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Films like #Elvis and #ThorLoveAndThunder are heading to streaming services this month — here's when and where you can start watching them.
"Elvis" – Sept. 2 on HBO Max

Baz Luhrmann’s #Elvis, starring Austin Butler in a breakthrough performance as the King of Rock n' Roll, has topped #TheGreatGatsby as the director’s highest-grossing movie on the domestic charts.
"Thor: Love and Thunder" – Sept. 8 on Disney+

Marvel's summer blockbuster #ThorLoveAndThunder makes its streaming debut on Disney+ Day. The Taika Waititi-directed film stars Chris Hemsworth and sees Natalie Portman's Jane Foster return to the MCU.
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We're nearing the end of July & while some movies were already running strong at the box office, many newbies have joined the race. Last week, films like 'Shamshera,' 'Malayankunju' & more were released. Here's a roundup of the box office collections.…
Thanks to all the hype, Ranbir Kapoor's #Shamshera had a lot riding on it. Unfortunately, despite having approximately 4,300 screens across India, the film didn't perform well. 'Shamshera' opened to Rs. 10.25cr on Friday. According to reports, it collected Rs. 11cr on Sunday.
Helmed by Sajimon Prabhakaran #Malayankunju starring #FahadhFaasil has gained a good traction at the box office. The survival drama reportedly crossed the Rs. 6cr mark at the worldwide box office within 3 days of its release. It grossed Rs. 5.5cr from the Kerala box office alone.
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Haven't done any movie reviews for a while but I just got back from watching #ThorLoveAndThunder , so I thought I'd share what I thought about it. Spoilers follow❗️
Initially, I wasn't really sure what I felt about this movie. It definitely had some really great moments and was an extremely fun and silly film that also touched on some deep subjects, however briefly.
That balance of silly and deep felt a little shakier than it did in the previously installment, though. Thor: Ragnarok is one of my favorite MCU movies and a definite improvement over both its predecessors.
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#ThorLoveAndThunder, a box office hit by reasonable standards, had a bigger second-weekend drop than many Marvel movies. Now critics & pundits are speculating about whether Marvel Studios is in a rough patch.

What does this mean for the future of the MCU?…
The steep decline between weekends is not surprising, considering the film scored a B+ in CinemaScore audience exit polling. To put that in perspective for a Marvel movie, that’s a little like getting a B+ in P.E. class.

Reviews were similarly middling.…
In addition, some recent Phase 4 films like #Eternals have been received less enthusiastically than earlier MCU chart-toppers, with recent films #BlackWidow and #DoctorStrangeMultiverseOfMadness getting somewhat mixed responses.…
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Watching Thor: Love and Thunder is like guzzling down a raw hamburger and strawberry smoothie that hasn’t been thoroughly puréed yet, but much less satisfying. 🧋🐮

How could the newest and most anticipated entry in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe go so sideways?🤔
This undercooked action comedy pork cutlet stars Thor as he rescues some kidnapped children from the evil Gore the God-Butcher,

With help from his ex-girlfriend Natalie Portman who now is also a Thor. #ThorLoveAndThunder #Thor
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¿Has visto TODAS las referencias y guiños en #ThorLoveAndThunder?

¡No te preocupes que las vamos a recopilar con SPOILERS! 😎

[ HILO ]
1 - El origen de #Gorr es tomado directamente del cómic 'Thor: God of Thunder #6' ⚡

La excepción más notable es que se enfocan en la relación entre este personaje y su hija 😯

2 - En los cómics, la 'Necrosword' es un arma creada por Knull, dios de los simbiotes, para asesinar Celestiales 🗡️

Es curioso que este origen no es confirmado, ni desmentido, en la película 👀

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I think for a lot of people (myself included), we expected #ThorLoveAndThunder to be the saving grace from the mediocre MCU Phase 4, because Taika had done that exact thing for the Thor film series as a whole. /1
And the movie we got destroyed that by being so shockingly meh and from not the Taika we knew from his previous filmography that it broke our collective excitement for the hope that good directors won’t get screwed over by Disney’s interference. /2
Was it studio interference? A time crunch? Was Taika just burnt out? Did he have a better script that Disney just threw out for not fitting the brand? How can you explain a disappointment like this? I honestly don’t know 😔 /3
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How did Chris Hemsworth prepare for his #ThorLoveAndThunder kiss with Natalie Portman?

"He didn’t eat meat that morning because I’m vegan,” Portman said. “He eats meat like every half hour. That was so thoughtful."…
“He’s a very nice person,” says Portman.

