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Boudicca was a Celtic queen who led a revolt against Roman rule in ancient Britain in A.D. 60 or 61. She is considered a British national heroine and a symbol of the struggle for justice and independence.
👉Prompts in the ALT👈 brittan artist, Boudica, of...Britton artist, Boudica, of...highly detailed photo of Bo...highly detailed photo of Bo...
In the land of the Iceni,
A queen did rise to fight.

She would not let her people be slaves,
So she took up the sword and shield.

She led her people in battle,
And they fought with fury and might.

They defeated the Romans,
And drove them from their land.

Boudicca was a…… Edited this collage in Adob...Editorial style photo Boudi...
Revisiting Boudicca with #midjourney51, #raw and #photoshopbeta highly detailed photo of Bo...
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🔴Why did the Indian Peace-Keeping Mission in Sri-Lanka Failed

24 March 2023 marks the 23rd anniversary of withdrawal of Indian troops from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ranjan Wijeratne as he watched turbaned Sikh soldiers of the Indian Peace-Keeping Force board a...
..ship while a military band played "Auld Lang Syne’ said "They came on a peace mission, but then they got bogged down". The Indian intervention in the Sri Lankan Civil War was the deployment of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka intended to perform a peacekeeping role.
The deployment followed the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord between India and Sri Lanka of 1987 which was intended to end the #SriLankan Civil War between militant Sri Lankan #Tamil nationalists, principally the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (#LTTE), and the Sri Lankan military.
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I received a gift from #India, a little stone, symbol of teaching. A very precious symbol to me. Now thinking about the new Team #Europe diplomacy on raw material. #Thread
#EU is trying is enhance its diplomacy by diversifying imports and increasing its own capacities through a better coordinated approach. We have now new legislation. The act foresees the creation of a board that would provide a #European perspective on #raw materials. 1/1
You might wonder: "Why start mines in #Europe, when the whole supply chain process works so well and cost-efficiently in #China?" 1/2
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India’s intel agency #RAW’s report that—a GAY man (Saurabh Kirpal) who has a relationship with a SWISS NATIONAL— should not be raised to the position of Judge— was made public by SUPREME COURT of India.
Third Pillar of Indian Democracy has collapsed‼️
Law minister Kiren Rijiju has expressed concern over this blunder by the Supreme court.…
Why are people so confused❓ Let me explain— #RAW’s report made public + our judge is a man who is a gay and has a relationship with Swiss national. Nothing objectionable?
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Andrew Dawson, Deeper Dig ..

The world can solve this right now & have A few Biblical answers ..

The Smallest of Details in reports & timing, most important ..

1 + 1 = 3 + 4 = (7) - 1 - 2022

There is so much here !
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All Systems #GO (26) 17 + 27

48 Cardinals
John & Browning
John #MOSES Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Robert Barrett Browning

Robert F Kennedy
John F Kennedy Jr #GEORGE

#BELLA !!!

Queen Elizabeth & all the royals stole my families identities!!

Diana knew !!
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Let’s revisit
- The Story Of Air India -#Ganga .. which played a major role in #1971IndoPakWar 😀
How Pakistanis were Fooled… 😀👇🏼#Thread
1. In January 1971 already East Pakistan ( now Bangladesh) was Boiling and India was determined to Fracture Pakistan .
2. Hashim Qureshi along with his cousin Ashraf Qureshi hijacked this Indian Airlines plane on 30 January 1971 (Ganga) en route from Srinagar to Jammu and brought the plane to Lahore, Pakistan 🙄
3. Now comes the Twist in the story ...
#Ganga’ was one of the oldest aircraft in the Indian Airlines fleet and was already withdrawn from service but was re-inducted just few days before ‘the Hijacking’ 😉!!
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I know, .@YaOnlyLivvOnce
🐻 = Bucket On = The Problem ..
🐻 = The Problem = Out of the way …

I was never talking about 🐻 or to 🐻 , just wanted 🐻 to know I cared. .

.@RyannMcEnany — R + Y = McKennedy ..

.@CoreyTaylorRock says Mann is A 4 letter word.
Shane O’ Mac
Home is Where the R is, #HOME R + Y 🦌 = Bucket Off ..

Meet the Fockers
Little Fockers

He took Aleve of absence to become apart of the cast, helped set everything up—Saving Private RYAN …

Raise Up/elevate the Cast, eye to eye with…
The heart, #LOVE ..

Milwaukee Bucks
Pacific North West Israel, Super Sonics moved to Milwaukee because that is where the Son would be born ..
Sonic the Hedge Hog.

Lomis Road Going South leading to exit #RAW SON/76Th Street, THE ROCK
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28 Very Engaging French movies to Watch - A Thread

Quote how many have u watched..

