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📣 Thread on the recent debt ceiling deal between President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The agreement brings new details to light. Do you agree or disagree with the deal? Here's a non-biased breakdown of the key components. 👇 #DebtCeiling #Biden #McCarthy Image
The cornerstone of the agreement is a two-year suspension of the debt ceiling, allowing the government to continue borrowing and pay its bills on time, if Congress passes the agreement by June 5th. #DebtCeiling #Congress Image
In exchange for suspending the limit, Republicans demanded policy concessions from Mr. Biden, such as limits on federal discretionary spending growth and new work requirements for certain food stamps and Temporary Aid for Needy Families program recipients. #PolicyChanges Image
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Thread: concerns based on emerging reports about #DebtCeiling bill. Before we dive in, important to remember, we shouldn't be here to begin with. House Rs have used the debt ceiling to hold the nation’s economy hostage to demands for damaging policies.
While the #DebtCeiling agreement appears to be much improved over the radical House bill, that’s not the bar.
Based on reports, the agreement appears to put #SNAP benefits at risk for people ages 50-54 who count on them – a group with high rates of health problems. We can’t fully assess until details are released, but this risks increasing poverty among this group. Image
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House Republicans have tried to make those who can’t afford food, rent, or health care pawns in their debt-ceiling hostage-taking scheme. @POTUS and members of Congress must not go along.
.@POTUS has repeatedly committed to reject any legislation that increases poverty or would negatively impact people’s health. Now is the moment to deliver on those commitments. #DebtCeiling
The White House & congressional Democrats must hold the line against House Republicans’ harsh & ineffective policies that would take away #TANF income assistance, #SNAP food assistance, and Medicaid from people who don’t meet a work-reporting requirement.
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New data: Of the 1 million kids at risk of losing cash assistance under the House R bill, more than half would be pushed into deep poverty or even further into deep poverty than they already are if their families lose TANF. #DebtCeiling #KidsNotCuts
More than 100,000 children in families that are in poverty would be at risk of losing #TANF cash assistance and being pushed into deep poverty, meaning with incomes below 50% of the poverty line (about $1,000 a month for a family of 3).
About another 400,000 children in families who are already in deep poverty would be at risk of losing #TANF cash assistance and being pushed further into deep poverty.
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House Rs are still pushing proposals to take #TANF income support away from families. They should focus on the evidence: income support is critical for children’s and parents’ health & well-being -- and taking it away can result in costly mental & physical health problems. A🧵 Image
When families don’t have access to income support & can’t cover basic needs, kids may experience toxic stress that impacts their physical & mental health over time, & puts them at risk of chronic conditions such as heart-disease & cancer.… Image
High levels of material hardship increase stress in parents. Being unable to pay rent or buy necessities (often while working multiple jobs) is taxing, and takes a toll on caregivers’ health and their time and energy for parenting.
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1. The only way to stop the #Iranians from threatening our force in #Syria is to slam the door at #Baghuz. But that's the border and taking a border crossing is a big deal. We are with the #SDF on the other side of the Euphrates but the SDF has to deal with the
2. Russians because Tяump betrayed them by surrendering to #Erdogan. @POTUS kept status quo with Turkey - still murdering #SDF. #Israel approaches political disintegration so #Putin & #Iran think it's good time use #Kremlin's caucus of @HouseGOP to help them take all of #Syria.
3. #ISIS is still very active on the west side of the #Euphrates next to the Iranians. We should get them all out but past and present policies have a price and ours is that we have to do this with US and/or other partner forces because of @SecBlinken's misguided #Turkey policy.
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So here I am minding my own business when Gov Kemp mentions #TANF for pregnant women/[persons].
What's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families? More below 1/
#SOST #gapol
TANF is the nation's cash assistance program for families w/ very, very low income. In order for them to receive monthly benefits they have to meet work and other requirements. And they can only receive assistance for a limited period of time, 48 mos. in GA. 2/
What is Gov. Kemp proposing?
Currently in GA, if you are a pregnant person w/ no other children, you are not eligible for TANF cash assistance. Kemp's proposal would allow for these pregnant persons to access the program if they meet other eligibility requirements. 3/
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You can be forgiven for thinking the Great #Inflation Story is how a pandemic, a senseless war, and #monopolistic price-gouging temporarily drove up prices, prompting calls to crush workers and suppress wages in order to "reduce demand" for goods:… 1/ The old woman in the shoe. ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
But for all the attention we gave to this transient inflation, there has been precious little alarm over the soaring inflation in #CareLabor - #daycare, #preschool, #NursingHomes and #MedicalServices. 3/
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On Tuesday of this week #VT signed H.464 into law, which is first in the nation legislation to remove work requirements from our #TANF / Reach Up program 🎉 #VTPoli
When I first introduced this legislation it was aimed at increasing cash benefits for Reach Up families in #VT, expanding eligibility, and removing antiquated and racist work requirements. I was told that this could not be done. 🧵2/
Legislative leaders and colleagues literally laughed at the idea. On Tuesday, the Governor signed H.464 into law which achieves all of these goals. Though it is not the exact legislation that I initially offered, I am proud of my committee’s work on this much needed update. 🧵3/
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#UBI is the strategic solution to protect the ruling classes from Molotov cocktails & global civil unrest. Disclosures on coming "disbanding of existing safety-net programs" are not included in the foundation funded marketing campaigns. ImageImageImageImage
"Cutting a wide array of existing programs — such as the earned income tax credit (#EITC), #child tax credit (#CTC), temporary #assistance to needy families (#TANF), supplemental #nutrition assistance program (#SNAP), & #disability insurance — would cover only 1/5 of the cost..." Image
#UBI will "result in a massive loss of existing transfers to people w/ #disabilities & #families w/ children. This approach would exacerbate the needs of the most vulnerable members of society."

