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1. The Breathtaking Entitlement of Bollywood

Bollywood is falling. And there is no doubt about it. The signs are many and the frustration is brewing. Its directors and actors are forced to reveal the breathtaking degree of their sense of entitlement.
2. When a poorly made non-descript movie with non-descript actors like Karthikeya 2 but with a very solid Hindu orientation destroys giants like #LaalSinghChadha and #Rakshabandhan then know that something fundamental has changed.
3. Bollywood was always an incongruity. It was a ‘Hindi’ film industry in a Marathi state with no connect to either Maharashtra or to the 55 crore Hindi belt in north. It was by and for an extremely rare Mumbai uber-upper class who flew into their pent houses in helicopters.
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Gates of Olympus also has an amazing bonus structure where if you hit the free spins, your winnings tumble, and can be multiplied exponentially. We’re sure that this bonus structure will also keep you engaged and even more excited than the base game. #AamirKhan #Jungkook
Although you may be placing bets on the casinos your playing at (such as Stake, Bet365, or Ladbrokes), the slot machines you’re playing on are not actually made by these casinos, but rather 3rd parties such as Slingshot, Pragmatic Play,
Pragmatic Play, Relax Gaming, NetEnt, or STS Casino. There are hundreds of these highly reputed brands out there just waiting to make more games for you.

Casinos such as Bet365, Stake, or Ladbrokes may pay these companies to make…
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Money Train 2 is another game that we’re sure you’ll love, not only because of the aesthetics and ease of play – but also because of the amazing bonuses you can get on this. Money Train 2 is the sequel to Relax Gaming’s Money #AamirKhan #Jungkook
Money Train, which was a massive success in itself, but wasn’t as user friendly (or beginner friendly) as this new version.

Money Train 2 showcases a beautiful 5×4 (expandable) grid that allows you to…
free spins/bonus you can get. If you’re lucky enough to trigger the bonus, you could be walking away with a massive 50,000x your initial wager. How’s that for exciting gameplay!…
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If you want the most basic, simple and easy to understand slot game – then banana odyssey might be for you. Created by Slingshot Casino, they have not only gone for funny asecis, but also an easy-to #AamirKhan #Jungkook
to play to your heart’s content, all whilst understanding everything that’s going on. Not only does Banana Odyssey provide endless fun and excitement, but also has some amazing bonus features that if you hit, you should…
Be sure to check out banana odyssey next time you visit an online casino to see if they have it! Feeling fruity? Fruit Party by Pragmatic Play is one of the most well-known, and most played online slot
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Slot machines are slowly taking over the world, with more and more players wanting to place best and gamble their money as a form of entertainment, there is nothing as fun as playing on slot machines. Although it may be daunting for first time players #AamirKhan #Jungkook
slot games are actually really fun and can be quite addictive, but in a good way!

In today’s article, we take a look at which slot games are good for you as a beginner, and what slot machines are like in comparison.…
Finding the best slot machines for beginners is simply down to how you as the player want to play. In most cases, beginners tend to go for slots that have bigger win possibilities, or even flashy colours but may be sometimes hard to understand.…
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It was a big day for Bollywood on Thursday as two of the highly anticipated projects, #LaalSinghChaddha and #RakshaBandan premiered on August 11 amid huge fanfare. So, how did the films perform on their opening day?… Image
Akshay Kumar starrer 'Raksha Bandhan' marked the actor's third outing in 2022. His previous two films, 'Bachchhan Paandey' and 'Samrat Prithviraj' were disasters at the box office. So, this film's success is important for him. Image
'Laal Singh Chaddha,' on the other hand, marked #AamirKhan's come back to the big screens after about four years. Naturally, all eyes are on the movie's success. Image
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#ShahRukhKhan (1992-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1993
#MEGASTAR - 1995
#SalmanKhan (1988-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1990
#STAR - 1997
#MEGASTAR - 2010
#AamirKhan (1988-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1988
#STAR - 1995
#STAR - 2005
#MEGASTAR - 2010
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#काँग्रेस_के_कुकर्म Vs #इतिहास_ही_हमारी_धरोहर_है

👉अल-तकिया और कितमान👈
इस्ला*म का सबसे तेजधार कहा जाने वाला हथियार
आज भी ज्यादातर लोग इन दो नाम के मतलब से अंजान हैं। बहुत ही सरल शब्दों में समझाता हूँ कि मुसलमान अल-तकिया और कितमान का प्रयोग कब और कैसे-2 करते हैं❓

☝️★अल-तकिया का मतलब होता है, छल-ढोंग-ढकोसला-दिखावा...
☝️★कितमान का मतलब होता है, आड़-मिथ्या-आरोप लगाना आदि...

