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💙Personal health news💙
I’ve spent my career covering other people’s health problems. But now I’ve been diagnosed with recurrent testicular cancer (for which I had surgery in Dec.), called a Stage IIa seminoma. I am slated to being 9 weeks of chemotherapy in mid-May.
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Many people are ruined financially by having cancer. Fortunately, I’m on solid footing following my own diagnosis. So to help others who aren’t so fortunate, I’m raising money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Kindly click here to donate! @BCEFA
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What I’ve learned so far from having cancer: The process of transferring medical records from one health care system to another is an *abject nightmare*. Typically very good at such tasks, I was left a distraught mess by the strain of this grueling endeavor. It's not right. 3/
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How do metastatic #ovariancancer tumors change during #chemotherapy to survive, eventually killing the patient? See our longitudinal #scRNAseq analysis, now out @ScienceAdvances, with accessible data & tools.…
A 🧵 below (1/9)
We collected a unique set of paired, metastatic tumor specimens from 11 high-grade serous patients treated in @TyksVsshp (by @mijohy & colleagues) before and after neo-adjuvant chemotherapy, and analysed dissociated tumors with scRNA-seq. (2/9) Image
Unlike stroma or immune cells, cancer cells had distinctly patient-specific profiles. To find the hidden, shared states from these genetically heterogeneous tumor specimens, @KaiyangZhang @HautaniemiLab developed a new clustering method, PRIMUS (3/9)
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I need a medical #oncology bed to transfer a 28 yo patient needing to urgently start chemotherapy. Not ICU, preferably #Texas. Please RT, DM. @OncoAlert @tmprowell @AjvictoryMD
Thank you for RT so far, we’ve been trying to get this patient to a hospital w/ chemotherapy capabilities for 6 days now 🙏🏻
Oxygen requirements increasing 🙁
#oncology #hospital #PatientCare
Still working on it w/ house supervisor this morning, no bed yet 🙁
Y’all are amazing 🙏🏻
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I am raising money for 4 #Yemeni kids suffering from cancer after being injured in a air-force bombing. Please help by donating & sharing the link. They need #Chemotherapy & housing.
This is Mohamed & his sister Aminah and his older brother Naser. Lets all chip in and help please. My DM is now open to contact me.
Mohamed,9, is the youngest of the siblings and he will be receiving #chemo this weekend. We need to raise a minimum of $1300 just for that. #Yemen #ImpossibleIsNothing
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1/14 🆕 🚨Accelerated article on #breastcancer just out in @nature! #bcsm

We asked:
1️⃣ What drives response to #chemotherapy in #breast #cancer
2️⃣ Can we use #machinelearning to predict response to chemotherapy❓


A 🧵👇👇👇 @OncoAlert
2/14 We are unable to #predict #response to treatment in clinic…

✅Good response ➡️treatment very effective ➡️better survival
❌Poorer response ➡️treatment less effective ➡️worse survival

Being able to forecast response would be a landmark advance!
3/14 We ran a study in women with #breastcancer @CUH_NHS+@CRUK_CI:
1️⃣who had a #cancer biopsy (which we analysed)
2️⃣received 18 weeks of chemo+/-targeted therapy
3️⃣had surgery (and we measured how much cancer remained)

