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So, by ones and twos, maybe soon by tens and twenties... @AdamHollowayMP your tenure as #ConSelfServative MP for #Gravesham is coming to an end. And, if I have my way, so is the tenure of EVERY MP that won't vote for #ElectoralReform. Because 1/2
I am launching a non-partisan campaign group on Tuesday, with the primary aim of identifying either a) the "best" candidate to tactically vote for, in each constituency, to get 326 or more #ProPR MPs elected at the next General Election; or b) where no such candidate exists, 2/3
b) Identifying someone to stand on that issue, as I am in #Graveshem and help them to win. Because this isn't about JUST kicking the #ToryScum out; it's about making sure they can never again turn a minority vote share (just 43.4% in 2019) into an unassailable majority of 80. 3/4
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The first tentpole principle of my campaign to be elected as #MP of #Gravesham is that I will NOT take £84k - I'll take the salary of a qualified nurse, on a general surgery ward, with five years experience. Which is what I think ALL MPs should be paid.…
The second tentpole principle is that I will NOT take any additional jobs, other than MP. Representing all of my constituents will be my highest priority, and I don't see how part-time MPS with second, third, fourth, fifth jobs can reasonably claim to do that. 2/x
The third principle is that I will NOT benefit from the subsidised bars and restaurants which #MP use in the Palace of Westminster. If I use one, I will deposit the amount of subsidy from out of my own pocket into a fund, which will be used to support #Gravesham causes. 3/x
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So, standing for election is one thing; having a plan to win that election against an 18 year incumbent is another; and knowing HOW to represent ALL of my constituents fairly, inexpensively, effectively while only taking the wage of a qualified Nurse and NO expenses? 1/2
And taking NO second, third fourth, fifth jobs while MP? While allowing a majority of my constituents the power to recall me at ANY time? And working tirelessly to end the archaic, unfit-for-purpose #FirstPastThePost electoral system that keeps #ConSelfServative and Labour 2/3
from fearing that they'll never again have an unassailable parliamentary majority on a minority share of the vote? Sounds impossible? Watch the @wsegpodcast next Monday, April 3rd, and decide for yourself. 3/4
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Oh my giddy Aunt - @ByDonkeys have pulled off yet another blinder. This would bring ANY other "government", of any era, crashing down, as the conventions of Erskine May, and the notion of "all Members of Parliament being honourable" just DO NOT APPLY to these criminal scum. 1/2
@ByDonkeys The clock is weel and truly ticking for these #ConSelfServative #ToryScum who have plundered hundreds of billions of pounds from the public purse, for themselves, their overseas paymasters, and their mates. They will be booted out of office by December 2024 at the LATEST 2/3
@ByDonkeys But the Disunited Kingdom of Breakshiteland, Scotland and Northewrn Ireland just cannot afford another 20 months of their corrupt gangsterdom. They need to go now, and every last one of them put on trial for abuse of power in public office. I will pursue them relentlessly 3/4
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As austerity measures increase their impact on UK citizens lives and livelihoods so does the surplus needs of the ultra wealthy who run Govt.
Newton's action and reaction model in motion.
No Cost of Living Crisis for High-Earning MPs…
Does this sound like UK politicians are in touch with a country in the grips of a cost-of-living-crisis?
Disaster capitalists thrive on disorder and chaos, their 'expertise' lies in shorting the economy while looting the public purse. Distraction and division are key factors here
Conservative MP for Tewkesbury Laurence Robertson earned £27,295 on top of his over £80,000 MP salary largely as a parliamentary advisor to gambling lobby group the Betting and Gaming Council.
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It seems that every public service is switching to online forms to apply for a consultation, this includes the Police, went to a police station today to ask them to find my estranged husband, told to fill in online form for missing person! Talk about screw with my emotions!
#ToryBrokenBritain We know there is a shortage of staff because of Tory cutting numbers, but some things need the human touch, things need to make sense! We may have the tech, but somethings need face to face meetings, computers cannot do compassion! Cutting cost cuts caring!
We must get the Tory’s out and start the plan to fix the mess, to renationalize all public services, to tax the rich, to remove our dated tax codes and claim back the money owed, to stop the shareholders getting dividends while employees claim benefits, clean up our water,
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#EnoughIsEnough #TrickleDown
don't be fooled by #TuftonSt "think tanks" - it's all an effort to concentrate power & wealth in the hands of the 1% and there's real world evidence:
Tax cuts for the rich…
#EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich JRM's father is the root of all evil in the pursuit of where we are today with tory policies: this is the place to start to understand!…
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in 2015 the so called, dark money funded, think tank, the Tax Payers Alliance published their far right wish list for reducing the state and minimising taxes for the wealthy, this is a thread of *just* the contents!!
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Heart of populist Brexit beats with unrestrained passion for the Tories favourite authors/economists, Hayek, Rand, Friedman, Buchanan, W.Rees-Mogg. The world bore witness to what was inflicted, so many caught in the disaster capitalist maelstrom, now the UK sucked into its vortex
Economic violence runs parallel to military tactics of war, 'Go in hard and fast' nothing gradual, no time to recuperate from shocks the Tories unleashed on its own people. Like a boomerang Brexit returns, hammers the UK with the real pain of its ideology on a myopic public/press
When the Tories ousted party moderates, the ERG and its vast network of right wing libertarians and oligarchs seized the opportunity to force through the clean slate, far right extremists throughout history lay off a countries workforce in order to exact revenge on socialism.
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This shows why traitors like Matthew and Sarah Elliott vested interests in changing UK politics to far right libertarianism takes years of serious planning Read/RT #ToryScum
Brexit-Loving Koch Acolytes Are Getting Rich Off Climate Change Denial in the UK…
Elliotts took funding from Koch and Mercer to pave the way towards smaller Govt and climate denial/deregulation, remember how #COP26 went tits up? The Tories have opened the floodgates to intense fossil fuel mining in the north sea, paid by corporate free market libertarians.
Sheer number of right wing think tanks supposedly non profit are keen to hide who their funders are, it is a scandal of the highest degree that corporate money dictates Govt policy, Brexit would not have happened if legislation was in place to stop disaster capitalist wreak havoc
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2018 Truss met with 5 US libertarian groups that cost taxpayers £5,000
The Heritage Foundation-Trumpian think tank with ties to Rebekah Mercer, funder of Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica and Parler. 1/1
Liz Truss: The Tufton Street Candidate – Byline Times…
The American Enterprise Institute, a neo-conservative think tank
The American Legislative Exchange Council, a right-wing lobbying group funded by corporations that advises law-makers across America
Americans for Tax Reform, a low-tax advocacy group
The Cato Institute
Truss in Thatcher military garb will adopt the radical rights 'Go in hard and fast' approach which will compound the UK's cost of living crisis with her Free Market Forum project pal Matthew Elliott of the IEA. If she replaces Johnson, expect a new level of Tory Hell post Brexit.
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why has army been called in to vaccinate,
drive ambulances
& HGVs

