selective in IT. Not every ER&D is #TataElxsi.
#TataElxsi has its own quality. That’s where I called it CRADS (Contract Research and Development Services).

Cloud, Digital, Blockchain, AR/VR, Robotics, 3D Printing, IoT, AI, ML, Meta…complete transformation of how businesses work and consumers react. Mammoth opportunity
waiting in IT. It’s time to switch FMCG into IT. With flourishing e-com and online marketplace, value of distribution franchise is waning for FMCG. New brands are able to create market share with digital marketing and sales channel. Higher Ad spends, product development cost and
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#Tataelxsi Q3 2022 Concall Highlights

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Numbers -

1. In Q3 the revenue was a ₹635.4 Cr up by 6.7% QoQ and 33.2% YoY
2. The PBT is up by 17.1% QoQ and 36.9% YoY stood at ₹203 Cr
3. The net profit was ₹151 cr up by 20.4% QoQ and 43.5% YoY
4. Embedded Product Design (EPD) grew by 9.6% QoQ and 35.4% YoY
5. Transportation business grew by 9.7% QoQ and 30.9% YoY

Business Updates-

1. In Q2, 500 freshers engineers were added and 150 fresh engineers were hired in Q3.
Company plans to hire more freshers in the coming 3 quarters.

2. The company is looking for multi-year deals with better margins to improve the quality of the earnings and also to provide more value to the customers.
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“Last Diwali to this Diwali: Summary of Momentum Investments/ Trades taken (#MostlyMomentum)!!”:

Introduction of my journey so far:
I started my #StockMarket journey Jul- 2016:

•During 2016-17, as a typical new investor, started with TV Tips, and IPOs,
this (IPOs) helped in a way, best #DMART has still been the best of IPOs I applied for, got allotment, and kept for couple of months and captured fastest 282% of my #StockMarket journey.

• During 2017-18, decided not to go after TV Tips,
and started doing something on my own including a little Option “BUYING” 12, lost some funds in Option Buying, but gained a lot of experience regarding not to so something you don’t know. Alongside this, also started exploring cash market strategies of buying what is going up and
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@Mr_Chartist @AmitabhJha3
What is RETEST ?
When a stock Breaks out of a range that is called a breakout point .

The resistance that it was facing should now act as support .

Retest means after the Resistance is broken the stock comes back to take support in that region
MAJORITY of time stock comes back to test the previous breakout region .
I have seen that 90% of The breakouts gets tested again !
And most REWARDING EXPERIENCE for me is during Retests only
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Have you ever wonder why Indian IT companies are aggressively moving to the engineering R&D space? We have seen a humongous rally in stocks like #LTI #KPIT #HappiestMinds #TataElxsi Does the surge in the stocks are legit or it’s time to take a contrarian view? 🧵
Nifty IT Index returns in CAGR $CNXIT:

1Yr: 74.8%
3Yr: 26.2%
5Yr: 22.3%
Midcaps outperformed the large-cap, and indices:
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Investing in Small cap domination eventually leads to big wealth creation, Don't overoptimise for valuations here, in-fact optimize for Moat, if the company's business Castle is well moated, the long runway of opportunity will ensure you make a hell of a lot of money regardless.
The likes of Astral and Page hardly ever traded at conventionally cheap valuations since the beginning of last decade, but have still generated immense wealth for investors who have held it with the scarce commodity called "Patience".
While one might think that we chose the likes of astral and page selectively in hindsight, but the truth is truly moated small caps are hard to come by.
And being lenient with valuations is an act to be committed only with a select few.
When in doubt skip!
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In next series of tweets, I will try to present a few key highlights on Indian Tech companies. Often I hear that people want to invest in US cuz India does not offer many product companies. It is mere illusion! Let's see where we go with this series
India started as IT outsourcing hub, grew in size, made lives of many. Remained predominantly services provider. It still is, but it is transforming too. Indian IT is no longer pure services provider.
IT companies usually build reusable software components that can be wrapped to make an accelerator - something that can accelerate a functionality implemented for a new customer. All major IT companies used to have high regards for accelerator building in the past.
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Cloud & Digital – Multiple times bigger than Y2K for India…

Covid has accelerated cloud adoption in the world with more and more organization moving to cloud..Healthcare is shifting its data centers to cloud..patient records are getting moved to cloud..EHR software,
ERP software, HR and payroll software.. everyone is coming up wtih cloud enabled version..In next 10 years (and I am conservative here..), everything will be on cloud…Own data centers will be an obsolete concept…

Big pharma is using cloud for drug discovery.
Its both cost effective and much faster…Hospitals are dismantling their data centers and moving to cloud. It removes their non-core administration headache..Small,medium, big every organization is choosing cloud to cut their costs and improve the is the future
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A small Technical thread on the stocks of the most admirable person in India..😇🙏

17 companies..almost 50 charts

#Daily #Weekly & #Monthly

Companies detail…

Views for study purpose..🙏

Will start from the Tech Giant..

1) #TCS
After bad results don't how much this view is Valid.. but let's see..🙏
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Screen inspired by #RameshDamani sir:
Read on moneycontrol - Ramesh Damani's thumb rule of 24% returns can make you really rich.
List of companies that are making 24%+ CAGR profits. Will add information about each company in this thread...Contribute generously to this thread :)
28 Jewels of Indian stock market:
- Rural focuse
- Improving Ratios (CASA, ROA, ROE)
- Great partnerships
- On track for vision 2020
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