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So @ANZUPtrials #ENZAMEt #PCSM results fro #HRQOL were presented today at #ESMO19, here are some of the headline outcomes 1/5 #InternationalCollaboration #RCT
@ANZUPtrials Acknowledgements usually come last but we can't do these studies without #patients. So our very sincere thanks to the 1125 men living with mHRPC #PCSM who volunteered to take part, have the treatment, & fill out #HRQOL questionnaires! #ENZAMET @anzupartners #ESMO19 2/5
@ANZUPtrials @anzupartners In the @ANZUPTrials #ENZAMET study we measured #HRQOL using @EORTC_QLG's #QLQC30 (global qol, social, physical, emotional, functional domains) & Prostate Cancer module #PR25 at weeks 0, 4, 12, then 12-weekly until clinical progression #PCSM #ESMO19 3/5
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1/ Quelques réflexions @RecheckHealth sur la critique de l’#EBM que j’avais présentées à @MartinFierro769 @BoussageonR @cucherat @FranoisGueyffi2 @boylandry et qui montrent que si ses ennemis font ce genre de propositions #BigPharma n’aura bientôt plus besoin d’amis
2/ Le constat de récupération des instruments #EBM par #BigPharma et de leur détournement à des fins commerciales est partagé par de nombreux observateurs p.ex. Jack E James en 2017
3/ Les critiques portent notamment sur les #RCT
#BigPharma ayant (encore) besoin de #RCT avec des résultats favorables pour obtenir l'#AMM de nouveaux produits ou des extensions d’indication
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Welcome to the @NSMCInternship #tweetorial for this week’s study on a new risk prediction tool for IgA nephropathy, appearing in @JAMAInternalMed. Check out these unhappy glomeruli with mesangial IgA deposits in green from (1/16)
Recent unsuccessful #RCT: STOP-IgA (immunosuppression+supportive care isn’t superior to supportive care alone) & TESTING (corticosteroids reduce risk of #ESRD but cause serious infections) were covered by @NephJC:…
and… … (2/16)
Question for the #NephTwitter: What percentage of patients with IgA nephropathy develop #ESKD by 10 years? (3/16)
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Our #ACIC2019 session is all about the #targettrial framework!

I kicked things off with a discussion of what causal effect we should estimate & the implications for our analyses.

Here’s a gif of my slides!
Next up, @lucia_petito gives a nice example of implementing the #targettrial framework to emulate an #RCT using electronic health care data.

One important concern: immortal time bias! 🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏼‍♂️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏼‍♂️
Our next #targettrial example is from @elliecaniglia.

She explains some of the challenges of looking at the effect (if any) of statins on preventing dementia among older adults.

When time zero isn’t fixed, try emulating a sequence of target trials.
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A short thread on an updated WP published in @nberpubs: Testing the effectiveness of consumer financial disclosure. With @stefanhunt, Christopher Palmer (@MITSloan) and Redis Zaliuaskas. #EconTwitter #BehavioralEconomics #RCT (1/n)
Savings accounts are widespread (93% of UK pop.) and important (deposits total ~£700bn). Instant access savings accounts are the most common form of saving in the UK and are relatively simple - most people say the interest rate is the most important feature (2/n)
Accounts typically provide a high introductory interest rate in the 1st year (“front book”) but lower rates in subsequent years (“back book”). Despite this and despite being easy to switch (15 minutes on average), a 3rd of deposits sit in accounts more than 5 years old (3/n)
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Recently in our #MICU, I took pics of the oxygen sats of patients on oxygen supplementation.

What is the optimal oxygen supplementation strategy for a clinically stable patient in the ICU?