why is the govt desperately trying to recruit teachers who've left / retired

reducing the self isolation period from 10 to 7 days

asking hospitals to prepare for mass casualty events next month
how are hospitals going to separate out #Omicron from #Delta patients, given both can infect you at the same time - they are *separate* variants

we don't need a #Delta #Omicron super variant where the *supposed* mild #Omicron combines with the deadlier #Delta variant!!!!!!!
I could really go on, but I just can't

oh, except to say

why the *fuck* aren't all hospital staff being issued with FPP3 masks

who will care for us, if 50% of hospital staff end up isolating 2 weeks from now, when everyone rings 999 after xmas mixing
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Another terrifying article from @BylineTimes

Scientific Racism
Nazi Eugenics (currently happening under the guise of COVID in my opinion - in plain sight) Image
we desperately need to rid ourselves of the current govt & cabinet. They are platforming and employing academic KKK! FFS... Image
yesterday I complained about BOJO's xmas message re boosters for Christians, as earlier in the day the media reported how the Pakistani community is less than 55% vaccinated, today I read this:…
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On the eve of #COP26 Tory MP John Hayes has been on the take to the tune of £150,000 from oil firm BB Energy. He wants shale fracking to resume in the UK, a practice banned in the UK as earthquakes present a real and present danger 1/1
#ToryScum #ClimateEmergency
Nigel Lawson, a climate change denier, founded Global Warming Policy Forum, a right wing think tank whose stated aims are to challenge what it describes as the “extremely damaging and harmful policies” designed to mitigate climate change.🙄…
Greenpeace accused politicians of being “worryingly cosy” with the fossil fuel industry “How can these powerful people be trusted to seize opportunities of the green industries of the future, when they directly benefit from propping up business as usual?”…
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Between 2010-11 & 2019-20, England’s total no. of #NHS hospital beds fell by 11%, from 144,455 to 128,943. The number of available general & acute beds fell by 8%, from 110,568, to 102,194.…
- Defund the NHS
- Demonise the NHS
- Underpay its workers
- Put a tax hike onto them
- Drive them out of their jobs
- Make the case for privatisation
1. Underfund
2. Leave the EU, lose staff
3. Corrupt £Billions
4. Lower realterms pay
5. Demoralise to point of suicide
6. Raise NI
7. Offer Private Healthcare as solution
8. Publish Anti-GP propaganda
9. Publish Anti-NHS propaganda
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1/4 Do you feed kids in the middle of a pandemic, 100,000s of parents losing jobs?

Its even a not a debate

Yes, as a Gov this is what you do, you feed the kids

But the Tories will not move on half term #schoolmeals, lying saying funded councils to feed kids

No they have not
2/4 What they have done is called #DoubleCount

Here is a video of Leader of Nottingham City Council who tell us about #DoubleCounting at the very end of the video and how its very commonplace.
3/4 details of what happened to Nottingham CC, how the Tories lied about claiming to have given them £858,285 last week

10th July they gave Nottingham £858,285

Money was for the summer holidays

Oct claim to have given the same amount of money again, but they don't #DoubleCount
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Example of #ToryScum #DoubleCount so they can give councils only half what they tell the public

Tory tweet dated 26/10/2020 for £858,285
claiming money given last week

Only it was the 10th of July

This is what @RishiSunak means by "government has "provided resources" = lie

Tories claimed they gave £858,285 last week

Only it was back in July

Which means in July they gave £858,285 and in October they gave £00.00 but counted July twice.
Leader of Nottingham City Council telling of #DoubleCounting

Just so happens to the exact same one as above

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A straight up lie by @RishiSunak

"Free school meals: Rishi Sunak says government has 'provided resources"

No they have not

We know from Nottingham City Council Leader @CllrDavidMellen, (source below) that the Tories have been #DoubleCounting

ultra simple

A council needs £20m for CV19 problems

Give council £20m in June

Money gets spent

Council needs more money for ongoing CV19 issues in Oct, claim to give £20m to the press, but don't give the council any more mony
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Here's a thread about toxic Tory MP Ben Bradley @BBradley_Mans. He's a nasty piece of work who hides behind a keyboard, like the weakling he is.

PLEASE RETWEET & expose this man who is trying to discredit @MarcusRashford.


There was the time where Ben made up lies about Jeremy Corbyn. Boy did he grovel after this episode.…

Here's Ben saying Council workers should quit, if the don't think they get paid enough. An interesting opinion from a man with his nose well and truly in the trough.…
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