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“The End Of Men”? Lol. I don’t think so. What’s Tucker smoking?
But yeah, American needs more men who can rock heterosexuality and project the alpha image, IMO. Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Keanu Reeves come to mind. You cannot knock the heterosexual force of attraction. It is a law of nature.
America needs to get back to Woodstock, really. We need more men like country Joe McDonald. We’ve got a senile old man in the White House doing everything wrong and shaking hands w/ invisible people. I’d say:
“Give me an F!!
What’s that spell?
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Final thread of me recreating LA vlog/shorts/pics (unless they drop more lol):
1. Mel's Drive-In in West Hollywood- Burger, fries, & a milkshake. 😋 I was happy the table the @andAUDITIONboys got was free and excitedly sat in K's seat 😁
#andAUDITIONboys #K #NICHOLAS #EJ #TAKI ImageImageImage
2. Kobe mural on Melrose- There are TONS of Kobe murals in LA but here's the one the #andAUDITIONboys posed in front of 😊
#K #NICHOLAS #EJ #TAKI ImageImageImage
3. Corner of Pasadena Ave and Colorado Blvd in Pasadena- K looks so carefree here. 😎 I love it! They all look so happy. It was cloudy today so my pic isn't as bright as theirs lol.
#andAUDITIONboys #K #NICHOLAS #EJ #TAKI ImageImageImage
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Lo prometido es deuda, así q hoy cumplo. Les voy a hablar del Embajador de #Palestina en Argentina, sus nexos y sus familiares.
Sale 🧵
En marzo de 2015 fue nombrado embajador del Estado de Palestina en Buenos Aires, Argentina, siendo acreditado oficialmente el 5 de marzo : Husni Abdel Wahed.
La bienvenida se la dió #AmadoBoudou quien era Vice presidente .
Me atrevería a decir que poner a Wahed , poco tiempo antes de entregar el gobierno no fue casualidad.
Estudió en #Cuba gracias a una beca de la Organización para la Liberación de Palestina (OLP).
Estuvo en la Embajada de Palestina en Venezuela
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Press Statement of Kim Yo Jong, Vice Department Director of C.C., WPK
[Apr. 3, 2022)  Sunday]

"Kim Yo Jong, vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, issued the following statement Saturday:
2/"The south Korean Defence Minister on April 1 revealed his confrontation hysteria with the DPRK, talking about "preemptive strike" on it.
The senseless and scum-like guy dare mentioned the "preemptive strike" at a nuclear weapons state, in his senseless bluster which will never
3/"be beneficial to south Korea, either.
He is a confrontation maniac engrossed in the mindset of confrontation with his fellow countrymen in the north.
His reckless and intemperate rhetoric about the "preemptive strike" has further worsened the inter-Korean relations and the
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Dar sentido à mídia ocidental é como encaixar rodas em um tomate – demorado e completamente desnecessário. Desde que a mídia se tornou um instrumento de persuasão, a maior parte da humanidade não tem outra razão para sua opinião além de estar na moda.
A moda é independente da razão e a razão requer pensamento. Uma atividade – a razão – desencorajada em princípio entre a “multidão vil que escolhe pelo show” (ou seja, pela moda). E ainda mais desencorajado pela 'cultura do cancelamento' apropriadamente nomeada e agora na moda.
A intelectualidade ocidental atual, além de petulante e ostentosa, é tão útil quanto uma barbearia nos degraus da guilhotina. E a razão, como agora inescapavelmente óbvia, muitas vezes é impotente contra o masoquismo.…
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In mid 2008, I first heard the phrase "canary in the coal mine" in a speech by Stephen Roach at the Trident Hotel while he was here for Morgan Stanley's annual conference. I had to go look it up what exactly did it it mean. Later during the year I experienced what it meant. (1/n)
In 2016 Stan Druckenmiller warned the 3k attendees at NY Sohn Conf that policymakers have no end game but market do. And at some point market will have no choice but to wake up and realize that the sugar highs being provided by the fed no longer give them the desired "kick"(2/n)
1920s-US rebuilt its postwar economy & put the returning soldiers back to work. Munitions factories started producing consumer goods. Irving Fisher declared that stocks had reached a permanent plateau. The newly born Fed did not want to upset a good thing going and sat back (3/n)
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Hace meses te conté de #FacundoMolares y termino @INTERPOL_HQ deteniéndolo en #Trevelin.
Ahora te voy a contar de otro delincuente.
Sale #Hilo
Con #IceMan @AvionesenEzeiza te marcamos vuelos "raros" desde #Ecuador a Argentina. Es más me comunique con mi colega @brigittegibbs1 de #Ecuador para comentarle y ver si tenia algún dato.
Está sucediendo seguido q investigamos algo, nadie se hace eco, pero cuando esta todo cocinado punguean la info, sin dar créditos, y creanme es agotador. No por los laureles, sino x q cobran por el laburo de otros
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Vamos con #Hilo #Casino y me voy chiflando bajito
Me cuentan por ahi, q dos españoles, Fermin Ferran y Javier Soria se encargaban de hacer llevar sobres de parte del casino flotante supuestamente a los #K. Eso se pacta en una reunión en casa rosada con Julio (De Vido) N se sabe si el dinero llegaba arriba #CFK #Mexicaneada
Es curioso que los gallegos tienen q vender el casino a #Cristobal al tener una huelga salvaje en la que ningún juez permitia ni un solo despido. Cuando Cristobal se hace cargo del casino despide a 70 personas además de empeorar las condiciones de los empleados a
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It's completely disingenuous to suggest that there was a previous compliances when the was no intent to protect yourselves and others from community spread
There were no best practices established for individuals who were not going to seek vaccination... Your plan was "f@#k it girl let's go"