We associated PRE-therapy profiles↔️POST-therapy response👇
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🧵1/5 #UKchildren 💔I’ve lost track the number of times this kind of “but…”argument is used where (all ages) covid death figures are concerned- but they were old, but they had serious health problems, but they were obese… it feeds down the flow chart of u can ignore covid b’cos
..2/ at the results end of the flow chart we have personal choice trumps severe health risks, eugenics, getting told to f-off on SM when raising issues for CEV community, valid concerns dismissed as hysteria or anxiety, stay indoors & keep the hazmat suit on etc etc….
3/ the longer covid drags on thanks to these ignorant, hurtful,discriminatory takes, the gloomier the outlook gets, yet doom & gloom is what those wanting to suppress covid were accused of. Having #asthma, #chemotherapy #transplant pt, etc your risks are waaayyy higher
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I gotta vent! Chemo is scary af! I have to flush the toilet twice and preferably use a separate bathroom to keep the Chemo from other people. I can't have sex for 72 hours after infusion because my vagina can leak Chemo after infusion. Terrifying!
All of my clothes that I wore to my infusion and 72 hours after infusion I have to be washed separately from other people laundry. I can't share towels or anything for that matter. If my hubs comes in contact with my body fluids during this time he has to wash and flush...
the area that may have been contaminated. Signs he's been effected are a rash or worse. I'm toxic during that time for three days out of the week. It's scary. It's working as far as we can tell but it's scary!
#chemotherapy #Chemo #breastcancer #ActuallyAutistic
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Ich hätts nicht verschreien sollen! Meine Ärztin hat mir Bettruhe verordnet und meinem sog. Gaming-Stuhl (1.890,00 🤨) einen Exorzismus empfohlen. Ich konnte mich letzte Nacht kaum noch bewegen und es hat sich angefühlt, als wäre ich gelähmt.
Die Schmerzen seid ein paar Tagen waren nicht die Bandscheiben im unteren Rücken von 2001 sondern der Ischiasnerv von 2021 der sich durch besagten Stuhl und über ein Jahr kein Fitness-Studio hervorgewagt hat. Und gestern hatte er dann seinen großen Auftritt. 😡
Ich habs nicht mehr im Bett ausgehalten und sitze jetzt auf einem Klappstuhl vom Ikea (4,99) am Schreibtisch. Und es geht mir gut. Die Schmerzen sind fast weg OHNE Medikamente. Den Höllenstuhl schieß ich auf den Mond oder verschenk ihn an einen Kurz-Jünger! 😈
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Delighted to share a new study from our lab on the role of gut commensal fungi mycobiota in shaping the human protective IgG antibody repertoire @CellCellPress…
During immunosuppression ( organ #Transplant #chemotherapy ) or in diseases such as #IBD #crohnsdisease, gut #mycobiota can turn into a “reservoir” of pathogens, BUT most people live peacefully with their fungi. Do they benefit from them? Do fungi benefit form us? Neutral rl.?
Fungi are considered a minor component of the gut #microbiome ( less than 0.1% of genetic material in feces), but we found that fungal biomass in the healthy human gut makes considerably more: up to 2%.
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#WATCH: Everyday Mohammed Al-Fifi gets up and goes to work – he’s a teacher, has #cancer and his classroom is a video link from his hospital room where he is undergoing chemotherapy
The #coronavirus has posed many problems to us all, but #cancer patient and school teacher Mohammed Al-Fifi has turned it to his advantage and used the virtual world to get back to his students while he undergoes #chemotherapy Image
#WATCH: Saudi school teacher Mohammed Al-Fifi has cancer and is currently in hospital, but he still teaches from his bed – it’s something he sees as a duty, despite undergoing #chemotherapy
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I have something I need to get off my chest, and I’m going to rant for a bit. Sorry about that, but it needs to be said, and I need to say it. You know what the worst thing about having cancer was? ...
It wasn’t chemo. Chemo was easy. Boring, but easy. You sit down, they hook you up, you watch Netflix on your cell phone for three hours, they unhook you, you go home. Easy.

It wasn’t losing my hair. Now, losing my hair wasn’t fun, but I’m not all that vain, and I really didn’t care.
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Would you agree that #Science today is mainly motivated by #politics… NOT #Health
Do you believe Cures exist?
Would you believe me if I told you that #Cancer, #Aids and #Diabetes, all diseases thought to be incurable, actually had Cures and have been proven to be cured?
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Truly grateful to announce I have been promoted to Associate Professor at @MonashBiol 😊

I would like to thank my team & former team members, my collaborators, mentors, colleagues for the support and feedback @BBM_Wong and @RobertB_R, & my boss @OBryanMoira for the push to apply
Inspired by @jane_bourke_phd I would like to share how I got here because I look up to many & constantly think I am not doing 'well' enough. What I learned over the years is that on paper things look much more glamorous than they are (I call it the Instagram of academia) 1/
I came from a developing country (#Brazil) where research is not valued and there is little $ available. But I had amazing lecturers and teachers, and amazing opportunities to do research since I was an undergrad. This resulted in 5 papers prior to my PhD & helped me a lot 2/
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Today is #BiomedicalScienceDay2020 - and what better way to celebrate than sharing our latest #ResearchSpotlight with you all!

🔬 This month we're celebrating the work of Professor James Allan, who leads on a Blood Cancer UK funded project and is based at the @UniofNewcastle.
💉 James' work is about understanding how unique genetic changes in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) can be used to tailor treatment.