"CivilSociety" "leaders" are 21st century commodities created/utilized by the rich. ImageImageImage
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Dear #poverty scholars, it is time for a reckoning. It is long overdue. #Discrimination, #structuralinequality & the lived experiences of the poor is not a tangent, it is core to "mainstream" poverty scholarship.
@nyuwagner L. Mead’s @springerpub Society paper "Poverty & Culture" perpetuates inaccuracies, ideologies & power imbalances that distract productive discourse & policy innovation. This treatise insults poverty scholarship; no matter political leaning. (see more from @lennan77)
It needs to stop. Stop blaming the poor. Stop assuming that history & context do not matter. Stop unfounded explanations such as “culture.” Stop ignoring the developmental needs of children & the nurturing of families.

As poverty & social policy scholars, what can we do?
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The 2nd largest #TANF recipient Oct. 2019-May 2020 was NSPARC, which received $1.7m under a contract to provide tech support/data analysis to MDHS. “They do a lot of work ... but I haven’t seen a lot of the results,” @MS_DHS Director Anderson told me.…
For years, state agencies like DHS have said NSPARC helps them track outcomes so they can improve their programs, improve lives. And have spent *millions* to do it. “I haven’t seen any real feedback,” Anderson said. That tracks with what I found last year:…
Here’s some background on NSPARC, whose founder was tapped by the Italian government to run the nation’s unemployment program and implement a new national employment model based on “Mississippi Works”:…
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I recently found an article I wrote in 2014 about our embattled, meager #TANF program. In 6 years covering and, at times, exhaustively poking at welfare, I have never heard an agency official outright say we should expand our benefits and eligibility to offer cash to more people.
That happened a couple weeks ago. Read my interview with @MS_DHS Director Bob Anderson here @MSTODAYnews :…
And yet, with laws and reg limitations, the agency is not retooling the state’s primary cash assistance program to offer more direct assistance to families struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way at least one neighboring state has done:…
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A nug you may have missed from the @MS_DHS audit released today: Mississippi paid $1.1 million in welfare money to quarterback Brett Favre to appear at events. And then he didn’t go.
Read our story on the audit here @MSTODAYnews:…
link for those who asked:…
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Last week, I published a story about two Brett Favre pet projects: a concussion research firm, which allegedly received stolen welfare money from a nonprofit, and the new volleyball court at his alma mater, paid for by the same nonprofit. Then I found this email calendar invite:
Former Gov. Phil Bryant says he didn’t attend this meeting and while he had discussions with Favre about recruiting the concussion drug company to Mississippi, he said he never suggested Human Services be involved.
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How does the #TrumpBudget impact veterans and their families?

Scroll through to see how deep cuts to key social programs and services impact millions of veterans and their families. Image
The #TrumpBudget cuts #Medicaid by $900 billion over the next 10 years.

This cut puts the health and security of over 1.7 million veterans at risk — especially those who need intensive care for conditions like traumatic brain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. Image
Approximately 9.3 million veterans rely on #Medicare as their primary or supplemental insurance.