“I didn’t know that,” #Thor star Tessa Thompson said in response to Hemsworth's preparation. “That’s really sweet.”…
In shock, Thompson added that she “didn’t even know [Hemsworth] could go without eating meat” and joked that the Australian action star eats bison for breakfast.…
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‘Baymax!’ Is Just A Bunch Of Patronizing Public Service Announcements😴

Woke as it is brain-dead
‘Baymax!’ has all the subtlety of a low B-episode of Captain Planet & storytelling as deep as an evaporated puddle 🫧… @FDRLST #baymax #disney #mcu #marvel #rt
Disney doesn't seem to know its audience & lets progressive platitudes blind itself to releasing expensive shows that are only so-so

W/ some the wokeness turns them off immediately, but there isnt a lot here for progressives either… #tv #film #filmtwitter
For example, the infamous shopping scene in Baymax! it doesn't make much sense

An all-knowing robot needs help from a bunch of Grown men. In the feminine hygiene aisle

Discussing their favorite brand of tampons, as we all know men are wont to do…🙄
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5 proven steps to take in starting affiliate marketing business in 2022
#GoldenBoy2022 #BumBum #Japan #LOVEDAMINI #ThorLoveAndThunder #TheBoysTV #Marketing #affiliates Image
Numbers 1. Image
Number 2. Image
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Can I use real money to play #RepBX the Blue Heart Scarab slot machine? Definitely! Any reputable online casino allows you to play Blue Heart Scarab for real money #ThorLoveAndThunder. Just remember to confirm before registering.…
that they host the EGT game library. What features does the online slot machine Blue Heart Scarab have? Play the Blue Heart Scarab slot machine with its 100 paylines and stacked wilds that can pay.…

up to 1,000 times your bet.
Get additional play time and free spins, then try your luck with the jackpot feature. Can I access the Blue Heart Scarab slot machine in my nation? Of course! The Blue Heart. @ToddFuhrman…
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In 2019, Kevin Feige confirmed that the sexuality of #ThorRagnarok character Valkyrie, Marvel’s first out LGBTQ+ superhero, would be more important in the next film. However, the character’s #ThorLoveAndThunder arc is more about finding herself.…
“[It’s important] not to hang the character’s hat solely on her sexual identity just because she’s a queer character.” says Tessa Thompson. “That’s one way of minimizing her humanity, actually, if that’s the only facet that you get to explore her in.”… Image
“I’d love to see her with a girlfriend in any movie,” said writer-director Taika Waititi. “We had some talks, but there was something about that character that I find really interesting as someone who’s OK with being alone.”… Image
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Or five of them show on the reels, regardless of where they fall on the paylines, the star symbols are the only icons in the game with special properties. Set your bets. This slot machine has just 5 paylines. #ThorLoveAndThunder #UFC276…
in total, and they are all set into place over the 5 reels. As a result, players will just have to select their wagers from the list of total bet alternatives, which includes 5, 10, 25, 50. @SportsCheetah…
and 100 credits, that appears at the bottom of the game screen. This effectively means that all of the payouts in the paytable can be viewed as total bet multipliers that are given whenever two or more matching.
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LISTEN NOW: Join reporters @RFaughnder and @anoushasakoui to learn more about AMC, Adam Aron and what’s happening in the movie theater industry. What questions do you have?…
Sign up for @RFaughnder's Wide Shot newsletter for everything you need to know about the business of the entertainment industry.…
Read the full story on AMC and CEO Adam Aron ⬇️…
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In the newest edition of WIRED, Jennifer Kahn meets actor, writer and director @TaikaWaititi. Known for his eccentric style, oddball comedy, and subversion of the superhero beat—he's really just a man “trying to not do whatever the grown-ups say.” 1/14
He grew up in New Zealand and spent his 30s making small, cultishly popular films. Two of these, ‘Boy’ and ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’, featured primarily Maori characters and actors—and felt like radical creations. 📸: @choutoo 2/14 Image
In the six years since ‘Wilderpeople’, his career has gone vertical. In 2016, he made ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, reinvigorating the stale franchise by poking fun at it. Then he wrote, directed, and starred in the Oscar-winning ‘Jojo Rabbit’. And that’s just for appetizers. 3/14
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Official Trailer Thor: Love and Thunder ❤️⚡️
posternya ❤️⚡️
Christian Bale sebagai Gorr The God Butcher

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Optimism is in the air in Hollywood as the summer movie season kicks off this weekend with the release of #DoctorStrange2. The @AP is here to guide you through what’s coming to the big, and small, screens this summer.
After two down years because of the pandemic, analysts say summer profits could approach 2019 levels. Pre-pandemic, the summer movie season regularly accounted for around 40% of the year’s grosses.
Expectations are high for #TopGunMaverick, which sees Tom Cruise reprising one of his most iconic roles, has waited in the wings for two years for the right moment to fly into theaters. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says he never wavered in wanting to release it in theaters.
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Voy a recopilar TODAS las referencias y curiosidades el episodio 3 de #MoonKnight

¡Denle mucho amor en forma de RT!

