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💰 Zahlreiche #YouTuber, die sich vordergründig mit Finanzthemen beschäftigen, knüpfen an gängige #Verschwörungstheorie​n an und schüren Ängste. Eine #Faktenfuchs🦊-#Recherche zeigt: Dahinter steckt laut Experten ein Geschäftsmodell. Wie das funktioniert? 🧵 Ein #Thread (1/10)
💰 Auf den ersten Blick wirken diese #YouTube-Kanäle, als würden sie sich mit #Wirtschaft​sthemen befassen, Finanz- und Investitionstipps geben. Viele Kanalbeschreibungen geben auch genau das an. (2/10)

#Faktenfuchs 🦊 #Thread 🧵 #Recherche #YouTuber
💰 Tatsächlich aber greifen die #YouTuber auch gängige #Verschwörungstheorie​n auf. Mit falschen oder unbelegten Behauptungen schüren sie Ängste. Etwa dass Bargeld abgeschafft oder Hauseigentümer enteignet werden sollen. (3/10)

#Faktenfuchs 🦊 #Thread 🧵 #Recherche
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A few random thoughts on what’s working and some tests you should run on Facebook Ads.

1. ASC is back to crushing it for us and some of the accounts I advise or audit. Last 7 days, conversion rates are higher than standard campaigns
2. If you’re running creator whitelisting, which you should be, you should test running to a personalized listicle. For example, if I’m the creator for @Feastables, the listicle should be “5 Reasons Why Cody Plofker loves Deez NUTZ by Feastables”.
P.S. @MrBeast send me Deez Nuts if you want to test that.

3. Modular Creative is everything. The best teams I’ve seen do a great job repurposing ad creative. We’ve been able to keep the same 2-3 concepts running as our top ad since September by just changing out the…
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This year, we've almost tripled our ad spend on Meta while reducing our CPA by over 15%. Here's exactly how we did it that you can steal too...
But first, a quick disclaimer. Improved performance is not going to come from 1 thing, despite what an agency or SAAS might sell you. It's the sum of all the little, 1% improvements along the way with a few 10% improvements. Here were some of ours:
1. Consolidated Account Structure

Our account was never crazy complex, but we used to do LLAs, Interests, and Retargeting. Over time, we bundled it down and are left with two primary campaigns: Creative Testing and Main.
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I've done several @MentorPass calls auditing growth strategies and FB ad accounts in the last few weeks, and I've noticed a consistent set of mistakes and areas of optimization.

Below are 5 mistakes I've seen that are all too common:
1. Poor FB Account Structure

I'm still seeing too many fragmented campaigns and account structures. There's no one size fits all structure, but you should shoot for 50 conversions per ad set per week. If you have a $50 CPA target, there's no purpose in running...
...several ad sets at $20 a piece with different targeting settings.

2. Not Targeting Correctly

Speaking of targeting, I am not saying you have to go fully broad. However, I still see agencies doing too much hacky targeting to look like they are doing something.
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Dear Expertnaire Affiliates,

Here are the details about the challenge we talked about on the Twitter Spaces last night 👇🏿
First and foremost, it's going to be on TikTok.

So, if you're not following us yet, here's the TikTok handle…

Make sure you're following us right now.
2. Here's the link to the video we talked about that's currently doing numbers 👇🏿

You'll be using it as a reference.
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An affiliate site founder made an 8-figure exit!

Wish I could share all the details, but here are 5 insights that I *can* share...
1. Featured 10 years of operational history
2. Held a dominant position in the business name generator and domain marketplace niche
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1/ More (sorry) on the proposals for @rcpsych #AGM. Great improvement to have online voting, and separate votes for broadening electorate & use of postnominals. So an update on where I see things are currently and ongoing concerns.(Sign up here:…) Thread:
2/ I think there is a lot of frustration from all sides that our ability to support #SAS doctors (experienced, psychiatrists who make up a high proportion of the workforce) has been caught up in wider changes of direction by the @rcpsych. Their input should be better valued.
3/ The process of scrutiny of the proposals seems to have fallen short, leading to last-minute changes of #AGM process and suggested separation of voting into 2 parts- (i) the changes to College electorate & (ii) introduction of new postnominals (which has been widely criticised)
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Know a lot about bugs? Well...pest control?

One founder did and made a 7-figure exit from their affiliate site.

Details below...

🎯 Rapidly growing content business in the pest control niche, an industry forecast to generate $27.6B in global sales by 2025.

🎯 Lucrative affiliate, display advertising & lead gen partnerships (the latter recently re-negotiated from $8/lead to $12/lead).

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How To Use Artificial Intelligence As Your Personal Assistant On WhatsApp

This guide will help you automate 75% of your boring WhatsApp tasks.

Your marketing routines will be more easier to perform too.

This is so cool that you will be relieved off stress☺
[A Thread]
Visit on your laptop or your phone.

Click on Deploy to Heroku as seen below. Image
You will be required to create an Heroku account. Do that and verify your email address.

After you are logged in. Click on the + icon in green and choose Deploy Botsapp. Image
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I asked for 150 likes and 50 retweets. You guys gave me 286 likes and 77 retweets. Let me blow your mind on how easy it actually is to run a Google Ads agency that brings the most important thing in the agency business - results for your clients.

THREAD 🧵 (1/19)
In order to run a Google Ads #agency we need a few things:

- A niche
- A vertical
- An acquisition strategy
- Knowing how to set up a #GoogleAds campaign for your client which brings results sustainably.

Since I want to make this thread as bulletproof as possible, let me give you a foolproof way on how to make this work for you - even WITHOUT any previous knowledge.