Follow me down this #tweetorial rabbit hole. #medtwitter #pulmcc #AIMW19
Given that population health improvements often come from small benefits in large populations, and the fact that #oxygen is one of the most commonly prescribed interventions in the #ICU, there is potential for benefit if we can correctly titrate our oxygen titration.
I’m going to refer to hypoxia and hyperoxia in this #medthread, and I’d like to (somewhat arbitrarily) define these terms. I’ll call hypoxia anything below 90% and hyperoxia anything above 96%. This is based upon some of the literature I will discuss.
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Proud to have led this #clusterRCT, presented @ESCCardio's #LBCT session & published today in @JAMA_current. Among 2495 adults (50% women) hospitalized for #HF, a transitional care model implemented in our publiclyfunded system did not ⬇️time to comp readmission/ED visit/death.
There was a significant improvement in the patient-reported outcomes of #discharge-preparedness, #qualityofcaretransition, and #QOL. However, there was no improvement in #QALY. The #PROs were not adjusted for multiplicity, but we will do post-hoc exploratory analysis.
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Today’s #tweetorial—positivity for #causalinference: what it is and why it matters.

First, what it’s not: the type of positivity Im going to talk about is not a positive mental attitude!
The technical definition of positivity is that the probability of having a particular level of exposure, conditional on your covariates, is greater than 0 and less than 1, for all strata and exposure levels of interest:

0<P(A=a|L)<1 for all a in A and L
But what does that actually mean?

If you want to compare two types of treatment, then you have to have people in your data who are able to & sometimes will receive all relevant treatment options!
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Tweetorial 1 / Eficacia de la vacuna #HPV de @RecheckHealth

¿Te importaría empezar el año nuevo con un TWEETORIAL? Nuestro humilde homenaje a-@VPrasadMDMPH te guiará a través de la evidencia sobre las vacunas #HPV y lo que @Cochranecollab hizo de ella.
2/n Primero acordemos una cosa: los ensayos controlados aleatorios (ECA) son superiores a los estudios observacionales @JuanGrvas @RedeSciELO
3/n En las vacunas contra el VPH, muchos estudios observacionales publicados y los ensayos controlados aleatorios promocionados de #Gardasil #Cervarix no pudieron demostrar la eficacia esperada sin embargo. Es triste, verdadero y poco discutido. Echemos un vistazo más de cerca
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Care to kick off the New Year with a TWEETORIAL? Our humble homage to @VPrasadMDMPH will walk you through the evidence on #HPV vaccines and what @Cochranecollab made of it. Let’s first agree on one thing: RCTs are superior to observational studies
On HPV vaccines many observational studies published and hyped Randomized Controlled Trials on #Gardasil #Cervarix failed to demonstrate the expected efficacy though. It is sad, true and rarely discussed. Let’s have a closer look. @garyschwitzer @HealthNewsRevu @senseaboutsci
In 2006 @US_FDA VRBPAC Committee required @Merck to provide data and analyses on Gardasil RCTs FUTURE I and II.
Which outcome would you consider as the most relevant to assess Gardasil efficacy?
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Have you heard of #PARACHUTETrial?

@rwyeh & his team convinced 23 adventurous people to jump out of a plane wearing either a parachute or an empty backpack!

This trial is a great chance to talk about target validity: what are we asking & for why?…
First let me say I’m not an expert on target validity, because it’s a new concept. But I think this trial is a nice case study for it.

Check out the great paper introducing the concept, here:…
So, what is target validity? When we do an #RCT, we want to know about the effect of a treatment *in a target population*.

Target validity tells us about how well we have learned about that from our trial (or observational study).
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I love fries; you love fries; but should we only eat 6 per serving? Less is more is good advice but why 6 & not 5, or 7?

Unfortunately, there’s prob no way to know if 5 or 6 is better!

Why? Here’s a #tweetorial on estimating causal effects for nutrition. Grab a 🥗 & get comfy!
Imagine you want to reduce your intake of French fries with the specific goal of reducing your chance of a heart attack.

You need to make 2 decisions: how often should I eat any fries; and how many fries should I eat in a serving?
To help you live your best life (ie eating max safe # of fries), researchers need to ask a pair of causal questions:

•what is the best frequency of French fry consumption to prevent heart attacks?
•what is the best serving size of French fries to prevent heart attacks?
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