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Oh my giddy Aunt - @ByDonkeys have pulled off yet another blinder. This would bring ANY other "government", of any era, crashing down, as the conventions of Erskine May, and the notion of "all Members of Parliament being honourable" just DO NOT APPLY to these criminal scum. 1/2
@ByDonkeys The clock is weel and truly ticking for these #ConSelfServative #ToryScum who have plundered hundreds of billions of pounds from the public purse, for themselves, their overseas paymasters, and their mates. They will be booted out of office by December 2024 at the LATEST 2/3
@ByDonkeys But the Disunited Kingdom of Breakshiteland, Scotland and Northewrn Ireland just cannot afford another 20 months of their corrupt gangsterdom. They need to go now, and every last one of them put on trial for abuse of power in public office. I will pursue them relentlessly 3/4
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Strikes all over UK signal an urgent need for an alternative society. Govt/investor class react with hostile environment tactics on their own citizens, when the capital order is threatened, it imposes extreme measures to 'correct' the electorates 'class appropriate' behaviour.
Austerity as policy choice is 3 pronged; fiscal monetary and industrial, together they reinforce each other via budget cuts on public spending, usually during times of crisis, a desperate public becomes a useful exploitation tool for the investor classes. CoL, energy costs, etc.
As Brexit discourages EU imports, Tories gamble with internal domestic markets and exporting of British trade, hence the CPTPP BS returning a fraction of what UK had in EU. It's all performative, next step is total subjugation of UK workers forced to work til they drop dead.
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Was this #dogwalker a #whitewoman by any chance?

Because for the life of me, I do not get how all can ignore what happened to #myson #AmbroseGGBall in 8 solid years unless it was @MPSHaringey posting up all the wrong information, wrong days and dates,
the wrong locations, wrong description of clothing , the wrong Fox pub, all different times of the night, leaving out the vital information leading up to during and after my son went @missingpeople, did not response for 56 hours after all the calls myself and others had made over
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again the UK is a #Kleptocracy

people are starving & freezing to death, & the assets of the UK's people are being stripped for profit that goes to shareholders & fat cat bosses

remember, I deliver medicines to the elderly, sick, disabled & housebound - they're ALL struggling
the UK's fascist tory govt is CHOOSING to facilitate the extraction of profit to the top 10% rather than show *ANY CONSIDERATION WHATSOEVER* to the working population
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So not 'Deliver, deliver and deliver' then is it @trussliz ?
Tranche of Liz Truss’ ministerial diaries during her time as secretary of state for international trade not responded to. FOI requests backlog says 1 thing, 'F*ck off public'
She will ruin the UK with anti governance.
Truss and Sunak’s teams had worst transparency records in Whitehall
They are talkng the UK public for fools as they dismantle Government and hand it over to private hands during times of severe crisis, this bears all the hallmarks of disaster capitalism.…
Do you know what NFT's are? A record on a blockchain which is associated with a particular digital or physical asset, Non Fungible Tokens are commonly used in money laundering. You see where FOI comes in right? These people are criminals and will destroy the UK economy.
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#EnoughIsEnough #EnergyCrisis
Zahawi is "deeply concerned"
Truss "no new taxes, or rationing"

cutting the NICs & no new windfall taxes, ultimately means the biggest shrinking of the state we have ever seen

think of the direct impact on Social Care & NHS Image
SMEs, already facing insurmountable exponential energy costs, are also facing Consumer spending already falling off a cliff, 10% down Image
#EnoughIsEnough #EnergyCrisis
Lord Prem Sikka, Richard Murphy & David Blanchflower have written to the BoE urging £200 BILLION of spending to avoid meltdown, just as I suggested on the 10th March, also urging nationalisation of energy (which tories will never do) Image
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#EnoughIsEnough #TrickleDown
don't be fooled by #TuftonSt "think tanks" - it's all an effort to concentrate power & wealth in the hands of the 1% and there's real world evidence:
Tax cuts for the rich…
#EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich JRM's father is the root of all evil in the pursuit of where we are today with tory policies: this is the place to start to understand!…
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#EnoughIsEnough #energybills
last night the FT reported Truss will immediately invoke Article 16 causing a trade war whilst we have rampant inflation, are heading in to recession & at the moment 70% of businesses will fall off a cliff in October when they renegotiate energy bill
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
several quotes here from 300% increases to over 1,100%.... as I have been alerting everyone to, since the 10th March.

if govt doesn't step in immediately, the UK will have businesses failing faster & harder than they did in 2008
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
here's my thread from the 10th March stating businesses will fall off a cliff, nearly 6 months later STILL NO ACTION has been taken, this is INEXCUSABLE! If I knew it in March, then the govt sure as hell did!
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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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#GeneralStrikeNow #GeneralStrikeRevolution #GeneralElectionNow to #GTTO #GTFTO

why aren't we rioting??? this is worse than even I predicted in March..


small businesses, schools, OAP homes, DO NOT HAVE A CAP

THREAD: with lots of examples at the end!
#ToryFascistDictatorship #ToryScumOut
what if I told you it was tory policy to enslave the masses, to allow the tories to depress wages?

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in 2015 the so called, dark money funded, think tank, the Tax Payers Alliance published their far right wish list for reducing the state and minimising taxes for the wealthy, this is a thread of *just* the contents!!
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I hope everyone is ready for the #PartygateCoverup that's about to hit us I think we will all be shocked that @Conservatives behaved in such a disgusting vile way when people couldn't be with their loved ones as they died alone never forget @BorisJohnson was at the top
He's the one who should have been leading showing an example to each and everyone of those involved but instead he not only encouraged this law breaking but actively showed a total disregard for every mother father brother sister uncle auntie grandmother grandfather daughter
And son who died scared and alone he didn't even have any respect for the Queen when her husband died he's lied dodged and shown no respect for any of us he smirks eveytime he's asked about it he doesn't care ..why is he still our prime minister because @Conservatives made sure
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UK is run by the Vote Leave regime wallowing in an oligarchs paradise, Patel stopping the Russian Golden visa scheme is too little too late. This is a Govt of the super rich, obscene wealth riddled with abuses of power and innate corruption. UK trust on the world stage
drastically diminished, a monetised coup in place, political influence openly commodified by corporations replete with privately sub contracted donations to ensure that disaster capitalists dictate policy.
The 2000's clearly show the massive influx of Russian money into British politics came with Russian values, a Faustian deal whereby the cultural colonization by oligarchy has totally compromised and handcuffed the UK to Putin.
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Tories attacks on the disadvantaged cannot conceal their endless subcontracting scams with taxpayers money, next 2 years £25billion goes to corporate tax incentives. Yet these breaks will absolve corporations of improving public services. Those less well off are made to pay 1/1
as this Govt continues its course of cruel punishment of the welfare state with cuts on UC, fuel/food price hikes causing soaring energy bills/hyperinflation. All during times of crisis, in the past people used to pull together, now Tory populism and greed cause division 2/2
and resentment. This is a grotesque state of affairs where the contrasts between rich and poor widen on an almost daily basis. The Tories show no remorse followed by empty campaigning promises that never see the light of day. They believe they are special, that they deserve 3/3
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