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Thread of progressive candidates including #NotMeUs and some combo #NotMeUs + #YangGang! These are candidates in competitive races & I’ll be adding to thread
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2. @donnaimamTX is running for #TX31 against @JudgeJohnCarter Nov 3! She’s endorsed by @BernieSanders @AndrewYang @ewarren and is in a very flippable district!

📌Website: ImageImage
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We have 44 days until the general election! This thread will have a list of vetted candidates who support Medicare For All & a Green New Deal! Let's flip the Senate Progressive & Expand the Squad in Congress! Please Donate or Volunteer! #FlipTheSenate #ExpandTheSquad

.@paulajean2020 is running for Senate in WV against Shelley Moore Capito. While being blacked out by the media, Paula Jean has a real shot of Winning this Senate Seat. She's endorsed by the sunrise movement & Bernie Sanders along with many others!
.@Bradshaw2020 is running for Senate in Tennessee. She won her primary with a surprising upset & now is ready to bring an upset to the General too. She's endorsed by the Sunrise movement, @marwilliamson, Elizabeth Warren & many more.
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Looking at the week ahead, this #SignUpSunday is packed with awesome ways to contribute to our campaign!

• Attending rallies
• Driving around campaign lit
• Discussing issues with our team
• Making calls/texts from home

Full list on Mobilize & thread…
Campaign From Your Couch!

Truly what could be better than be politically active while wearing sweatpants in the comfort of your own home 🤷‍♂️

Tuesdays 7pm:…
Saturdays 11am:…
Sundays 1pm:…
We all say we want to join book clubs - here's a great opportunity! #TeamRashid will have guided conversations on Ibram X. Kendi's best seller, "How to Be An Antiracist."

Every Thursday at 7pm!…
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"@RobWittman has voted dozens of times to repeal Obamacare & thus eliminate the health insurance of 20 million Americans—without the slightest idea on how to replace it."

I want an open discussion on the best healthcare for Americans (1/x)…
We’ve asked constituents in #VA01: "How would repealing the ACA impact your lives?"

Their responses always start: "That depends what it would be replaced with."

"Nothing, no plan."

"Oh. It would be devastating to us." (2/x)
The plan that @ReElectWittman voted for?

The American Health Care Act.

It passed the House with not a single Democrat vote, no attempt to engage the minority. He touts bipartisanship (this clip from our debate last week), but Rob Wittman doesn't act or vote that way (3/x)
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15 years ago this week Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana & Houston. 1800 Americans dead & $125B in damage

As a graduating college Senior, I emailed my professors to skip 10 days of class in my final semester & drive from Chicago to Louisiana & volunteer w/@HFUSA

This is the email I sent in 2005.

If my Professors said no—and I went anyway—it would mean I couldn't graduate because I'd fail & wouldn't have enough credits.

No two ways about it, but I pleaded my case anyway in hopes they'd listen.
The response was a resounding "Nope, you can't go."

Here's the reply one Professor sent me. Notice the part I've highlighted. When we met he made it clear I had to choose.

Graduate? Or Katrina relief?

I Had To Choose. What were my longer term priorities?

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Cori Bush defied the odds and defeated a political dynasty.

Jamaal Bowman won with 55.4%

We’ve had so many historic progressive wins, but it doesn’t end here! Let’s get progressives like those listed below in office!
Screw “Blue Wave”, lets make a #ProgressiveFlood!
1. @EdMarkey
Running for Senate: #Massachusetts

Supports: the Green New Deal and Medicare For All

His primary Election Day is September 1st


For more info go to:
2. @AlexBMorse
District: #MA01

Supports: Medicare For All, Universal Basic Income, $15 Minimum Wage, Cancel Student Debt, and Free College Tuition.

His primary Election Day is September 1st.


For more info go to:
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The attacks on the USPS are unrelenting. It’s only becoming more clear that the issue is not about money; it’s about restricting voters. Why is that the GOP has endless funding for big corporations, but for essentials like the Postal Service, they look the other way. Image
“This is so important to our democracy, that I’m honored to have the postal service be such a large part of our election.” USPS is a proud part of America’s history & has worked tirelessly to keep us connected during this pandemic…
People may think of the USPS as something you just use to mail a birthday card to your grandchild, let Santa know your Christmas wishlist, or send that one stubborn bill not yet payable online. But USPS fills many crucial roles for so many Americans.
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I know I don’t have many followers and this will reach only so many but I want people to know that @QasimRashid truly does have the best interest of Virginians at heart. He has actually engaged with the people at their doorstep as he did me.
I was caught off guard that Monday in 2019 he knocked on my door, I thought maybe a solicitor wanted to sell me on religion or maybe siding for my home. Either way I was going to see who this man was. He introduced himself and shook my hand and told me...
Who he was and gave me his flyer and asked for my vote. He didn’t care about my race or my political affiliation and told me what he wanted to do. Honestly I was beside myself. This was the first time in my life that a candidate or a politician ever..
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Attention Berners the following states need volunteers to collect ballot signatures to get Bernie on the ballot. Volunteer.
#Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern…
Notary Publics needed! Volunteer for Bernie. #Bernie2020…
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Hey #Virginia
Well done for #PrimaryElection!
You gave the country hope with your State elections.
Same again for #Midterms2018?
Here’s a THREAD of
ALL Democratic Candidates
& Voter Info with Links
#VA01 #VA02 #VA03 #VA04 #VA05 #VA06 #VA07 #VA08 #VA09 #VA10 #VA11
Democratic Candidate #VA01 #VA1

Vangie Williams

vs Incumbent Rob Wittman (R)
Voting Record:…

Register by October 15
Apply for Absentee Ballot by October 30
#FlipVABlue #BlueWaveVA
Democratic Candidates #VA02 #VA2

Elaine Luria
Retired Navy Commander & Businesswoman

vs Incumbent Scott Taylor (R)
Voting Record…

Register by October 15

#FlipVABlue #BlueWaveVA
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Hey #Virginia
#Primary Election JUNE 12, 2018
Here’s a THREAD of ALL Democratic Candidates for Congress including Websites.
& Voter Info with Links
Register by MAY 21st here:…
#VA01 #VA02 #VA03 #VA04 #VA05 #VA06 #VA07 #VA08 #VA09 #VA10 #VA11
Request Absentee ballot by OCTOBER 30
Return by November 6
Online Application here:…
Printable Application here:…
Send to Voter Registration Office here:…

VOTER ID in Virginia
#VoterID #VA
Find Local Voter Registration Office here:…
Application for free Voter Photo Identification Card here:…

#VA01 #VA02 #VA03 #VA04 #VA05 #VA06 #VA07 #VA08 #VA09 #VA10 #VA11
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday Support #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll
April 15, 2018
Help Campaign For #MedicareForAll

When: Sunday, April 15, 2018
Where: Oakland, CA
#SB562 #SinglePayerSunday…
Q&A with Erin Georgen on Washington’s #SinglePayer healthcare initiative
#I1600 #SinglePayerSunday…
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday 🇺🇸
Promote #MedicareForAll by becoming a #MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
#MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
Is #MedicareForAll Politically Viable?
A Guide to 561 Congressional Candidates.
#SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
#MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
Here's the original story on @dccc scaring @TheDemocrats away from #MedicareForAll: 🇺🇸

#SinglePayerSunday REMINDER:
#MedicareExtra and @USofCare are SCAMS! 💰…
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The VA Is the Closest Thing We Have to #SinglePayer.
Now Trump Wants to Privatize It!
#M4A #SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
Is #MedicareForAll Politically Viable?
A Guide to 561 Congressional Candidates.
#MedicareForAllVoter #SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
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