हमारे सामने आए दिन हिंदुत्व का चोला ओढ़कर भाईचारा की मिसाल देने वाले ईमान* पसन्दों*** के द्वारा अल-तकिया और कितमान को बखूबी प्रयोग किया जाता है...
आखिर किस-किस तरह से इन दोनों शब्द का उपयोग अपने फायदे के लिए किया जाता है
इनमें अभिनेता,पत्रकार,लेखक,नेतागण आदि और भी बहुत से वर्ग सम्मिलित हैं...

ट्वीटर और फेसबुक सहित अन्य सोशलमीडिया में काफी समय से जागरूक भाई-बहन प्रचार-प्रसार कर रहे हैं कि इस आमिर खान की फ़िल्म लालसिंह चड्ढा
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THREAD on #AamirKhan and #Bollywood - In the last few years, there has been a sudden explosion of Bollywood actors/actresses taking political stances, specifically against @narendramodi and #hinduism - Lets look. (1) is the support they are receiving from those countries. /#1
(2) Secret Superstar & Dangal - Aamir Khan as a producer - garnered 60% earned by the top 10 grossers in China. #aamirkhan and @ayushmannk have benefitted most. Andhadhun’s Chinese earnings were close to 5 times the earnings from the rest of the planet, including India! /#2
@ayushmannk became politically vocal right after Andhadhun - Supported #CAA when condoned violence by tepid response - it was an insurrection as like #CapitolRiots which he and others called "protests". Andhadhun's 75% of its total global collections were ONLY from China! /#3
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Some patriot #AamirKhan is /sarc.
Rather than participating in Indian Independence Day events, #AamirKhan went to #Turkey to meet with @EmineErdogan wife of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
You won't see me wishing #AamirKhan a #HappyBirthdayAamirKhan
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#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
A Big Shake up is coming for #Bollywood & #Cricket.

Some more shocking news on the way for the #Bollywood & #Cricket lovers in India.

Just follow #patrakati

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#DishaSalian used to work for #Cornerstone Sports & Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.It's a Celebrity Management Company.

Google Cornerstone Celebrity Management Company.

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#Cornerstone looks after the endorsements & management of all key Cricket Players
It also looks after prominent players from the Indian Women's Cricket Team and many prominent faces from other Sporting Arena in India
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#SSR_Case_Handed_over_to_CBI: #Kisko_Kya_Mila ?

With the #SupremeCourt finally ordering #CBIForSSR enquiry into the controversy surrounding unnatural death of #SSRDidntCommitSuicide, here is a list of who got what.
#KangnaRanaut: Revenge over #KJo
#IshkaranSinghBhandari: Publicity
#ArnabGoswami: More shouting rights
#RajdeepSardesai: Terrible insult (as usual)
#BarkhaDutt: Panauti tag reaffirmed
#MemebaiPolice: Egg on face
#BiharPolice: An axe, to grind
#BabyPenguin: Humble pie
#BabyPenguinKaBaap: A shakey chair
@BJP4India: A stick to beat Penguins (PeTA, please note)
@INCIndia: More confusion in the ranks
@ncp: More Pawar to Parth
#RheaChakraborty: Her original wish
#BollywoodLiberals: Butterflies in the stomach
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My name is Zakir amir Naik Khan,my family feel threaten in India because of Hindus but my family feel safe in Isiamic country like Turkey where recently a Church was converted into m@sque,I stand by Turkey even after knowing that country is supporting Pakistan on
#Secularism Image
Kashmir's matter because deep down I support pakistan too because it's isiamic nation,I support every isiamic nation in which the condition of minorities are as second class citizens but I bark in India about intolerance because my condition here is as much as a hindu citizen,
I make films on hindu gods, hindus make it hit but even after that I cry intolerance,I question hindu why to waste money on shivling but never say my fellow Muslins' why to waste money on haz, because I am hypocrite.
#AamirKhan #Secularism #wednesdaymorning
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#Ghajini Just watched again after sooo long
One Of My Fav Movie of @Suriya_offl 😊
This Movie Came out when I was studying 12th
I still remember those Beautiful Days 🤗 Image
Oru Maalai Ilaveyil Neram & Suttum Vizhi r my Fav numbers
i wd listen those songs on Home theater and i used to dance the surya's steps ☺️ Image
#Surya as #SanjayRamasamy
No one can replace him,
Even though I'm fan of #AamirKhan
#Surya did this role better than Mr perfectionist #AamirKhan Image
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