🧓 AML is most common in the elderly and many of these people cannot have #chemotherapy because of the harsh side effects it causes.
💊 To get around this, James and his team are looking to find ways of using other existing therapies more strategically, based on specific characteristics of these peoples' disease. This is called "stratified medicine."
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Missed #COVID19nCancer plenary in #AACR20 @AACR?
Here’s a thread to catch up on all the fascinating global research presented by:
@AACR @AACRPres #AntoniRibas #LiZhang @marinagarassino @barlesi #CarlosGomez #LouisVoigt #HongbingCai cc:@OncoAlert @COVID19nCCC @ASCO @ASH_hematology
#1: Chinese Experience by #LiZhang and #HongbingCai

More evidence of increased prevalence of #Cancer among #COVID19, ~2% similar to what we found in our #metanalysis @ASCO_pubs #JCOGO here:…
#LiZhang described 35.7% required mechanical ventilation and significant risk factors for severe outcomes on #multivariate analysis was recent #cancertreatment and #consolidation on CT
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Meet Dr Yazad Irani, @Yaz_Sci, at @sahmriAU, the researcher paving the way to better outcomes in chronic myeloid #leukemia - by helping predict patient responses to #cancer therapy

A thread 👇

@AcademicChatter #chemotherapy #medicalresearch #precisionmedicine #CML #immunology Image
Our blood is composed of red blood cells, in charge of carrying oxygen; and white blood cells, whose main function is to help the immune response to fight infections and diseases.
Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a blood cancer in which a subpopulation of white blood cells, known as granulocytes, grow out of control. Although new treatments have resulted in good patient outcomes for 80% of patients, the remaining 20% of patients do not respond to therapy.
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THREAD 1/12 Patients with #cancer are being advised to #cocoon due to #COVID-19. This means they cannot shop for food. If you are caring for someone on cancer treatment including #Chemotherapy please be mindful that their nutritional needs are different to healthy people.
2/12 Patients with cancer can lose large amounts of muscle mass very quickly. Severe muscle loss (sarcopenia) affects 40% or more of patients with cancer. This causes poorer tolerance to chemotherapy. To slow muscle loss it is important that patients eat enough #protein.
3/12 #Poorappetite is common in patients with cancer - about 50% experience this. This means they do not feel hungry and when they eat, they often feel full very quickly. Little amounts of food and often are key to improving intake – small nourishing meals & snacks.
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The Fall of a Once Great Newspaper…
I have been writing for well on 40 years now: TFT; The Muslim; The Nation; The News; Dawn; and The Express Tribune are all publications I have had the honour to write for. I am a news hound and read the World's press 2/
2/ for 2 hours every single day. Never in all these years of reading and writing have I seen such a #Shameful editorial, the language of which suggests it was written by the Editorial Board which makes it all the more #Disgusting. I am unpleasantly surprised but not gobsmacked3/
3/ because the ET has been on a downward trajectory ever since #Selected @ImranKhanPTI was rigged into power before our very eyes, in broad daylight. Just two examples: ET's bending every muscle to drumbeat and praise the absolutely dumb @asadumar's coldhearted and insensitive 4/
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Important paper 👉 They identified several #microbiota components strongly associated w/ white blood cell dynamics☝️Supports the growing reality that we must study the human #immune response in concert w/ the increasing # of #organisms capable of persisting in humans
They also clarify that the #radiation + #chemotherapy administed to hematopoietic cell therapy (HCT) patients can cause loss of #microbiome diversity + commensal microbial families 👉 but microbiome diversity can recover during white blood cell reconstitution Image
That supports a 2nd important trend 👉 #Immunosuppressive treatments can negatively impact microbiome “health”, while supporting the immune response may have the opposite effect (improved #microbiome dynamics)
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In late-August of 2010, my dear first-cousin was diagnosed with inoperable, non-curable, small-cell lung #cancer. He and I were raised like #siblings and cared for one another as brother and sister, a very close-knit family.
My #cousin was an amazing man, husband, and father to twin boys; who were only 14 when he died in September 2017. He died at his home, surrounded by his family and friends…just how he’d wished.
Of course, he only had these wishes after his experiences spending extended periods of time in clinics, hospitals, and laboratories. Blood draws, lung scans, injections, medications, #chemotherapy, hospitalizations, emergency room visits from all the awful side-effects of his...
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