Y'all weren't staying at home, maintaining distance, intentional separation from at risk populations
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Thread on growth... #Copied

As you get older, you begin to zero down on your options. There’s a certain pruning that begins to happen. You begin entering an energy-saving mode.
You begin to ignore some things. You become particular about the battles you pick. You will be in the middle of an argument and deep down you wonder; “why do I care?”
You stop persisting on things. That time you no longer have. You no longer have the energy to convince people otherwise. If you're driving, you drive at optimum speed, let others pass.
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The biggest lie a man tells himself is that he does not seek power. In one of my personal research I studied hierarchies and power dynamics and traced that man's greatest desire is indeed power and not sex.

A man's biological desire is to dominate and conquer. This desire makes men far more competitive than women. Now let me explain how this operates in retrospect to sex
You see, when you look at how man goes in search of multiple women to sleep with you think it is the pleasure that comes with it that makes him chase them, but you're wrong. While the pleasure is part of it, it is just a minor role in the bigger picture.
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the 2016-current false Russian collusion narrative is possibly the largest fraud and misuse of law enforcement/intelligence personnel in the history of the United States. abuses from the NSC downward. where is Durham?
and btw f*#k CrowdStrike, Fireye, Trend Micro and all the individual geeks who participated in this historic farce.
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Okay, there’s a lot of information about #Zilv and #Rourke status ( @GudelZilv ), I’ll try to explain somethings.
This is not with hate, I’m just trying to resume all until they upload a official declaration about everything.
(Sorry if I have mistakes in my English)
So, Zilv is still engage with Rourke, but Zilv also has a relationship with Kai.
We knew about this for Kai’s instastories and their IG profile. ImageImageImageImage
Zilv explain that he and R has had problems that tried to fix for almost a year, but It didn’t work out. They are different people, they didn’t do something bad to each other or have bad feelings, the things just happened. ImageImage
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This is a nice 🧵 of 🧵s.

Recent paper published on impacts of #COVID19 #K-12 school closures on well-being of students over the very longterm. This topic of major interest to me, but paper not great. Thread critiques methods & interpretation informatively & constructively!
I particularly appreciated @ikashnitsky’s critique. I believe her use of “deterministic” corresponds to #epitwitter term, “causal”. @MariaGlymour What do you think of her assessment of this literature?
Ok, LOL. Looking back, @jburnmurdoch’s tone is more acerbic than I recalled. I only note this bc I posed this thread as a model of constructive critique in tweet 1 but some of the tone spicier than my personal ideal. 😂
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1 买肉: Canada AAA/USDA Choice注意Choice细则和AAA不是完全对应,要挑一下,AAA闭眼买就行
2 trim掉多余的肥肉留下表面一层就行,切下来的肥肉可以留着做火锅底料。切掉骨头末端附近的肉让骨头露出来,主要是为了好看,顺着骨头绑butcher knot
3 表面撒Kosher salt或者其它盐粒略粗的盐,撒满所有表面,下面垫张厨纸略微架起来放进冰箱冷藏室,静置48-72小时。如果是高价dry aged的肉就跳过这步

4 烤前40分钟拿到室温,厨纸擦掉盐粒,撒满你喜欢的调料,我用的是蒙特利尔牛排调料,要撒很多调料

5 碳烤炉或者烤箱都可以,预热300F(烤箱注意提前校准温度,一般都不准),碳烤炉indirect。下面放个盘子接住汁水。插进温度计,每磅烤15分钟左右,或者中心温度到你需要的熟度。