Al principio del episodio, Marc y Steven discuten sobre quién ha sido el que atacó a los matones de #ArthurHarrow

Ambos aseguran que no han sido ellos, dando a entender la inminente aparición de otra personalidad... ¡Jake Lockley!

En los cómics es un investigador letal.
Aunque con ciertas libertades creativas, el episodio de #MoonKnight nos ha presentado a la 'Éneada'.

Este grupo de deidades ya fue vista en los cómics y mayormente venían al mundo de los mortales a través de unos portales parecidos al Bifrost (no como los que vimos en la serie)
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Theatrical Releases During 2022
1. #Sing2
Bigger adventure and slightly better sequel to get us teary-eyed and smiling at certain moments. Garth Jennings dig deeper on some main characters' personal journeys until "out-of-this-world" show in the end. You'll be sing along with them if you know those songs.
3.5/5 Image
2. #HappyNewYear
Enchanting homage to love in luxury hotel's holiday season. Kwak Jae-young got typical 'K-drama' romance with expected sentimental moments. At least famous cast delivered good performances and very easy on the eye to create warm and fuzzy feel in our hearts
3.5/5 Image
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#SpiderManNoWayHome is a welcome reminder, after a brutal 18 months, that movie theaters can still create a kind of grand cultural happening that simply can’t be replicated on Netflix.
The rate of change in a century-old sector of the entertainment industry has been stunning. Major studio films like #Dune and #HalloweenKills were refashioned as simultaneous HBO Max or Peacock releases. Image
The domestic box office was much improved from the dumpster fire that was 2020, with total revenues expected to top out at roughly $4.4 billion. However, it’s down approximately 61% from pre-COVID 2019.
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BOMBAZO!!! Disney cambió toda su planificación de estrenos para 2022 y 2023, y obviamente afecta a #MarvelStudios.
Estas son las nuevas fechas así que para leer este hilo, agarren lápiz y papel:

El cambio en los cambios es el siguiente:
#DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness pasa del 25 de marzo de 2022 al 6 de mayo de 2022.

#ThorLoveandThunder se ha pospuesto del 6 de mayo de 2022 al 8 de julio de 2022.
#BlackPanther #WakandaForever del 8 de julio de 2022 al 11 de noviembre de 2022.

#TheMarvels del 11 de noviembre de 2022 al 17 de febrero de 2023.

#AntmanandtheWasp #Quantumania sin fecha para 2023 figura para el 28 de julio de 2023.
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"James Gunn is back," says Chris Pratt.

The Marvel star confirms that “#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy Vol. 3” starts filming later this year: “You know what, I’m giving you the scoop. F— it. I’m telling you everything.”
Pratt, who is working with Taika Waititi on #ThorLoveAndThunder, described both directors as “rock stars in their own way.” He gushed over the #Thor director, calling Waititi a “madman” and “genius.”
“He is the kind of guy who can deliver an amazing movie,” says Pratt. “The journey to getting there [is] just as fun as watching the movie. He’s vibrant, he’s always making the crew laugh, he’s doing bits. You can’t believe he’s the director.”
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@goongorgon WAIT... you mean to say that #JeffGoldblum is MORE problematic than #TaikaWaititi?? Jeff Goldblum has done something worse than: cheating on his wife when she was 5-6 months pregnant; sleeping w/ the woman employed to be his personal assistant (#PollyStoker); 1/8
@goongorgon having "no relationship" with his young children during the filming of #ThorRagnarok from May-October 2016 (incidentally, whilst both #PollyStoker + #TessaThompson were working with him every day on set); 2/8
@goongorgon taking secret girlfriend #PollyStoker to a variety of film industry events throughout 2017 + 2018, despite not having separated from his wife until November 2018 (after a ton of pics of him w/ Polly turned up on Insta); not releasing a formal statement on his separation, … 3/8
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