1. #ThePast
Also Quality content
2. #SleeplessNight
Fast thriller
3. #TellNoOne
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Most Indians have not heard a man called Ravindra Kaushik

RAW officers & Army people
recognize him as “The Black Tiger”

He was born in 1952 in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan to a Punjabi family

#Thread on the Greatest Spy in Indian History
Kaushik displayed his talent at the national level dramatic meet in Lucknow, which was witnessed by officials from the Research and Analysis Wing (#RAW)

Ravindra Kaushik joined Indian Intelligence when he was just in his teenage and was trained to become a SPY

Kaushik had to learn Urdu, get himself acquainted with Quran & other Islamic religious texts and the terrain of Pakistan during his training with RAW

He was just 23, when he got complete training, his mission was to enter Pakistan and pass the secretive information to India
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We’ve spent 3 years in #Swat monitoring the movement & activities of the #TTP here.

Keep in mind, I am a resident of Swat & have access to places & people who others don’t.

There are 3 types of #TTP operational in Swat currently.
Type 1: The Criminal Element

There is a criminal element operating in #Swat for many years since the #TTP was defeated in 2009. This element follows the same physical attributes of the TTP, but are involved in kidnappings & murders.
Type 2: The Original #TTP Swat

When the TTP was an occupying force in #Swat from 2007-09, they were brutal in their punishments & torture, to the extent that the TTP Swat chapter was expelled from the overall structure.
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Movies That will make You Uncomfortable

(A Thread)

1. #Oldboy Image
2. #Incendies (2010 - French) Image
3. #Misommar (2019) Image
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Auf dem #RAWGelände leben viele geschützte Arten. Ein #Stadtnatur - Fototweet. Gebäudebrüter zw. Kultur, urbaner Wildnis und Abrissen f. Bürobau. 1/7 Hellblauer Himmel, davor hängt eine Discokugel an einem Sta
Das #RAW-Gelände zeigt, wie urbane Lebensräume natürliche Merkmale nachahmen: Ältere Gebäude werden zu Brutfelsen für Vögel u. 🦇 Fassaden- u. Dachbewüchse, kleine Wäldchen ähneln Landschaften. 2/7 Hof, Fassade mit Bewuchs und Graffiti, vorne ein Banner, wo Bewachsenes helles Gebäude, wo Streetfood Kombüse dranstehEin Wäldchen, Suicide Circus, eine Treppe nach unten.Ziegelfassade, in einer Öffnung sitzt ein Spatzenküken und
Mitten im Getümmel: Haussperling u. Feldsperling. Auch für den Feldsperling, der in Berlin selten geworden ist, sind die vielen Nischen und vielfältigen, wilden Strukturen ein idealer Brutplatz und Lebensraum. #RAWGelände 3/7 Haussperling schaut aus einer Höhle in einer Ziegelwand.Feldsperling sitzt auf einem Dach.Hof mit vielen Menschen in einem Biergarten, Bäume.
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#lithium carbonate breaks $510k yuan/ton which is $80k USD - almost a $10k increase in the last fortnight. A small thread on why this matters below for #electricvehicles and #lithium #mining stocks. Happy punting all.
#Spot #lithium traded as above is usually representative of tiny volumes at different districts in China. Could probably spend a whole thread describing lithium prices in different areas but that'd be a waste of time. Take away point is the volume is tiny but it's a trend.
The head price you see here is representative of what traders/chemical producers are getting for product sold typically to #cathode #producers who use the chemicals to create lithium batteries.
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Research and Analysis Wing (RAW، September 1968)
شایدہی کوئی "را" کے نام سے ناواقف ھو!
جی وہی مشہور زمانہ "را" جس کا کام صرف پاکستان پر نظر رکھنا، پڑوسیوں کے معاملات میں بےجا مداخلت کرنا غرض الزامات کا ایک طویل سلسلہ ھے۔
1968 میں قائم اس بیرونی انٹیلیجنس ونگ کے بانی
اندرا گاندھی اور رامیشور ناتھ کاءو تھےاور رامیشور ناتھ کاءو ہی را کےپہلےچیف بھی منتخب ھوئے جو 1977 میں ریٹائرھوئے۔
1962 کی انڈو-سویت جنگ، پاکستان سےخراب تعلقات اور چین کےساتھ 1962 کی سرحدی جنگ میں بھارت کی ناقص کارکردگی کےبعد اس ایجنسی کاقیام عمل میں لایا گیا۔ابتداء میں را کامقصد
غیر ملکی انٹیلیجنس معلومات جمع کرنا، انسداد دہشت گردی، پالیسیز بنانے والوں کو مشورے دینا، بھارت کے غیر ملکی مفادات کو آگے بڑھانا اور چین کے اثرورسوخ کا مقابلہ کرنا تھا۔
وقت گزرنے کیساتھ ساتھ اسکے مقاصد کا دائرہ اختیار بھی بڑھتا گیا۔ جیسے آج بھارتی ایٹمی پروگرام کی حفاظت کا ذمہ،
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Luboš Plný is a Czech painter and conceptual artist, usually classified as a creator of art brut ("raw art" or "rough art"), a label created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture.
Plný is fascinated by medical iconography. An expert in the mysteries of anatomy, he devotes himself – when not drawing – to all sorts of performances where he confronts the limits of pain, which he experiences as an act of purification, transforming suffering into artistic work.
He incorporates organic materials, photographs from 19th century atlases, pictures of anatomical wax models, and clippings of models from fashion magazines in his work. These images form the foundation for his graphical compositions.
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This is what I wanted to show you.. LONG before this Series came out, who was showing you specific details that are within this show?
The little Pyramid he finds in this room, for those who have watched this, have you seen it? /_\
Been showing EVERYONE for A very long time .
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#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
1/ Du côté de YouTube, la balance est claire :les chaines des détracteurs des stratégies "provax only" seront désormais suspendus / virés, surtout si leur arguments sont forts et leur audience large...…
#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
2/ Le Pdt Macron lance la commission Bronner contre la "désinformation et le complotisme". Le discours officiel ▶️ par la nouvelle chaîne d'Etat...
#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
3/ Cette commission Bronner, au vu du casting de ses membres, a déjà -avant même d’avoir démarré- un goût très Orwellien de Ministère de la vérité à la sauce ♨️ PCC🇨🇳. Analyse cinglante mais lucide d'1 auteur de @libe #miniver ▶️
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Remember that time .@WWE brought "Guest Stars"/Hosts onto #WWERaw ? ..