6 烤到温度之后拿出来锡纸包好rest 20分钟左右,在这20分钟内把烤炉温度上升到500-600F 碳烤炉看到火苗最好

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@A_Oshiomhole @elrufai congratulations you made the list, next's extraction for trial, for CRIMES committed against HUMANITY!
WORKING hard for that to happen soon!
I don't know what type of mind altering substance you on, or if it's POWER DRUNKENNESS, but don't you F@#K around in EDO, Otherwise you and your family will suffer the CONSEQUENCES, you FU@K around and that will be your last POLICTICAL STUPIDITY!
Please pull your Video asap,don't get yourself in muddled Waters, Refrain from INTERFERING in EDO'S matters, focus on your RETARDS in LAGOS STATE, those you F@#k with low IQs, we're a state that pride it's self with Law & Order and RULE of LAW, so KALABOCCA! 😡🇳🇬
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Edo 2020 💥 💢 🇳🇬
@A_Oshiomhole, still don't know when to quit? DUMMY go sit your ass down somewhere please and shut the F@#k up already, your voice irritates! 😡🇳🇬😇

For those familiar with politics of Edo state, the Edo State House of Assembly witnessed the worst, attack, harassment, intimidation, abuse, hijack, molestation and was personalized under the aspiring godfather, the disgraced former APC Adams Oshiomhole,

He orchestrated the following acts with impunity on the Edo State House of Assembly:

1. In 2010, Oshiomhole induced 9 (nine) members out of 24 instead of 2/3 of 24 members to impeach late Rt. Honourable Zakawanu Garuba as EDHA Speaker. Note all attempts by
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Buen día!! para tomar empuje #1ASalimosTodos
Sale #Hilo #Memoria #Nisman #Irán
X q es importante q hoy marchemos por #Justicia.

La ex Ministra de Defensa , ex Embajadora en #Venezuela y ex embajadora ante la #OEA, #NildaGarré, fue parte del triángulo : Irán-Venezuela-Argentina
Ese triángulo fue el colador de parte de la corrupción #K, dólares y tecnologías nucleares.
Las relaciones financieras entre los gobiernos de los #Kirchner y #Chávez arrancaron en 2004 con la creación de un #fidecomiso p intercambio de fuel oil X productos industriales .
Ese intercambio era administrado x la petrolera #PDVSA y el Banco de Desarrollo Económico y Social de Venezuela (Bandes). Los fideicomisos vale aclarar , no tienen los mismos controles de auditorías q las partidas presupuestarias comunes.
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"a digital asset, backed in physical gold could replace the dollar more easily than actual physical bars of gold could" - Bloomberg Markets and Finance - July 2020
Presented by ? The first FI who shorted the f##k out of BTC, the one and only, CME Group
CME Ventures which is one of earliest Ripple investors presents via Bloomberg this video where they show us a gold-backed economy could be on the way. But a gold-backed economy in a digital age, so a digital currency backed by gold
So how do you get a digital gold interoperable with the the worlds' FI ?
Well, as funny as it get, there is such a thing being developed for almost a decade
As Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas said in 2017 they build a : "gold that you can teleport into any vault in the world instantly"
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Ich war gerade bei Netto.
Der mit dem Hund.
Die Verkäuferinnen und Verkäufer laufen ohne Masken durch den Laden, viele Kunden ebenso.
Keinen interessiert es mehr.

An der Kasse hängt ein Aushang, dass eine Maske getragen werden muss.

Ich spreche den Kassierer darauf an.
#Ich *zeige auf den Aushang: Gilt das hier nicht mehr?
#Kassierer: Ähm. 🤷‍♂️ Ja. Hmm. Für die Kunden halt.
#I: Sieht nicht so aus, hier rennen viele ohne Masken rum und keinen interessiert es.
#K: Ja, na ja. 🤷‍♂️
#I: Und, dass Sie andere infizieren können, ist Ihnen egal?
#K: 🤷‍♂️
#I: Das ist doch scheiße!
#K: 🤷‍♂️
Ich bezahle und er quatscht mit dem nächsten Kunden - der keine Maske trägt.

Da haben die Einzelhändler Angst vor dem Onlinehandel und dann liefern sie selbst Argumente dafür, anstatt zu punkten!
Ich verstehe das nicht!
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Vamos a un pequeño #hilo partiendo de este twit: (busque el tik tok y no esta disponible)
En este video la sra/srta nos canta a los opositores, los q estamos del otro lado de la #grieta con el apodo de #gorilas.
🎵🎶Gorila chau 🎶🎵chau chau🎵🎶
También en una segunda entrega, repite q ella es #peronista.
Bueno, vamos a intentar q entienda (misión imposible) q lo q cantó es un oxímoron.....
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Vamos a partir de este Twit del amigo @AvionesenEzeiza q está siempre atento y expectante para arrancar el #Hilo
L a aeronave Cessna matrícula HI 1065 registrada a nombre de la empresa aérea Helidosa Aviation Group, S.A de #republicaDominica, cuyo dueño es Gozalo Castillo Terrero.
Castillo Terrero es el candidato presidencial del Partido de la Liberación Dominicana (PLD), de Republica Dominicana.
Desde 2012 al 2019 fue ministro de Obras Públicas del actual presidente: Danilo Medina
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