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As someone who opposes Islamophobia, why should I vote strategically for a party that drafted a dog-whistle bill around it or that voted for it, over the NDP who didn't?

#Islamophobia #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
As someone who supports labour organizing, why would I vote strategically for a party who doesn't want to strengthen labour laws to support workers during strikes and lockouts, when the NDP does?

#canlab #strike #Elxn44
As someone who wants trade deals that are good for Canada and Canadian workers and don't contain harmful ISDs and respect our sovereignty, why would I vote strategically for any party who undermines that? #trade #cdnecon #Elxn2021
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1. A few years ago I heard about a horrific story where a developmentally delayed 13 y/o (who operated at the level of a 7 y/o, according to her mother) became pregnant from being raped by her stepfather. Anti-abortion groups sued the abortion provider. #elxn44
2. You read that correctly. Anti-abortion groups did not mount an action against the child’s abuser, but against the abortion clinic. Poilievre, Candice Bergen, Michael Barrett, Ed Fast, & every single #CPC MP on that list above, also believe….
#NeverVoteCPC #StopTheCPC #elxn44
3….what those anti-choice groups believed: this child should’ve been forced to carry a pregnancy resulting from horrific abuse.
In the beliefs of these #CPC MPs - who would be in charge of people’s lives - there should be no rape or incest exceptions. #NeverVoteCPC #elxn44
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Beware of ops targeting the left, posing as progressive causes. This Twitter account is an anti-Trudeau front.
A fake account troll showed up in a post of mine. It followed 0 accounts, w/ only 2 followers. An account I’d already blocked & this “Equal Power” one. #elxn2021 #elxn44
Why would a Twitter account supposedly about proportional representation know of & follow an anonymous account with 0 followers?

It’s important to remember that malign influence operations target the left just as much as the right, using issues important to the left. #elxn44
*Following zero accounts, I meant.
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Remember the Yellow Vests Canada “United We Roll” AstroTurf “protests”? Where somehow supposedly out-of-work truckers had the money to fuel up transport trucks at a cost of multiple thousands of $$ (sporting anti-Trudeau slogans), travel across 🇨🇦, pay for meals & hotels? #Elxn44
It pretended to be “grassroots”. It was anything but. It was a mixture of #Conservative politicians at all levels of government, right wing propaganda media - Rebel, True North Centre etc (even a few CBC ppl). + white nationalists & other extremists #NeverVoteConservative #elxn44
#Conservative leaders were right in there. Promoting an obvious op, benefiting the fossil fuel industry & pumping out propaganda to stop #ClimateAction. This is the #CPC. A pro-extinction position, promoting denialism & #DarkMoney funded deceit. #NeverVoteConservative #elxn44
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When there was an assassination attempt on 🇨🇦’s PM, July 2/20, there wasn’t a single #Conservative MP who publicly condemned the act. A radicalized man who consumed RW conspiracy nonsense, loaded his truck with weapons + live ammo, intent on lethal harm. #NeverVoteConservative Image
Not only did Erin O’Toole not condemn the violent act, this is what O’Toole tweeted the day of the assassination attempt & the next day. O’Toole added to the rhetoric…the very type that helped radicalize the would-be assassin. #NeverVoteConservative #2TierOToole #Elxn44 ImageImageImageImage
Michael Barrett, #CPC “ethics” critic, not only said nothing about the assassination attempt, but tried to take credit for a federal Liberal project & acted as though the Liberals had nothing to do with it. Then he amplified 1/6 seditionist #EliseStefanik. #NeverVoteConservative ImageImage
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*NEW* I updated and added to my list of Conservative and Liberal Votes that are the same for #Election2021.

Feel free to download / share but I make NO warranties for errors /omissions! Nothing beats doing your own research at


#Elxn44 #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
You can tell these apart from the old ones, which I recommend you update to, because the font is different. They also say, *NEW* 2021 ELECTION (easy right?).

Orange = #NDP motion, Dark Blue #CPC, Light Blue = BQ, Red = #LPC. (2/3) ImageImageImageImage
To look these up yourself, enter the numbers *without the parenthesis*, after the slash (/) at this address:…


#Elxn44 #Elxn2021 #canadavotes
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AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), Criminal Code of Canada «DOES SUPPORT» a Canadian investigation and prosecution of the downing of Flight #PS752. Period.

This Liberal government does NOT want a Canadian criminal investigation. It wants the easier route.

DON'T LET Liberal wordplay befog you.

This government is maneuvering toward settlement and reparations, and away from criminal accountability.

@JavadSoleimani8 @esmaeilion @kourosh1959 @Daniel_Ghods @SalmanSima @Ardeshirz @NahidGhani @BehrangRahbari @AlsaadRafah @NahayatT
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