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bien en ratin sale #hilo dedicado a los #kumpas
Ayer un #K me dijo maleducada, intolerante x q en un twit los había llamado #orcos
Por eso voy a explicarles a los #kumpas el x q del mote.
Los orcos o trasgos de J. R. R. #Tolkien son una raza fantástica de criaturas usadas como soldados y secuaces por los grandes #villanos de El Silmarillion y El Señor de los Anillos: Melkor, Sauron y Saruman,
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sadly i believe they went here. i'm sure the hijacking took place in all of them, which in turn was taken over by the lockheed satellite. they went were nothing would ever be found or have to be explained.
twice, around 9 and 9:30 fighter jets were scrambled to the east over the ocean. they were following the original signals before the GPS spoofing showed the airplanes locations over new york, washington and pennsylvania
They gave themselves a get out of jail free card week before 9/11. Report shows dangers of GPS spoofing in aircraft. Now they could claim "working on it" The secret Lockheed satellite three days before 9/11 was responsible for air traffic cluster f@#k.
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Thread: News Summary from the Week that Was (14-20 July)

1. Here are the week’s stories that the legacy media either skipped, obfuscated, or never provided the proper context and follow-up.
2. Let’s get started with a hoot from Kurt Schlichter, who opines on the Democrats’ dilemma presented by the whackos in “The Squad” (AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and Presser). Here are just a few excerpts from a great article:

2A. The pain of your enemy should be your joy, and we conservatives are pegging the joymeter right about now watching the political sepsis that is CongressKid AOC and her merry band of idiots running rampant within the flabby body of the Democrat Party.
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#TheReal911Report #The911CoverUp
The videos and pictures from the last series of threads were mostly done to grab everyone's attention. Some of what was previously posted even I would consider to be circumstantial evidence. This is NOT. These are prosecutable criminal offenses
I got so pissed off going though my research in order to put this together. Everyone please get this information out! The work has already been done. This isn't open to interpretation, these are documented facts. We need to find attorneys with the balls to take on these murderers
Those responsible for 9/11 are the same ones that did the investigation and forensic analysis to determine who was responsible. Lets start with this. The D.O.E. withheld sensing equipment for three weeks so an accurate temperature reading couldn't be taken. (Boots were melting)
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Thread: On Rules of Engagement Plus More, Part II

1. Bad rules of engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq got people killed, needlessly. Part I of this series provided an overview of what ROEs are in general, with some expert commentary on bad ROEs, etc.
2. Part II continues commentary from a couple of folks who wish to remain anonymous (special ops, covert CIA contractor, Marine) on Iraq ROEs and the politicization of both the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns. I then wrap up the series with a short summary and conclusions.
3. <begin quotes> Same-o for Iraq, but by then the FBI had honed their skills at causing grief. I hate to say it, but I once let three guys get away that had lit me up with a PKM at night, landing me (alone) on the side of the road.
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Thread. Most of the homeless people that I speak are homeless as a result of #UniversalCredit Credit and failed esa and pip assessments. This will continue untill universal credit is stopped and scrapped.
This won't change until the public vote out the @Conservatives in the next general election. If they win the next general election they will rush through all delayed universal credit plans
They don't care if they make a couple of million self employed people unemployed. Neither do they care if disabled people are forced into homelessness. They also don't care if children are separated from their families.
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I was about to call it a night, but okay since you're here bear with me.

First, let me start out by saying that I respect you as a veteran and thank you for your service to the safety of our country.
As the son and grandson of two vets, I can't say enough about the sacrifice that you guys make. So thank you. That said, I bet there's stuff that we agree on and perhaps more that we don't. But that's life amongst humans.
But what I take most exception to is the way that you've attacked pros, calling for companies to fire some, going after them in ways that go beyond the personal. I know you think it's just a light roasting and why do they take it so seriously and sperg out?
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(THREAD--7 tweets). Yesterday I said that I agreed completely with the tweeters who approved of the decision of Michael Schmidt at the NYT to let Trump free associate, without challenges, at the “impromptu” interview at Mar-a-Lago.
1/ Now we have WaPo reporting that WH staff and advisers were “surprised,” “frustrated,” and “embarrassed” by that freewheeling interview, where none of them were present.
2/ The article doesn’t say what the staffers and advisers were “frustrated” and “embarrassed” about, but the interview gave them plenty of reason to feel that way.
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