The #TrumpBudget cuts #Medicare by $500 billion over 10 years leaving these veterans with uncertainty about how to pay for the care they need. Image
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They are almost certainly leaving the country entirely. US forces depend on a ground supply line via Faysh Khabur in the far northeast, so we cannot withdraw southward into Deir ez Zour Province and sustain that presence
A sustainable presence in Deir ez Zour would require a new logistics train from Iraq, probably by air. By land would require traversing lots of terrain that we can't secure from #Iran's proxies.
I think at best a withdrawal south of the M4 highway would be a bid for time
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A8a: States can halt the erosion of #TANF benefits & increase the benefits so that they support families getting back to work. Here are three policy recommendations: #IncomeMatters Image
A8b: 1. They should reinvest federal & state #TANF funds back into the core purposes of TANF, such as providing cash to families living in #poverty. #IncomeMatters
A8c: 2. As part of this reinvestment, states should restore the full value of benefits lost since 1996 & reverse any cuts made during the recession. #IncomeMatters
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A7a: 17 states & DC have increased cash assistance to families under #TANF since 2017. Still, states can & should do more as most states’ benefits remain extremely low: #IncomeMatters Image
A7b: Most states’ monthly benefits are below $533 which doesn’t cover the very basic need of decent housing for many families. States can do more to ensure that families don’t live in deep #poverty, now & in the future. #IncomeMatters Image
A7c: In addition, states have passed policies that help more families access #TANF benefits such as by repealing racist family cap policies & ending full-family sanctions when parents do not meet strict work requirements. #IncomeMatters Image
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23 years ago, policymakers promised all families living in #poverty a better economic future by providing temporary financial support, along with job preparation & work support through a program called TANF:
#TANF has fallen far short in fulfilling this promise, particularly in states where Black families are likelier to live. It can, and must, do better:
Our new blog looks at the 17 states (& DC) that have increased cash assistance to families under TANF since 2017:
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With 2018 in it's last moments, a new stage of the Syrian war have started & the end of the war is aproaching as time passes. 2018 has been another important year with many political & military developments: (1)
#AbuDhuhur Op (26/12/2017 - 9/2/2018) : as a continuation of the operation (started on October 2017) #SAA began huge offensive from many axis against Rebels & #ISIS in #Hama, #Aleppo & #Idlib provinces. The result of operation was the liberation of 1/3 of "Greater #Idlib" (2)
With W. shore of #Euphrates river secured by #SAA on December 2017, #SDF continued securing the E. one against #ISIS . Between 3/1/2018-22/2/2018 troops secured entire Shu'aytat region. However, a new development N.W. #Syria will provoke the delay of #CizireStorm some months: (3)
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If this is true, it is the best Christmas present I could wish. 🙏🏼❤️🎁🎄💯💯💯US at last you understand that it's time to go back to your homes 🏘️. US good return and do not come back anymore. US Good trip.🛫🛫
By @K67Tina

If this is true, it is NOT soon enough and for that I am sorry. For all who have died at this regime's orders. If this is true, I am glad that the end of war may be near.…
By @smmsyria

⚡️BREAKING⚡️: According to Reuters, #US is planning a "full" and "rapid" withdrawal of troops from #Syria. The info was confirmed by CNN anchor @jimsciutto
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State officials are concerned that the proposed federal PUBLIC CHARGE rule could increase the uninsured rate, which would have a NEGATIVE financial impact and increase health programs’ administrative burden.

Here's how & why YOU must advocate against it before 12/10! THREAD 1/15
@DHSgov has proposed significant changes to public charge determination policies that would affect the immigration status of certain individuals. The concept of determining an immigrant a public charge has been a provision in US immigration policies since the late 1800s. 2/15
Currently, individuals can be prevented from entering the US or denied lawful permanent residence if they are determined to be a “public charge” based on their enrollment in cash assistance programs, like #TANF, #SSI, or if they need long-term care funded by the government. 3/15
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#ISIS bloodiest attack since 2014: 156 killed and 170 wounded on #Suweida southern province. #Syria
#ISIS plan was not to occupy any territory but a hit-and-run attack to :

1. Say we are still operational

2. Support their Huran welaya (Quneitra) under attack.

Both objectives will serve little to eliminate ISIS in the south. Only problem is #US base in Tanf preventing pursue.
#USA occupation forces in #Tanf established a 50 miles (80km) safe perimeter where neither the Syrian army nor Iraqi can approach the area and attack #ISIS.

Yesterday #Israel shot down a Syrian jet attacking ISIS, today US indirectly protect ISIS retreat.
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