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Who wouldn't want an extra source of income? #passiveincome

Here, are the top 8 ideas for Passive income 💰

A Thread 🧵👇
1/ Graphic Designing-
Today, content is the new king. Everyone on social media are creating hell no. of contents and require people who can create attractive images, posters, etc for them. Demand for graphic designer is increasing. Learn graphic designing and work as a freelancer
2/ Web Development - 🕸️
If you know how to develop websites or apps then you are gold. You don't have to create huge website, just some simple template-based websites.
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#Whisky fans! I had the opportunity to sample the April tasting pack from @SMWSUK yesterday, and I did it with an Islay twist. Stay tuned for more! 🥃☀️

To order your own April tasting pack, click below! #gifted #affiliate
I went along the Three Distilleries Path on #Islay to pay homage to Islay’s whisky culture, while tasting the 5 whiskies in April’s tasting pack. ☀️🥃🥰

❗️: islay - Level 3. Public consumption of alcohol is allowed Scotland coronavirus guidelines.😬

Distilleries unaffiliated ImageImage
1st distillery, #Ardbeg 🥃☀️.
1st @SMWSUK whisky:

Candles, kumquats, and polished oak. Lowland, 31 y. Oof that polished oak smell is stronggggg! But it did taste like delightful kumquats 🥰 ImageImageImage
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1 share of
1 share of

to my portfolio driven by my affiliate earnings and sales of my course,

Turbocharge Your Dividends (link in bio)

🎯 I found Target was a good buy because... Image
I subscribe to @TheJoyfulTrader's weekly stock newsletter

It's $25/mo & he'll walk you though charts & reasoning for stocks you should look at

If you ever wanted to start investing in individual stocks, this is a great place to start!

Hey @GenZ_Investor & @DeannMoneyy look what I bought today 👀
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If you’re new here -

you might be skeptical about how to make money with twitter 👇 Image
It's actually really easy!

1. Buy a course
2. Implement the course teachings
3. Show your results

Here are my Labor Day Weekend results (11 sales): Image
All while I was:

- BBQing 🍔
- sleeping 😴
- playing with my kids ⚾️

And you can do this too!

Even if you don't have a lot of followers

Brandon @TheAffCoach shows you every step - IN DETAIL


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Q: What are fractional shares and why do they matter?

A: Fractional shares lets you buy shares of stock in small increments

For example, you could buy $1 worth of Apple stock instead of saving up $462 for 1 full share

Why should you care?

There are 2 main reasons why companies DON'T split shares

1. Some companies believe a high share price brings a level of prestige

2. Warren Buffett famously said he'll never split Berkshire A-Class stock bc he wants to attract only "like minded" investors

That means - not you
Today, Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway is $310,800 per share

Normally, you'd have to save up $310k to buy 1 full share through your broker

But with fractional shares, you can buy as little as $1 worth, or .000003 shares
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I started this account 80 days ago

I was a newbie

Yet I studied and analyzed ‘the game’ every day

I’ve been

- Selling through DM’s
- Writing sales tweets
- Reading courses

As a result I failed a lot

but more importantly I improved

And know I can share this with you

During these 75 days

I’ve made a lot of mistakes when I was trying affiliate marketing

Mistakes I’ve learnt from

Mistakes I hope you won’t make after reading this thread

1. Relevancy is Key

This might sound like common knowledge for you

I still see people making this mistake

You’ve to promote products that have something to do with what you’re normally tweeting about

If your account is about money

You won’t be able to sell a beauty product
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Data surfaced by LinkedIn from 20+ million jobs revealed the 15 most in-demand soft & hard skills. The study looked at the skills that are in highest demand (based on hiring rate) relative to the supply of people who have those skills.
The top 5 most in-demand soft skills are:

#1 #Creativity

Connecting dots—that are seemingly unrelated—to generate original, useful solutions is an incredibly valuable skill in every employee, regardless of what industry or country you’re doing business in.
#2 #Persuasion

Persuasion is convincing others to buy into your idea or a different way of doing things to build consensus or make a decision. It’s one of the most powerful communication skills for all employees to have in their skillset.
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How To Get More Out Of Affiliate Marketing.

See guys the whole gist to make your first earnings with affiliate marketing is quite simple.

It just takes time but if your ready to put in the the work.

3-6 Months down the line, you would smile
Now follow me closely on this one....

If you all have been following he trend of Marketing, I mean core intelligent marketing in its true form.

You will notice that before all these gurus on YouTube sell you a:

You will notice that what we call 'Adding Of Value' to their audience.

Which entails telling their prospects about what that product does before actually prompting them to buy.

As you can see VALUE before OFFER which = 💰
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If this is true, it is the best Christmas present I could wish. 🙏🏼❤️🎁🎄💯💯💯US at last you understand that it's time to go back to your homes 🏘️. US good return and do not come back anymore. US Good trip.🛫🛫
By @K67Tina

If this is true, it is NOT soon enough and for that I am sorry. For all who have died at this regime's orders. If this is true, I am glad that the end of war may be near.…
By @smmsyria

⚡️BREAKING⚡️: According to Reuters, #US is planning a "full" and "rapid" withdrawal of troops from #Syria. The info was confirmed by CNN anchor @jimsciutto
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I've had a job for half my life and I'm realizing my financial mindset hasn't changed. I'm still living like I'm a single 18 year old and not a homeowner, spouse and mother of two. Here's an ongoing thread of financial resources that I'm implementing or planning to use.
I made this video to kick off the year. When I did these things faithfully, I saw my debt decrease.
I'll start small. If I purchased frivolously within the last few weeks, I take back the items that I didn't need. I just bought $30 worth of matte lipsticks this weekend. They are all going back. That's $30 extra dollars I could have put on my car note or student loans.
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