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PING @UQ_EAIT. This semester I've had the opportunity to tutor '#Biomaterials in Medicine' (CHEE4305) & today was the most fun I've ever had in a class at UQ!

The topic was @elonmusk's revolutionary tech startup #Neuralink, aiming to develop implantable brain devices.
So what makes Neuralink so revolutionary?

Historic Biomaterial revolutions - pacemakers, hip implants, bionic limbs - have changed what humans are capable of doing. However, Neuralink has the potential to change who we are as a species!…
How can a Biomaterial change the identity of the human species?? What exactly is Neuralink?

This video from @ColdFusion_TV is the most accurate & succinct summary of Neuralink that I've come across:
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Elon Musk's public solicitation of SpaceX Mars human "suicide" volunteers to Tesla human beta testing Autopilot, have rightfully earned Musk public backlash. $TSLA $TSLAQ
Is Musk's Neuralink #medicaldevive now privately, deceiving human test subjects?…
"...there is great interest in human experimentation."
"...experimentation in humans is high risk, which causes an evident lack of volunteers."
"...nanotechnology companies...resorting to criminal methods to get human experimentation subjects..."
"...criminal methods that nanomafia uses, the swindle...deceptive promotion, the intellectual camouflage or the humanitarian pseudo-aid."
"...deceptive promotion...futuristic scientific prediction and a benefit to society..."
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Hey Elon,

You say your (as in Tim Hanson & Michel M. Maharbiz's) electrode causes less damage.

Then, why don't you show us evidence for your assertion?

Just a simple study of tissue damage. Nissel, TUNEL, FJ, you know, the basics.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Neuralink
Be sure to include something you can use to quantify morphology of the surrounding cells.

Just do a simple time-course study, maybe a dozen time-points from 30 min to 2 yrs?

Compare to normal tissue & other implants.

Quantify them & publish.


$TSLA $TSLAQ #Neuralink
You've already done some of that, right?

Otherwise, you wouldn't think of sticking your electrodes into people's brains, would you?

Can you be sure they don't cause epilepsy & such w/o long-term testing?

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Neuralink
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1/6 Here's my quick take on last night's #neuralink announcement...
2/6 There are obviously massive challenges with the whole thing: many of the neuro people I talk to are (of course) extremely skeptical, and lots of the stuff they showed isn't necessarily novel... though laypeople's minds are blown 🧠🤯
3/6 BUT I do feel like the whole field needed a shot in the arm, and that's what someone like @elonmusk can bring: big vision, big money, big recruiting power, and a new way of thinking about a giant problem.
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#Neuralink is amazing, incredibly concerning.

Some thoughts

I specialize in human-machine interaction, so I am interested in any developments that might influence how we communicate with machines (especially autonomous vehicles), computers, other humans via machines etc.

Naturally, @Neuralink is of interest & I’ve tweeted about it a lot
The livestream today/tonight was exciting, and many are saying that #Neuralink gave even more answers than they were expecting.

I agree. And I think we would agree that it raised even more questions than we were expecting😅
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Live impressions from the #Neuralink live event.

The poly thread might be relatively atraumatic, but what about the insertion process?
"we have an in-house histology team" - would be interesting to see the these histology results
"we will tunnel tiny wires under the scalp"... through the fascia, one per 1k channels? I guess it's relatively loose connective tissue but still
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.@neuralink big reveal thread
3/ #neuralink
threads inserted into brain are very tiny, and robot's needle very tiny too
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Just returned from two days in SF reviewing grants for the NIH Small Business: Neuroscience Assay, Diagnostics and Animal Model Development panel.
I'm warmed up for @elonmusk's #Neuralink event tonight.

At 8pm I'll live-tweet the event with my first-take "review" of the tech.
@elonmusk While we wait on the #neuralink livestream, the Verge article says they are using thin flexible thread electrodes. This sounds similar to the NET electrode technology developed by Chong Xie at UT Austin. See their 2017 paper.…
@elonmusk One of the challenges with the flexible electrode approach has been delivery with minimal damage, you need to reversibly attach the electrode threads to a rigid insertion device that is as thin as possible. But bending stiffness is 1/r^4 of the thickness.
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