Season 18 Episode 19
May 10, 2010
1 Hour : 30 Minutes : 22 Seconds Image
Season 18 Episode 20
May 17, 2010
2 Hours : #ZERO Minutes : #ZERO Seconds

It sure seems to me like MANY who are ALLEGEDLY accused of being Corrupt, were brought onto the show for A very specific reason..
At the time, the Guest Hosts DID NOT know that the truth was being told Image
SUBLIMINALLY too the world ..
Looking back at EVERYTHING with NEW EYES, the World should be able to see what it is I Am/ have been SHOWING all of you ...

Everyone & anyone who was suspected of being Corrupt, the show was put on in A way of spitting in corruptions faces
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Pak’s PM blames India for Lahore blast! Remember the 1st news that hd spread after blast outside HAFIZ SAEED’s house?— it was #RAW who carried out the attack… & ppl wr overjoyed. What a TRAP! Pak hs bn since last 2 yrs building this narrative that it’s a VICTIM of terr0rism.
I hv bn saying this— it was an INSIDE JOB. They carried out an attack on themselves!!! This time lSPR’s cl0wns hv gone on to claim that India through a middle eastern country hs carried out attack inside Pak. A lot of IDs who go abt spreading rumours r IDs frm PAK. BEWARE!
Check my thread on Lahore blast, most of the Indians wr overjoyed that RAW carried out an attack inside pak. Pls understand such rumours r spread by pro-pak ids and they use us as their means to spread such fake news.
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Mehul Choksi with bloodshot eye&bruised body detained in dominica
May hv gone on a date with his GF to domimica&got arrested- PM of Antigua,
Abducted&tortured for few days- Choksi's lawyer.
So what can it be?
Special ops hotstar? This was special ops all star
Thread ImageImage
Choksi secured citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in Nov2017 under its Citizenship by Investment Programme&fled there in 1st week of Jan 2018.
Soon after PNB scam executed by choksi&his nephew Nirav Modi came to light&CBI investigation ordered,but Modi&choksi had fled by then
Soon India located choksi residing in Antigua.
31/7/18,Indian government delivered an extradition request to the Antigua government, beginning the process of getting him back.Process of extradition was long one as Choksi had already engaged legal representative.
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1/2 Choksi ki pittayi toh huyi hai! Choksi ws the Goose that laid the GOLDen Eggs for some in India. GOLD>Money laundering>terr0rism. Thats the chain! Bt hey #RAW hw did u get him to lose all that weight? 😃 This Operation by #RAW deserves a TELE SERIES and a movie. @ManMundra
2/2 Choksi ws kidnapped frm d country where he ws living in earlier,put in a yatch & taken to other country. Got arrested later. Jst when u thought only KGB cld do it, our guys did it like a PRO. Our int agencies wr always capable of it— jst needed…
Nice try by the PM. He hd earlier claimed Choksi hd gone to Cuba. Thats how well informed this PM is. ☺️ Choksi’s wife ws the one who hd lodged the complaint on 25th. Choksi ws under his👇 protection. Nw that things r not in his hands & elections r around he doesn’t want Choksi.
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Did u guys read this thread?
a special op by !srael
~that lasted jst 3 mins
~the guns wr REMOTELY operated
~pick up on which guns wr installed blew itself up after the op got over.

M0ssad baba too good an op.
I nvr underestimated #RAW & #MI— HAF!Z S@YEED?Ahem? 🤓
I hd read this thread y’day bt I still can’t get over the fact that the op was carried out without making any sort of contact. 😲This level of precision requires agents to penetrate deep into enemy territory, reconnoitre the place,find out target’s schedule & regularly watch him.
IED blasts r terr0rist’s style of carrying out a non contact op when they dnt want to loose their men. This op is reverse engineering terr0rist’s op. Lol I hope some day someone will reveal the amount of hardwork that went into executing this op.
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